Ascension Messages

Feel into Who You Are

We are very engaged in the process of your Evolution of Consciousness. We are absolutely 'intertwined' with Humanity at this point, and we are very happy about that. We want you to know that we will always be with you, always by your side, always seeking to help you and we are eager to share with you more about our Spiritual Evolution as we have been experiencing it.

As we have told you many times before, our Ascension was much easier than yours and we chose an 'incarnational cycle' that was much more joyous and filled with wonderful experience after wonderful experience. We did not choose the difficult path as you did, however, you also 'can do' what 'we did' to bring ourselves into a Higher Consciousness.

One of the ways we were able to achieve such 'monumental leaps' forward was of course by 'going within', Focusing on our Vibration, our Chakras and our Hearts. It was easier for us to do these things because that is what everyone was doing. On your world, most people are looking 'outside' of themselves for validation, satisfaction, fulfilment and for pleasure. We by contrast, were taught at a very young age about how much ecstasy we could access by Focusing inside of ourselves and Breathing Consciously.

When we existed as 3rd Density Beings with Egos, we were not in competition with one another, nor did we compare ourselves to anyone else and so it was very easy to see how we were All Connected. We were taught that the Inner World is more exciting and interesting, which is why it was easier for us to Ascend. Also, we had nothing to push against and there were no villains in our experience. We did not have to fight for the right to do anything and All Arcturians were Equal to one another.

If we could give you that Gift of Knowing that you are All Connected, we would, and we will continue to attempt to convince you that there is so much more available to you when you 'go within' than there is anything outside of you that compares. You have done enough of the 'hard work', the struggling and the heavy lifting, and so we wish for you to have an Arcturian Spiritual Awakening and an Arcturian Ascension journey.

As most Humans have spent many lifetimes in our System, you have also had the Experience of being able to grow with ease, being able to Evolve Spiritually without having to try very hard. We wish to Awaken those memories within you. We invite you to Feel for the Energy that we are projecting right now, no matter when you receive this message. We offer you this attunement in-order for you to remember the Truth of Who You Are as an Arcturian Being, as a Spiritual Master, as One who can take the 'easiest path' to your Ascension.

Now is the time to place your Focus on that particular Gift that is lying dormant within you, to develop further. The difficult time that Humanity has gone through, the confusion and dismay by what others have told you, the failure for others to come through for you, is what generated a gigantic 'Collective Desire' for better 'Direct Access' and now is the time for you all to 'open up' to receive those skills that you have always wanted to have yourselves.

You may have thought that certain people were just born with a predisposition towards special Abilities, or you may have had your confidence drained from you by the 'programming' that you received from others throughout your life. Whatever the reason has been for you to not grant yourself access to what you want to do Spiritually, now is the time to set all those reasons aside and 'open up' to the possibility that you are different today than you were the last time you sat to receive something, anything, on your own.

Everyone is playing 'their part' in 'your story', so when someone tells you that the Shift will be completed on a certain date, and then that date comes and goes, and you feel disappointed, that disappointment is the fuel that you use to ignite the Desire 'within you' for your own personal contact with Higher Consciousness, with streams of Information and Energy. And when you and people around you are becoming unwell, a Desire is birthed within you for Natural Healing and for you to access Healing Abilities that will Serve you and others.

We understand why you have relied upon others to give you 'bits and pieces' of information that supplied you with the Hope that was necessary for you to continue on this journey and being let down by others has assisted you to rely more heavily on yourselves. These Energies are very supportive of you making the connections that you have always wanted to make, so that you can have your own 'direct lines' of communication with Higher Frequency Beings and Collectives that exist in the Higher Realms.

We are allowing ourselves to Expand with every passing moment and we can Feel within ourselves an 'innate desire' to become more of Who We Really Are and to slowly release the limitations of the 9th Density as we slip into the 10th Density. We are a part of this Universal Shift in Consciousness, with Humankind at the centre of it there on Earth. You all have a big leap forward to make and it is why there is so much attention on you at this time and it is why you have so many helpers, so many interested parties and also why you are struggling there on Earth.

It can be hard to 'let go' of the old ways in-order to embrace what is new and different. Of course, there are those of you who are eager to leave it all behind and Ascend however, there are the stubborn Ones who are against progress and change because they have been benefitting so much from the inequalities that exist on your World and they wish it to continue. It does not work when you try to shake them Awake even though you would like to. We have told you many times before, you are not leaving anyone behind. You are taking 'All those' who want to come with you and those who do not know that they want to come, will know eventually, for them there is something more to experience there on Earth.

