Ascension Messages

FEEL the Universe inside you, YOU ARE the Universe

The Solstice has brought onto the Earth, New and heightened Energies that will affect not only every Human Being on the Planet, but the entire Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdom as well..... Indeed, these New Energies are being infused into Gaia herself.

Keep a very 'careful eye' on what is 'happening' in your Personal 'outer-world', especially those with whom you are interacting with, as well as, generally 'How you see the World', as this reflects what is going on inside of you and THIS HAS TO BE YOUR FOCUS. Your INNER WORK. These New 5D Energies will not dovetail into the old 3D Energy Matrix and ANY 'unresolved' and 'un-transmuted' Emotions will keep trying to surface..... And whilst trapped in your Energy Matrix, they lower your Frequency.

The Connection to your Higher Selves, through the Portal that you are 'opening' is important to make, however, UNRESOLVED former Experiences Lower your Frequency and can hinder your progress. The 'Transmutation' of these Lower Frequency Emotional Energies is not just an Intellectual Journey or Choice in your Awareness, rather it is simply, in the ALLOWANCE of FEELING all those trapped Emotional Experiences.

Portals are forming; however, the Ego Intellectual Mind may have difficulty assimilating the Expanded Conscious Awareness that is filtering through from all the other Timelines that you are simultaneously existing on. All of your Past and Present Lives with both Higher and Lower Consciousness are 'filtering' through into your NOW Awareness and as this occurs, your Perception of the Universe Changes, Grows and Evolves. All of the Past and Future Lives are 'intertwined' in the NOW Life, on ALL Levels. Indeed, you are Changing on ALL these Levels, not just this one...... THIS IS IMPORTANT TO GRASP, YOU are 'Changing ALL of your Timelines'.

What you Perceive as your Past and Future are all part of your Eternal NOW, understanding this is your 5D Consciousness and beyond. You are no longer a 3D Human Being, you are an Eternal Being masquerading as a Human Being, in a dense soup of 3D Frequencies. The old paradigm can 'no longer' limit your Consciousness to that of the 3D Matrix, however, while in 3D any 'unresolved' Emotional Experiences will keep trying to surface. FEEL the Feelings, Forgive yourself and All others for any indiscretions that may have occurred as a result of your 3D programming.

You are no longer the Matrix Program, you are Integrating your 5D and beyond Consciousness and while inside the 3D Matrix, the process has a 'Time' element involved, be patient with yourself and consistently find that place of 'Inner Peace, Harmony and Joy' and as you 'refine' this process, ALL that you 'see' in your Inner World will be reflected in your 'outer world'.

Now is an opportune time to deliver to you the following Message because of how well you are All handling the Solstice Energies. We want so much for you to Acknowledge 'who you really are' that we encourage All of You to make 'proclamations' to this Universe about your Intentions 'moving forward' in this Lifetime, we want you to 'expect' to 'see' something almost immediately in response to that proclamation.

It is Time that you All demonstrated to yourselves once and for all that YOU, without a doubt, ARE THIS UNIVERSE. You are not 'in' the Universe; the Universe is an extension of Who and What YOU ARE. Therefore, you do not have to 'wait' for the Universe to 'tell' you what to do or to 'decide' when the timing is right for something.

It is Time for You to start Speaking and Acting as if the Universe is an 'extension' of You, as if it were a 'projection' of your Consciousness outward. You are the Totality of this Universe, and more, that means you do not just have a 'say' in what happens in your Reality and in what you Create, YOU are having the EXPERIENCE of yourself as 'everything' around You.

Everything and everyone IS a part of YOU and wants you to feel that Connection, wants you to Know the Truth of who they are and what they are to you. However, you need this to be more than just a platitude, a refrigerator magnet, or a bumper sticker. YOU need to start 'owning' that YOU ARE the UNIVERSE, and the UNIVERSE is YOU. Start by making statements and taking actions that reflect to You these Truths we speak of. Everything is magic. Everything is responding to your every Thought, your every Word and your every Action, because Everything is a projection of it.

We are using the word 'everything' as a synonym for the word 'Universe'. We know that you have had moments of understanding this, perhaps even putting it to the test in your lives, however, you have never been where you are 'right now' in your Spiritual Development, therefore, you have never been this Universe, exactly as it is until this 'very moment', where you are 'hearing' what you need to hear in order to be 'more' of Who and What You Really Are.

You can be a Universe of Peace, Trust, Love and of Connection, or you can be a Universe of Fear, Resentment, Mistrust, and Hate. You can be a Universe that Integrates or a Universe that continues to 'explore' the idea of Separation. Again, the CHOICE is Yours. We know that if you have stumbled upon this Message, you are going to choose the Loving, Peaceful Universe that is filled with Joy, that is All inclusive, that wants to explore itself even more as you continue your Expansion, your Evolution and your Ascension. Go forth and BE Who You Really Are in Word, Thought and Action. Be in 'alignment' in all three and discover just how magical You Really Are.

We are gathering enough data to support All Humans on all Timelines, in all Realities and Universes. We have broadened the scope of the assistance that we are offering at this time to include those Humans who do not exist in your Reality, on your Timeline, or in your Universe right now. We want you to understand how 'significant' that is, because as All Versions of You are assisted, YOU benefit. You are not just Growing as the Individual that is in your Physical Body right now. Even Past and Future Versions of You are helping You to Evolve and Ascend.

Therefore, you can take the weight of the World off your shoulders. You can relax more and Know that your Evolution is a natural process. It does not have to be a struggle. It does not have to include you going through a series of trials and tribulations. It can be quite smooth and easy. As you begin to understand that your Evolution of Consciousness is inevitable and that it benefits All Beings throughout All Universes, you can also 'Accept' the idea that you do not have to 'do' anything at this time. You do not have to 'prove' your 'worthiness' to Ascend.

