Ascension Messages

FEEL what is inside of YOU

We are always looking at the positives when it comes to Humanity and your Spiritual Evolution, that allows us to be a 'positive force' in your lives. If we Focused on the negative things happening there on Earth, we would only be lowering you Vibrationally and Energetically. We would cause you to Focus on the negative in your own lives and you would begin to see things as negative when they are not, they are simply Contrast. In other words, people who are Awake Spiritually, have very 'open minds' and when your minds are open, you can allow more in. Some of what you 'allow in' will be very good, very empowering, very life-affirming and some of what you 'allow in' will lead you down a Path that you do not want to go down.

Therefore, we remain Positively Focused, and we suggest that you do the same. Look for the things that are 'going right' in your Life and in the World outside of you, Let Go of Thoughts that are fear-based, worries about things that may never happen, and even concerns, because they do not Serve you. Your Minds like having problems to solve, while your Egos like having enemies to fight against, however, if you continue to operate as 'mind-oriented' Egos, you will not raise the level of your Consciousness and you will not become your Higher Selves easily and effortlessly. It will be a painful process because you are just picking up more along your Path that shrouds you from the Truth of Who You Really Are as Source Energy Beings, as Creators, as LOVE.

What you are Focusing upon is what you Become. What you push against, you Vibrate in Harmony with. You do not defeat it; you are not there to defeat anything. And we know that is hard for many people to hear because once you become Aware of something terrible that is going on there on Earth, how can you then turn away from it and pretend that it does not exist? Well, you do not have to do those things. You can send Love; you can offer Healing; you can have Compassion for ALL who are involved. You can Be the Light that you are and that you are meant to shine on Earth and everyone there.

When you align with Higher Density Beings who are offering a Higher Vibration, as we are, you get to Experience what it is like to align with those Energies, and then you must Choose. You are making choices all day every day. You are choosing not only what you eat and what you wear, but also how you Think and how you Vibrate. Those become more CONCIOUS Choices when you Awaken, and those of you who are Awake must realise that you DO have the ability to Choose and to Choose Consciously. You do have the ability to Focus on the positive, not because you are in denial of the existence of the negative, but because the positive is what you Choose for yourself and for others.

Remember that those who are experiencing something negative are all being given an 'opportunity' to grow Spiritually from that, hopefully that can help you to make Peace with all that is on your World today and that is inherently negative. We want you to Feel your Feelings, regardless of whether they are positive emotions or negative emotions, however, you do not have to let the negative emotions consume you. You can see them as an Experience you are having 'in the moment' and one that will pass quickly, if you allow it to.

Once the Mind gets involved, you perpetuate the negative emotion by adding a story to it, by adding an enemy, someone that you must push against and/or defeat. Stop doing that, just FEEL the emotion and you will move past it. And when you do, the positive emotions are more available to you than ever before, because you have cleared the negative emotions. And when you are in the flow and unblocked, you are in the flow with ALL the 'positive forces' that are pushing ALL of US up into Higher Vibrational Realms.

We are very pleased to announce that you have all done a tremendous job of handling all the Energies by continuing to acclimate to all the changes that are occurring there on Earth. You are constantly receiving Upgrades, Downloads and Activations to ready you for what is to come, and as many of you know, you do have more contact coming with Physical Extra-Terrestrials. That Physical Contact requires you to have everything in order, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Vibrationally. It is a very serious next step in your Evolution to have 'full open contact' with Physical E.T.s.

Some of you lack clarity in action to move forward and wonder what you are doing with your lives right now, however you are preparing yourselves by allowing these Higher Frequency Energies to flow through you. You are preparing yourselves by accessing your 5th Density Chakra System and by becoming more Aware of what is going on inside of you, at all times. AWARENESS is a big factor in your Spiritual Evolution. It is difficult for anyone to Consciously 'shift' to a higher level of Consciousness if they are 'unaware' of what they are holding in their Chakras, their Energy Fields and in their Emotional Bodies.

