Ascension Messages

See Yourselves as Beautiful Creators

We have been exploring the connections that you feel with one another when you have a shared experience. When you Know that you have something in common with someone else, that is important to you, then you are more likely to open your Heart to the Individual or Individuals that you have that important thing in common with. You need to find these 'commonalities' right now, even when you are aware of the differences that you have between yourself and anyone out there in the World.

Now is not the time to be drawing lines in the sand. Now is not the time for more Separation. Now 'is' the time to be 'coming together' as a One Human Collective. Even when you have different Perspectives, and even when those different Perspectives seem like enough of a reason to go into an 'Us versus Them' mentality, you do not actually have to go there. One of your defining characteristics as a Race is your 'willingness' to Let Go, to Forgive and to see past those differences.

You stand out to the Extra-Terrestrials in the Galaxy because of how many Humans have been able to see past the differences, find the commonalities and come together. You have an opportunity to do that right now, and in the process, you have an opportunity to Forgive. Forgiveness is a strength. It is a Superpower. It does not make you a pushover or a doormat. It does not make you weak. It makes you Strong and you need all your 'strengths' at this time. You need all of your Superpowers. Remember that.

And remember that the E.T.s are watching you. They are watching and they are waiting for enough of you to demonstrate the Gift that you have within you, that Gift of being able to Forgive, being able to Love Unconditionally, and being able to come together in spite of your differences. These are all Superpowers and they are what will get you a seat at the Galactic table. It is not your Technology. It is not your intellect. It is the Heart of Humanity that will grant you Access to all the other Beings in this Galaxy who want so much to Co-Create with You.

We have noticed Human Beings Awakening in peculiar and unexpected ways and we know that all of you must have your own unique paths, in order to fulfil your Purpose, and we know that each and every one of you, is playing a Part in the Expansion and Evolution of the Consciousness there.

We often wonder how to be best of Service to you, because as we watch and witness you, we realise that so much of your journeys are unfamiliar territory for us. You are having these amazing Experiences that have never been had before in this Universe, and it is an absolute delight to play any Part in the unfoldment of your stories. We would like for you to have the same fascination with your Journey as we do, because we know that you could be enjoying your process of Evolution more. We know that it is time for you to start Acknowledging yourselves and seeing yourselves as the beautiful Creators of these Experiences. We also want you to know that the assistance that is on its way right now for all of you, will come in the form of Energies that will help you to make sense of everything you are experiencing in your Lives and Globally.

We see many Humans trying to make sense of what is happening, and in the process of doing so, they are creating stories that they are then making true for themselves, and that comes from a person who does not pull back far enough to 'see the bigger picture'. Within the 'bigger picture' there is Continuity, Synchronicity and it all makes sense. However, when someone looks at something so specifically trying to get to the bottom of it, to deconstruct it, oftentimes, they will find that they are in a bottomless pit. Once you start down a Path of Creation, it can be challenging for All of You to get off that Path, to Zoom out and to remember, that in the 'bigger picture', WE ARE ALL Creating this Journey for Fun, for the Joy of it, for the Experience of it.

And when you Zoom out far enough, there is no 'them', rather, each and every One of Us plays our Part to 'weave the tapestry' that IS this Universe, a Universe that becomes more Integrated and United all the time. The Energies we and our colleagues are getting ready to send you now, will help you see that. They will help you make sense of it all, in a 'bigger picture' type of way, because that is what so many of you 'need' who tend to get 'fixated' on 'one issue' or 'one aspect' of life there on Earth. You are meant to be Conscious of the 'bigger picture' at all times, and we know that you can be and that many of you are already starting to see the World and the Universe in that way.

As always, we are impressed with the way Humanity has been handling the Challenges that you have thrown at yourselves in this particular Lifetime of Ascension. Whether Awake or Asleep, it has not been an easy Path for most people. You would think that being Awake would make it a lot easier to be there at this time, however, as Awakened Souls you are 'less likely' to sweep something under the rug or 'numb yourself' to it with drugs, alcohol or some other way of smothering Emotion. This is the time where 'everything' is rising to the surface and that is why it looks like things are not going so well there on Earth and Humanity is not making the progress, that we always report you are making.

