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Humanity is being Destroyed NOW

  • Q

    I look around me and I see everything just getting worse, I despair. People think that Trump will save us, humanity, but I don't personally think he has the power to do anything, as he is reliant on the military to support him in order to make the necessary changes. In the 4 years Trump has been in Presidency, although he has made some positive changes for the country, I have not seen any 'exposures' of people such as the individuals in the Democrats, the Clintons & Obama and all the Pizza Gate and the horrific Satanic culture that exists and operates world wide and all the while QAnon, says 'wait' there is a plan and all in its correct timing. So, what can we do to stop this nightmare?

  • A

    Collectively, you must 'stop playing the game'. Everything keeps going on because Humans keep playing the same sick game and it keeps reflecting back to them all, they are making it happen, the people, the asleep ones. That is why it is getting worse and worse, because they feed each other Fear and they manifest their own demons. You must stop playing the game 'collectively', believing everything that they tell you, giving the media and Politicians your attention and not taking control of your own lives and believing in Authority and obeying it blindly.

    The situation with Trump and the rigged elections and QAnon and the arrests only serve as a 'distraction', so that the people do not organise themselves. So that they cannot form a 'real resistance' since they again give their power away to the government, and in this case Trump, all with the goal to proceed with the Genocide Plan and the imposition of a completely controlled New Currency and the imposition of a repressive and Fascist One World Government that has never been seen before on Earth.

    People must now unite and create a 'real resistance' where they rebel en-masse and do not comply with the directives of Governments. Mass Rebellion is the key or they will die. The Federation, the Galactic Federation of Light will do nothing because they are the Cabal behind everything, the ones who are causing everything that is seen on Earth today.

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    What can I personally do to assist?

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    Everyone must decide to what extent they can help and how they can help. You must also understand that it is NOT your responsibility to save the World or to save other people. Help with what you can help with, however, if you cannot see how, then just save yourselves and this, when you see that there is no other Soul that understands you or follows you. The difference between the 'really awake' and the 'really asleep' is increasing. Those who follow Trump believe that they are really awake for example, when really; it is just another example in the process of starting to awaken. We share this because this is what we see with alarming clarity.

    Everything will depend upon each and every one of you and what you want. Do you want a placebo or opium shot to have the nerve to see the truth no matter how ugly it may be? QAnon's catch phrase is 'Trust the Plan' which means that you do not do anything! We do not like the 'Trust the Plan' part, however, at the same time, the worst thing that Patriots could do now is to start any violent action, because the Dark or Bad Ones would use this as Propaganda against the Good Ones. Therefore in this case, the better option is to do nothing, in that respect, because if Trump does have some control over the Military then the Civilian Militia would only stand in their way.

    The Civilian Militia's are organised groups of Civilians with guns wanting to protect the Constitution, besides, what would they attack? They would end-up fighting the National Guard and the Army and that is precisely what the Bad Ones want. In this case the Militia and Army are both on the good side, cancelling each other out. So, from that point of view, it is better not to do anything for now and only protect yourself as a Civilian. People should not act against the Military as they are on the same side here.

  • Q

    I understand that the Cabal want us to fight amongst ourselves, creating division in that way we cannot unify and work together.

  • A

    That is all part of the same Game. Another problem is that the Cabal has Black Militia's who are called the infamous ANTIFA and they are just waiting for the order to attack Civilians, to cause mayhem, destruction, rioting and bombs all over the U.S., should Trumps side make a move. That is why they are using the people as hostages and that is perhaps why Trump and his team cannot move forward, however, all of this is only one part, of one Level, of what is going on.

    Even sharing this is just like disclosing strategy in a Ball Game as seen from behind the Game. IT IS A DISTRACTION and what really matters here and what is not in focus here, is that Vaccines are rolling out World-Wide right now, these Vaccines are now starting to kill some people immediately and some in a few months time, with severe organ failure. Organs fail because an autoimmune response is triggered, the body attacks itself until it dies. All of this is so incredibly important to understand, this is the cause of all of the censorship Globally and why they go to such extreme measures to prevent people from knowing this. You are not allowed to talk about what is really important. Trump and his team are just a Ball Game, as seen from above.

    On a Stella Level, we are just like conspiracy theorists with little power. We will do everything we can to the limits of what is available to us with those possibilities. However, this will not be enough either way. STOP DELIGATING YOUR POWER AWAY TO GOVERNMENTS AND RESCUERS. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN SAVE YOURSELVES.

  • Q

    I don't understand why the Federation and non Federation Races can't see the nightmare that exists down here?

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    There are multiple Levels of this Game and there are a narrow number of possibilities with the events that are now playing out. Remember, Timelines are not fixed events and this amounts to 'not knowing', as all is fluid.

    Many inside the Trump and QAnon teams are genuine people and are engaged in a genuine fight and Trump is most likely genuine. However, what we are saying is that behind them, at a deeper Level is being managed by other players, playing both sides of the Game behind the scenes. The fight at the Lower Level is very real, even if that fight is for their personal interests. However, what they do not know, both sides, is that they are both being played and manipulated by those who are managing the Game. This is a Multi-layered, Multi-levelled Game that extends far beyond Earth and other Densities.

    At one Level, things look a certain way and at a deeper Level, things add up differently. It is all a multiple layer Circus where something is Positive on one Level and not so Positive on another. You may end up fighting for something at one Level, however, when viewed from above, it looses that meaning or significance and is only seen as a distraction from that Higher Level. The real fight that is going on is the survival of the Human Race.

  • Q

    In the States there are many Patriots who follow Trump and want the best for America.

