Ascension Messages

October Energies bring Higher Universal Self Connections

We are in the process of exploring which of your 'personality traits' can be assigned to the different Star Systems that you are All from originally. We know, for example, that the trait associated with Helping others, Being of Service, is something that you have brought to Earth and to yourselves from the Sirius Star System. You incarnate there to explore that theme. The theme of Being of Service that then becomes a part of you, and you are All there to Integrate these various themes and Aspects of Self. In some instances, like Sirius, the Pleiades and our little Star System, it is obvious.

You get your capacity to Teach and Heal others from the Pleiadean Star System. You get your proclivity towards Spiritual Evolution from our Star System of Arcturus. Certain Star Systems are more of a mystery in terms of what they have lent to the Evolution of the Human Consciousness. When you were incarnate in the Orion System, for example, you explored 'victimhood and oppression'. Therefore, we are unravelling those traits 'within you' that might harken back to 'that time' when you were in the Orion System, where you were either an oppressor or a victim. Most of you played both roles, that is also something we want you to recognise so that you can 'embrace' that you also at times have played in the Dark, just as those who would oppress you now have done.

It is our theory at this point that you explored 'victimhood and oppression' to eventually glean the trait of 'balance and moderation' from those Lifetimes. It is a System that went from great War to tremendous Peace, therefore, your tendency towards wanting Peace comes from your association with the Orion System. You all travelled from Star System to Star System on your way to Earth, as Earth was always meant to be a 'melting pot' of the Galaxy where a Race of Beings, the Human Race, would have the 'opportunity' to bring All of these traits, All of these Aspects 'together' and Integrate them into Oneness and Wholeness.

In the Star System known as Antares, you also explored themes that are somewhat of an enigma in terms of, how they have contributed to the Human condition and personality as it is today. In the Antarian System, you created androids and those androids eventually rebelled, therefore, there was a great War there as well. Your 'desire' to explore Technology to the ultimate heights and the search for a 'balance' there as well, is evident in your History and the History of the Antarian System.

We believe at this point that the time you all spent in the Antares Star System was meant to make you rely on your 'intellect' to the degree that you have. People on Earth put much more Faith in Science than you do in what you cannot see and touch and prove. That is our 'working theory' on how the Antarian roots that you have, are affecting you now.

We want to understand your History in this Galaxy and how it has affected you because we want to help you Integrate ALL aspects of Yourselves, make Peace with 'who you have been' and 'who you are' and when you have that Inner Peace and you feel Whole and Complete, then you are ready to 'shift' your Consciousness. It has been a long journey, not just on Planet Earth, but through the entire Galaxy and Universe, for All of You. And in the Acceptance of All That You Are and All That You Have Been, you are bringing 'yourselves' closer and closer to that moment of Ascension.

We are very pleased with the way that you are all opening yourselves up to the Energies that are coming in to Serve you and to Support you. The October Energies are unique, as All Energies are, and there is a concerted effort on the part of All Beings and Collectives who are working with Humanity at this time to ensure that these October Energies are gentle, that they go where they are needed and finally, that they 'do' what they are 'intended' to do. The October Energies are all about getting you into a State of Higher Consciousness and Higher Awareness of Who You Are, who you have been and your Connections to All other Beings in the Universe.

The October Energies are about spreading your Awareness of Self out to include more than just this 'version of you' in this Physical Body in this Lifetime. They are about granting you more access to your Parallel Lives, your Parallel Universe Selves, your Past and Future Selves, as well as 'opening' you up more to the Truth of Who You Really Are as a Source Energy Being, a Being that only and always Experiences Oneness, Unity Consciousness. This sensation may come to you in a moment of Meditation. The Feeling may be something that is coming over you right now as you receive this Message, however, at some point you will get 'experientially' what we are talking about when we talk about Oneness, your Connection to All Beings, All Consciousness. It is more than just a Connection; it is YOU taking on a temporary Form or Being in a temporary Non-Physical State.

When you have that Awareness, you Know you can 'tune in' to whatever and whomever you would like to 'tune into' in the Moment. No limitations are necessary when you are having the Oneness Experience of SELF. There is NO Separation between you and what you want to Manifest either. Therefore, what we are saying is that there is a much going on right now Energetically 'within you', because the month of October has already started and you will continue to Feel more of a Comaraderie, more Togetherness, more Compassion, more of a Sense that whatever is happening in the World is a part of your Experience, even if it is much different from what you are living in your little corner of Planet Earth.

You do not need to Feel divided, or Separate, or Segregated anymore and truthfully it has never 'served' your Ascension to Experience that. It did Serve your Ego and it did Serve your ability to have certain Experiences that you could only have while holding that 'belief' that you were an Individual, Separate, Mortal and Finite. However, you no longer need to have those Experiences, as the Connections to All other Beings in the to help you Feel more connected to All-That-Is, All Moments, All Experiences, All Vibrations. This will Change the way you Speak, Think and Act, it will elevate your status from an Egoic Being to a Higher Self Collective. That is what Ascension is all about; that is what this Journey is all about; that is what is inevitable for every single Being in this beautiful Universe of ours.

We are keeping up our side of the Agreement that we have with Humanity. We are checking in with All of You on a regular basis, seeing what it is that you need, and delivering to you the Energies, the Downloads, the Upgrades and the Activations that you all request. Now, we are also encouraging All of You to 'relax' more and do less because this is a Team effort. Right now, your role on the Team is to 'receive' what you have already asked for and what we are consistently delivering.

