Ascension Messages

Create from Empowerment and Creativity

More and more every day, you are awakening to the truth of Who You Really Are and by 'holding that knowing in your Consciousness', you are assisting those around you. You are there to have experiences as Source Energy Self and to see the World through the eyes of that which many call God, Source or Prime Creator. You are there to Create. Understand, that in the act of 'having an experience', you must then decide how you want to Perceive that experience. And once you reach the Perspective of Source, you then become a much more effective and powerful Creator Being.

We desire for you to 'recognise' yourself as a powerful Creator Being, to 'realise' that you are meant to Create, and to have a 'joyous experience' of your Ascension. Even though your Ascension is assured, you are still deciding how you will do it and you are determining for yourselves through 'which set of eyes' you are seeing your Ascension. We see many people are choosing to see their Ascension through the Human eyes of Separation and Judgement.

Remember, you are not there to escape, even though many people are hoping Ascension will be their escape. We remind you that you are there to INTEGRATE that which you have previously condemned, so that you can see 'everyone and everything' as part of ONE Whole Being. That Being, is Source, and when you are 'acting and loving' as Source, you can see 'everything and everyone' as Source. When you are 'thinking and acting' as a Human, you want to Judge, Separate and Condemn, which only gives you more of the same Reality that you have been recieving.

Those of you who are truly Awake know this, it resonates with you, and that is why you are there, to teach it through your example. You are there to show others what it 'looks like' and 'feels like' to be one walking in a Human body, while holding the Consciousness of the Devine. As you do so, you get to Create wonderful things with your Creativity, that can be expressed through many mediums such as, creating cars, businesses, fashion, art, and movies. Therefore, we encourage you to CREATE because Self Expression as Source Energy, Serves everyone. Creation can Be of Service when you Create from that place of Knowing, and that is how you build a better World.

Therefore, with the time you have there on Earth, you might as well Create from the place of Empowerment and Creativity. We encourage you to take your Awakened Self to everything that you Do and Create. To those of you who are in the Awakened Collective, we are sharing with you that there is still much room for growth because if there was not the room to grow, you would not grow, instead, you would be stagnant and there is no such thing as that type of stagnation.

You are always 'growing and becoming' more of Who You Are, and through your Conscious Creations you get to do it joyously 'through the experience', showing others 'what is possible' when one is aligned with Source Energy as they Create. Therefore, move forward with as much 'creativity' that you can Create, 'knowing' that you are having the impact that you seek to have on the rest of Humanity, and that as you do so, you are creating from that place of ultimate Power and Alignment with Source, while being in the remembering of Who You Really are.

We want you to understand that this is a Group effort, and that everyone is playing their part, that you always have assistance, and that there is always more assistance coming. You are meant to 'experience' this shift in Consciousness and to do so with as little 'resistance' as possible. Therefore, when something is happening in your Physical Body, we invite you to allow your first conclusion to be it is something you are clearing or that you are receiving an upgrade.

There is no need to panic or have concern that things will get physically worse for you. We suggest that you always assume instead, that you are going through a 'healing event' that can or may be painful or uncomfortable, and by doing this, it will make it so much easier for you to reach the next level of your Consciousness Expansion. Do not stress, worry or live in fear, it is only painful or uncomfortable because you were raised to care more about your 'survival' than your 'evolution' of Consciousness.

However, now is the time that your evolution of Consciousness is taking so much more of the Energy that is present for you. It is of greater importance now, that you recognise Who and What You Really Are, than for you to merely survive for as long as you possibly can. You must now 'unlearn' those worrisome tendencies that have been thrust upon you by your parents, teachers, and your society, no matter how 'well meaning' they all were.

Therefore, relax, because you are meant to thrive and to continue to be in your bodies to experience their evolution and their transition, which is ultimately your transition, and the transition into your 5th Density Frequency. You are also receiving assistance from your Guides to acclimate to the higher Frequency Energies that we are sending you, and your Guides are assisting you to 'open up' your crown chakras and recalibrating your Energy Fields. Trust is required, Trust that everything 'was and is' alright for you during the coming transformations, despite any discomfort or even pain you may have experienced.

We are excited about what is to come for Humanity because we also see how much you Create from every hardship you face and every time you 'do not' succeed, and those of you who are Awake realise this. You are the ones to lead Humanity into the Light, because you know how Reality works, that there is more than one Reality, and that the perfect Planet and Society you have Co-Created together is available, right now.

