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Cabal Alliance - Dire Circumstances for Humanity

Humanity is at War with itself. Timelines are broken, confusion and fear are becoming the Dominant frequency within the perceptual awareness of Humanity.

There are two opposing elements in our Universe that give us Contrast. One is LOVE & INTEGRATION and the other is FEAR. Fear is the UNKNOWN. The unknown is the 'perceived' perception of Separation from Source. This is how we grow and evolve we build our Soul through these experiences when incarnated with a biological body.

The natural order of biological life in our Universe is 5D (Density). In this quadrant of our galaxy there are only 10 planets that have a 3D (Density) vibrational frequency, this is the current Human experience and Earth is now the battlefield of Mind Controlled Perception. At these times there are powerful regressive entities that are waging War with one another over the control of this planet. The bounty for the victors is the control of Humanity.

This War is not new. It has been waging for tens of thousands of years 'on and off' this planet 'in and outside' of our Solar System. The darkest regressive entities have been either residing on this planet or visiting it for many millions of years and consider it to be theirs. With reference to the darkest regressive entities the Arcons, Draconians and Alphadraconians with their deterministic Timeline using their Regressive Dominant frequencies energising Human Fear their desired outcome places Humanity on a course into oblivion.

These are highly intelligent Beings with technologies unimaginable by present Humanity. They feed off both Human flesh with their fearful energy which they call 'lush' terrorising their victims before consuming them alive, you may be more familiar with one of their cover stories 'Satanistic Rituals' and accounts for millions of people disappearing every year including our children and are behind Human Trafficking. These regressives mainly reside in enormous subterranean caverns with entry points spread around our planet. The Clintons, Obamas, the Bush dynasties together with the Vatican and the British Royal Family to name just a few are their incarnated into Human form 'cohorts or henchman' who help carry out their destructive desires. Globally they have been given the name 'Cabal'. These are not the only regressives, there are many more.

These additional non-terrestrial entities have formed an Alliance who also desire to control the planet and feed off the energy of Human FEAR. They are now battling each other for the control of Earth and Human Perception through Mind Control. Donald Trump is being manipulated by these latter 'not so regressive' entities the Alliance. This War is now waging on the surface of this planet and Humanity has been 'locked down' (home detention) under the guise of Social Isolation over a non-existent so called harmful virus Coronavirus version 19. All this while they attempt to take the tactical advantage by removing Key Personnel on both sides.

The Cabal has been gaining great advantage using high technology and off planetary assistance. The Galactic Federation of Planets (5 Density and above) have been limiting this tactical advantage attempting to even up and balance the battle evenly without breaking the protocols of None Interference. From a 3D perception Humanity appear to be the victims of hostilities, however, from a more expanded awareness (5Density) Souls have incarnated into this arena to experience Global Ascension of Earth from 3D back into 5D as outlined above, 5D is the natural biological Density that thousands of millions of species exist within throughout our Universe.

3D Earth is in a huge mess... and has been this way for the last 12,500 years when the Galactic Federation installed the current Lunar Matrix that trapped the regressives on Earth. Prior to this event the Galactic Federation had been battling for thousands of Earth years (linear time confined to Earth consciousness) in and beyond our Solar System. This battle resulted in the destruction of life on the surface of Venus and Mars in addition, the total destruction of the planet called Taymat that some have called Meldak that is now our asteroid belt. The regressives had lured the Galactic Federation mainly the Pleiadean Defense Forces onto Taymat that was a water covered planet that would have made a perfect Headquarters and stronghold for the regressive reptilian races. The result of which the Pleiadeans detonated a nuclear device that destroyed Taymat.

Earths Gravity drew a deluge of water from Taymat onto the planet that has been referred to as The Great Flood. The regressive reptilians escaped to Earth loosing most of their technology. The Pleiadean High Council, War weary and greatly injured themselves, placed around Earth the current 3D Matrix trapping the regressives on the planet preventing their escape halting the havoc that they had been causing in our Galaxy for millions of years. The Pleiadean High Council's intention along with the Galactic Federation was to return at a later stage to clean up the mess that had resulted from this battle.

