Ascension Messages

Your Vibration is always Active and IS your Primary Creation

We are able to detect the slightest changes in the overall Consciousness of the Human Collective and we Feel you Evolving all the time. However, when there is a larger spike in the overall Frequency of your Vibration, we like to tell you about it. You have just experienced one of those spikes and you will continue to spike as you move through this period of time you are in right now in December. As you pay Attention to your Bodies, your Thoughts and your Emotions at this Time, remember that you are being called to these Higher-Vibrational states and if you tune in, you can Feel that calling.

You can Feel yourselves being summoned into the Light. You can Feel your Hearts opening. You can Feel yourselves raising your Consciousness, while also being Grounded in your Bodies and you can 'open up' to more access to the gifts and abilities that are inevitable for all of you to access there in this period of your lives. You are going to need more of your gifts and abilities to help, and you are especially going to be called to help those who are newly Awakened and have no idea what is going on.

These spikes in your Frequency as a Collective affect more those who are still Asleep than they affect all of you that are Awake and they can have a harder time of it because when the Collective Consciousness goes to a Higher Level, they then must 'release' some of their Lower-Vibrational Feelings, Thoughts, Ideas and Beliefs, in order to stay in your Collective. They are Detoxing, while at the same time getting more of their Awakening Experiences, which are confusing that can disrupt their normal, day-to-day activities.

Most people do not give their Spirituality much thought, or themselves as Souls as essentially Non-Physical Consciousness. Therefore, when they have Experiences that challenge their everyday Awareness, they need support, they need healing and most of them need answers that they are not going to get from the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, or any other religious text. You are the Ones who will Guide them, will soothe them, will help them through these times of 'greater release' and thank goodness you have everything that you need right now, because you are Kind, Compassionate, Loving Beings, you are also receiving more of what you need to Feel confident as the Mentors that you truly are.

As the Awakened Collective, many of you wonder what you are supposed to be doing and your readiness, eagerness and willingness to assist has not gone unnoticed. You are going to help many as you patiently await their Awakening Experiences to unfold. For now, just look after yourselves and notice how this recent change in the overall Frequency of the Human Collective Consciousness is affecting you. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of the others.

We are Awakening within you new avenues for your Growth and your Evolution every time that we Connect with all of you. We are always looking for those entry points, those gaps in your Consciousness to slip something into that will enhance your level of Awareness of Self. We will continuously point you 'back to yourselves' rather than giving you information on what is going on out there, or what is going to happen. We would so much rather give you the 'instruction manual' on 'how to Create' what you want out there and how to choose a Timeline, which is what we do.

We are helping you to Become more Aware of what is going on inside of you, helping you to Awaken to the Truth of 'who you really are' and we want you to nourish yourselves with 'good-feeling' Energies. We advise you to Focus on what 'feels good' to you and what you 'want to Create', rather than Focusing on what you are afraid of or what might happen that you do not want to happen. We want you to understand that the only 'spiritual war' that is going on right now is taking place inside the Consciousness of 'each Being' and that when you achieve Inner Peace, you achieve Peace 'outside' of you. When you raise your Level of Consciousness, then you do not see Words, Actions and Beliefs in others that represent a Lower-Vibrational Consciousness.

You are not 'spiritual warriors' in a biblical sense, where you are supposed to defeat those who are, by your definition, the evil-doers of Planet Earth and the Galaxy at large. That is the Level of Consciousness that starts wars on your Planets throughout this Galaxy of ours and there have been too many wars in the History of our Galaxy. It is time to put an end to the 'warrior mentality' and to be the Ones who seek Peace, who Vibrate Peace, who Emanate Peace and it all starts with YOU and YOUR Awareness. You might think Thoughts so consistently and Believe something with all of your Heart and as such, you are completely unaware that you are walking around holding resentment, judgements and seeking to do battle with someone, even if it is verbally, because you hold so steadfastly to your Beliefs.

When you give up the fight, you find that there was never anything to fight in the first place, because it is at that 'moment' that you become Aware that you are The Source of it ALL. You are The Creator and there is nothing that you cannot Create, however, you have to start with YOUR Vibration. Your Vibration is your Primary Creation. It is Active all the time, whether you Feel it or not and if we can convince you to pay more Attention to your Vibration through these Messages, then we will have fulfilled our purpose for Connecting with You in the first place.

You can get all the other stories elsewhere, but the only story we are interested in is the one you are Creating with your Vibration and whether you want to make some changes to that story. We will continue to give you the tools to do so, which are the Keys to the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven is within YOU. It is not just out there in the 5th Density, which is not a place, but a State of Being. You control your State of Being with your Awareness, which means you can hold 5th Density Consciousness for a little while every day, you can hold it for a little longer and a little longer, and you can Create your own pocket of it, your own slice of Heaven, right there, right now, on Planet Earth.

We have been exploring different ways to grant Humanity access to the Higher Density Energies and we have noticed that through Meditation, Relaxation and by following your bliss, you can tap into these Energies quite easily. We also notice that drinking lots of water, resting and Grounding yourself are also very effective techniques. What we want to share with you now is another method, another tactic to employ so that you can receive all that is being given from ourselves and many other Higher Density Beings.

We are talking about putting yourselves in a State where you are completely Present, and yet, at the same time Acknowledging how much you have already BEEN and how much you will BE in the Future. It is seemingly a paradox to do this, and it is confusing enough to your Mind to open yourself up even more to the Truth of Who You Are. You have been a Higher Density Being many times.

