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The Path of LOVE (part 1)

All that remains within this process that we have been working through so that you may ALL transcend your 3rd Density attachments, is the Mastery of the techniques and the understandings that we have shared in 'Journey into a New Consciousness' as we have journeyed together. It is one event to 'know' of this process and another grand journey to 'accomplish' such a task.

We began this journey by first stretching the Conscious Awareness, primarily towards Universal principles and Cosmic events that will profoundly change All your lives. We have progressed through a process exploring the illusion of Time, Distance, Separation, Fear, and the Ego. We have glimpsed at 'multi-dimensionality' and the 'Universal Matrix' of energy, including the Earth's and the Soul's individuated and Collective energy systems. We have spoken of the Harmonic Convergence and the transformation of Consciousness, including the journey beyond imagination itself. We have explored the Earth and her Guardianship, the power of Creative Thought and Humanity's part within this grand journey of Universal Reunification, but most of all, we have spoken of the Truth of Love.

NOW is the time for you to Master your 3rd Density Reality, by transcending 'limiting belief structures' and to fully integrate the 'emotionally charged' and 'compartmentalized' portions of your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. In broad terms, there exist two Spiritual Paths towards Self-Enlightenment and Mastery upon your Earthly planes. One is the Path of the WILL and the other is the Path of SURRENDER.

Many Souls particularly those following the more established Eastern philosophies have traditionally walked the Path of the Will. This Path towards Self-Mastery requires great discipline and powerful Self-Control. Usually, it has been that a Guru gives instruction to the Initiate that seeks enlightenment. In this case it is therefore necessary for this Initiate to Surrender its Will to the knowledge and wisdom of the one who proclaims the discovery of enlightenment. The Guru's authority is convenient but not necessary. It is on this Path of the Will that the Ego is either transcended or denied. Similarly, the emotionally charged 'limiting belief structures' that are held within the 'body's energetic matrix' are also either transcended or denied. This Path towards enlightenment and mastery of the 3rd Density Realms may take an entire lifetime, indeed, Souls often require many lifetimes to accomplish such a task. Eventually, the Individual seeking Spiritual Enlightenment and Mastery on this Path reaches a point within its disciplined and wilful Reality of Surrender.

It is on the Path of the Will that many 'limiting belief structures' can be transmuted by accessing the Subconscious Mind, especially during meditations. This action requires great discipline and self-control, to both transcend the old limiting 'belief structures' and the allowance of 'new beliefs' to be fully integrated and made manifest. This part of the Path of the Will is very useful, and the techniques will help the Individual through some difficult times that may manifest themselves, especially when the Individual resists transmuting limiting or denied belief structures which it is still attached to.

Alternatively, the Individual seeking Spiritual Enlightenment and Mastery may move directly onto the Path of Surrender. It is on this Path that the Individual allows its 'belief structures' to manifest themselves within its own Reality. In actuality, these 'belief structures' manifest themselves anyway so that the Individual may transcend them 'experientially'. This Path demands extraordinary Trust of the Soul and the greater Spiritual plan of the Universe. Great courage and commitment is required when the Soul announces to the Universe that it is available for change. When the Soul Surrenders itself to the Universe, it is surrendering to its SOURCE-SELF.

All that is required is that you 'allow' to occur whatever is going to happen, Love it, by Accepting it as your own Creation and learn from that experience. The Path of the Soul for Spiritual Enlightenment and Mastery of the 3rd Density is dedicated to the Desire and Commitment to the perfection of Self, to Think Love, Speak Love and Be Love in every waking moment. This is what you are surrendering yourself to when you walk this Path. The Universe is always available and ready to Serve your every request. Remember, that the Will of Source, is your Will. The Trust that you place upon this Path of Surrender is that the Universe will supply you with exactly all that is required and is appropriate 'experientially' so that you may transcend and integrate your 'limiting belief structures'.

Remember, we have explored at an earlier stage within our journey that You create or co-create with Others 'your Reality'. This first step within this process is in the Acceptance of this Truth and that in actuality, there are no Victims. Victimhood is the non-acceptance of your Creations. It is this non-acceptance of the Soul's creativity in which Humanity has trapped itself within the 'illusion of Separation'. The Group Collective Consciousness and the Individuated Souls' Lower Consciousness have constructed an 'illusionary Reality' that somehow, they are not responsible for their own actions.

