Ascension Messages

From Tiamat's destruction to December's Solstice, into 5th Density

This Universe works with Frequencies and Vibrations of Harmonics. Space as you call it, is not just a vacuum, this is a 3D Perception, however from a more expanded point of view, Space is far more than an empty vacuous Part of this Universe. The Concept that Space is 'water' is not new, it is found in the bible, however, the Concept that Space is 'water' at very High Vibratory Frequency, maybe new.

Water changes, as 'everything' changes when you 'raise' the Frequency, however, it is still 'water' and you may not 'see it or perceive it' if you are not 'matching' that Frequency. You are still affected by what is not in your Existential Frequency because 'everything' IS Connected and IS Part of the Whole Frequency fabric of 'everything' that IS, the CREATOR. GRAVITY is nothing more than 'waves' in the medium of 'water', at High Frequency. ALL Energy propagates through 'water' because EVERYTHING, IS ultimately WATER.

There is a Universal Measurement System of 'Frequency' that is used by most of the more Scientifically Advanced Races and this 'Measurement' is based on the 'Time' of Hydrogen Oscillation, at Absolute Zero, in Interstellar Space. It is also true that there is no way to measure 'Time' as a 'constant unit' in a formula, as it is a variable. Therefore, the 'Oscillation' of Hydrogen is what Interstellar Races use as a Base Measurement, that they have agreed amongst themselves a homologation of 'units' for Co-Operation and to be able to have reference with, when they communicate.

One Unit is equivalent to One Vibrational Cycle of the Hydrogen Molecule, which is the simplest molecule that there is, that is, One Nucleus with One Electron in Interstellar Space, at a Temperature which is close to Minus 273.15 Celsius, that 3D Science calls Absolute Zero, measured as in the Kelvin Range of Measurements and at this 'temperature', it is the last 'measurable point', where Oscillation is still preserved in the Hydrogen Molecule before Total Freezing, since Absolute Zero as a 'temperature' represents the point, where all Molecular activity has stopped.

WATER is a medium that determines where the MATTER will form.

ETHER is nothing more than WATER in a very High State of Vibratory Frequency, while in a State of High Density and is QUANTUM or SCALAR. That is to say, that the same sample of ETHER wherever you take it from, is present with all its Parts and its corresponding Information. In other words, there is No Time or Distance in the ETHER and every location that you 'enter' the ETHER, is affectively, superimposed in the same ONE Location; as it corresponds to the Frequency Density from which it is 'observed' and normal Water as you perceive it to be in 3D, is still only ETHER, at Low Density. What we are saying here, is that WATER is the CONSCIOUS Frequency of the PRIME CREATOR, where ETHER is the 'movement' of Conscious Thought, in an infinite ocean of Frequency Protentional that is called GRAVITY.

Observing Water as just Hydrogen and Oxygen H2O, is a simplistic example of how Humans and their Science break down something of 'incredible importance' into something seemingly worthless, simple things. Water is the closest thing to a Universal 'medium' with which 'everything' is Dissolved and Transmuted, a Universal dilutant. If we look at it from its Quantum or Scalar aspects, then it is the Universal dilutant of 'everything' in its ETHER Form. WATER is the 'medium' that 'everything' is Created from, including DNA and RNA of Biology.

It is ETHER that passes ALL information as a 'medium' of Potential Energy, from a Harmonic of 'coherent' Frequency, that emanates from an Intention of a Consciousness, in other words, the simple fact of BEING and THINKING. The Prime Creators THOUGHT, in other words, an IDEA. GRAVITY is therefore, 'waves' of Consciousness in an ocean of Potential Energy. And WATER is the 'medium' of this Consciousness that we call ETHER.

Millions upon millions of tons of 'water' from the destruction of Tiamat reached Earth and disrupted the whole Energetic Dynamics of Earth 12,500 years ago, including the reversal of the Earth's Magnetic Fields. It created total chaos, Mass Extinction Event that caused the destruction of Atlantis and Lumeria that changed the appearance of the entire surface of the Earth and Earth would never be the same again.

Earth under went massive Changes, causing a Polar Shift, causing changes in the Magnetic Field and Gravitational Dynamics over the entire Planet, this caused mountains to Shift and continents to move with massive volcanic activity and rocks the size of mountains flying through the air. This also caused the modification of the shape of Earths continents from that time, to how you know them today and all this occurred in recent times, 12,500 years ago and not millions of years ago, as most Earth experts say. The Shift was not gradual, it was dramatic and sudden, causing Extinction at Planetary Levels, accompanied with a 6 mile high wall of 'water' washing around the entire Planet.

This catastrophe did not only affect Earth, the surface of Mars also changed from being mainly covered by forests and from being a Planet full of life, to a desert climate mess. Venus received even more water than Earth, sinking its vast beautiful continents beneath the 'waters', becoming a Water Planet and having only sparse Islands that were once high mountains.