Those of you who are Awake are more likely to 'tune in' to what is going on 'inside of you' and more likely to care about it. You may have been told throughout your lives that you were too sensitive, however, now you are seeing that your sensitivity is paying off, because it is your sensitivity that is making you care about what is going on inside of you. And because you are sensitive, you want to do something about what is going on 'inside of you' when something does not Feel right. By doing that, it moves you forward and everyone else in the Collective of which you are a Part of.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you are doing 'something' at this time, even if from an outsider's Perspective you are not doing much of anything. You must Let Go of caring about what other people think, because that will only take you further from the Awareness of what is going on 'inside of you' at all times, and you need that Awareness, so that you can clear anything that is heavy, negative or dark, allowing you to become the 'primed vehicles' who are ready for Higher Frequency Energies that are preparing you for full and open E.T. Contact, the Shift in Consciousness and so much more.

You are Shifting everything at present. Do not concern yourself about 'when' other Shifts will happen that are outside of you, Shifts that have to do with your Financial System, your Educational System or your Health Care System. They will all follow suit, but you will be the Ones to initiate it all, just as you have been doing there on Earth for so long. Everything is going to Plan; remember you are the Primary Creation and from where we are sitting you are doing wonderful work handling your own Transformation.

We are fascinated by your resilience, your Creativity and by your ability to find Joy in a situation that is inherently not Joyful. You are doing exceptionally well there on Earth, despite what your critical Minds might think. Do not be so hard on yourselves.

We Love giving you praise and so much Energy because we see how you are transformed by it. We see how our Love influences you and we have noticed that those of you who 'connect with us' tend to then offer more Love to your fellow Humans. You are less likely to fly off the handle at someone who you think really deserves it. You are more likely to Forgive, you are more likely to Feel Compassion and that brings us Joy because we can see how we have affected you in a positive way.

You always have that Free Will, not to Accept our Love and Support, and you always have the Free Will not to listen to your own Hearts, Hearts that are telling you that Love is the answer. Therefore, every time you make the Conscious Choice to Feel more Love, Compassion, Empathy and offer Forgiveness, we Light up here in the 9th Density, and we express to the other Collectives in the 9th Density that Humanity really is benefitting from all that we do. And we Create new and stronger alliances because we have something positive to point to, because these other Non-Physical Collectives see Humanity as a Group of Beings who are doing exceptionally well under the circumstances and who are responding very, very well to what we and others like us are offering.

You continue to make giant strides towards the 5th Density, enormous leaps forward in the Evolution of your Consciousness, and you continue to surprise and amaze those who are looking in on you from above. You need to give yourselves more credit and pat yourselves on the back more frequently because what you are doing there on Earth is affecting the entire Universe and is doing so in a positive way.

You understand the ripple effect, the domino effect, the butterfly effect, but you do not always give yourselves 'credit' for being the One who initiates those effects. It is time to start seeing yourselves as the Powerful Beings that you are, and it is time to give yourselves more credit for the Evolution of Consciousness that is happening on your Planet and throughout the Universe. As your proud Guides and Supporters, we know that you will continue this heavenly Journey of Ascension, and you will do so with so much more Joy in your Hearts than you ever thought was possible, and we know you will continue to receive what we and others like us are offering, and that fills us with Joy.

We are Awakening within you Experiences that you have had in other parts of the Galaxy, because of the Vibration that we are operating at and because of the Energies we are sending to all of you. You also have your DNA activated by these Messages, and you become closer to your Higher Selves. We do not want to take credit for all these things, we want you to recognise that what you expose yourself to, in terms of Energy, Vibration and Information, matters.

You want to be very 'discerning' about what Energies you are giving your 'attention' to, and you want to ask yourself whether you 'feel good' after giving those Energies your 'attention', or whether you 'feel not so good'. Those need to be the criteria by which you are determining whether to give something 'your attention'. There is plenty of Information out there that is very 3rd Density in its orientation and its frequency. Anything that is telling you that this or that needs to be defeated, is what keeps Humans Focusing on violence, aggression and keeps you embroiled in wars.

