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The Path of LOVE (part 3)

Continuing our last message, we suggest you follow what excites you without hesitation, NOW. Your Soul has a 'blue print', a 'master plan' for your involvement here during these magnificent Earth changes. Discernment requires Action and Action requires Change. The Ego resists Change and would sooner hold onto what it already knows, the limitation of Fear and the illusion of Separation. Whatever Path you take, place 'no attachment' to the outcome and transcend any 'limiting belief structures' along the way.

You will know when you are on the Path of 'right action' as it is the Path where synchronicity flows and where you have abundance in all manner of substance and energy, as you creatively live in your Nowness of time. It is by joyously existing in the Nowness of 'every waking moment' that you have harnessed the energy of abundance. The key to abundance, is always, Unconditional Love.

Now, we are going to explore addiction. Addiction is the last 'attachment' to the 3rd Density Reality that holds you in Separation. It is your greatest challenge, and it prevents you from moving into your abundance and the worlds that await you beyond the 3rd Density. All addiction to the ways of the 3rd Density is based upon Separation from Source, as is with all disease and illness. SEPARATION itself, has become addictive to you All, this attachment to addiction is based upon the 'loss of Love', and as such, must be Healed and Integrated into the totality of your Being.

Every Individual on their Spiritual journey within the 3rd Density Realms must heal this addiction to the 'loss of Love' from where it originated in your present embodiment. What we refer to here, is the Separation from your mother and the consequential experiences of 'loss of Love'. We have spoken at another moment in time, of the Inner-Child and it is the Inner Child that must be healed in-order to release the addiction of the 'loss of Love' that has been trapped deep within your Subconscious and Unconscious Minds. It will be helpful at this point to view another model for an understanding of Human behaviour based within the compartmentalization of Consciousness. This model is concerned with the relationship between the Inner Child, the Ego, and the Adult Awareness.

The Inner-Child experiences for the first time Separation at birth and with this, the consequential Feelings for the 'loss of Love'. The second Separation occurs approximately at the age of one, and one-half years, to two years of age. It is here that the child begins to know of its Separation from its mother. The third major experience of Separation usually occurs after puberty.

The first two experiences of Separation and the consequential Feelings of the 'loss of Love' create powerful Feelings of 'abandonment' that underpin the Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness. We have previously spoken of anger and these same three core belief-structured Emotions are at the base of these powerful Human Emotions. The Inner Child presents these core 'belief structures' that are at the very heart of the addiction for the 'loss of Love'. The child experiences many situations that it perceives to be of Separation, that then further deepens its source of loss.

The Ego is the 'personality' of SELF that has embodied the illusion of Separation and Fear that is at the core of all Human programming. It is represented by addictive behaviour that is centred within the Emotions for the 'loss of Love'. The Ego resides within the compartmentalized portion of your Subconscious Mind. It is in the Subconscious Mind that all the stimuli from the Physical and Non-Physical senses are processed, before they are passed on to the other compartments of the Mind. And it is within the Subconscious Mind that the Ego will 'edit or deny' to the Consciousness, the information that is being received.

The Adult Awareness is the portion of SELF that has a Perceptual Conscious Awareness within the 3rd Density, and this is filtered through the Individual's version of Reality or programming. The Adult portion of Self is readily influenced by the Inner-Child and the Ego. Chronological age and intellectual Awareness have little or no bearing on the 'emotional maturity' of this aspect of Self. This 'tri-part personality' of Self is a complex blend of Adult, Ego and Inner Child and is, to say the least, predictably unpredictable, can be aggressive yet fragile, intolerant yet compassionate, vindictive yet understanding, cruel yet loving, selfish yet giving and is capable of mood swings that vary from manic behaviour to prolonged periods of depression.

