Ascension Messages

The Power of Your Focus

We have an enormous amount of Compassion for those of you in Human form because we know the many ways there are for you to experience pain and suffering while in your Physical Bodies. If you want to know how powerful you really are, look at all the challenges that you have carved out for yourself in this lifetime and you can see that you do have the capacity to take on so much in a single lifetime, because of how powerful you really are.

First you must have something that you need to overcome in-order to know your Power. You did not incarnate to live a perfect and beautiful life, even though you are already masters. You incarnate to have challenges, run into obstacles, fall into pitfalls, and face hurdles that you must jump over. These challenges are all meant to show you exactly how Powerful you really are. In those times that you did not feel very Powerful, ending on the floor, crying, and not doing very well, that is when you most needed Compassion. We, alongside other Beings and Collectives in the Higher Realms, are there to have that Compassion for you, Compassion that when we FEEL it, we are fulfilling our mission.

By offering you Love and Support, we understand on an 'experiential level', just how Loving and Supportive we can be. Therefore, no matter what is happening, everyone is playing their role 'perfectly' at this time. We now Feel ready to shift from being the agents of Compassion that we truly are, to being agents helping you gain more access to your Power. We invite you all to FEEL your Power and to KNOW your Power by breathing into the solar plexus chakras, so that when you are inspired to take some sort of action, you will take it from your place of Power.

You have experienced all the emotions you were meant to experience and faced all the challenges you set up for yourselves and you are now ready to move forward into your lives of mastery. We know that you are ready and now is the time for Power and Mastery. The question is, do you know your Power or know how ready you are or even how Powerful you are? And do you know that you are masters, experiencing your mastery in Physical form amidst all the challenges.

We know that you have all evolved tremendously throughout the course of your lives, and we want to assure you that everyone there on Earth are on a journey of evolving their Consciousness. You are there to provide the Hope, when it seems there is no Hope for certain members of your family, certain segments of the population and for those who are asleep and for those wanting to stay asleep. You are the Way-Showers and you are there to demonstrate to others how it is done, by you providing the formula and the template.

We want you all to remember that you are still impacting the Collective Consciousness with what you have been able to Do and how you have been able to Grow in this lifetime, regardless of whether you write a book or whether an asleep person ever reads it. However, many of you do have a book in you, stories to share and we are reminding you that you need not wait until someone invites you to share that story in-order to share it.

With many predictions floating around in the New Age that are filled with cataclysmic events, many of you who are Awake Feel that those predictions could make sense because such a large portion of the population is asleep. Remember, you can help everyone Awaken there on Earth, by 'holding space' for them. And by 'acknowledging' how far you have already come on your journey, you are showing Faith in those around you that have not yet Awakened and who can move as quickly, if not quicker than you did. By sharing your stories, you have laid the groundwork for them, and you are 'opening up' regardless of not knowing how you will be received.

It is time for you all to recognise that whatever your Perspective is on the state of the World today, the 'growth experiences' that are available to everyone because of the state of the World, is what you are really there to 'experience'. Many of you have come forth many times, some hundreds of times, to reach the place where you are now, and not to get it all right and do it perfectly the first time. Once you can see the Path of Ascension is for ALL of Humanity, that is when you will know that that Timeline is available to you and everyone else. Therefore, do not concern yourself about the predictions telling you what Humanity really needs in-order to Awaken.

All you need to do is to 'believe' in Humanity and that starts by you 'believing in yourselves' because you are a representative of Humanity, and they are a reflection to you. You will help your fellow Humans do the same if you can see yourself getting to that next level and the next level and so on. It is important for you to recognise how Powerful you are and to 'hold space' Powerfully for All of Humankind so that you can have the Ascension of Joy, Peace, and the Love that you all desire.

You have reached that level of 'knowing' that you are Creators of your Reality, and you want to know how to 'Create more' while 'reacting less'. And to do this, first you must Accept that everything in your life, as it is right now, is 'your Creation'. This brings you to the realisation that everything you created was created with 'your Vibration'. You must acknowledge and understand that everything that exists as it does in your life, is there to get you to 'pay more attention' to your Vibration.

We are not talking about you getting what you want, getting less, or none of what you do not want. We are talking about your 'state of being' and your 'way of being' in the World. As you get to the point where your 'state of being' and your 'way of being' matter more to you than what is happening or going to happen, you begin to 'pay more attention' to your Inner Realm and everything that is contained within your Inner Realm. We advise you to be more curious and place more attention on what is going on 'inside of you' than what is going on 'outside of you'.