To assist you with understanding your own Creativity we will remind you of three principles that are 'absolute' in your Reality construction. Firstly, all the 'belief structures' that are held within the Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious or Higher Conscious Mind are what you broadcast 'out to or request of' the Universe. Synchronistically, the Universe supplies you with the 'opportunity to experience' those 'belief structures'. These can include what you may consider minor irritations through to catastrophic occurrences, as well as, the experiences of expressing Love. The greater the energy invested within these 'belief structures' then there is synchronistically, mirrored by the Universe to the same intensity, the 'opportunity' to experience such energised Realities. In other words, what you put out is exactly what you get back, at the same intensity.

Secondly, all the Infinite occurrences that exist throughout All of Creation can be expressed in one of two ways. That is, an expression of Love or an expression of that which is not Love - Fear. It is in the moment of expressing Love that Fear does not exist. Similarly, it is in the moment of expressing Fear that Love does not exist in your Heart. There is no, in between, you are either expressing Love or Fear, one or the other. In other words, all that exists throughout the Infinite Creation is the expression of either Love or Fear.

Thirdly, all meaning that you have placed upon any occurrence throughout creation are of your own determination. This we will term your Wisdom. For Wisdom to be gained, first must come the experience. It is by understanding the experience that there comes Wisdom. In other words, Wisdom has to be experienced.

You can term these three principles as 'the three absolutes'. The three absolutes apply in every situation or occurrence throughout All of Creation, in every Density or level of existence. The understanding of these three absolutes will Serve you well on your journey of transformation, especially while walking upon the Path of Surrender. Every situation or occurrence that you find yourself within, you have placed before yourself, simply for Love to evolve through 'your experience' of it. It is in the state of Surrender that the Individual comes to a state of Loving Neutrality.

In full Consciousness and Love, one is then able to 'observe objectively' a state of Eternal Nowness within each moment. It is through this process, of lifting your 'belief structures' from the Unconscious and the Subconscious into your full Consciousness that the 'limiting belief structures' will be transmuted and integrated. The Universe will supply you with a perfect reflection of the 'belief structures' that are 'emotionally charged' and held within the 'body's energetic matrix'. Your attachment to the third Density Reality is through the 'experiences' that you have not yet fully integrated into the totality of your Being.

Remember, that any interpretation of your experiences that you find yourself within is based only on the 'meaning' that you have placed upon them. All occurrences are required to be viewed as Neutral. They exist only by virtue of your 'belief structures' and are expressed into their Beingness by your Creativity. Any 'meaning' you place upon those occurrences can only be based upon 'your version of Reality' and how you require 'your perceived outcome to be'. This Is Pure Creativity. You have freedom to create any experience by your Free Choice. This is how the Universe Works. It is through 'your interpretation' of those experiences that you gain Wisdom and any subsequent choices that you may make can only be based upon your own Wisdom. This is the process. You live in what you 'believe' to be your Truth and through 'experience' you can expose any flaws. This is the process of refinement, which allows you to transcend the non-authentic part of Self, the Ego, and therefore your attachment to the 3rd Density.

The way to deal with experiences that are 'not of Love' or that are 'discordant' is by fully experiencing them. What you consider to be a minor irritation is the reflection of your intolerance towards your own Creation. Similarly, any event that you would consider to be a catastrophic problem is the reflection of your intolerance or non-acceptance of that part of your Creation. And by avoiding the situations that are created by your own 'belief structures' you are attempting to 'deny' that part of yourself. It is with the Surrender Consciousness that you will totally experience the Emotions, the Feelings, the Thoughts or Words and all the sensations that are occurring in the Present Moment. Equally so, it is important to stay in the Neutrality of a 'loving space' for these occurrences and 'observe objectively' all that is occurring within your full Conscious Awareness.

It is by being Aware that you are 'creating or co-creating' the experiences that you are lifting those parts of your 'belief structures' from your Subconscious and Unconscious Minds, into your Conscious Awareness. By this action you begin to loosen the hold of these 'belief structures'. Similarly, by Accepting the Feelings and Emotions that are associated with those occurrences, you are transmuting the 'belief structures', by freeing the trapped emotions within your 'body's energetic matrix'. Once the 'belief structures' have been transmuted they are no longer a part of your Reality.

