Ascension Messages

Healing and Evolving

Our Spiritual Evolution is immensely enjoyable because we have less that we need to face and clear than you and less that we need to make peace with. We get to exist in a higher realm where we understand that we are just expanding into an even greater higher realm than the one we are in. The challenge that Humanity must face is a much bigger challenge than ours, that shows up in a variety of ways in your everyday lives and it is always your option whether to run from them.

Those of you who understand that you are there to grow spiritually still have a difficult time with the challenges, because they seem to come one after the other with no relief in sight. We recommend that you give yourselves the relief that you need by 'willingly' facing your challenges and by giving yourself the freedom to choose 'not to focus' on the challenge at hand. There is no need to work constantly to become your 5th Density Higher Self by deconstructing every problem or issue in your life until every detail has been dissected to tackle at the appropriate time. More importantly, allow yourself to FEEL what these challenges are triggering within you.

You are not going to solve all your problems in a single day or week, nor move past all these enormous issues all at once. Therefore, make Peace with the fact that you have these challenges in your life, that means, connecting with the emotions that you are feeling. You do this by breathing into them, all the while, your attention is on your emotions until you clear them, and once you have found some inner Peace, you can move on. Understand that these challenges should not be tackled when you are in a negative emotion.

The time NOT to address the challenge head on, is when you are Feeling something that takes you out of alignment with Source, your Oversoul, your Higher Self and all the assistance you are receiving from above. Instead, when you are Feeling out of alignment with Self, it is the time to find a place by yourself, close your eyes, focus, and breathe. However, the appropriate time to approach a challenge with all the enthusiasm of someone who knows that they can overcome it, is when you are coming from a state of Peace and level-headedness.

You could be 'overwhelmed' by thinking about all your challenges and wondering how you will ever get past them and feeling overwhelmed makes you more likely to want to escape, run away or numb yourself to the issues that you have in your life. Which is why you want to 'let go' of the Thoughts about the challenges. You either take yourself to a place to reflect getting into a better Feeling space or face it when you are in a good feeling space. For now, allow yourself to Focus on something that puts a smile on your face, that keeps you in your Heart and know that the challenge will always be there when you are ready to face it, and more importantly, when it is appropriate for you to face it. 'Feeling your Emotions' is so important in this process of Healing and Evolving.

The Universe is bringing to those of you who are ready, opportunity after opportunity, to slow down, relax, do less and receive more, and we see that many of those people are listening to the signs. Those signs are given to you by your Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides directly while being orchestrated overall by the entire Universe and by Source Energy which are very beneficial. Synchronicities are important to pay attention to, and people are now realising this, they realise how to interpret their own 'personal signs' with things that are happening in their lives. Enough people understand at this point, to recognise just how powerful it is to sit still, to do nothing and to open up.

You are there to EXPERIENCE the Shift in Consciousness and not to make it all happen. There will be times you will be called to action, receiving a strong impulse to do something or to assist in some way. However, mostly it is best if you take it easy, relax, do not work so hard or think so much and allow the Shift to happen. Understand that shifting from 'doing all the time' to 'not doing so much' is a Shift.

As you continue to 'let go' of the 'need' to do it all yourselves and allow the Universal forces to take over, you will enjoy the ride more. We see more people realising that the 'experiences' they can have 'externally' do not compare to the ones they can have 'internally', which is good to recognise, as those 'inner experiences' will continue to make themselves available to you as well. That means you get to Feel more, Connect more and you get to access more of your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. We would like to see some of you move forward from the idea that you should be sitting around, thinking about what you are going to do, or what you should be doing.

If you do not have that powerful impulse, that inspiration that comes from 'within' to do something, then see that as a sign from the Universe that, right now, you are meant to just sit back, relax, open-up and receive. A wonderful portal through which you can receive is your Crown Chakra, therefore, play around with opening-up your Crown Chakra. Let go of the idea that you are supposed to be accumulating accomplishments in this lifetime and pay more attention to breathing and being in your body. In your previous lifetimes you have done enough of that, and you have nothing left to prove and everything to grain from allowing yourselves to Shift gradually, with ease and joy in the process.

When we observe you, we do not just see the actions of Humans, we also see the Energies, the Vibration and the Heart of Humanity. That is what we are focusing upon, and that is what we keep sharing with you that is important. We keep sharing with you how much more important your Vibration is than what you Do, because we know that ultimately what matters, is the Evolution of Consciousness there on Earth that is not always reflected in the moment that we observe every action being taken or every word being spoken.

We invite you to join us in the 'knowing' that it takes time for the Evolution of your Consciousness to be reflected in the World around you. Know that things are improving for the better, and it will all eventually become clear to you how living in this time has created so much growth and expansion, even if you cannot see past your dislikes of it now.

'Tune out' whenever there is something you do not like about the outside World and 'tune in' to the Vibration that is inside of you. Always 'tune in' to your own Thoughts, Beliefs, Feelings, and Energy, and know that there is as big a Universe inside of you as there ever has ever been outside of you. Also recognise that if there is something outside of you that you do not like that you are resisting and pushing against, then there is something inside of you that is also getting the same attention and the same negative reaction.

We invite you to FEEL for your expansion and evolution, because it is there, just beneath the 'layer of resistance' that you have towards what is in your World right now. And if you can reach it, you will feel something you have never felt before, where you Feel more of your true Self emerging.

Everything around you is imbued with Consciousness and it is up to you to connect with that Consciousness, unless you have a person, an animal, or artificial intelligence, these other bits of Consciousness are not necessarily reaching out to you. Feeling for the Consciousness of everything around you will assist you in 'tuning in' to your own Consciousness, and Consciousness is Awareness.