Any anger that you Feel and any Resistance that you have to others, no matter what Group they are a part of, contributes to the Creation of the Reality of your World. And if you see violence, hatred, wars, and bombs being dropped around you, then you know you have some things 'active within you' that you do not want to have active. We give you this information because we continue to see how others are putting out Information about what you need to fear, push against, or at least know is out there and needs to be defeated in some way.

We are talking about every aspect of your lives now, anything at all that you may be pushing against, no matter how small it seems to you, is something that YOU need to ACCEPT. Again, notice how you Feel when someone is telling you about the 'dark ones' and what they are doing in the shadows, and what is going to happen as a result. And even if they are telling you that someone else is going to ride in on a white horse and save Humanity, it is still 'disempowering' to you as an Individual.

Therefore, Pay Attention to how you FEEL when you take in that Information, that is about separation instead of Integration. You integrate with Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and with Compassion. You help Humanity by offering Healing, and if you are getting triggered by some of this Information that comes across your Consciousness, you know you have something to Heal within yourself. There is plenty that all Humans are still Healing right now, which is why you still are where you are right now. As much as you just want to get to the 5th Density and get it over with once and for all, you need to admit that you still have Energies inside of you that are holding you back from taking that final step.

The Dark and the Light exist within each and every One of Us, and if we are Focusing on defeating the Dark out there, then we are Focusing on defeating the Dark in ourselves, and we are not whole and complete without that aspect of ourselves. We invite you again to Pay Attention to how everything Feels 'inside of you' and what your reaction to pieces of information is, because you are the Ones who need to determine what you put your 'attention' on. You are the only Ones who can make that decision for yourselves.

We are always in the 'present moment' with our Awareness. We have no reason to be anywhere but the 'present moment'. We have looked within ourselves so much that we can identify each and every aspect of Who We Are, and we have experienced Love and Compassion the likes of which you have yet to experience there on Earth. We tell you these things because we want you to Know what you are moving towards as Individuals and as a Collective.

We are what you essentially Evolve into. You are in a sense, receiving from your Future what will most benefit you in your Now. It follows then, that if we are in fact your Future, why would you be hoping to achieve anything but being Present, getting to know yourselves intimately and Feeling Love and Compassion? These are the ultimate Goals because they are the inevitable consequences of living. You cannot escape the destiny of becoming more like Source, more of your true Selves.

Why then would you desire anything but these Feelings and these States of Being that we are describing here and now? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can only get to where we are now in the 9th Density by 'fully living' all the Experiences that you 'can and do' in the lower Densities. You must sample from all the various Experiences that you have in front of you before you can CONSCIOUSLY Choose Love and Compassion, Choose the Present Moment, and Choose to 'go within' so that you can better KNOW yourselves.

No matter what you do, no matter what you desire, all Paths will lead here to a similar Version of who and what we are right now. But we have a secret for you, and it is a big secret, and it is a well-kept secret. You will be even better as 9th Density Collectives of Beings than we are right now. The 9th Density will be an even more beautiful and expansive Place/Experience because of what you are living right now and because of what we are living.

We realise that there is more for us to become, even as we are quite satisfied with Who We Are right now. See if you can find that Feeling of satisfaction within yourselves right now, while also holding the Knowing, that you are nowhere near where you are going or what you are becoming, and you have so much more to Experience, while still carrying around a Physical Body.

In many ways, your Experiences are just beginning; you are just waking up and seeing the tip of the iceberg. We want you to know that your lives are going to get better and better because you worked through it, you hung in there and you found some sort of reason for living there on the 4th Density Earth, all while simultaneously Knowing that there was so much more for you that was just out of reach. You must be able to find your Inner Peace right now there on Earth, despite everything, because all of your fellow Humans who 'will not' and 'could not' receive this Message need you. They need you to hold that Light and that Knowing now more than ever.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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