Ascension Messages

Raising the Collective Consciousness

We are a Collective Consciousness, just like you. You think of yourselves as Individuals having your own Thoughts, your own Ideas, getting inspiration from within to do something or say something, or even to just think about something. However, you are tapping into the Human Collective Consciousness more often than you think.

We have told you this before, however, we will tell you again now that your Thoughts do not originate within your head. You receive them, just like you receive all Energies, and when you start thinking about yourself as a Part of a Collective, you realise two things. Firstly, you can 'help' the Collective by what it is you 'put' into that Collective Consciousness and that requires 'no action' whatsoever on your part. All you need to do, is Think a Thought on purpose. Secondly, you are affected by the Collective Consciousness, of which you are a part of. Therefore, realise that what is going on 'within you' may be due to the fact that you are 'picking up' on something that is going on within your Human Collective and the Consciousness you all share.

Once you have these realisations and you start to live accordingly, your life will become easier and better because it will make more sense, because you will understand that sometimes, your role is just to work with the Energies that are around. Now, what do we mean by 'work with the Energies'? If there is something going on with the Collective Consciousness, like for example, a pandemic, then you can ask yourself how you are being affected by it, by all of it, not just the 'part' you are fixated on, and then you can ask yourself "how can I help"? And we are not talking about making videos and social media posts about your beliefs about the pandemic. We are talking about helping the Collective Consciousness, of which you are a Part of, to Heal, to raise the Level of Consciousness and to have more Compassion for those who are suffering.

Because regardless of what you may or may not believe about it, there is suffering that is going on, and you, being a Part of a Collective ARE affected by that suffering. In a way, it is You that is doing the suffering. Therefore, you have to start by helping Yourself to FEEL more Stable, more Peaceful, more at Ease. You have to 'activate' the Vibration you want to see 'outside of you' and then you can start to think more in terms of 'how to be of Service' to this Collective Consciousness that you all share as Human Beings. You can do this for every single-issue facing Humanity. There is war, there is poverty, there is hunger, there is violence amongst Individuals. There are all sorts of issues there on Earth that you are dealing with and while they may not be happening in your home, or in your neighbourhood, or even in your country, they are real, and they are a Part of your Assignment.

What you can lend to Humanity to increase the Level of Consciousness will always be something that you first 'tune in' to yourself and then 'spread'. So you can 'tune in' to paranoia, to victimhood, to the Feeling that you are being manipulated, oppressed, or you can 'tune in' to your Power, the Power that you have 'within you' to transform yourself and to 'spread' that Energy of Empowerment around to others, so that 'everyone' in your Collective can be at Peace, at Ease, and live lives with Joy, Freedom, Excitement and Love. And when enough of you see that as your mission, then you can Change so much without even leaving the room you are sitting in right now.

We are very satisfied with the way that we see you progressing, and yet we know that you also have a long way to go on your journeys to becoming your 5th Density Higher Selves. You have been establishing 'New Contacts' during your Astral Travels and these Contacts have been wonderfully significant in the Evolution of your Consciousness. Those of you who are Awake have been meeting with Mentors during your Astral Travels, and these Mentors have been helping you to step into your Power as leaders in the movement that is afoot on planet Earth.

You have been receiving help from the best of the best there in the Astral Plane and the progress that you are making is astounding. You are literally becoming the Beings that you always intended to be in this Lifetime while you are sleeping. The next step will be to bring what you have learned into the 'waking state' so that you can step fully into that role of Spiritual Teacher, Guide and Mentor to those who are just beginning to 'wake up' now and those who will be 'waking up' soon.

Most of you have always known that you have a greater purpose in this Lifetime, even greater than shifting your own Consciousness and you have been correct when making that assumption. You are there to lead Humanity into the Golden Age to share your Stories and your Wisdom, and most importantly, to show your Compassion to those who are just beginning now to come around to the Truth that they too are Source Energy Beings, Creating their Reality, Ascending to a Higher Density Plane.

You have known this for a while now, and you have been doing the work on yourselves that is necessary to get you to this place where you are ready for the Master Class in the Astral Plane, and you all have the perfect Teachers for you as Individuals. And we include ourselves in that Group. We are meeting many of you who receive these Messages and we will continue to do so, we will continue to help you to make the Connections to other Beings that can take you to the next Level and the next.

You have been readying yourselves for this mission for your entire Lives and now is the time to put all that you have 'learned' and all that you have' become' to work for Humanity. We want to see this Shift in Consciousness on Earth happen with the greatest amount of ease, so that you can All Feel the Collective Joy together and YOU ALL are the 'key components' to making that happen.

We would like to explore with you what the 2022 Energies are all about, as you unpack them, download them and acclimate to them. You will notice that these Energies are about You exploring more fully the Truths that you are holding onto, where they come from and whether you are 'open' to exploring New Truths. Notice we use the word 'Truth' instead of the word 'Belief' because we are talking about Core Beliefs and Values that become so ingrained 'within you' that you never question them. You hold them to be Truth, something that just is, something that is not open for debate or discussion.

