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Ask to Receive the New Collective Energies

We are 'Letting In' a lot of assistance at this time, as we find that the more help we 'receive', the better we are at 'delivering' to those of you in need, what it is that you require to move forward on your Journeys. We have been 'receiving' assistance from the Archangels, who recognise that the work we are doing with you is 'significant' and they also see that working through us, is a way to Connect with more of You. You of course, benefit from all the Helpers that exist throughout this Universe and the assistance you 'receive' from Source 'is' also significant.

We are All 'working together' and we hope that by our 'working together', we will 'inspire' more of you to 'work together' as well, because we can see the value in that for Humanity. But the Ego does not always see it that way. The Ego sometimes likes to take on too much in order to 'prove itself', or because the Ego wants to be labelled 'The Great One' or 'The Saviour.' However, when you 'work together' to spread Love and Joy, you are not trying to receive all the Credit. When you see that you are a part of a Collective and that the 'betterment' of the Collective is good for you too, then you are more likely to 'work with others' to bring about the 'shifts' that you want to See and Experience.

That is why we are telling you about the fact that we 'collaborate' with those who are in our Density, and we seek assistance with those who are in Higher Densities. We want to 'inspire' you to look around on your Earthly Plane for the help that is being offered. Sometimes pride does not allow you to accept help and you need to let go of the prideful Ego for a while, just to see if you have a better time of it without employing that pride and 'activating' the Consciousness of your Ego.

As you shift, you shift into your Higher Self, and as your Higher Self, you understand that you are A Collective and you always have been. Therefore, there will be no need for you to do everything by yourself once you Ascend and certainly it is time to recognise that you are not doing it all or carrying the load, all by yourself now either. You have help with the shift from All of us in the Higher Realms and you have assistance coming from your Fellow Humans as well. Let the help in, especially when you are struggling with something. When you are wracking your brain, trying to figure out how you are going to make something work, that is when you know it is time to 'Let Go' of the need to do it all yourself and 'Let In' the help that is coming from Beings and Collectives like ourselves.

The transmission of Energy that is coming with the help of the Archangels will be assisting you All in accessing more of your Higher Self and everything good that goes along with that. All you have to do, is 'accept' the help that is coming. You do not have to earn it; you do not have to recite the proper phrases. Just Know that it is on its way and that if you 'relax and open' yourself up like a flower, you can 'receive it' with ease and grace and you can start living life as if you were in the 5th Density, right now.

We are so willing to reach out to 'each and every' Human that wants to have Contact with us. We do not discriminate and we do not 'hold back' and all that we ask, is that you take a few moments to relax, open up, and raise your Vibration so that your Frequency is high enough to be able to 'receive us' and what it is that we offer. Now this is true of anything that you want to Experience there on Earth. You are very good at asking for what you want and defining what it is and then fine-tuning it even further, however, we notice that you do not have the same dedication to 'receiving' what you have asked for and we have also noticed that you do not have a lot of patience.

This is why being Present 'in the moment' and looking for what does bring you Joy will always put you in a better position for Manifestation. If instead, you are looking around at the 'external World' and thinking about what you do not have, what has not Manifested yet and why that means your life is so unenjoyable, then you tend to Experience more of that, because you are 'closing' yourself off, like a fist, to what is coming to you. You need to be more like the 'open hand', which can 'receive' and when your hand is 'open', that generally means you are relaxed. You are at ease. You can also be in 'appreciation' of the possibility for what you want to Manifest. In other words, the mere fact that the 'possibility exists' could put you in a state of excitement, joy, eagerness, and positive anticipation.

If you can Trust and have Faith that everything you Create IS coming to you, then you CAN Manifest it so much more easily than if you are Focusing on 'why it has not' happened yet (4th tool, Choose again) and where you might be blocked, and so on. It is yours because you have Created it, however, you have to FEEL in 'alignment' with it, in order for it to appear in your Reality. To put it another way, you have to be of the Vibration of what you have Created, to go to the Reality where it is, because you are traveling through different Realities 'all the time' with your Consciousness and you are in that State of Creation 'all the time', as well. Therefore, it may seem like you are sitting perfectly still and waiting for something to come to you, when in actuality, you are traveling from Reality to Reality and each one, is a match to the Vibration you have been offering.