We wish to remind you again that there is no need to wait for a solar flash, a financial collapse or for full disclosure from Governments of E.T.s existence and so on. There is also, no need to wait for free energy or for mass landings of ships, nor is there any need for you to wait for full access to your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. You only need to care about how you FEEL, and for you to Focus on the Earth and the Society that you have all Co-Created together. That Earth and Society is available to those who care enough about how they Feel, to Focus on their Vibration, rather than what is wrong with the Society of today.

You can choose to be Focused on where you want to go, where you want to be and where you want to lead Humanity, and still care for your fellow Humans and care for Mother Earth with all the pollutants and so on. The moment you start Focusing on what is wrong with anything today on Earth, inevitably, this leads you to looking for the source of those problems, placing you in a position where you are now finger pointing or judging.

We remind you once more, you are not in a high Vibration if you are 'pointing fingers' with what is wrong with everyone, that locks you in the 'Us versus Them' mentality. Therefore, you must be able to see something that 'you know is not' a part of the Earth and the Society that you want to be a part of, and you must be able to send Healing, Love and Compassion to ALL who are involved, and then Focus on the Earth and the version of the Human Collective that you 'do want' to harmonise with Vibrationally. It is possible, to do this every single time you become aware of a problem, an issue, and a challenge in your life.

As an individual, you need to question yourself and ask yourself who is to blame for your health, finances, your relationships, and your career. You need to search inside to see if it is your mistake or the other person's fault, or do you wish to continue seeing it as the fault of the economy? Can you recognise and acknowledge that everything that you are 'living and experiencing' is nudging you in the direction of what you 'want to be living'. Can you understand that it is entirely up to you whether you choose to make that gentle shift to Focus on the beautiful version Earth, in that other Reality that you want to be a part of, that you want to live in and experience.

You can stay where you are, looking for all the villains, all the culprits, and fight them to the death, or you can Forgive them, recognising that they are hurting in some way and require Love and Compassion. It is always up to you. You can be the one who sends the healing to the person who needs it the most, and then you can Focus on what it is you would rather be seeing in your Society, your fellow Humans, and even in your Self. You must recognise that if you see it in someone else, then it must also exist within you and that Self Forgiveness is necessary there. While we know it is easier said than done, it is your blueprint, the map that takes you to the New Earth you have All Co-Created.

We love to share our Perspective with you because we know that it broadens your Minds and because when you encounter Higher Vibrational Energy, it also expands your Hearts. We do not come to you to give you the one and only answer to your most desired questions, we come to you to offer you an 'invitation' to exist in higher states of Consciousness. There are others offering their Perspective to you and when you encounter that Perspective, before choosing to accept their invitation you must ask yourselves if it Feels right for you or resonates for you and whether that Perspective takes you into a Higher State of Consciousness.

It is not about whether something is logical to you at this point, it is time for great Discernment for All of you. You have taken your logical Minds as far as they can possibly take you. Now is the time to 'FEEL into' whatever it is that you are considering, and determining whether you are Feeling 'more expansive or more contracted' when you Focus on that timeline, opportunity, teaching, or perspective, and so on.

You arrange your lives to give yourselves opportunities to Feel certain Emotions. However, you were unaware that in-order for you to have finely tuned Discernment, those 'not so good' Feelings, needed to be felt. You need to know when something is Feeling Good and when something is not Feeling Good to you, and the only way to have that 'sensitivity' is to allow yourselves to Feel everything.

As the Master's that you are of Energy, Vibration, Thought and Focus, you came to this Reality, with all its challenges, to prove that to yourselves and you do not have to prove it to anyone else. It is you who are the ones that want to Grow and Expand and Become ONE with Source in that way once again and you can only experience it after giving yourselves the illusions of Separation. A question you want to ask yourselves regularly is, 'with this thought I am having, am I moving closer to Source or moving further away from Source', and the only way to find the answer is by Feeling into your body's energy system.

You will often receive invitations, upgrades, and activations from outside of you to assist you to raise the level of your Consciousness, so that you can make more informed decisions, however, you do have everything that you need inside of you. You all grow through your experiences, no matter what they are, therefore, before condemning an experience, ask yourselves if there is a possibility that the experience was chosen by you, so for you to Grow from it. You are Conscious and deliberate Creator Beings, therefore, there is no need to be hard on yourselves.