Now, when you deconstruct 'everything' that you have held to be True, it makes it easier for you then to just Be. When you do not need to go on any crusade, then you find that there is more Peace, Harmony, Love and Joy available to you in 'the moment'. You are there to Create and in order to do so, you must realise what it is you have been Creating with, and you must ask yourself whether what you have been using to Create has been the best possible ingredient or set of ingredients. You get to do this because you are Free; this is Free Will. You can Change everything by being 'willing to examine yourself' and what it is that you are 'consistently putting out' to the Universe as a signal.

Many times, your Truths will be reinforced by your Reality because your Reality is Created by that Energy, that Vibration that you are 'putting out'. Therefore, you get more of what you 'Believe in' and you tend to 'filter out' anything that does not match your current set of Truths. Energies help you to recognise what you have been holding onto that no longer Serve you, by nudging you in just the right direction, by offering you dreams, downloads, other ways for you to access the information that you seek.

All of this is available to you now because you have been through so much over the past two years, and it is time for there to be Real Change on Planet Earth. The reason why you have not seen so much Change, even with different ways of approaching the pandemic, is because there has not yet been a big enough Change in the Collective Consciousness. When you hit that 'tipping point', you will see the Changes you want to see in the 'outside World'. Rather than waiting for everyone else to 'wake up' and get to where you are, in terms of your Level of Consciousness, keep looking at yourself and asking yourself 'how you can add more to the Collective Consciousness, more of that which is Powerful, Positive, Uplifting and Higher Vibrational'.

This is not a time when everything is just going to be done for you. It is a time however, when you will be given more 'tools' to do it all yourselves and to do it right. That is what you came to Earth to 'do and experience' and now more than ever, you have 'everything' that you need.

We have been discovering new ways to make Contact with those of you who are desiring that Connection with Us. We know that you rely heavily on your Technology to keep in Contact with each other, however, you do not use Technology to Connect with your pets and other animal friends. You are, in fact, more likely to chat with one of your animal friends Telepathically. Therefore, one of the ways that we have been reaching out to you, is in those moments when you are communicating with one of your pets or some other animal beings that you wish to connect with.

We will slip something in during those interactions. We do this regularly and now we invite you to 'pay attention' to what you are 'opening yourselves' up to when you are in communication with the Animal Kingdom. Some of you will even communicate with trees, plants, flowers, and all of the members of the Plant Kingdom and that is another time when we will sneak in a Message, just for you.

Now, it is important for you to realise that Telepathic Communication is real and that you can receive a Clairaudient message or a Claircognizant one when you are relaxed and when you have let your mental guard down. And of course, you can experience a Message through Clairsentience and through Clairvoyance. We have many ways of delivering Messages to you and you have many ways of receiving and interpreting those Messages.

We still want you to seek that Connection with your plant and animal friends. We want you to 'expect' to receive something in return from them when you reach out, but also 'pay attention' to what else you are getting, because we will always attempt to make more and more Contact with all of you who are interested in Connecting with us. And we know that more and more Humans are believing in the possibility of that Connection every day.

We have been observing you long enough to recognise the strengths that you have as a Collective and we would like for you all to Focus on those strengths when you are considering your fellow Humans and how far you have come. You all have a willingness to put yourselves in tragic circumstances just to elicit a Feeling, and the ability that Humanity has shown to endure trauma and tragedy is what makes you such a strong Race of Beings.

You are also at your most Creative when you are in a crisis. When that trauma, or that tragedy is upon you, that is when your Creativity springs into Being-ness. It is when you get so excited about finding a possibility, a solution, as though there must be one to get you out of the terrible circumstances that you put yourselves in. And so, your ability to 'Feel an Emotion' and to Create a New Reality, these are strengths that are marvelled at by so many other Beings throughout the Galaxy and even the Universe.

We also recognise your Power, even though very few of you recognise it within yourselves. When you can harness Emotionality and Creativity without first Creating tragic circumstances, you really do step into that Power and 'become Masters' over the Physical Domain. There is a trick that people employ who are able to do this, and that trick involves 'imagining' yourselves living exactly 'what you want' to be living, finding the Emotion within yourselves, and then, surrendering to the process of Creation.

There is a moment where you have to 'give up' or 'release' control. You have to Let Go of the 'need' to Know how things will come to you and when. You have to 'release' the anxiety that you often feel about whether something will even happen, and that is when the Creativity sprouts within you. That is when you Become your 5th Density Selves, and you Create something that is 'beyond the imagination' of most. That Creation then 'inspires others' to Feel, and there is a small percentage that use what they are Feeling, to do the same.

You inspire each other constantly, and that is yet another strength of Humanity. And that is yet another strength of Humanity to Celebrate, to Recognise and to Acknowledge the existence of within each and every one of you.

We are your biggest fans here in the Higher Realms. It is always a pleasure to connect with any of you, whether you Feel our Presence or hear words derived from our Energetic Messages. Just getting some 'attention' from Humanity is a supreme pleasure for us. We notice that when you do not Feel something or hear something in response from us, you blame yourselves. You think you have failed in some way to receive us properly, however, that is not how we see it.