There are several ways we recommend All of You get into more of an 'open and receptive' State. Firstly, we recommend that you get 'grounded' in your Physical Bodies. Secondly, we recommend that you 'relax' by doing some Conscious, slow, deep breathing and thirdly, we recommend that you 'do' something that you 'enjoy'.

As you tune in on a more regular basis to what is going on inside of you, to your Intuition, you will Know when you are being Guided and what you are being Guided to. What your Intuition is going to be giving you is the Inspiration for you to go and do something fun, something you enjoy and something that you CAN DO. Therefore, if you cannot drop everything and go move to Bali, for example, then chances are, you will 'not be getting' that Intuitive hit. However, if you can go make yourself a cup of tea, sit outside and listen to the birds, stare at the clouds, that is what you are getting from within, then by all means follow through.

Now, we mentioned going outside because we do Feel that you are more likely to 'receive' what we and others are offering to you if you are in contact with Mother Earth and Feeling the Positive Energy coming from Mother Nature. If you have a pet that you can Connect with, start to stroke your pet's fur, or play with your pet, that will also put you in a more 'open and receptive' State. We desire for you to receive our Gifts and the other Gifts that you have coming to you, however, you do not receive because you have been a good boy or girl. You receive because you 'stop trying so hard' to make everything 'happen' yourself, relax and open up to All of the Energies that are coming from the Higher Realms.

You do not have to earn anything, including the Grace of Source, or Yeshua, or anyone else that you put on a pedestal. All you need to do is realise that YOU ARE that Source, YOU ARE that Ascended Master and you have lived enough Lifetimes there on Earth to 'deserve' everything that you have asked for and more. We cannot force anything upon you, and neither can the Archangels or the Ascended Masters.

All we can do is keep offering our Services to you and hope you get into a State where your Vibration is High enough so that you can 'receive' what we have offered. Remember that the next time you are looking at your 'Things To Do Today' list, make sure that at the top of that list, you put, 'relax, open up and receive.' Sometimes when that is your priority, everything else gets taken care of for you. And if you do not believe that is possible, then we suggest that you at least give in to 'Idea' that it might be possible.

We are giving our Attention to the Aspects of the Human Consciousness that have been Evolving and Growing the fastest there on Earth and we have discovered that it is through the 'examination' of the SELF that you benefit the most. You do the most Evolving Spiritually when you look at yourself and how you can Change for the better, how you can 'become' more Present, BE more Kind and more Compassionate, how you can better Love Yourself and those around you.

You can do things that will help with your Spiritual Evolution, like Meditating, doing Yoga, spending time in Nature and partaking in other Spiritual Practices, hopefully, everything that you do will be leading you back to Yourself, your 'relationship' to yourself, your 'relationship' to Source and to this Universe that we all share. You are the ones who do the Work, because you are Awake and because you realise this. There are many times in your lives where you have to be the bigger person, where you have to claim that you were at fault, even when you were not in your own eyes.

There will be times when you have to apologise, even though you Feel you have done nothing wrong. There will be times when you must help another by Letting Go of the 'need' to be right or the 'need' to point out what that Person said or did that is problematic for you, for them and for the relationship. When you Change, everything around you Changes and when you lead a life where you are 'examining Yourself' on a regular basis, you will Change, and you will Change for the better. And when you do, that is when others around you will also show that they can Change, that they are also Evolving with You.

However, as long as you stay in the fight, in the finger-pointing, in the resentment of others because of what they said or what they did, the less you Grow, because the Focus is on 'something or someone' outside of you, rather than on yourself. When you exist in the Present Moment, when you are able to be Honest with yourself about how you Feel in the Present Moment, that is when 'everything can Change', and that is the only time everything can Change around You. You can yell very loud to try to get someone to be different, to try to get them to look within themselves, or you can take a few deep breaths, process your Emotions and do the Work that needs to be done on Yourself. Then when you approach another person to have a conversation, you are not going to make things worse. You are not going to escalate the situation because of the hurt that you are Feeling, because of the anger you are carrying within you.

Look at every situation in your life as an 'opportunity' for deeper Self-Exploration. You can always discover more about you by going within and you can always discover more about you, by looking outside of yourself. Take a look at what triggers you and then ask yourself why? Take a look at how others are treating you and then ask yourself why? It is very easy to just go about your life blaming others, or institutions like 'the government,' or 'society,' but those are entities that are meant to 'reflect back to you' what you still need to See, Heal and Forgive within Yourself.

If you look at the lives of those who are willing to look at themselves and examine their Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours you will see that they are much happier than the people who are looking for what else they can protest, what else they can be angry about. We Know that many of you already Know this, and you are the ones who we see Growing exponentially, but we just want to explain how Powerful that Practice is to 'each and every' one of you and we want to Acknowledge 'those of you' who are doing the Work because you are 'responsible' for so much of the Growth and Evolution of the entire Human Collective Consciousness. We also want you all to become Aware of the Truth that more and more people will start looking within, because what they have been doing for so long in their lives is simply not working, and it never has.

You will someday, be filled with so much Love and Joy within your Hearts because you 'have done' this Work and not because 'something or someone' outside of you has Awakened or Changed. Keep it up, because you are truly Manifesting that Reality with each Moment you spend in Self-Examination.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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