You need Awareness in-order to fully live on your World and in your society. The 'unaware individual' is very reactionary and easily programmed, while the 'aware individual' is taking life slowly, breathing Consciously, taking in everything about a situation before coming to a predetermined conclusion about it. Living a more Conscious life ultimately leads to more Inner Peace, Inner Peace leads to more Happiness and when you have both Inner Peace and Happiness, you are better at living your life and creating the reality that you want to experience.

Resisting the Reality that you 'do not want' to experience does not work, nor does defining yourself by what you resist or dislike. In the short term, it may work, and you will get other people to gather around you through your resistance, however, you will not create Inner Peace or be Happy. You will continue to create something else to resist, because you will be putting out to the Universe, "I resist, therefore, I am" and the Universe will deliver to you.

What is more important than you realise is your Beingness, and you will be off to a good start when you are 'tuning in' to the Beingness of everyone and everything around you. When you recognise that whatever is being shown to you is something that also exists within yourself, then you are as close to enlightenment as you can get. And when you make Peace with everything 'as it is' and everyone 'as they are', by Accepting, Forgiving and Loving them, you are a true Master. You came to Earth because you knew you were a Master and 'knowing and experiencing' yourself as a Master, are two entirely different things.

You will never go back once you experience yourself as a Master. Because going back will feel terrible, and you will have enough sensitivity to know when you are doing, thinking, or saying something that feels terrible. And you will care enough about how you Feel to stop yourself before you go too far down that path. Now is a time where Earth needs more Masters who not only know they are Masters but have also 'experienced' themselves as Masters. Once you have experienced yourselves as Masters you will never question again why you are there or what you are supposed to do, because you will realise that being a Master will attract students who are ready to become Masters themselves, and then you will live on a World that lives in Peace and Harmony, Love and Creativity.

That is the World you are co-creating and will create through the steps we have outlined and not because you left all the chaos behind on the old Earth, and not because you went on a spaceship to a different planet. It is through what you do in the Peace of your own body, in the silence of your Mind and in the comfort of your home that you will arrive at the planet you are Co-creating.

You can already Feel so much coming from your Sun, Earth, Oceans and all of Mother Nature, however, we are working closely with your Sun to bring a different type of Energy and Light transmission that will be detectable by those of you who are Awake and 'paying attention' to what you can FEEL. If you are 'tuned in', you can Feel so much coming from the stars, starlight and even from moonlight, if you are paying attention.

Your Sun will affect all, regardless of how sensitive they are or regardless of whether they are paying attention to the different ways the Energies and Light reach you from various celestial bodies. To benefit most from this, firstly,it is important to ground into your Physical Body. Then, ensure that you are 'feeling grounded' into Mother Earth, and lastly, 'open up' to the Energies coming to you, Energies that are very real, detectable, and very Physical Beings and Bodies.

The Light that you receive is an aspect of Physical Reality that is Spiritual. Everything can be Spiritual, if you choose to see it that way, however, something that is fundamentally Spiritual in nature, that represents Source and the Love of Source, can be given 'extra attention' by those who are Awake. It can also affect those who are still asleep, and we are hoping to Awaken more who are asleep with Light, the Light being the best thing to be Awakened by. It is necessary for people to allow themselves to be infused by that Light and preferably experience the Light by allowing it in directly rather than through a window, although through the window still has some effect.

FEEL for the differences that you can detect at the point when you are aware of the sunlight touching you, and at the point when you are aware of starlight and moonlight touching you. Awaken to the truth that there is always assistance around you and that you are always being assisted. You do not need to look for it or even have to ask for it, however, the assistance has more impact when you allow it in deliberately and Consciously. We are encouraging you to do that at this time, knowing that many of you are already doing it, while some of you simply need a reminder from time to time, of how much powerful Energy is coming in from everywhere.

We love it when you are reaching towards us, because then we get to be of Service and fulfill our mission. By you being there on Earth and being Awake, you are fulfilling your mission, however, that does not mean you will be free from opportunities to assist and Serve with actions, words and comfort of sorts that you can provide to a fellow Human Being. Those opportunities will always be given to you, and you will be given the opportunities to assist and serve those most likely to respond well to what you have to offer.

Therefore, by being yourselves, you do Humanity another great Service. And where you are on your Path gives you the opportunity to assist those lagging behind a little on their paths. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect or be like anyone else in-order to be of Service, to assist those most likely to respond well to your energy, your words, and your assistance. Everything in your life needs to be looked at as being 'just perfect', because your life in the current state, is providing you all the opportunities to grow that you could ever desire.

Once you have faced your own challenges, you then have even more with which to help another. You are doing this by 'living your lives' and we also want you to recognise that by you living your life and being yourself, it is enough, and enough of a contribution. However, as mentioned before, there will be opportunities, and the ones we lovingly refer to as the Awakened Collective will answer the call. We know you will, and we trust in your level of Consciousness to know that you are ready and know that many of you have been looking for those opportunities.

When there are no opportunities to Be of Service in the moment, then turn your attention to your life and search to see if there is something about your life that you could put more energy towards, more attention to, and then do it. Once again, once you face a challenge in your own life that is right in front you, you then have more to give to those who are either facing that challenge, will face it, or have been refusing to face it in their own lives. Therefore, wherever you are on your journey right now, know that you are in the 'perfect place' and that you 'have everything' you ever need in-order to Be of Service to others and to Be Yourselves, more whole and complete.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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