Yes, you are there to help, but the help that you bring to other Humans is through raising your Consciousness; it is not through the completion of tasks. Now, as we have been focusing on these other Versions of You, we have come to appreciate this Human Collective Consciousness that we are addressing right now through these Messages.

We are very impressed with your Growth and Evolution; we Know that our Energy Messages have helped, however, there are also many other wonderful teachers out there who are assisting you in 'raising' your Vibration and 'becoming' more of Who You Really Are. You already are your 5D Selves, in every moment of every day you are recognising that Truth and 'letting go' of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and trapped energies that hold you back from Knowing yourselves as your True Selves.

Your Spiritual Evolution does not have to be 'hard' and you do not have to go about it in the most 'challenging' of ways. You do not have to 'prove' yourselves to be smart or capable of figuring out a complex or challenging route for your Conscious Expansion starting from scratch.

Take the easy route and make it a point to Consciously 'tune in' to All of those other Selves and what they are 'receiving' right now, what they have been able to 'achieve' in terms of their Vibration and Know that you are also helping every single one of these other YOU's. You are always being of Service, no matter how it might look, and just by receiving this Message right now, you are helping Your Selves, All other Humans and All of the other YOU's throughout the Multiverses. This is a wonderful Time to be 'alive' and in a Human Body on Earth, because of All of this help and All of the Transformation that will follow.

We have a certain piece of information that we Know is going to excite those of you who are Awake. We have been watching and noticing what all of you have been able to tap in to as you make it your mission to be more Connected to your Planet, your Mother Earth. What has resulted is that many of you are finding that you have Connections to Extra-Terrestrials and Ancient Civilisations.

Now those Connections are coming to you, by virtue of the fact, that many of you are beginning to 'discover' the Energies in Crystals that are buried underneath the surface of your Earth and those Crystals have been 'programmed'. They contain information. They Connect You to your Past Lives on Earth and to the 'seeding' of Earth by the Extra-Terrestrial Beings who put All of Life there.

Now, the stream of Consciousness that these Crystals represents is going to take you even further to your mission of Ascension. These Crystals were always meant to Awaken the Truth of Who You Are, giving you more access to your 'power' and 'linking' you to your Extra-Terrestrial roots. As all of you who take an interest in these types of things already know, these Crystals have been available to you for quite some time, however, there has been a 'critical mass' achieved and has been surpassed, in regards to the Evolution of your Consciousness.

Therefore, you have more and more Individuals discovering that they 'do' in fact have links to Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, the Mayans and the other Star Systems in this Galaxy. We are so happy to see these Awakenings occur and we are very interested in helping you All access the 'power' of these Crystals. Call upon us when you do connect to Mother Earth and you do your grounding exercises and we will guide you with your Intuition to the perfect spot for you to stand as you do this work and as you access these Energies and this Information that was put there underneath the surface of your Planet by Past Life Versions of You, by Higher Density Versions of You and by Extra-Terrestrial Versions of You.

This linking up of your Past to your Present will help 'catapult' you into your inevitable Future as a 5D Being in a Human Body, living on a 5th Density Planet. NOW is the Time to be as 'grounded' to your Mother Earth as you possibly can be. NOW is the Time to be 'opening' yourselves up to your Pasts and gathering up All of the 'power' that you have already 'experienced' and that has always been within you.

We have been following your stories for quite some time and we are very interested in capturing the 'essence' of what it 'means' to be Human and living on Earth at this Time. We want to know what it 'feels' like for All of you to have the 'experiences' that you have and when we gather that emotional data, we are able to then Co-Create with you better circumstances that will help you 'access' Higher Vibrational states.

Everything in the Universe is Co-Creation. Everything that occurs happens by Agreement and one of the Agreements that you All have, is with Us. We are here to assist; we are here to help you Create a better-feeling Reality for All of Humankind. That is why we are much more likely to work with you if your 'aim' is to Create a better Reality for All, than if it is just something that you are interested in as an Individual. However, we also recognise that there is a 'ripple effect' that occurs when we help one of the Helpers. Therefore, if you are one who helps other Human Beings and you have a desire for yourself, like a romantic relationship, we certainly do everything that we can to be of assistance.

We are studying the effects of the New Realities that are created, even before they have a chance to be 'experienced' by you. They still have an 'essence' of their own that we can explore and many of you try out these New Realities when you are not in your bodies at night. It is like you are at a clothing store and we are the Sales Assistance and you are trying on outfits and telling us how they 'feel' to you.

This 'Co-Operation' is what being 'linked together' is all about for All Beings throughout this Universe and Beyond. We take our role very seriously, while also attempting to always have fun. You all are doing your part when you focus on whatever the 'new desire' is that you have hatched up and you are also being of Service every time you 'Feel' one of your Emotions, because again, we get to collect that data.

We are not the only ones who are working with you in this way. We All compare notes here in the Higher Realms and everyone has a different Perspective and a different 'approach' on how to best help Humanity. This you can Know for certain; we are All attempting to 'help' you all the time and in every imaginable way.

You are the children of the Universe, and we are your doting grandparents, we also are your Co-Creators who see you as valuable members of this Universe. Many of you are contributing so much because of what you have 'agreed' to live and 'experience' in your Human Earthly Lifetimes. We are very, very appreciative of each and every one of you and we would like for you to 'Feel' that appreciation and see if you can also 'appreciate' yourselves.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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