Mercury also suffered deformation caused by the Energy Shift in the entire Solar System, due to having been thrown closer to the Sun, thus causing total devastation to its surface and with it, annihilation and total extinction of All Life, becoming a lifeless rock, roasting in Solar radiation, as viewed today from a 3D Perspective. The outer Solar System also suffered greatly as the Planets, all of them, moved further away from the Sun, causing Extinction on the surface of Mars. Saturn was closer to Earth back then, easily visible, as was Jupiter by the naked eye.

Never before had a War destroyed an entire Solar System as did the Tiamat War and on Earth, almost all have forgotten all of this. However, even in the face of total annihilation and destruction, People managed to survive. However, the 'trauma' was great and was 'embedded' into the 'Collective Memory' and was buried deep into the 'Collective Unconscious Minds' of Humanity, causing a very strong form of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome in ALL Humans as a COLLECTIVE, in the Species that later was to become todays, Human Race.

This event and the repressed Trauma, explains the cause of the 'Fragmentation' of the Human Mind and the 'birth' of the EGO Conscious and the Sub-Conscious fragmented Consciousness. The death of the SELF and the birth of the Human EGO, that remains 'un-healed' through to today.

As for the incoming energies today, you are receiving Energies 'right now' that are 'transformative' in Nature. They are meant to give you a Vibrational Upgrade, and if you are 'open' to them, they will.

Those who are 'not open' to them will receive the 'side effects' and not understand why they are experiencing those 'Ascension Symptoms'. That is why we give you this Message in advance, of the exact moment of your Solstice on the 21st December, 2021. You can prepare; you can also 'anticipate' the Changes that will come as a result of these Transformative Energies coming into your Fields, your Chakras, your Bodies, your Cells and every Aspect of YOU. These transformational Energy infusions have been steadily sent onto Planet Earth in Preparation for the Solstice Download, preparing the Bodies Energetic Matrix that could not previously hold such an intense 'infusion' of High Frequency Energy, which was initiated in the Equinox Download in September. You can now rest and relax more; make sure you are Grounded, Present and Hydrated. You can even take moments out of your busy day to Focus on 'opening up' like a flower to these Energy Downloads.

This is what you are there to do. You are there to Transform and those of us in the Higher Realms are here to Assist you. We will help and we will continue to help, but we also Know that our Assistance is better received when you are 'expecting it' and when you are 'aware' of what the current Energies are all about. These Energies are all about ASCENSION; they are all about your Growth, your Expansion and your Evolution of Consciousness, because all of those things, are tied into your VIBRATION and you live on a World where there are many things happening all day, every day, that can lower your Vibration.

Therefore, there has to be a counter to that; there has to be 'something' that 'Balances' what you see on the news and even on social media that is depressing. When you Focus on the fact that you are getting help and that the help is coming from your 'ability to receive', then you can DO something to put yourselves in that 'receptive state'. Many people realise that the Equinoxes and Solstices are 'special events' on your World, however, some are still Awakening to that Truth, so we do like to inform you of the Energies that are coming, that are already upon you and that many of you are already 'opening up' to right now, as you receive this Message.

Once you 'receive' the Energies and you Feel your Vibration getting the Upgrade that it needs, that YOU need, then you can 'seek' to help others. In fact, you will be helping others just by being there and being the 'Conduits' of these Energies, that you are. By 'receiving' them, you Anchor them into the Physical and you cannot help but 'spread' them around. If you feel yourself in a state of tension or anxiety, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you 'can open' to these Transformative Energies of the forthcoming December Soltice. Remember, that you ARE capable of doing so, regardless of the situation you are in there on Earth at this time. Also, remember that once you get the Vibrational Upgrade, then you get to spread your Higher Vibration around, which is Transformative for others.

Therefore, the others who 'cannot or will not' open up to 'receive' the Solstice Energies will still benefit from them, because 'you all' will have Transformed and you will be Speaking, Thinking and Acting accordingly. You are there to Lead the Way, to show others how it is done, to be the Pioneers, the Ones who 'go beyond' where Humanity is right now. You realise that it is possible to 'move forward' from where you are, and you have the 'Tools' and the "Knowledge' to do so. Now that you Know what the Solstice Energies are all about, you can sit comfortably and quietly and just FOCUS on 'receiving' them. You can and you will, because you have 'received' this prompting and because your Higher Selves want you to.

You are very, very ready for these Upgrades, so is every part of YOU. You do not earn these Upgrades, rather, they are a 'Natural Consequence' of you 'being there' on Earth during a period of Transformation. You can make the Transformation easier on yourselves and now you Know 'how'. You are there to become your Higher Selves, your 5th Density Selves and you are there to Experience it in the flesh, in a Physical Body and we are 'here to help'.