  • A

    Things are complicated because patriots are a wide group of people and many do stand for Liberty and for their true Country, however, these ideas are also being manipulated and used by the Cabal as a distraction. We see all of the Mind Energy of the Collective going into that and not addressing the Genocide problem, again by delegating their power to Politicians. They use good, well intentioned and hard working people on all Levels to fulfil their Agenda, even Trump may not know that he is being used. We do not doubt some of those Generals with good intentions want to re-establish the Republic of the USA, but they are also being used by manipulative Agents from behind the scenes.

    You are delegating your power by waiting for a Saviour and as a Human Race you have been doing this for Hundreds and thousand of years. Waiting for a Saviour is making you stagnant and playing into the hands of your controllers instead of organising yourselves into a real Resistance to what is happening. YOU are the 'real' Resistance and it is the only way YOU can change the Game. By doing nothing, YOU are playing the perfect Cabal plan. They are controlling the real Resistance, controlled opposition.

    People are hearing about arrests and things that are 'to be done' all of the time, this causes people not to do anything for themselves. We are all about empowering the people; this message has not and will never change. At the moment, the Cabals plan is working on people, Starseeds and even Awakened Starseeds, who are all still giving their power away. The Cabal are stopping all opposition to their plan. This is also an operation to discredit all of the 'so called' Conspiracy Theorists, to stop them from organising any true Resistance.

    There have been Low Level Cabal arrests; these are traitors to their cause that they have to remove anyway. They no longer serve them and they use them as propaganda to give credibility to their team. QAnon's whole plan is compartmentalised, like the Moon landing scam, most believe it to be real. They work with enthusiasm and with all of their hearts thinking that they are doing the right thing. With Trump we highly doubt that they will put him back as President, however, we also see that if they did, it would be the perfect distraction to their plan, controlled opposition. People would be happy and hopeful, because the people will finally think justice has been done. They will think that there are positive people in power protecting them - DO NOT FALL FOR THAT.

    On the other hand, people need to have some sort of hope or they will not fight. That is why this heart breaking moment is so dangerous, because the perception of the people is in the likeness to "if the president of the United States of America cannot fight the Cabal as a normal Citizen, then I cannot do anything at all", making them compliant and obeying orders when in contrast they need to be rebelling en-masse.

  • Q

    There are rumours of arrests and even evidence, including trails because of these arrests?

  • A

    The Cabal is using QAnon and Patriots to filter out their own traitors, so you may see arrests here and there happening, but this is happening as they are actually just taking themselves out, as they are filtering out who is no longer needed to them. So, in this way the Cabal is now stronger without those 'bad' elements, so to speak. However, this also gives hope to those who are waiting for someone else to do what they have chosen not to do and that is to 'act now' and say 'no' en-masse.

    There are many promises that are never fulfilled, and those that are fulfilled or could be fulfilled are small or reversible. These are steps that they take to build trust and perceived credibility.

    You may see actions taken contrary to what is being said here, however, this is not contrary evidence. It is just another Level of the Game, so the better option for Humanity at one Level, is not so at another level. Again, this is why it may be confusing to some if not viewed from the different layers. Things may be going on as viewed from one Level, however, unseen from another.

    So, people might see in the next few months, fights and allegations and even 'proof' that the Patriots are real and they are, at their Level of course, as seen from afar however; it is nothing more than a common Street Fight. Objectively it looks like Trump was or is a better option, the problem is that we are not looking at the Trump situation from the same Level that people are from there. It comes down to this, from below in the Cabal, in the very belly of the beast, so to speak, the Trump Circus is the best distracter from the real problem that Humanity is facing - Genocide and you know with what...

    People cannot fathom such level of evil because they are not evil themselves, they cannot see the beast because essentially Humans are good people only developing psychological problems from entity parasitation. A thought pattern is a parasite and so are ideas, THE END GAME IS TO KILL OFF HUMANS.

    Extremely intelligent Beings are setting Humanity up for its own destruction and even manipulating them to want that destruction. They are using real conflicts like Trump verses Cabal, if it is real, as a perfect distracter while they kill off the population and that is the End Game and no other.

  • Q

    What intelligent Beings are setting up Humanity for its own destruction?

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    As we have shared before, Humanity is not one Species, however, it is more or less a homogeneous Species that holds many Souls of many other Species together as a 'One Species' that you call Humanity in 3D, all playing at being Human. Those that we refer to as the extremely intelligent ones playing Humanity for fools are no other than the Federation Races and people in power at the Federation that are there in 3D and in 5D overseeing Humanities destruction.

  • Q

    How do we get to communicate with the 5D Federation directly to put our point of view forward and change the Game?

  • A

    You cannot from Earth while inside the battle, especially when the beast is chasing you all over the place, controlling your perception of who is actually your enemy and instilling Fear in every part of your Reality. While this is happening you cannot communicate with those who are actually in control far away from the action.

    However, there is a way to change things from there on Earth, ONLY ONE WAY FROM THERE. YOU MUST STOP PLAYING THE GAME COLLECTIVELY. Everything keeps going on because people keep playing the same sick Game, by 'giving your sovereignty away by delegating your responsibility to others', 'choosing to operate from Fear', 'by thinking that you cannot make a difference', 'by hoping and trusting that someone else will change things for you and make the world a better place with YOU having to do nothing to contribute', 'by accepting the rhetoric of others without bothering to research things for yourself', 'by not unifying only focusing on division'; everything reflects back to you all. They are making it all happen, the people down there, the asleep ones, and the partially awake ones, that keep playing the same sick Game. That is why it is getting worse and worse, because they feed each other Fear and they manifest the 'beast' that is destroying them.

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