And the things that are outside of you, we advise you to only pay attention to them, in terms of how they affect what is going on inside of you. By observing your lives many of the answers you seek can be found. By paying attention to what brings you Joy, you are more likely to move in the direction of what brings you Joy. By recognising that when you Focus on something that makes you Feel a negative emotion, then you are being guided in that moment, not to Focus so much on what is going on in that direction.

We guide you into your Hearts because we know that when you are Heart-centred, you are Present, Grounded and Aware of 'how' you are Vibrating. You can become more Aware by practicing meditation and introspection. You must become Aware of all the ways in which you are deciding that your life is not enjoyable as it is, as we want you to enjoy your lives. You do not have to change everything outside of you in-order to make your life more enjoyable, however, your Perspective on certain things 'do need to change'. You must change how you are looking at the outside World, so that you can Feel differently about it when observing something that perhaps you would rather not be focusing upon.

Allow your Feelings to guide you and to use your Mind as a tool. You must take command of your Mind in-order to use the Power that you have within you. We cannot overstate the Power of your Focus. You will know you are focusing yourself in a direction that Serves you, when you demonstrate a 'willingness' to engage in a Spiritual practice. And many of Us are known for our acts of Service in the Ascended master Realm.

Although we are known as healers, teachers, and are Compassionate and unconditionally Loving Beings, we all had to first find that 'within ourselves' and 'for ourselves'. And before we could spread it out to our Communities and to the World at large, we first needed to cultivate it 'within ourselves', realising that we needed to fill ourselves with Love and Light, Compassion and Joy before setting our sights on those who we incarnated to Serve. We did assist and heal the best we could, and now, from our Density, we can shower you All with Love, Compassion, Praise, and our teachings. Nothing brings us more Joy in this moment, than to see one of you attaining Spiritual mastery and walking as masters, in Service to others on planet Earth.

By being in a state of Peace and Unity we can and do seek to promote Peace and Unity in this Galaxy. We do not concern ourselves with fighting the good fight as others are, as it is not our way, although do we respect those who protect Humanity and others from harm. We seek to promote the Peace and Unity within the Galaxy and Universe by appealing to that which is within every one of you, to amplify those Feelings within you through our messages and through the Energies that we send.

It is difficult to measure results of Peace in your World, Galaxy and in the Universe, however, you must realise that even if all weapons in your World were disarmed simultaneously, the people with unresolved Feelings of hate, anger and fear would only find another way to start a war. All problems throughout the Universe must be addressed at their origins. There must be a 'willingness' to look within Self, to Acknowledge what is present within the Self, to embrace it and to release the judgments that you have of yourselves and others. Otherwise, you will continue to perpetuate that which you do not wish to see on your World and throughout the Universe, until you do.

Ascension is not about separating the good from the bad and allowing the good to move on, while the bad are left to fight and war amongst themselves. To be truly Awake, is to be 'willing to search within yourselves' for that which you may not like to see, and are willing to make Peace with it, as it is. Also seek to look outside of yourself where the most Love, Healing, and Forgiveness is needed. For those who are lashing out, be Compassionate towards them because they are hurt, traumatised and they do not know any other way, and have not been given opportunities to heal by Family and Society as a whole.

You are the Peacemakers, the ones that everyone on Earth has been looking for and waiting for. Every single one of you, is as important as the other and every single one of you, can have the biggest impact you can possibly imagine. That is the way it is and the way it has always been there on Earth and those who have come to know this truth have lived their lives accordingly and have been responsible for Peace treaties amongst people who lived in countries thousands of miles away.

The origin of everything starts 'within' the person who is Awake and who is Conscious and Aware of what is going on 'inside' of them. Which is why we say that the news of what is going on outside of you, behind the scenes and in that shadows, does not matter. It does not matter because we know how the Universe works and what your place in it is. We know how powerful you are, and we would never want to disempower you by telling you a story that is just one reality, one truth, that caused you to Focus outside of yourselves, where you have no Power. The Power lies in the Inner Realm and this is where we meet you. It is where we are always available to you and where we spread the Peace within you so that you may spread it all around your beautiful planet.