When things come to the surface, it can get a little hectic and chaotic there on Earth, however, all of that has to be Seen and Felt, Acknowledged and Forgiven, in order for you to move on. Therefore, whatever you see out there in the World right now that upsets you, remember, that it is not your job to copy, paste and post so that others can 'agree' with you about how horrible that Person, Group, Country, or Situation is. Your job in that moment, is to offer Forgiveness, release Judgment and have Compassion for those who are doing the horrible things they are doing or saying the horrible things they are saying, because they are doing so from that place of being 'out of alignment' with Source. There is no worse place to be in, and you all know that, because you have all been there as well.

Therefore, what your fellow Humans need is not more condemnation, more finger-pointing, rather, they need to be 'seen' as Source Energy Beings who have 'lost their way' and who are acting out like a toddler having a tantrum. That is the way you bring the Level of Consciousness to a Higher Level there on Earth, and that is the only way. There are no bypasses. There are no ways of getting around what your work is at this time, because if you cannot Forgive another and have Compassion for them, you will not be able to do it for yourselves either. There are many aspects of yourselves and the one you are right now, is not the only one and you carry the rest of them around with you, sometimes in your Energy Field, and they need Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. Many people who are Awake will go to a Healer, or someone who is like a Healer and ask to have that 'entity or that attachment' removed, when in actuality, it needs to be INTEGRATED.

This time you are in, is all about Integration, not about Separation, not about the Light defeating the Dark. There is no Spiritual War, and Warfare is not the way, whether it is Physical or Metaphysical. Those of you who are Awake, Know all of this of course, but at times something can get under your skin just enough for you to forget. Therefore, we are here to remind you, because we absolutely Love it when we see you right on track, and no matter what other challenges you are facing in your lives right now, the challenge of Uniting Humanity is the biggest one that you have. Remember that, remember that you are there to Help and to Heal and everything will be all right. Everything is of course all right, however, there is always room for it to get even better.

You can 'open up' to our Energy transmissions at any time and you will receive the latest. We also want you to 'relax' into the receiving. We advise you to 'let in' our Energetic transmissions. There is no 'trying' involved and 'struggling to Feel' for them will not help. However, if you can 'relax' into what is coming to you and you do that consistently, day after day, moment after moment, you will Feel the Expansion of your Consciousness occurring in leaps and bounds.

As we have said many times before in these Messages, we are not the only Ones who are offering you Higher-Frequency Energies. We are not the only Helpers you have here in the Higher Realms, there may be times you feel like opening up to Pleiadian Energies, or the Energies of your favourite Ascended Master or Archangel, or you may even feel like attuning to Fairy Energy, in that particular moment. It is good for you to know that your Spirit Guides and Higher Selves are also very consistent in their offerings to you.

The transmissions just keep coming and coming, and many of you Feel for them. Some of you realise that you have been Feeling them after the fact. You may notice some Changes in Yourself or in your World, and then when you look back at the past several days or weeks, you will realise that you 'have been receiving' Energies and you have been working with them. For some of you, this is not new. You have been doing it for a very long time and you know that it is Part of your Journey to help others to recognise that they too have Energies 'they' can tap in to receive and work with, at any time.

Many people who are receiving this Message are wondering how to do it. It is quite simple really. You just have to Relax. Let Go of ALL of your tension, your anxiety, your thoughts, your worries, your fears and then, you naturally 'open up' to receive those Higher-Frequency Energies that are coming to you from above. As we have said, you can point yourself in any direction you like. You can receive Archangel Energies one day and Sirian Energies the next, the day after that, perhaps you will be more into Fairy Energy. Think of this as Choosing what you are going to wear today, or what you are going to eat today and know that we are always 'open for business'. We are always seeking to Help, to Heal, to Guide and to Support.

Most of what we offer is just Love, Healing, Compassion, Peace and all the other High-Frequency Vibrations and sometimes it is more specific. Luxuriate in all the Energies that are Positive, Playful and Helpful and all around you all the time, and you will never feel alone again. You will never Feel separate or abandoned again and you will always Feel Whole and full of everything you need to Create the beautiful 5D Earth you are continuously moving towards.