You will be a Higher Density Being once again. You are in the process of becoming the Higher Density Being known as your Higher Self. However, if you Focus too much on where you have been or where you are going without including the act of 'being completely Present', you miss out on that 'opening' that is being Created as you Acknowledge who you already ARE.

Where you are now is significant because you have already become 4th Density Beings in this Lifetime and because you are Awake. Now, you still have that final hump to get over and you will, but here is where you are NOW. Being very 'PRESENT in the moment' while holding that Acknowledgement of 'who you have been' and 'who you are becoming' will 'open you' up entirely to the Truth of Who You Really Are.

As Source, you do not think of yourself as Separate, or even as Individuated. You are All That Is, and as All That Is of course, you have 'access' to ALL the Higher Frequency Energies. They are not even considered Higher Frequency Energies as your Source Self. This exercise will help you to attain New Levels of Consciousness. You can Feel those Higher Frequency Energies rippling through your Physical Bodies and that joyous Feeling will be its own reward, however, there will be more to come.

As you embrace 'inclusiveness' and you activate Unity Consciousness in yourselves, the World is not just your oyster, YOU become ONE with the WORLD, everyone and everything. Every Vibration becomes a Part of You and you can access whatever you want whenever you want. Practice this little Meditation for a few minutes every day. See how long you can hold that Knowing, that Presence simultaneously and we promise you, Life will start to get a lot easier.

We are so willing to help all of you there on Earth because we Know that the 'helper' and one who is 'being helped' relationship is important in this Universe. We get to play this role of the 'helper' and you get to have the 'experience of being helped' and that is why we set up this relationship with all of you and to all of you, and you can look at all of your Relationships in Life in the same way. Each person interacting with another person is playing a role. Perhaps you are playing the role of the one who cheers someone else up, or perhaps you are playing the role of one who is Experiencing abundance and is being generous to someone else who is in need, because they are experiencing lack.

You always get to Choose how you look at the various Relationships in your Lives, however, one thing is certain; you Chose those people to be in your lives, and you Chose the Relationships you are having to one another. The reasons will be many, however, all of them can potentially lead to more Spiritual Growth, more Advancement of the Human Consciousness, more Expansion into 'who you really are' as Source Energy Beings. Again, it all depends on how you look at these Relationships, then you can Choose how you Experience 'yourself' in that Relationship, instead of playing the role you think you should be playing.

Listen to your Guidance that comes to you from 'within' because it always Knows best and we will help you as well, as that is our role, and we enjoy playing it. We Choose to come to you from Unconditional Love, because that is what Feels best to us. We Love you Unconditionally and we Know that whether people Consciously receive that Love or not, our Unconditional Love has an 'impact' on the totality of the Human Collective Consciousness and that is really what we are here to help at this time.

This is a Time of Great Change, great Enlightenment and a Time when there is more Awareness. Your Awareness comes to you through your Experiences; however, you then also get to Choose what you are Aware of in 'any given moment'. Choose Love; choose Expansion; choose Knowing yourself better as 'who you really are' over judging 'someone else' for the role they agreed to play for you, no matter what it is, no matter how bad they are. Let 'yourselves go' with what is Natural, which is the 'flow of Energy' that takes you into Higher and Higher Levels of Consciousness, those Levels of Consciousness being inevitable, of course.

However, when you Choose them, when you Choose to ride the wave of that Energy, then you Feel more Connected to Source, to Unconditional Love, to your true Soul's Essence that you came for, in addition to exploring these different Relationships and how they can All be Experienced by you and by everyone else. We Love our role as Helpers, and we Love it when we see one or more of you 'opening up' to Receive our help.

We are giving you exactly what you need in these Messages, and we are delivering to you Messages within the Messages and when you receive these Messages, you are getting the Downloads, Upgrades and Activations that you need. We Know which ones will receive each transmission within twenty-four hours with a high degree of certainty. We cannot see 'the future,' of course, because there is more than one.

However, we Know what you need, and we deliver it. This is also how your Earth operates and how your sun operates. This is how your Guides work with you. This is how so many other Benevolent Beings are Serving Humanity; therefore, it is up to All of you to 'allow in' what is being given. This is why we 'encourage' you to Connect with your Sun and your Planet. We hope that you Connect with us because of how you Feel and we Know that many of you are connecting with us. We want you to Connect with your Guides for the same reason. We want you to Connect with them because they are your friends, because they Love you Unconditionally and because they have devoted themselves to you for this entire Experience.

We were going to say, 'for this entire Lifetime,' however after you Shift, your Guides will move onto something else. You will get a new set of Guides. You will also get more access to your 5th Density Chakra System. Right now, you tap into that Chakra System in certain moments, but you are still largely governed by the 3rd Density Chakras that you were born with, because you still have work to do within that System.

When you have fuller access to Chakras 8 through to12, you are going to Feel much more Powerful, much more 'in tune' with all of the Higher Frequency Energies. You will be your Higher Selves and you will Feel US more clearly. Your Guides are 7th Density, which means they are closer to you. We are talking about your Personal, specific Spirit Guides. Any of you can Experience an Ascended Master or an Archangel as a Guide, however, your Personal Spirit Guides are your friends. They are your Soul Family members and if you Feel for them, you will Know that you are never alone, and you will Feel their Love.

If you talk to them and only listen with your inner ear for a response, you might give up. However, if you show your 'appreciation' for these beautiful Beings and Feel for the Love coming back to you, that, is when you will Know, you have Guidance, Support and Unconditional Love around you at all times. That is how we want you to Experience US from now on and that is certainly how we want you to experience your Spirit Guides from now on.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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