We are always delighted to see you growing through your experiences and the lives that you are living where you often seek to gain control through a variety of strategies and techniques. We suggest that you see yourself as the one that 'experiences' your life and that you are the Creator of your experiences and it would then change your Perception of Reality. Often you get the message from those like Us that 'you Create your Reality', and you also get the message saying that 'you need to Let Go and Surrender' and some of you think that these statements contradict each other. Remember however, that you 'created' this life, and then decided to 'experience' this life and you also have the 'opportunity to change' your experience of this life, which will then take you down different Feeling Paths within this life.

There is so much that you 'can change', however, there is also so much that you 'must Accept' as being a part of the 'experience' that you wanted when you were operating as your Soul, as your complete Self. Whenever someone indicates that they just cannot accept something, at some point, that person will have to Accept whatever it is they are Resisting. So how long will you continue to struggle and resist before finally accepting what you need to do? The answer varies from person to person, however, those of you who are Awake can recognise that one of the ways of Accepting something is by changing the way you are looking at it or perceiving it.

Therefore, by asking yourself 'how it Serves you' to have that experience in your life, is one of the most helpful ways. As a Soul, you want to have a variety of experiences, and not all those experiences would be described as 'good experiences' from the egoic Perspective. You are there to change your Perspective and change Your-Self, which allows you to 'experience' more of the life that you want to experience. By moving beyond the egoic view, you are able to think about how you can be in the flow with the Collective that you are a part of.

The Collective that you are a part of was also something you chose to experience before you were born. Therefore, as much as you 'resist' this part of it, or this group, or this person, they were 'all your choices', and it Serves you so much more to Accept them as they are and to Change You, than to ask them to change because of your resistance to them as they are. We know that those of you who are Awake also have a desire to protect the innocent ones, the ones who cannot protect themselves. However, if you change your Perspective on that, and you see the 'bigger picture' and the 'agreements' that everyone has with everyone else, you will realise that in fact 'no one is a victim'.

Everyone is the Creator of their Reality, and everyone is Choosing their Experiences. By choosing to shift your Consciousness in little ways every day, all those little shifts will amount to a monumental shift in Consciousness for you, that will have the ripple effect that you desire to have on the rest of the Collective. In this way you will see how possible it is to live in Peace and Harmony with all other Beings in Human and Animal form. As a Soul, this is what you truly desire and if you are willing to make those tweaks and adjustments, it is well within your reach.

We invite you to FEEL for the Love that we are sending through this message because if you can Feel our transmission of Love, then you can Feel more in every aspect of your lives. By allowing yourselves to 'Feel more' and 'Think less', you will be more in-tune with the Universe and more in the flow of the Energies present. You will be better able to live your lives when things happen because you will have 'felt' them coming. More importantly, you will become Aware of those Feelings and those Energies which allows you to make course corrections or different choices.

Energies are infused into everything that you are being given there in your lives, and it is your choice whether to participate or to accept what you are given as true, by how you Feel. When you are operating from the Mind, often you are confused, uncertain and prone to second guessing yourselves. Therefore, when another Mind orientated person comes along and tells you with certainty that they know what is true and have the only version of truth that matters, you listen. That person is also bypassing their Feelings, and therefore, you pay more attention to that person that may have a stronger conviction about what they think than you do.

Therefore, you only want to be swayed by 'how you Feel' rather than by the certainty of someone else. Which is why getting in touch with your Feelings, the Energy around you and the Energy that someone else is transmitting is so important. When someone is cut off or removed from their Feelings, their conviction may be coming from anger, fear or sadness, and their Feelings will be unresolved. And because they are not connected to their Feelings, they do not realise they are not spreading truth, but fear, which is why they can be uncertain about what they think and are likely to follow the loudest voice or personality.

The way to go about 'living your life' and 'creating your Reality' is by using your Feelings to Guide you, to tell you whether you want more of what is being presented to you. Our Love is being sent to you and is available for you to tune-in to and to allow yourself to process your own fears, sadness, and anger when it surfaces for you. However, by choosing to do other things like eating, reading, listening, or watching TV, you are avoiding and bypassing those Feelings that want to surface for you.

However, you are not there to engage in Spiritual bypass, you are there to become more sensitive to Energies, to be able to choose wisely which Energies you wish to play with and to Feel, and which Energies you wish to Create with while moving forward in your lives. We recommend you practice Feeling for the Energies, as this is how you will Create instantaneously in the 5th Density.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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