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    I am one of the caregivers in an alternative community and do not want to shield the children from the complex reality of what is going on right now. I read your papers daily and really enjoy them and share the contents in part, however, there is some information that I think perhaps is beyond their understanding or ability to process. Could you share more of who you are and why you are here in the form of a story that I can read to them, directly from you to them?

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    Greetings, are you sitting comfortably? We have an incredible story of how and why the Earth was created within the greater cosmic event never experienced before. Earth your home, a beautiful planet located on the periphery of one of the galactic systems within our Universe that is located in relatively easy reach of other galaxies, time portals or star gates. Humanity is an experiment designed by the Prime Creator a very long time ago in this Universe for the purpose of Greater Self Exploration. This Universe was designed as a Free Will Zone within which ALL would be allowed. Earth was designed to be a library of 'Cosmic experience' expressed through the storage and accumulation of information, frequencies and genetic processes.

    Much excitement for this experiment came from the Prime Creators extensions of Self - Creator Gods, further creating hierarchies endowing their essence and creativity into developing this Universe. Some of these Creator style Gods were master geneticists that could tie together molecules encoding them with identity Frequencies charged with their own unique coding the representation of which could be coded here upon Earth.

    These original planners of Earth were part of the families of Light, magnificent beings working with an aspect of Consciousness called Light Information. These families of Light created this information centre we call Earth that they conceived of so that other Galaxies could contribute their Light Information creating a platform where ALL would be able to contribute and participate sharing their specific knowledge.

    This was a Great Story a Grand Plan and the foundation upon which when completed would be the catalyst for the formation of a completely New Universe operating on the principle of FREE WILL. Many outcomes existed on as many diverse Timelines in Consciousness that could be conceived of were birthed into creating this Grand experiment upon Earth.

    Our Pleiadean ancestors had a choice, either return to Source, the Prime Creator or continue their journey into a totally 'new existence'. These ancestors came from another Universe that had completed itself understanding Universally that it was First Cause, Prime Creator discovering the very essence of SELF - Pure Creativity.

    By choice, these Ambassadors of Light came to this Universe and the Pleiadeans knowing that they could assist in our future somewhere in the most difficult times of crisis when we were ready to journey and reconnect with Prime Creator. Our Pleiadean ancestors gave their DNA to the original planners of this Grand experiment, the Ambassadors of Light are also our ancestors and their DNA became part of the Human species.

    Realities form from Individual or Group Conscious Focus from an infinite ocean of 'Consciousness Potential'. As realities are always fluid and moving there are infinite possibilities and probabilities and at these times of great crisis we see the opportunity to insert a more positive possibility here on Earth that will not only affect our future and change our Individual and Collective Timelines, it will also affect this entire Universe. A major leap in Consciousness is underway and we have incarnated at these times to participate, we are not alone, many star seeds from all over this Universe are here. This Grant event is enfolding at this very moment.

    From the Heart of Creation come uplifting pulsing Waves of Energy that are being beamed onto Earth, assistance is further given from the many Emissaries of Light surrounding Earth beaming Light Information onto the planet acting as transducers of Energy. Our bodies and Consciousness must adjust to receive it and transmute it throughout our energetic 3D Matrix and beam it out to others including mother Earth. This energy beaming onto Earth is steadily being increased at a rate that can be handled by Humanity.

    A transition is occurring now, our former 3D Energetic Matrix is being deconstructed and the veils of forgetfulness are slowly lifting lessening the effects of the dense 3D density. We are here because we wish to master this evolutionary process and importantly, be able to live with it and function simultaneously in many realities and densities.

    Humanity is starting to remember our connectedness to Source, the Prime Creator, that we are connected to 'everything' and that we are a part of the ALL. LOVE is the key. Before arriving here we jumped at the chance of being here to be a part of such a challenge especially at such a challenging time. Much assistance and guidance is available, we are most definitely not alone and the support is immense, however, we must change the system ourselves from inside and not expect the changes to come from outside the 3D Matrix.

    Existing throughout the vastness of the Cosmos are multitudes of societies and diverse cultures that have been 'at hand' and 'off Earth' from the very beginning of her Creation. Many civilizations including the Pleiadeans are here to assist, there are many and for many reasons. Most of those extraterrestrials are here for upliftment, however, some are not for other reasons. Many of us now are starting to remember our involvement here on Earth through Star Seed energy work and know the difficulties that Earth has gone through, including catastrophic land shifts and near extinction events, and the many times help has arrived from the heavens.

    The Pleiadeans need us just as much as we need them. As members of the families of Light together we can insert an uplifting NEW probability and the possibility of not only individual Ascension into 5D, but also, Group and Planetary 5D Ascension by merging our Individual Timelines into ONE GRAND EVENT.

    What we do now vastly affects the Pleiadean Emissary of Light and ALL the diverse cultures throughout this Universe. What happens on Earth NOW vastly affects ALL of this Universe however, the change must come from within.

    These messages are designed to trigger codes stored deep inside our bodies that begin to resonate the 'remembrance' of what we already know. We must never stop learning, experiencing and remembering, constantly riding the endless spirals of upliftment. We must never get stuck into only one idea and believe FEAR is real. We must realize that when we confront the dark portions of Self, our shadow Self, that we are giving ourselves the opportunity to transcend these limitations for ALL of us. Remember, it is the power of our own thoughts that manifest ALL situations that we find ourselves within - THOUGHTS CREATE.

    No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we have created the event by the power of thought. Similarly, it is also by the impeccable belief that Thoughts Create that with this power of thought (belief that we create) we will transform our experience, the planet Earth and all of the Universe.

    We have been training for many lifetimes for this assignment, we did not come unprepared, All that we need to know is now inside us. All we have to do is 'remember' our training. This is not a lifetime of being taught through new experiences and information, it is a lifetime where we remember what we already know. No one is coming to save us, we are our own saviors, we are magnificent, we have just forgotten.

    We are all children of the Earth growing through understanding the true nature of SELF. We are so excited to meeting you in person on the other side of the veil, we are ALL so close to the greatest Reunion of the Families of Light and we Bless You All...

    All we have to do is IMAGINE......

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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