You have all been so very determined and Creative in your ability to hold this illusion of Separation with such mastery. However, NOW it is time for the transformation of Consciousness to occur. The journey of the Individual aspect of the Soul, NOW in this transformational process is to Think Love, Speak Love, Act Love, Touch Love, Be Love in every waking moment. This is what is meant by Ascension. This transformational process is simply the transmuting of the 3rd Density Human qualities of Separation and the illusion of '3rd Density attachment' into an expression of Unconditional Love. This is what will move you All into an expanded Reality beyond all Human comprehension.

It is now that we will examine the role of the Ego, to further understand the tri-part personality Self as you journey through your Human life experiences. The addictive behaviour for the 'loss of Love' became a core belief very early in Human childhood. Remember, what you put out is exactly what you get back. Therefore, as the Individual aspect of the Soul journeys, even in those formative years, it recreates its 'core belief structures' over and over again in one form or another, experiencing further disappointment in life. It is through this recreation for the 'loss of Love' that the Ego will take over control, in an attempt, to avoid Feeling those unpleasant situations.

Remember, all the stimuli that are being absorbed from the Physical and Non-Physical senses are first received by the Subconscious Mind before they are passed on to the various other compartments of the Mind. This action results in the Ego having an Awareness of what is occurring 'before' your Adult Conscious Self. It is this part of the process where the Ego can edit, deny, or take control of the situation, which is so vital to understand, if you are to transmute your 'limiting belief structures'.

The addictive behaviour from the 'loss of Love' results in the Inner Child's Feelings of abandonment. These trapped Emotions are not restricted by Linear Time and remain the 'core belief structures' that are being transmitted or broadcast constantly out into the Universal Matrix of energy. These 'belief structures' are then being constantly 'reflected back' through this matrix of energy. The faces and names may change; however, the 'experienced Emotions' are the same and are based within those feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness. These experiences will continually be recreated by the Individual until the trapped Emotions are transmuted and freed from the 'body's energetic matrix' and this is accomplished by FEELING the trapped Feelings.

For the purpose of demonstrating this model of the 'tri-part personality Self' we will now look at the primary responsibility of the Ego and the protection of the Inner Child from how it is actually Feeling. On many occasions, the Ego accomplishes this task with the defensive action of 'retaliation or attack' in one form or another, as it sees fit. This is often made manifest in the Individuals judgements or the non-acceptance of its Self-created or Co-created Realities. Of course, the Individual has Created or Co-created those occurrences and by not accepting those creations, it is rejecting that part of itself, which builds a mantle of protection around the Heart, preventing itself from receiving Love.

Judgment on anyone or anything that it sees as outside of itself, is the Ego's way of defending the Inner Child's addiction to Feeling the 'loss of Love'. However, the Ego does not understand that it is actually creating the very situations that it feels necessary to protect the Inner Child from.

Anger is an extreme form of judgment, and it is expressed when FEELING 'out of control' and it is the Ego's attempt to protect the Child. Anger is a valid Human Emotion; however, anger is expressed in the 'avoidance' of FEELING the Feelings of 'being out of control'. Anger is avoiding the Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness. The Ego does not send a memo to the Adult Conscious Self, saying, 'Hey I am taking over control of this situation now' it just does it in an instant. The Ego is very smart and 'slippery' and has privileged access to all your memory, including all your experiences, even the ones that you have forgotten, denied, or have become edited for your own protection.

When the Ego becomes Aware of a situation that triggers those inner repressed Emotions of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness felt by the Inner Child, it will step in rapidly and take over. The Ego attempts, at any cost, to defend the Inner Child's Feelings. This Adult Conscious aspect of Self could start a sentence and midway, the Ego could be triggered into action, completing the sentence in a different way than that of the Adult Conscious Self.

The Ego in its own Self-delusion of Consciousness, thinks it is invisible and cannot be seen when it has taken control, equally so, the Adult Awareness of Self is often similarly deluded, thinking that just because it thinks, speaks, or acts in a particular way, that these actions then must be real and based on some Inner Truth. Therefore, the Ego can be described as the non-authentic part of Self. It is when the Adult and the Ego form a partnership that then the illusion of Separation seems complete, and they together, defend all that would challenge their deluded Reality. The Inner Child's Emotions are then pushed deeper and deeper into the compartmentalized layers of the Individualized Consciousness.

