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Starseeds are critical here especially now. Without them there is no inspiration, there are no mentors or teachers to show the rest of Humanity where to go. If the Starseeds leave, they leave Humanity unprotected. The Starseeds are 'all' the help that the Galactic Federation will give Humans. The Starseeds are the engine that will change everything, inspire everything and they bring their Divine protection.

The Starseeds in Service are here for new and young Souls to have a purpose, a purpose to form a New Species that will soon come out (emerge) and adventure throughout the Cosmos. All Souls before incarnating onto Earth knew what they would experience, those that wanted to return did so by their own choice. There are NO forced reincarnations unless the Starseeds Manifest it for themselves. The Starseeds are the Guides and the Students simultaneously, Guides that not only teach but also learn, a role that they have designed themselves.

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    Who are the Human Starseed Races?

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    Here in this part of the Cosmos at these times you have 40 sentient species of which 35 'know' how to Manifest things and know how to create the perfect world within which to flourish, however, 5 still do not understand how to do this. So, they themselves generate their own nightmares because they do not understand the Mechanism of the Law of Mirrors that govern this Universe. So these 5 ET Races became compatible with not being included among the 35 other species that already understood. They became compatible with being together in a place where calmly and in controlled conditions they could learn, step by step to Manifest beautiful things for themselves.

    These 5 ET Races are now what you call the Human Race. The Artificial 3D Matrix was set up so that Humans do not go out into the Cosmos and create blood thirsty reptiles that can invade the peaceful neighbourhood in their surrounding Cosmos. The Soul' less regressive reptiles cannot create themselves. The Soul' less regressives are created in the minds of Humans who have a Soul, however, do not understand the power of their Creative Thoughts.

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    I'm trying to understand who or what the regressive reptilians actually are?

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    Some of the Races from earlier Civilisations also created the same nightmares and these 5D Beings when they down-stepped their Frequency into the 3D Earth brought these 'nightmare' concepts with them. And because these concepts came out of other parts of the Cosmos the Positive Races have the responsibility of being the Teachers of those who have not yet learnt how to Manifest beautiful things and not the nightmares that you have collectively created on Earth today.

    We have said 'helping' and not doing their homework. It is the same for school children when their parents do their homework for them, the children do not learn anything and will keep making the same mistakes over and over again. The nightmares that are now here on Earth are confined to Earth. It is true that the concepts of 'bad reptilians' came out of these Stellar Civilisations that are now in Peace. The nightmares on Earth are a reflection of the Human Mind their Fears and ideas and the Galactic Federation allows it to promote 'learning' as they are the mentors. A teacher is not bad because she gives Math problems to her students nor is she bad because as a Teacher she knows the answers and does not solve them for the students. The Federation only gives Humans what they themselves make, what they themselves make Manifest. Humans must learn to be responsible for their own Creations.

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    Are there regressive races in 5D and how does the Federation fit into this?

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    There are no longer regressive Races in 5D, ALL regressive Races are a Manifestation of poorly Focused Unethical and Low Spiritual Evolution of Positive Races. The Federation only IS. It is not 'bad' it just IS. Regressive Races cannot exist, not by their own creation they can only exist as the creation of a Positive Race. Evil as such is only relative and if it is isolated it can only be seen or defined as the tendency to self-destruction. Evil has it within it the 'seed' of its own destruction.

    Something without connection to the Source can only be the creation of something 'with' connection to the Source. So those 'with' Souls control those without a Soul. So Humans control regressives with Mind and Consciousness.

    Humans live on a planet where there are only Humans, whereby everyone wants the 'best for themselves' however, most do not see that looking after 'everyone else' around them IS just as important. This is what empathy is all about, wanting the 'best for others'.

    Instead most Humans insist on fighting with their neighbours. How do you think Humans intend to change things if they only operate with that selfish mentality? Their differences are only Points of Attention, their own Perspective on how they are choosing to view their world. This is why the Humans will not become Interstellar until they grow and evolve because they will only cause more problems to those who already understand the Manifestation of beautiful things.

    Humans take it for granted that when something is not in their immediate interest or convenient that it is something negative or evil. Instead, they just want immediate satisfaction. It is through this 'process of understanding' in the long term that you form a new responsible Interstellar Species.

  • Q

    If I understand what you are saying then which Racers brought the fear and nightmares of reptilians to Earth?

  • A

    3D was imposed by the Federation as has already been shared above to lock up the regressive reptiles and the concept of 'bad reptiles' is now only a Human creation from the Lyrians with their Manifestation power, so the Federation locked up the Lyrians until they stopped Manifesting regressive reptilians. The Lyrians back in those times Manifested their Fears a long, long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away creating a Collective Conscious Manifestation of their Fear - creating a nightmare of an all controlling, flesh eating, evil reptilian races.

    The Federation Interstellar Races as well as Non Federation Interstellar Races know how to 'no longer' Manifest 'nightmares' in 5D where it is very easy to Manifest what you feel - your Point of Attention Awareness. NOW they have learnt and know that the only way to 'defeat' these malevolent reptiles the malevolent ET's is simply by using the Mind and Consciousness and not the plasma weapons and laser guns as previously used by the Federation itself. These Races have already mastered the power to keep away the 'nightmares' that Earth faces today. It is true that not everything is perfect in 5D and there are still some 'nightmares', however, they are not of the gravity or harshness of the 'nightmares' Manifested on Earth.

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    Why was the Federation formed?

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    The Federation was formed a long time ago to fight this 'evil', the regressive Races, but they could never subdue them with weapons. Today, they know that the solution is with Ethics, with Consciousness, with Wisdom. Even today there are some nightmares in 5D but it is a minor problem and they are faced in the same way, however, Humans as a Race are young and inexperienced still within the idea that they live in a deterministic world where things happen to them 'outside of themselves' believing that they are not making these things happen to themselves. They must learn as other Interstellar Races have, they must learn to control their 'nightmares' in a controlled environment so that they do not end up destroying themselves and as we have shared before, that controlled environment is Earth.

    Humans are a Lyrian based Race and what makes Humans another Species is the progression of Consciousness towards something else, other ideas, other perceptions and in this case those caused by living in 3D. Particular to 3D Earth Lyrians are the basis for a New Race just as other Races evolved or emerged from the Lyrian one, for example, the Taygetean ones. It did not only happen with the Lyrian Race, this happened throughout the Universe with all the other existing races, they progressed or changed, without a need to say whether or not it is progress, they only change and give rise to others. This is how New Species or Races are formed, it is not Creationism or Darwinism - it is something much more complex and Beautiful.

    In the distant past Earth did not have Lyrians Manifesting reptiles, the Lyrians have Manifested them because they brought those concepts from other 'nightmares' lived on other planets during the Great Lyrian Expansion. And YES, they were locked up on Earth but it is not a prison like confinement as many say, that Earth is a prison planet, the Souls enter by their own design because from above, they know the great Personal and Collective Spiritual Advance that they will have. We have spoken before about the Seal of Amenti, the Arc of the Covenant, where Earth was effectively locked down with a 'one way' door with the only 'exit' being and holding 5D Frequency.

    To be continued...

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