Ascension Messages

You are the ONES to take new Ideas, new Paradigms to the Collective

We are very satisfied with the progress we see you all making there on Earth in the 4th Density and we also know that there is so much progress yet to be made. We know that you like it when you receive help from above, and so, we are very happy to report that the Energies of May will be there to nudge you along nicely on your paths. These Energies will be all about getting you to 'open up' to 'receive' from all of the various Sources that you have Assisting you.

A few of the biggest sources there in the physical are the Earth and the Sun and they of course, are just as Aware of You and your Journeys as we are. They have the advantage of the fact that you need them both to live. They give you so much, physically. They give you food, warmth, shelter, energy and everything else that you need to not only live, but also to thrive. Your energies of May are going to be about Creating new 'receptors' in your Bodies so that you will be better at receiving from Physical and Non-Physical Helpers. Open up to the Physical ones and you will find that the Non-Physical help comes in very beautifully along with it, along with the help from the Physical.

Non-Physical help has a way of 'piggybacking' onto the Physical Energies that you receive from the Earth and Sun, from the wind, rain, oceans and large bodies of water, from the flowers and trees and of course your beautiful animal friends who are there to continuously tug at your heartstrings. Some of them are in fact quite Aware of how Powerful they are and the impact they can have on you. With the May Energies and the 'new receptors' in your Physical Bodies, you will want to spend more time with Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the Animal Kingdom. Some of you will Feel that call and you will go with it, for others it will not be as much of a Conscious Choice, however, they will still find themselves receiving more from the Physical Helpers, therefore, from the Non-Physical Helpers by default.

This is a wonderful time to be receiving more help there on Earth as you have much to build. You have as much that you are hoping to achieve and there is much for you to Experience there on Earth that some of you have been able to 'Feel into' and dream up, and for others it will be a complete surprise what is available to them there in the 4th Density on Earth. Of course, everything will always be slowly nudging you forward to the completion of the Shift in Consciousness to the 5th Density, and as many of you know, those 5th Density Energies are available to you right NOW and these 'receptors' will assist you Feel into them and Know yourselves more fully as your Higher Selves.

We have been very excited to witness the way that you all have been accessing the packets of Information, the Downloads, that have been coming to you from your Higher Minds, your Guides and other Beings in Higher Densities like ourselves. You have been receiving Healing Energies however, you have also been receiving the Templates, the structures through which your New Society will be built. All it takes is a few of you to be able to 'receive and translate' the Energetic Downloads into IDEAS for real Change to come about there on Earth.

You are the Change-makers, the Way-showers and the Light-workers who can envision a Society where everyone has enough, are treated fairly and there is Peace all across the Planet. Therefore, you must be the Ones who will take those new Ideas, those new Paradigms to the rest of the Collective.

Now is not the time to be pointing fingers at who is responsible for what and who is doing what behind the scenes. Rather, NOW is the time to be 'opening up' your hands, your palms, your crown chakras because there is so much to receive from the Higher Realms that will assist you to Create the Society that you have always wanted to be a part of.

All of you who have Empathy and Compassion in your Hearts are more than qualified to build the Structures, the Systems, the Paradigms for the next Reality that you want to inhabit and that you want to take everyone else with you to. When you truly understand that and you Let Go of the Feelings of 'not being good enough', you can lead Humanity into the New Age, the New Awareness, the time you have all been waiting for.

We will be here to support you, cheer you on and give you whatever you need to become the Force to be reckoned with that you as the Awakened Collective truly are. You have what it takes and NOW is the time. We are not alone in believing in you, and we are not alone in our excitement about seeing what you will Create.

We have been exploring the numerous possibilities that you all have there on Earth for the best possible First Contact Experience for the entire Human Collective. We have an understanding of what makes you all afraid of the E.T.s that could come and land their ships at any time. Therefore, we have been exploring the possibility that the First Contact Experiences will be with the E.T.s that have been living underneath the surface of your Planet.

When you do not have ships from outer space with advanced technology staring you down, there is a greater probability that you are not going to panic. When the visitors are from your own Planet and look enough like all of you to not be frightening to the average person, there is a greater chance that you will be able to handle it.

These Extra-Terrestrials that have come from other parts of the Galaxy, however, are really Earth-born, give you a new way of looking at what is Extra-Terrestrial and what is Alien to all of you. Because these Beings have been living on your World and in your World for so long, those that you would meet would all be Earth-born but with no Human Earthling DNA. Therefore, this would soften the blow for those who were afraid, however, it would also make it easier for the sceptics to claim that it is 'not real' and that the scientists must be in on some grand conspiracy.

However, these Beings DO exist, and you are going to meet them in your lifetime. It will be very hard for them at first to Integrate, however, they eventually will, and they will pave the way for the E.T.s who will land their ships and who will have been born outside of your Solar System. Now, we are saying this as though it will happen in this way, but no one can say for certain what will happen. We have just been exploring that Timeline and meeting with those of you who are Members of the Awakened Collective to get your feedback. So far, this probability has been met with open Arms and open Minds, not to mention open Hearts.

You all are so eager to meet these Beings, especially when you realise that they are the gateway Extra-Terrestrials, for you to then meet your 'hybrid children' and all of the other E.T.s that you are so eager to meet. This is a time where Humanity could use something to shake things up, and you could use a little help from your Earthbound Extra-Terrestrial friends. Therefore, we are hoping to see the Earth-born Extra-Terrestrials emerging sooner rather than later and paving the way for the E.T.s who want very much to Feel the readiness of Humanity to land those ships and become your Friends and Co-Creators.