The process is straightforward. Remember, the Truth is felt from within your magnificent Being. It is not so much the rationalization of the occurrences but the realization of them. It is within this 'instantaneous moment of realisation' that there is an 'explosion of Awareness' that occurs, catapulting the Consciousness into a greater spiralling evolutionary leap in Awareness. In this instantaneous moment of realisation, you will 'intuitively' open the hidden compartments of your Mind that hold the 'emotionally charged experiences' within the body's energetic matrix. Traumatic experiences which have not been fully integrated into your Being are trapped at a cellular level, this 'cellular memory' is then released when 'realisation and acceptance' occurs.

The first step to free such memory is in the 'readiness or willingness' to start such a process, and secondly, in the 'allowance' of the movement of the trapped energy. Emotion is 'energy in motion' and when trapped, it builds up and creates discord within your Being, this is then broadcast out into the Universe. The Acceptance of the Emotion creates the 'freeing up' of energy. It is with this movement of energy that there comes the healing.

If you fully integrate the experience into your Being, you retain the Wisdom from such occurrences, creating a richness of 'experienced Awareness', thus allowing you an expanded Consciousness. However, if the process is not fully integrated, the experience does not simply disappear. Even if you seemingly deny the experience from your Conscious Awareness, and having no memory of the occurrences, the effects of these experiences 'through your Feelings and Emotions', are still felt in the 'energetic matrix' of your body.

The Mind may deny the experience, but the body FEELS All. If the Mind is unable or unwilling to deal with the experience, the whole occurrence is passed over to the Subconscious Mind. This compartment of your Mind attempts to deal with the problem, however, only in a limited way. The Conscious Mind may think the problem has gone away; however, the Subconscious Mind goes over and over, reliving the experience until it is released. The trapped Feelings in the 'body's energetic matrix' are now 'emotionally charged' and cause discord throughout the entire Being. As we have stated before, this in turn, is broadcast out into the Universe.

In other words, what you put out is exactly what you get back. To assist you within this process, Focus upon an aspect of your programming and use part of the process for the way of the Will. Suggest to your Subconscious that it is 'NOW SAFE' to give up its secrets. This can be accomplished during meditation or the time between falling asleep and being asleep. These are the times when the two Minds begin to merge, coming together. This has a greater effect than just Consciously affirming that desire. A suggestion placed at the critical moment during meditation when the Conscious and Subconscious meet at a common frequency, and over a period of time, this suggestion will become part of your new programming and manifested as part of your Reality.

Both methods, the way of the Will and the way of Surrender, will take you to the same place, however, eventually even the way of the Will is given over to Surrender. This is the long way around of doing things. Surrender can, in an instantaneous moment, take you through the transformational process and deliver you where you require to be.

The way of the Will has been the way for eons of time and has successfully taken many Masters beyond the 3rd Density Realms. It has also been a process that is largely, independent of the Group Collective Consciousness and is Self-determined, requiring great discipline and amazing Self-control. However, we have spoken of the Harmonic Convergence and the incredible changes that are not only occurring here on planet Earth but also on a Universal scale.

The 'Cosmic tide of Change' is bringing from the Heart of Creativity, waves of energy that are being transmuted and integrated into the Realms of existence. These waves of Creative Energy are profoundly affecting every Soul's 'energy matrix' on Earth. The Ascension process can be viewed essentially, as one of raising the Vibrational Frequency and rate of spin of the body's energetic matrix, or charkras and igniting your Inner Light Body. This allows you to begin a 'Conscious relationship' with your Higher Self, indeed, you become your Higher Self. This action prepares your 'physical body' to house your Higher Self. It is at this point of the journey that you can Ascend beyond the 3rd Density Realms.

All that prevents your 'body's energetic matrix' from vibrating at increasingly Higher Frequencies, are the 'emotional residues' from your 'physical experiences', that are trapped within your body's energetic system, that some call Chakras. As you release the 'emotional blockages' your body responds to those Creative Energies that are being transmuted and integrated to assist with Group or Global Ascension. You are not required to do the whole process yourself as did the Masters using the way of the Will.

This is why the Families of Light have moved en-masse to accelerate the whole process. By raising the Group Lower Consciousness, you are raising the overall Planetary Consciousness and assisting every Soul on Earth. All that really remains is the 'resistance' to the whole process. If you resist the changes, you will find yourself persistently repeating old 'limiting belief structures'. It is with the raising of Global Frequencies that the Human limitation of Linear Time is collapsing, and every Soul is accelerating their manifestation of Creation. This has two effects, those Souls existing in the frequency of Love are synchronistically drawing more loving realities into their Awareness, and similarly, those Souls existing in the frequency of Fear are synchronistically drawing more fearful realities into their Awareness.

To be continued.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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