Supplementary Update

Positronic Tsunami Alert, 5D Messages

Our Starships have battened down, all external portals have been sealed and the shield security generators have been fully activated. A Cosmic Storm is on its way from the Heart of Creation that is a very powerful Positronic High Frequency Wave of Energy arriving soon in this quadrant.

These pulses of Energy are of a very High Frequency 12D and beyond. The pulses of Energy moves through the Cosmos at astonishing speed and in the ETHER is experienced as a storm intensity similar to a Tsunami as each Wave Pulse passes our Starship locations. This stresses our outer hull as Cosmic particles of Matter (similar to dust) strikes the outer skin of our craft at high velocity, even with our shields up our Starships are pushed in the Cosmic storm. Such is the intensity of these Energy Waves.

Today 20th April, 2020 (20/04/2020) at approximately 4pm to 6pm New Zealand time these High Energy Positronic Pulses will enter this Solar System through the Sun, then moments later will be felt throughout the Solar System. This will be a perfect time for a Meditation during which with an Elevated Awareness you maybe able to feel these pulses at a High 3D Conscious Awareness.

As we have shared many times hold the Highest idea of Who You Are and the Highest idea the Earth you have chosen to reside upon. The Positronic Energies will amplify your Creative Focus Conscious Awareness as these THOUGHTS are carried as a pulsing Wave around Earth joining with all those who are Focusing at a similar Frequency.

Blessing to you ALL.

TE WANA | TAWA | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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