We are listening, watching, waiting and reading the Energies of all of you who have agreed to be the leaders of the Expansion of Consciousness there on planet Earth at this time, because we Know that when you can handle more, your fellow Humans can also handle more of that which we send to you Energetically. We know that you can Ground in what others will access later on and we also know that you work with all the Energy Fields that you have access to, including the Energy Fields of your fellow Humans. You can see yourselves as Spirit Guides in the flesh to those around you, because that is what you are.

You are emanating such a High Frequency that you influence others to also be in a Higher Frequency. You offer others what they need and what they ask for, whether they know it or not and whether they are asking Consciously or Unconsciously. That is why we are so happy to have you there as our Ground Crew Members and there are many Councils and Collectives up here in the 9th Density who are also working with each and every one of you that we consider to be a part of the Awakened Collective. You are also helping those who are Awake but who are a bit behind you in your understanding and in your Vibrational offering and we know that, even if you do not. You will, of course, become more Aware now of what you are doing when you are around other people.

You Feel it and notice it and the chances that they will, are increasing all the time. You are going to find people gravitating to you because of what you can handle Energetically and because of what you 'emanate' to them. You have the ability to put people in a better mood, to help them come to realisations that they have been seeking out, and to Activate their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. You are anchoring in more of the Crystalline Energies and therefore can see yourselves as being walking Crystals as well. We always trust that you will be where you are needed most in every moment of every day, because you always are.

Now, we work with you while you are asleep, as you travel the Astral Plane, and we work with you during the day when you are awake. This gives you more Power and you need that Power to influence and to Create Change there on Earth as needed. You are Awakening others with your words and your stories, but you are also doing so with your Presence and with your Intentions. You want others to join you and you want them to succeed. You want them to Feel Good so that they will Do Good in the World and we are supporting each and every one of you in all of this, and you can expect more of that support now that we have noticed how much the Awakened Collective can handle Energetically, how much you are Grounding in and how much you are spreading out to the entire Human Collective.

This is a wonderful time for all of you to be very active and to be very fruitful. It is a wonderful time for you to be very expressive and to get out there into the World and serve Humanity in the way that you intended.

We have welcomed in many new partners in our time as Helpers to those in the 3rd and 4th Densities. We have experienced different Perspectives coming from a variety of different Agendas and we have been able to Feel into all of these Perspectives, these approaches to helping. We have noticed that when certain Beings express a desire to assist Humanity and other Races like yours, what they really want is to play God. They want to be in-Control. They want to dictate how your Evolution proceeds and when you get to certain levels of Experience.

We have always taken a more organic approach to the Evolution of your Consciousness. We have seen how too many hands-on-help can actually get in the way of the development of the Beings on the Planet or Moon. We want you all to notice how easy it is to Evolve your Consciousness when you just pay Attention. When you pay Attention to what is happening, what you are Feeling and what the Energies are coming in to support you, you have everything that you need to Evolve Organically in the perfect, for you as Individuals and as a Collective.

Now, some of you may wonder whether you are at times 'pushing' your fellow Humans along at a faster pace than they are actually ready for, and we want to say to you that if you are wondering that, then it is time to pull back and Focus on yourselves more. Focus on what brings you Joy. Let Go of your 'attachment' to when and how others are going to get it and wake up. You want the process to happen naturally, because you want the person to have the same types of Experiences that you had, where no one else was pulling the strings, calling the shots and making you wake up.

Therefore, when you want to offer support, just send Love, Compassion, Healing Energy to your fellow Humans. You can share your stories and your Experiences, however, you do not have to hit anyone over the head with them. Know, that everyone is coming into their Awakening Experiences in their own way, by the design of their very own Higher Selves and you can Let Go and put your Attention on what IS happening, what you ARE Feeling and the Energies coming IN to support you.

We are aware of all of the Upgrades and Activations that each and every one of you is getting from your Guides and we are pleased to report that you have been given much in recent weeks that will help you keep up with the Energies coming in from all parts of this Universe of ours. If you are Aware of a need within yourself for an Upgrade or an Activation, NOW would be a good time to vocalise that desire out loud. That willingness to speak out loud what it is that you need can be the final step necessary. It can be the Permission that you need to grant to your Guides, in order, for them to complete their work on your Cells, your DNA, or your chakras. Even your Energy Fields are getting work done on them so that you can handle more and hold more of all the wonderful Energies coming in to support you at this time of Great Evolution.

Every moment that you step into NOW is going to be the Moment where you have had the greatest amount of activity happening around you to Serve you. Every Moment is going to represent the Moment when the Energies were moving fastest and faster than they have ever moved before and that is as it should be. It is time for you all to Accept the Assistance that you are being offered, and that Assistance is so much more. It is so much bigger than just getting something you want in the Physical Realm. You are receiving the Keys to the Kingdom, because, when you ARE able to handle Higher Frequency Energies, you are able to Co-Create with them anything and everything, that is going to Serve you, your Loved Ones and All of Humanity.

And that is how you Shift. It all starts with YOU and then you are the first domino that falls, and you help others. You can help others Awaken to the Truth of Who They Really Are by being more of Who You Really Are. You are getting support all the time, support that helps you to Remember and to BE Who You Really Are. This is not a dress rehearsal; THIS IS THE REAL THING. You have been Shifting for quite some time and you will continue to Shift until you have completed all the work that You set out to complete, and then the Awareness of Who You Really Are will always be a part of your Consciousness. It will not just be a 'mantra' that you have to recite over and over to remind yourselves.

When you carry that Knowing and you BE Who You Really Are to the fullest possible extent in every moment, you fulfil your Purpose for being there and you Inspire others to fulfil theirs. Welcome the Energies that are upon you right now and Know that you CAN do with them, whatever you like. They are there for you, and You are the Ones who are meant to receive them Openly and Consciously. We see more and more of you doing that every day, and that is something to get excited about.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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