You are there to reveal to yourselves your own Mastery and as you allow yourselves to Feel into everything that is in your life, that is being presented to you, those are the moments when the mastery is present and palpable. If you allow yourselves to, you can Feel it viscerally, and that is the invitation we are giving you in this moment right now.

Not all of you, but many of you take your Spirituality very seriously and many are separating that which is Spiritual from that which is Material or Physical. Although not all of you do this, many of you do, and it is because you can Feel the trappings of the Physical Reality beckoning you to them. You can remember lifetimes of the pursuit of pleasure, where the pleasure of the flesh, wealth and power were all you sought, and you now seek to avoid those trappings, to such a degree, that you tend to reject them in your life.

You also seek to have Spiritual experiences in very specific places and venues that were designed to Create the Energy to give you a Spiritual Experience. However, we want you all to recognise that you can have a Spiritual Experience while eating a meal, going for a walk, having a swim, or even taking a shower and so on. You are living in a time, right now, of a blurring of those lines of Separation. It is a time to infuse more of the Spiritual, the Non-Physical, into the Physical, the Material and it is time to stop seeing them as separate.

Now is the time to fully recognise and see that everything is Love and that everything is of the Devine. It is also important for more 'new agers' to recognise that you are where you are 'supposed to be', and you are having the experiences you are 'supposed to have'. Understand that nothing has gone wrong, you are not trapped, and Earth is not a prison planet and that you do not have to be there because of karma or contracts.

You are there because at the Soul level 'you want to be there', and you will understand that once you elevate your Consciousness, your Perception of Reality to that of your Soul. And you will know that in a very visceral way. You will stop pleading with your Helpers, your Guides and your Higher Self to take you away from this planet. You will recognise the 'opportunities' that present themselves as challenges, that are there to show you that you are Source Energy and not to amplify your desire to escape your Reality. You are meant to engage with the Reality before you and to see it ALL as the Divine Source Energy Being that you are.

It is the best of both Worlds, and it is the best of all Worlds, and it is why you wanted to incarnate there on Earth. Earth is giving you the best opportunity to have that experience in a 'new way', in a way you have never had it before. You are there to take the Consciousness of Humanity beyond where it has been before and to 'be the ones' who initiates the blending, the merging of the two Realms to create Heaven on Earth. You are there to be trailblazers, the way-showers and sometimes that means bringing in more of the Arcturian, Pleiadean, Sirian and Lyran systems and so on, to Earth.

You are then meant to 'ground in' more of the Energies that you desire to play with, making it your home. Please Recognise, that you 'do' have that Power and you 'do' get to make that choice. You have so many powers within you, and you are supremely powerful in your use of your Discernment. By using your Power of Free Will you get to decide whether you move towards 'something or not' and another Power is your ability to Discern 'what is' or 'what is not' right for you.

You have the Power of unconditional Love, of choosing to Be Love and Light in any given situation and when faced by any person. You have the Power to choose what you Focus upon next, what you think about next and how you think about it. You have the Power to breathe Consciously, to Meditate and to connect with those that you Feel in high resonance with. You have the Power to choose how you want to Feel, and the Power to dive deep 'within yourself' to find where that Feeling resides.

You have the Power to be Grounded, to be Present, and to be Heart centred. You have the Power to emit a Vibration of 'your choosing' and to 'reach out' to someone that you can help or who might be able to help you. You have the Power to open yourselves up to receive all that you have coming to you from the Non-Physical Beings and Collectives. You have the Power to absorb the warmth of your Sun and to connect to the core of Mother Earth.

You have the Power to observe and learn and to appreciate, the Power to rest when you need it, to close your eyes and to take a deep breath and know that you are Loved. You are Awake, and You have the Power to hold the Perspective and the truth that you are Source Energy in the flesh. You get to choose and to choose with your Discernment, with the Power you have to action and speak words.

And the freedom to follow your Feelings, is also a Power. You have Power to 'tune in' to your Guides, your Higher Self, your Soul, and Source, who always dwells within you, inviting you to reach for your Power, to demonstrate your Power to yourself. Choosing which next moment of your experience, is also a Power, and that is how Powerful you ALL are.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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