Therefore, you need to be the Ones who are following that 'flow of Expansion', who are Feeling for more of yourselves emerging from within, and by example, you will be showing the rest of Humanity the way to become something 'more than' most people are even willing to dream about. We invite you to follow our lead, as we are here to inspire you and to remind you that there is not only a Light at the end of the tunnel, but also that the Light at the end of the tunnel is You. You are Ascending and do not have to die to move towards the Light at the end of the tunnel. You only need to keep going with the 'flow of Expansion' that is so very natural and so very needed on Earth at this time.

You are the Ones' leading the way', however, you will not be 'leading the way' in the 3rd Density paradigm by 'going to war' with the dark. You are 'leading the way' by demonstrating that moving towards the Light is not only inevitable but is also a tremendous ride filled with Joy, Freedom, Love, Peace and Excitement.

We wish to work with Humanity as equal partners and have no desire to tell you what is best for you in every situation from our lofty perch in the Higher Realms. We understand as we have already worked through the 4th to 8th Densities. The reason why a partnership is better for 'you and for us' is because you are the Ones living life there on Earth, feeling emotions, suffering through traumatic events, and having to work just to survive. You are the Ones who know what it is like to Be a Human, having a Human Experience on Planet Earth at this time.

So do not give your Power away to Us or anyone else who is telling you that they have all the answers for you as an Individual, or that they know what is best for all of Humankind. We meet with so many of you in the Astral Plane when you are asleep because we need your help in determining what kind of assistance to give you. We are not always certain that what we are 'offering' is going to work or that it Serves you and we share this with you because we only ever want to Empower You.

You are the Ones with the most Information and Experience and is why we are constantly saying that You are the Ones to lead Humankind into the 5th Density. Those of you who resonate with what we have just stated must be especially careful not to give your Power away to someone who says that they know what is right for you or for All of Humanity. Remember, you are All in this together and no matter what anyone says, they do not have all the answers. No one has all of this figured out, for you are meant to work it out as a Collective. Remember that everyone is fallible and can get what they are receiving wrong.

Trust yourselves. Trust your Instincts, your Intuition, the impulses that you get. Do not ask someone else what that sign or symbol means to YOU, because no-one knows better than YOU what it means. You totally Create your Reality, so you put that sign or that symbol in front of You, because You knew how you would interpret it. We encourage you to 'let go' of the idea of putting anyone 'above' yourself or 'beneath' you and recognise that you are ALL doing the best that you can, given the traumas that you are carrying around with you.

Continue to 'Hold that Intention' as you fall asleep to visit with us and others like us in the Astral Plane, and together, we will make some progress. Remember that his journey will always be about 'the journey' and not about just getting to the 'destination' and then you can live a happy life.

We are looking 'within ourselves' for new Experiences that we can only have by going within. We have as much to entertain and distract ourselves from what is going on inside of us as you all do. In fact, you could say that we have more 'channels to surf' and series to 'binge watch' because we can and do look in on the entire Galaxy. We feel that it is more than just entertainment or a way to just pass the time and more than just a distraction from what is going on 'within us', because we do want to assist as many Beings and Collectives as we can.

We also need to go 'within ourselves' to fully understand and embrace, to fully know all aspects of Who We Are as Source Energy Beings, who are still remembering that we are Source in each and every moment. However, it is a process; it takes time, and it is taking time for all of you there on Earth as well. It is not meant to happen for you overnight. You would be robbing yourselves of so much and so many experiences if a solar flash changed everything, or E.T.s landing their ships bailing you out of all the mess that you have created there for yourselves.

You are meant to look at the mess that you have created and then 'go within' and see what needs 'cleaning up' inside of you, but you must make the time to 'let go' of the 24hr news, including social media and so many other websites. You must 'let go' long enough to be able to ask yourselves the question, "How am I Feeling about this, what are my Thoughts about this, how did I Co-Create this?"

And if you are not doing that, it will take you much longer to Know yourselves as your Higher Selves, which is the next step in your Spiritual Evolution. Now, when we say for you to go 'within', some of you wonder what exactly that means. We are saying that you 'check in' with your Emotions. Check in with your Chakras. Check in with your Energy that is always vibrating and see if you can put your finger on it. Once you do this long enough, you get so good at it that you do not even have to try, it becomes second nature to you. You walk into a room and tell the person you are with that something just does not feel right.

