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Conflict and War

During a conflict you cannot know what is going on, nor what the truth is, since both sides will impose their 'disinformation' as part of their means and strategies with which to manipulate the Perception not only of the public, but also of the enemy. It is an important part of 'how' a war is won.

So everything that is published during a conflict will be manipulated and exaggerated to the convenience of whoever is publishing it. This is war propaganda and has been around basically as long as there have been wars. So even if you see everything and form your own criteria, you will not be able to have a clear picture or idea of what is really going on.

It is true that when there are regional wars involving small nations of little world political power or influence, these clan or quasi-clan wars can arise out of disagreements and power interests among their members. This triggers a local war which the Controllers will watch closely and then send their Agents to manipulate and 'guide the outcome' according to the 'interests' of the deep Cabal. These agents will be sent in before, during or after the conflict as they see fit, and will be under the guise of being analysts, military advisors, UN observers 'to keep the peace', or more openly be Secret Agents who make deals with the Leaders of such places, or as in the last case, send in Special Forces units.

In many occasions the Cabal will send Agents to both sides, making believe that powerful Nations under the name of their Organisation like the United Nations or NATO, among others, are on their side, being that they are making agreements with both sides of the conflict, agreements that only end up benefiting the deep Cabal.

And the same will happen with an endless number of variants and methods that they apply depending on what is necessary for each situation. This is nothing new, but we should mention it as context for the following.

While, as we have stated above, small wars or wars between Nations inconsequential to the Controllers can have a 'real' element in them, we should also mention that the deep Cabal can also start a local war against a Nation when they have realised that their Leaders are not playing by the rules imposed by the Cabal itself, rules they impose using Organisations such as the United Nations, up to those imposed through their secret Masonic and Illuminati lodge Organisations, which in turn exploit the 'goodwill' of their low grade Members who for the most part have no idea what they themselves are doing or who they are really working for.

In those cases they will intervene with a local war to then impose a 'Puppet' under their control, as the new 'President or Leader', always using the imposition or excuse of being liberators and saviours of Nations to implement 'Democracy' for the benefit of the Civilian population. Benefits they never see as it is only manipulation and propaganda, as expressed above.

Moving on to a larger conflict. When a conflict of whatever nature develops between Nations that are clearly under Illuminati deep Cabal domination and control, the wars are of a different nature altogether. And that nature is obvious to those who have eyes to see and minds to analyse.

And this from an outsider's point of view is painfully obvious, painfully obvious because the population of Earth should be able to take this into account and know this, not only for their own sake but for their own survival, because what we will say next is not a theory' nor is it a 'guess' nor is it a conclusion based on logic, however, it is already considered a firm, constantly repeating and unquestionable fact.

When the deep Cabal controls both Nations in conflict, or both Groups of Nations, everything is pre-planned, everything obeys a previous Agenda that they have in mind and in preparation, sometimes years ago, decades and sometimes even hundreds and thousands of years ago.

This is inconceivable to the average Terrestrial Population that lives from day to day, from fortnight to fortnight and for whatever they can afford and without being able to plan what they will do the following week, much less have a life plan.

Also, having a finite Temporal Perception, the majority of the Human population will not understand why or how a Group can make plans for so many years, even generations into the future, because they think that the people 'in power' will not see the benefits during their lifetimes.

This is where the Non-Human elements that control the deep Cabal come in, who have a longevity far greater than Humans.

So a conflict between large Nations and under their control will have no element of real Political, Economic or strategic interest as the Civilian population is told. All discussions of Geo-Politics, Economics and Dominance of Trans-National Corporations over the monopoly of natural resources is just propaganda by the very controlling Cabal to 'divert the attention' of the Human population.

They Control both sides to the supreme level.

It is a psychopathic game they have been playing for thousands of years, and the real reasons we will give later in this same text, although they have been mentioned before, however, we must fit that in here for the sake of clarity of all we are trying to explain.

They just make the population believe that two Nations, or more, that are large, have disagreements with each other that have resulted in the loss of diplomacy, resulting in war, as the only and last way to resolve a dispute. And the people, the Human population, will believe it, because that is how they have them 'Programmed' and that is how it is set within the framework of their understanding of their 'Reality'.

Example, disputes between unruly and annoying neighbours in their neighbourhood or colony where they live. The average Human population will transfer that way of thinking about conflicts to the Geo-Political realm and that is how the deep Cabal controllers want them to think.

However the reality is very different. The controllers with a view to Energy, Economic and Lush (explained later) exploitation of the Human population, Mass control and Population control, by way of Population Geo-Engineering will impose a war between two or more Nations that they completely control. And we mean completely.

This is the case of countless wars in the past, but as more direct and recent examples we have the First and Second World Wars, the Vietnam conflict and above all, the Cold War.

During the Cold War the World Population was led to believe that there were two great Power Blocs that wanted Political and Economic domination over the Earth, with a constant latent threat of 'mutual annihilation' with the use of nuclear weapons, which is known as 'MAD' threat, which also stands for Mutual Assured Destruction.

With this system of imposition of ideas through Mind Control over the planetary Human population, they would be kept in constant worry and constant suffering that kept them under control. Also this extremely 'dualistic bilateral' model provoked a Good-Bad, Black-White mentality in the minds of the Human population. And in terms of the Economic realm, it would continue to maintain the weapons industry, which is huge, as well as the Economic competitive machinery in operation.

With this system they also make use of systems of imposed Religions that also help to guide the Human population in the manner of livestock.

So during a war of this kind, as an example we will say World War II, the Illuminati deep Cabal controlled (and still does) both sides, the Allies and the Axis. Where the same Bankers financed both sides, where Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler production plants, among others, manufactured engines and engine components to supply both sides. Meanwhile, they had the people in the factories, mostly women, working from sun up to sun down under the 'mind control' and 'war propaganda' of crisis effort to 'win the war', exploiting the Courage and Life Force of Human Beings.