Meantime, the Lunar Frequency generator would prevent the reptilians escape. Up until this time Earth was lower 5D, however, once the frequency generators were powered up, Earth was locked down into a narrow frequency band the limits of which is the Van Allen Belt. The Dominant frequencies generated by the Lunar Matrix prevent Ascension back into the natural biological state of 5D. When the Lunar Matrix was installed there were many Lyrian descendants from both Atlantis and Lemeria that were also trapped on Earth inside the 3D Matrix, many of which now have reincarnated and are Starseeds.

So to recap, the Cabal's plan is to reduce the Human Race by at least 95% and control and harvest the remainder keeping them in absolute Fear and Terror and Survival mode. The Alliance's intention is to have a Global Financial RESET that would seem to favour Humanity, however, their plan is to significantly increase Financial Indebtedness, Stress and Scarcity to further control Humanity. Also, their intention is to Vaccinate/Inoculate the Masses before the Home Detention Blockade is lifted - Bill Gates technology Agenda 21. Indeed, the Global movement as well as National movement would require a new style VISA for future Global and National travel - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE VACCINATED it will eventually kill you. The Vaccinations contain nanobot technology and small amounts of mono-atomic mercury. The mercury causes dissidence in your ADMA (soul connection) and the nanobots respond to the very harmful 5G telecommunication network that is Military Grade.

The Alliance intention is to install a New One World Order and have Humanity existing only as Debt Slaves and their life controlled in every respect removing all Human Rights.

From the limitless possibilities and probabilities there are 4 most probable outcomes that are available to Humanity at these times.

  • 1

    The Cabal defeats the Alliance and Agenda 21 is implemented. The Human race is reduced to tens of millions who live in abject Fear and Terror and ultimately face oblivion.

  • 2

    The Alliance defeats the Cabal and a New One World Order is installed where Humanity is placed into Debt Slavery and ALL Human Rights are removed.

  • 3

    For the Starseeds (Humans with a Soul) to raise their creative conscious manifestation awareness and CREATE a NEW and UPLIFTED reality where Earth has transcended all these limitations and ASCENDS back into a 5D reality. Please refer to NEW TIMELINES this process is clearly explained and where a NEW REALITY is achievable, this is a MUST READ.

  • 4

    The Galactic Federation for the first time in the recent months is considering intervention, this means that their Battle Ships and high technological War Ships will descend through our atmosphere to various parts of our planet and remove the hostile activities. This sounds a good option, however, on closer analysis, should this option occur millions of lives would lost with much suffering. Both the Cabal and the Alliance through Mind Control will convince the masses that Earth is under attack and an invasion is occurring. This is the same Mind Control that they are exercising over Humanity with the Coronavirus. Only a few days ago for the first time the Galactic Federation have sent large numbers of their military tactical teams into the underground caverns and have started removing Key Entities. Donald Trump has recently sent into Europe another 20,000 troops with Uranium depleted missiles to gain access to some of the surface reptilian compounds. In contradiction to the blockade and home detention, they have free movement all over Europe and as you may have guessed from the nature of this article, with No Coronavirus protection at all.


There really is only ONE OPTION, Humanity is standing at the gates of oblivion and it is from this point there is a Nexus, a Quantum Leap onto a NEW TIMELINE - ASCENSION into 5D. From the most expanded awareness WE, COLLECTIVELY have created this situation - there are NO VICTIMS.

WE the STARSEEDS have created the outer-world that we now SEE.

WE have manifested the Arcons, the Draconians, the Alfadraconions, The Alliance, the Cabal, the Corrupt Monetary System, the Corrupt Political System, The Corrupt Banking System, EVERYTHING in our OUTER-WORLD is there for CONTRAST. It is NOW time to TRANSCEND this 3D version of Reality and CHOOSE AGAIN...


FEAR has been our companion throughout these times and without Fear there would be no contrast, no experience, now growth. Fear cannot be pushed away, it must be embraced and integrated. This is explained in NEW TIMELINES.


Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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