When we tell you to go 'within', we are talking about 'tuning in' to your Vibration, which means 'paying Attention' to how you Feel. And knowing that what does and does not happen in your life is determined by your vibration, should be enough to get you to 'care enough' to do something about it. Now, when we say do something about it, what do we mean? Well, the first thing you do is Acknowledge it. There it is, what I have been Feeling (1 - Recognise). The next thing you do is be willing to sit with it and feel it (2 - Validate). Thirdly, you want to breathe into it. Give it your full Attention, and allow it to be what it is, while you seek to FEEL more of it, not less (3 - Feel the Feelings).

This takes away the 'charge' it has. It takes away the 'power' that this negative feeling has had over you. So, now you can 'Let it Go', because your relationship to it has changed. It is no longer what you are ashamed of, in denial of, or afraid of. It just is, and when you allow what is to BE, that is when CHANGE can occur. That is when movement 'forward' takes place (transmutation).

You are there to Change YOU first and then you can Change the World, then you can help others and then 'you will see' the World outside of you, that is a 'reflection' of the Change you have made 'within' yourself. You get to decide how you want to Feel, once you 'allow and release' what you have been feeling that has not been serving you (4 - Choose again). When you understand that you have that power, then you do not even have to be patient for what you have Created, because you are Happy. You are Content. You are at Peace. And right now, living in the World you are living in, those 'States of Being' are enough. The Tools for Transformation found in Ascension Messages 24.

We are very pleased to be with you as always and we are very excited about what we see you all Creating as you come into this last portion of the calendar year of 2021. We see you stepping into a position of 'greater power' within yourselves, as you have begun to 'recognise' that you really must rely upon the power that you have 'within you' to Feel the way that you want to Feel and to 'live' the way that you want to live. Anyone who was under the assumption that outside circumstances had to determine how they lived and how they felt, have had that belief turned on its head. With the circumstances of your lives right now, living through a global plandemic, you have had to make various adjustments in order to thrive.

You have had a lot of extra time on your hands, as well, to be Creators, to be Conscious and deliberate about the Vibration that you have been 'sending out' to the Universe. As a result, there are many wonderful Creations that are out there, waiting to be Harmonized with. We see the readiness within you to take Command of your lives by taking Command of your Vibration and your Creation, as a result of the offering of that Vibration.

It is so wonderful to see how much Beauty and Wonder lie before you and we are so happy to be able to help you get to those Creations of yours. We Know that this is an obvious statement for many of you, but you really do have to 'follow your Feelings' in order to get the 'essence' of what you have already Created. You can begin to Feel for the Vibrations that your Creations give off, because they are literally 'calling you' to them and it really is a wonderful time for you to be 'accessing' what you have Created, since again, it certainly has appeared as though you have had limitations placed upon you. In actuality, you have been Guided to turn your Attention to that place 'within yourselves' where you Know 'who you really are', where you Vibrate the fastest and the Highest.

It is time for 'Great Changes' on your World and those 'Great Changes' start when you are 'willing' to see yourselves as the Ones Creating, rather than seeing yourselves as the Ones being Oppressed. This is a monumental difference in how you see yourselves and your Reality, as well as the others who play 'their roles' in your Reality (5 - Holding the Highest Idea of Who you Know Who you Are). As Awakened as you are, please keep in mind that 'everyone' in your life is there to help you Awaken even more to the Truth of Who YOU Really Are and to the 'application' of that Truth. You are moving beyond the time of just Knowing Who You Really Are and that you Create your Reality and you are moving into the time of EXPERIENCING those Truths in your Lives and in the entire World that you live in (6 - NOW).

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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