The outcome of Military Operations in those kinds of conflicts is already planned and already agreed upon, and the Leaders of both sides who are the masks and puppets of the deep Cabal, know it and only play a role imposed by their superiors. All controlled from below using the Communication Systems, the Economy and the Rules and Laws of the Secret Societies.

The reasons for a war of this nature are completely prefabricated and are imposed by means of 'war propaganda' in the mass media. The reason for these wars are the wars themselves, with a view to 'population control'.

Wars are real, suffering is real, deaths and struggles are real. The effort to beat the other side is real. However, the battles are already decided, as are the wars. They are already planned; it is already known who must win and who must lose and when and for what purpose.

This stems not only from the strategic aspect of a war (strategic as major situational planning), but also from the purely tactical aspect (immediate in the fight). Because not only wars are already planned, and it is already known who wins and who loses, but also the same happens in the battles over regions or parts in and of the same war.

They will pit an army defending a region against an offender with a view to invade. They already know who should win. And they know the stakes of which side has more strength, where then, it is here where they begin to anticipate the outcome.

But as the struggle and the Human Spirit is unpredictable sometimes things do not turn out as the Cabal wished. It is in these situations where under the orders of the Generals who in turn, will take orders from their Illuminati puppets, and these from those of the Cabal:

An army that is in the lead and is winning an important battle but was not supposed to win, will be given an irrational and even foolish order to retreat under any excuse that will return the 'balance of power' in a battle to the side that was already 'pre-planned' to win that battle.

Thus, returning the narrative and the correct pre-planned outcome to how it should be in the minds of the deep Cabal controllers.

These kinds of orders that turn the situation during a battle into what can be seen as counter to the very interests of the side that carries them out, are later taken by analysts and military historians as simply mistakes of war, tactical and strategic errors, and are not analysed further by not understanding what is really going on behind them.

An example of this would be the advance of the German forces during the invasion against the Soviet Union, where they stalled trying to take the city of Stalingrad. Where modern Historians only think that Hitler's need to take that city, was only because it bore the name of Stalin (leader of the Soviet Union at that time) for the moral blow that it would give him.

In reality, this stalemate that lasted 5 months, one week and 3 days (August 23, 1942 to February 3, 1943) was only to decimate the German forces, reduce their advance capacity and strength and turn the war in favour of the Soviet Union that they had already prepared as the 'one' that should be the 'winner'. And that is repeated later again in the upper part of Russia with the battle and siege of Leningrad (September 1941 to January 1944).

And it should be the winner, because Russia was and still is under complete control of the deep Cabal, and they needed it as it was and extremely strong in every way, Militarily, Economically, and Social-Ideologically, to execute the next phase of the controllers' plans: The Cold War.

So, no matter the enormous effort of the soldiers on both sides, no matter the type and efficiency of the war machine, no matter who has the best tanks, no matter who has the best planes. No matter who the best pilot is, no matter how many die, how many get mutilated, how many families are destroyed, how many people are left with post-traumatic stress disorder, no matter the Human spirit and their passion to defend their own, to defend their families, their home, their nation. Because 'everything' is already planned in advance, who wins and who loses, why, when and how it fits into the events that follow.

Wars are very real, as are the consequences for the general population, military or otherwise. But the reasons for these kinds of wars are not.

This has been going on for thousands of years, it is nothing new. And added to this is the fact that later in “History' something else is described that has nothing to do even with the propaganda used to motivate soldiers and the civilian population to justify a war.

The real motivation, the reason for creating a war will always be the same: Geo-Engineering of Population, Numbers Control and Exploitation of the Human Spirit at all levels. You may ask who is causing all of this. Those who benefit from Human suffering on all levels, those who 'eat' Lush which is nothing more than 'Creative Energy of Manifesting Realities' coming from Beings with 'connection' to the Original Source, Real Humans.

These Beings cannot exist on their own, because they are Egregores of Human Creation, Manifested directly as a result of the 'concentration of Creative Attention' of Human beings.

Fear concentrates all 'attention' on the object of that fear, blinding reason and vision all around. This is Lush. It is not a substance per-se, as Adrenochrome would be, although it is of course related. Or it could only be seen to be interpreted as a substance when viewed from the Etheric side point of view.

The Creative 'concentration' of Reality Manifestation formed from fear, is very strong, precisely because of its blinding concentration. Without this, such entities would disappear, for they cannot sustain their existence alone. They need Human suffering to sustain themselves because 'they are' a product of the Human mind. Direct Manifestation of all the fears that they have, focused in a 'single entity form'. If you stop paying 'attention' to it, they will 'dissolve'.

You may ask where are they and who exactly are they. They are not local, they are all over the World, they are Energies that only Manifest as something, at certain times when conditions are propitious, and they will always be propitious only by the direct intervention of the Creative Attention of Humans. When they come together to fear a 'single thing in a specific place', visible entities can emerge in the form of what they call demons, apparitions or whatever they want to call them. And pinpointing as much as possible where they are.

This comes from just the point where the Human becomes the non-Human. That threshold of mutual interference, of difficult interaction. It is where the Humans behind the Secret Societies 'merge' with the dark entities Egregores of Humanity, which they, of the deep Cabal, worship.

Therefore, this problem is of a purely Human nature or Genesis, in that they are being victimised by their own Creations for not being able to control their own mind.

At the same time keeping in mind that Humanity as such, as a race seen as Souls with connection to Source, is not really just One Race, but a whole soup of 'Souls' (without religious connotation) of Extra-terrestrial origin.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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