These are exciting times for Humankind as you continue to move closer and closer to the 5th Density frequency range, that you will soon exist in, all the time. You are making it much easier on your Guides because you are Awake and Collectives like ourselves Feel that we get so much from all of you, because of your 'willingness' to absorb the Energies that we Transmit. We want you to know that as much as you are receiving Help from above, you are also Helping those around you.

You are helping them with your Level of Consciousness, with your acts of Kindness and with your Vibration. You are 'balancing' the Energies there with the High Vibration that you continuously offer to your fellow Humans. You offer it when you are sitting and doing nothing, however, you also 'amplify' the projection of your High-Vibrational Energy when you see that others are in need. You answer the call with your Intention for others to be fed, clothed, treated fairly, given the same opportunities as everyone else and respected as the Beings that they truly are.

We are ALL Source Energy Beings, and we seek to help each other remember that. When you are in a space of remembering Who You Really Are, you cannot help but add that to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The more people there are out there who are seeking something better, something different, the more you answer the call. You help your fellow Humans just by being there, just by being a part of the Human Collective, you truly are there to make a huge difference, which is why you respond so well to help coming from above.

We are to you as you are to your fellow Humans. You recognise us and what we are doing because it is so familiar to you. You will, of course, continue to Awaken and hold that Consciousness of Who You Really Are consistently, and we want you to know that you are making it possible for so many other Humans to Ascend with you because of 'who you are' and because of 'what you do'. We also want you to receive more of the help that is coming from above, because there will be more people all around you who are 'waking up' and needing someone in Human form to be the Helper that they have been seeking.

Eventually, they will find us and the others up here in the Higher Density Planes, however, for a while they will be seeking someone else, someone in a Physical Body who can relate to them and what they are going through. That is one of the reasons why you all needed to come into this Lifetime with less forgetting of Who You Really Are and with a determination to Know yourselves as Spiritual Beings, as Source Energy in the flesh. You are Anchoring in more of that Truth all the time and we see the effects that it has on all of Humanity, and we just want to Thank You for your Service.

We are very interested in the Evolution of Consciousness of all Beings throughout the Galaxy and the Universe. We are not just focusing on Humankind there on Earth, rather, we are able to compare your Journey as a Collective with the Journeys of so many other Beings who are also Shifting their Consciousness at this historic time in our Universe.

We enjoy the process of analysing what is working for some and why, and we have determined that those Beings who are doing the best right now are the Ones who have recognised that something big is happening. It is the Vibration of 'eagerness' that is assisting those who are Awake in other parts of the Galaxy and it is our observation that a lot of the 'eagerness' that those of you in the Awakened Collective had has been diminished by the current circumstances that you are living at this time.

Eagerness is not the same thing as neediness. When you are fed up with life on Earth and you throw your hands up in despair and look for the Shift to save you, or to make everything better, that is not eagerness. You want to see everything as a Part of the Grand Plan of Ascension, and you want to see yourselves as the Ones who are taking an active role in the deliberate Creation of the Ascension Experience.

You can, of course, sit quietly and comfortably, knowing that everything is going to work out for the best, for you and for all of Humankind, however, you wanted to play a role. You wanted this to be something that you could FEEL yourself as being One of the Ones partially responsible for the elevation of the Human Collective Consciousness. You Can and Do Contribute to the Shifting of Humanity's Consciousness and you do not need to do something that affects billions of people to have an impact. However, when you Let Go of that despair and when you process your Fears and your Anger, you can make enough of an impact as an Individual to get Humanity back into that very helpful state of being of 'eagerness'.

The Expansion and Evolution of your Consciousness is something to Feel very good about. It is something to get excited and enthusiastic about. And it is now and always has been in the hands of the people, no matter what anyone outside of you is doing. You have the Power. You are the Ones, and you have more support throughout this Galaxy than you ever have before. Let the 'eagerness' flow once again.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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