And that is what will bring about the 'great changes' that you want to see on your World, Physically and Spiritually. It will start with the simple 'act of going within' checking in, feeling around and being honest with yourself. If you cannot admit that there is something 'going on' within you, then you are in for a longer journey. Be honest with yourselves so that you can Shift that Energy, Process it, Release it, then Replace it with what you actually want to Feel. Another reminder of the Tools of Transformation – Recognise, Validate, Feel then Choose again. That then will become what you Experience in your Life and in the World. You will be amazed at how quickly you transform yourself and everything outside of you once you do these 'check-ins' regularly.

We are in the process of Co-Creating a beautiful haven within the Astral Plane for all Lightworkers from across the Galaxy to come and share Stories, Experiences and Ideas about how to bring the Physical Reality of this Galaxy together in Unity. We are putting together a Group of those of us in the 9th Density to be the Moderators and the Ones who ensure that only those who are 'pure of Heart' enter this haven that we are in the process of Co-Creating.

We are working closely with the Sirians, Andromedins, Pleiadeans and the Lyrians on this little project, we all feel responsible for all of you in Physical Form. We wish to Be of Service and give a Gift to those in Physical Bodies that are travelling on the Astral Plane while you are asleep or while you are Awake. Once Astral Travel becomes a common experience, this haven of our Creation, will be bursting at the seams at all times with those who are operating from the Light in Service and who are ready for a Galaxy of Unity, Co-operation and Collaboration.

We know that those of you who are receiving this Message are feeling ready for that Experience and know that you will be participating in these discussions and that you will bring your Light, your Perspectives, and your Joy to these proceedings. Humans of Earth have much to contribute and those of you receiving this Message are ready to become a part of a Galactic Community. We just want to give you the opportunity to Experience that, even if you are not bringing your physical bodies to this place.

We know that many of you already work in the Astral while you are asleep at night, and each of you have your own usual stomping grounds, so to speak. Which is why it is our Desire to bring you 'all together' with the 'common Goal' of sharing all that you have to offer. We know that together we can Co-Create an Experience that has never been a part of our Galaxy, or even this Universe. We are so excited to host all of you in this haven in the Astral Plane once it is complete, and excited to see what will transpire when Light-Workers of this Galaxy are brought together with the beautiful Goal of GALACTIC UNIFICATION.

We have noticed the way in which Humans are attracted to their most commonly 'offered' Vibration. What we mean by this is that, if you are offering 'anger', then you are energetically, vibrationally drawn towards other angry people, you are more likely to listen to a talk show hosted by an angry person. You are more likely to listen to music that expresses anger in the sound, in the lyrics and even in the way that the musicians play their instruments.

The same is true for All Vibrations; not only do you attract to you what you are Vibrating, but you are also attracted to what matches your Vibration because it Validates you. Most people want to have their Feelings Validated. Most people can hardly even dream of moving beyond that 'Dominant Vibration' that they are 'offering'.

Now, part of being an Awakened Soul is recognising when something does not Feel right. Once you tap into the Unconditional Love that you 'really are', you are more likely to detect when something is not that, and you are more likely to care about how you Feel, much more than you caring about getting something right or having the right Information or Perspective.

When you sense something is 'not right' inside of you as an Awakened soul, you are more likely to do something about the discord that you Feel between the Truth of Who You Are and the Vibration that you are temporarily entertaining as some sort of Truth. You always get to decide what you Vibrate, but first, you must realise that you are even 'offering a vibration' at all.

As said before, what usually makes the average person realise that they are in fact 'offering' a Vibration is when they hit rock bottom. The circumstances around them become so terrible that they cannot help but become Aware of what they have been Vibrating all along. Our suggestion is that you do not let it get to that point, that you 'tune in' to the Feeling of Unconditional Love that exists at the centre of your Heart so that you Become more sensitive to the anxiety, fear, anger, and despair that is all around you.

Where you put your Attention matters. Ask yourself why you are putting your Attention onto something that does not Feel good to you when you Focus on it. What do you believe you are gaining by doing that and what is the Reality? These are the questions an Awake person is likely to ask themselves, and we are merely suggesting that you do it more often, that you 'check in' more often to see how you are Feeling and that you place 'how you Feel' above being right or having the right information.

You are living in the Information Age that is very seductive. However, hopefully those of you who are Awake enough to receive these Messages realise that you need not accept someone else's version of Reality to be a good citizen of the World. In fact, we recommend that you Create a Reality that matches the Vibration that you want as the Dominant Vibration within you, and you do that by Focusing, Intending and Caring about how you Feel. Allow the forces within this Universe to do the rest.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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