When the Ego is triggered, this is the time to draw to your Conscious Awareness those Feelings for the 'loss of Love' and heal them by simply Feeling the Feelings. Remember, when the Emotion of the Inner Child surfaces, no amount of cathartic emotional expression will heal the wounds of the Inner Child, unless you are in the witness Consciousness of your Higher Self. This is achieved by opening your head Chakras first as we have discussed previously. The witness Consciousness occurs when you are in your Loving Neutrality and fully engaged within the Nowness of that experience, while observing the release of your trapped emotions, thus transmuting the 'emotional memories' and 'belief structures' that are held in place at a cellular level within the 'body's energetic matrix'.

You will know when the Ego, the Inner Child or the Adult Conscious part of yourself is operating, by first and foremost, observing all of your judgements. Judgements are the key for your understanding of when the Ego is operating. No matter how large or small the judgements may be, it is nevertheless the expression of the Ego and is your clue that you are most certainly avoiding or denying the Feelings that are based within your 'core belief structures' and the addiction for the 'loss of Love'. The greater the judgment, the greater the addiction to the 'loss of Love' and the denial of the buried emotional wounds of the Inner Child.

This means that each and every single judgment, no matter who or what they are directed at, comes from the Ego Self. For an Individual to make a judgment it must first elect not to take responsibility of its own Created Reality and view that part of the experience or occurrence to be of someone else's creation. All occurrences are Neutral, they exist purely in their Beingness and any meaning that you place upon them can only be based upon 'your version of Reality' that is filtered through your Individual or Group 'belief structures'.

All 'limiting belief structures' are emotionally charged and held within the 'body's energetic matrix' and are accessed through the Subconscious and Unconscious Minds. It is here within the Subconscious Mind that the Ego resides, and the Ego's primary concern is to 'protect You' or the Inner Child from the repetitious recreations of those Feelings that as a child you could not deal with. JUDGEMENT is the Ego's announcement to SELF that it does not want to take 'responsibility' and would sooner distance itself from its Creations and blame someone or something else that it 'perceives to be' outside of itself.

There are those times that you may be just observing a situation or occurrence, and this is what you have termed a 'fine line'. A 'judgment' is when YOU are making someone or something wrong, no matter, how small in magnitude you may think that wrongness to be. An 'observation' is when you are merely viewing on in your Loving Neutrality. And this is when you have 'no Emotional attachment' in any way to the outcome of such an event, experience, or occurrence. The question is then, why are you observing such an event, experience, or occurrence? It is within this situation that you have created the manifestation of a part of your own 'belief structures' and as with all occurrences, you have one of two ways for expressing your relationship with it.

And that is, expressing it with Love or Fear. The mere fact that you are viewing or observing a certain Reality, means that you have some relationship with it, otherwise you would not have presented it before yourself. You could view them as tests or initiations. When an Individual aspect of a Soul makes its claim to All That Is, the Universe says, 'we shall see' and it will give you a trial period of initiations so that you may purify and embody that promise into your Being. This allows you the opportunity to eliminate any distortions. These initiations may come and go to see how strong your Commitment really is. These tests are to see if you can keep loving no matter what, to see if you are willing to be responsible to catch yourself and lift yourself into your own Truth.

You can view it as, you make your promise to Source, and the Universe tests you to see if you really mean it and to see if you are willing to be the one who guards that promise. This is the choice within every Soul's journey, to express Love in every waking moment. Now this does not mean you reject taking responsibility for making Change within your created Realities. By following what excites you, you give yourself direction and movement, and with this action, purpose is often discovered. Every one of you has worked very hard to be incarnated upon Earth at these times of transformation. Discernment means Choice and with Choice comes Action. The mastery of the 3rd Density and the 'non-attachment' to the old 'limiting belief structures' is merely a Choice. We Love and bless you for your Commitment in this whole process.

To be continued.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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