We just appreciate that you have reached out and we are not the only ones who feel this way. None of us in the Higher Realms feels that sense of disappointment that you might imagine when you are unable to Perceive us. We like being around you and in your Awareness, and we appreciate your effort. Now, as you continue there on Earth in this journey to Ascension, you are going to start hearing things and seeing things. You are definitely going to start Feeling things and Knowing things that you did not before. And so, it will be important for you to be able to 'discern' whether what you are getting, is from a Higher Frequency Being or from a Lower Frequency Being.

Now, we tell you this not to scare you. We tell you this, so that you can use that 'discernment' that you have, as a valuable tool. What we witness is that Humans usually fall on one end of a spectrum. You have your sceptics on one end, and then on the other end, you have people who are so open-minded and so willing to believe in the impossible, that they can be manipulated. We would like more of you to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, where you have a healthy amount of scepticism about what you are getting, whether it is something you are getting from someone else or from your own 'direct contact'.

That is going to help you to 'tune' yourselves to what you actually 'want' to receive. That 'discernment' will ultimately help you to Create the Reality that you want to Experience as well, because you want to be able to Feel the nuance within a Vibratory Frequency. When you are getting what you are getting, ask yourself a simple question: How does this feel? Does it resonate? And just because something resonates from a Being that you connect with one day, it does not mean that what you get from that Being is always going to resonate. Therefore, remember that as well. You get to continue to use your 'discernment', even after you decide that you have tapped into something that is worth exploring further.

Be Open, however, also be Aware. Be Aware of the Vibration of every Experience you are having and every Being you are coming into contact with, whether Human or Extra-Terrestrial. That is the healthy way to proceed as you continue on in this journey to the 5th Density.

We have been very interested in the journeys that you all took to get to the 4th Density from the 3rd. We have been exploring and investigating what you had to do to make that leap with your Consciousness and what we noticed in our investigation was how much Love and Compassion you felt for each other in the wake of the terrorist attacks that had taken place in the years prior to 2012.

You made the 'leap forward' in Consciousness because there were more of you who were Feeling Compassion for all people affected by those attacks, than there were people 'feeling rage and demanding vengeance'. This is something that you continue to show in the cataclysmic events that have occurred since December 21st, 2012. December 21st, 2012 was the date when you Shifted to a 4th Density Frequency range. Now, in the years since you have seen more natural disasters, along with continued war efforts and terrorist attacks, and the Love and Compassion continues to increase for all people affected.

This is huge. It is so important for you to see yourselves as one Human Race, rather than people who live under one flag or one religion, and it is so important for you not to use 'borders and beliefs' to draw the line for where you are willing to send your Love, your Compassion and your Healing Light. And so, when you see a natural disaster occurring, yes, it is all right to ask the question of how it came to be, but that question should take a backseat to what you Feel in response to the natural disaster. Asking yourself 'how you can help' is the important response. It is the necessary response in order to become more of Who You Really Are.

Fighting with others about what caused the disaster, the mass shooting, or the terrorist attack does not Serve anyone. We enjoy witnessing that Growth and Evolution occurring. And as it continues to occur, we will remain hopeful. However, hope is not even the right word for how we Feel about Humanity. We are certain that you are Evolving and 'becoming' your 5th Density, Higher Selves.

We have discovered that the Path to Humanity's Heart is granting you more access to yourselves. That is what you truly want, no matter what you might think. You might think you want a nice car, a big beautiful house and a nearly perfect soulmate, in addition to more money than you could ever spend and certainly, most Humans want one or more of those things, however, what you really want is the Experience of 'allowing' more of Who You Are, to flow through you, and those are the items most people have identified as granting yourselves access to more of Who You Really Are.

Who You Really Are, is more of a 'Feeling' than anything else. You are there to Experience 'yourselves' as Growing and Expanding into more of the Truth of Who You Are, as Source Energy Beings and there are many Paths to granting yourselves that Experience. We have stepped in now to represent a Path to that Feeling. For one, when you Connect with us, you access more of your Arcturian Self. And for everyone, that feels very good.

The Arcturian aspect of Who You Are, feels very good because you were in a Higher Density in our Star System and you lived in Peace and Prosperity. Love was abundant, as was your Spiritual Growth and Evolution. You all had it 'good' when you were incarnate here. And so, our Energy reminds you of that and helps to fill in that Part of yourself that sometimes Feels a bit empty, with that Arcturian Love and Light.

We are also Higher Density in this moment. In this moment, we are the 9th Density Beings and you are the 4th Density ones. In another moment, we will trade places and play different roles for each other. However right now, as you tune in to us, you get to Feel your Higher Density aspects 'activated' and you get to Feel more of Who You Are. This is what you are doing as you Ascend. As you Ascend, you access more of Who You Really Are and that Feels very good.

For a time, many of you who are receiving this Message were chasing those physical prizes that you 'thought' would give you the 'expansive feeling' all the time, but then, you discovered the 'feeling' was temporary. Now you are looking for another way, a more permanently fulfilling way of filling yourselves up with more of Who You Really Are and we are doing our best to give you that through these Messages and our Teachings.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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