As we witness you interacting with your Fellow Humans, we see that they respond to your 'Energy' much more than they respond to your 'Beliefs'. You have much more of an effect on people than you realise, whether you say anything or not. You are walking 'transmitters' of a Higher Frequency Vibration. You take Downloads that you receive from us and Beings like us and you 'share' them with 'others'. Those Downloads can then rest in one of your Fellow Human's Energy Fields, until that person, is ready for it. You just have to BE 'Yourselves'.

This is the Primary Mission that you have that goes 'beyond' all the other Missions. If you are 'yourselves', you will be the 'perfect ones' to help your Fellow Humans to Awaken and Ascend. You just have to be Honest and Authentic and people will want to Know, what your 'secret' is.

We are in the process of 'becoming' our Oversouls just as you are in the process of 'becoming' your Higher Selves and we want you to realise how 'blessed you are' to be making this Transition, as difficult and as challenging as the 'shift' has been.

Therefore, it is most beneficial to All of You to see yourselves as 'everything' in your World, as this Galaxy and as this Universe of ours and to let yourselves be 'in the flow'. This is the best possible Experience you can have and even your Ego recognises this as Truth. Becoming who You Really Are, is more about 'Letting Go' than it is about climbing a ladder and if this Message is resonating with you, then you have already 'Let Go' of that notion and you have 'Let Go' of much more that has been 'holding' you back in your 'becoming'.

You must 'adapt' to the World you are living in for several reasons. First of all, it is YOUR Creation and you DID Create this set of circumstances for a 'reason'. The way of the World as it is today, is not something that has been imposed upon you by outside forces. YOU Created it, so if you resist your own Creation, then you do not get the intended 'benefit' from it. You just stay in 'resistance' and those who are in resistance, continue to look for someone, or some Entity, or some Group to resist and will keep finding new Entities, new People, new Beings to resist. This is a CHOICE, always. It is a Choice to be One who 'goes with the flow' or One who 'resists' and 'builds' upon their sense of SELF in their resistance.

We also see those who Choose to 'adapt' and 'go with the flow' holding Compassion in their Hearts for those 'who are suffering', for there is no doubt that there is suffering on your World today. Now, those of you who have Chosen to 'adapt' and 'go with the flow', can also Choose to have Compassion for those who are in 'resistance'. Obviously, the World that you are living in today and the rules and regulations that have been imposed upon you are 'triggering something' that is 'very deep' and 'very painful' in those who 'resist'. You may ask "what does this all add up to"? Decembers' Solstice Energy Upgrade will 'kick start' a Mass Awakening and with this Mass Awakening, will bring to the surface of the Individual Conscious and the Human Collective Unconscious the deeply repressed FEARS, from previous 'trauma' that fractured the Human Consciousness as a result of the Tiamat Experience and the massive repressed fearful Experiences both on an Individual and Collective Level.

You Created this pandemic, you Created it for a reason and that reason is always, Spiritual Growth and Evolution. Are you going to Grow from it by looking at yourself and your reactions to it, or will you continue to 'identify' as One who resists? That is the question. What we are saying to you is that before you point a finger and shake a fist, 'look at yourself' and 'your reaction'. BE with the 'emotions' that you FEEL. Face your Feelings, Process them and then 'look' at the situation from a Calm, Balanced and Neutral stance.

Again, if you are triggered now, you will continue to be triggered, because there is still someone and something to fight against and there always will be. However, if you use this 'Time' that you are living in now to 'examine yourself' and what is in 'your Consciousness' that Created more restrictions and more limitations, then you can Grow, Evolve and 'become more' of Who You Really Are.

Who You Really Are is 'everything' and 'everyone' which we cannot say enough at this time. Therefore, if you are 'pushing' against anything, you are 'pushing' against something that is 'inside of YOU' and that is what you really need to look at, instead of thinking that if you could just possibly dismantle and disintegrate this opposing 'outside force', then everything would be better on your World. All Creation is an 'inside job' and when you find that what you have Created is not to your liking, then simply CHANGE IT. Therefore, these Downloads, including the Solstice Energies that we will be delivering to you, will bring you into more of a State of Vibrational Harmony with that particular aspect of your Higher Selves.

You will be able to access 5th Density Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts and of course, Beliefs and this will allow YOU to 'Let Go' of the Limitations of the 3rd Density Physical Mind, that has been a 'tool' of the Ego and that ultimately needs to be 'Let Go' of, in order for you to 'Let In', that which is of the Higher Mind. To fully benefit from these Energetic Downloads is by Meditating more, or at least Meditate the same amount of time, but with an expectation that as you 'clear your 3rd Density Mind' of all Thought, you will also be 'allowing in' Higher Frequency Thought. You will be allowing in Concepts, Ideas and Beliefs from your Higher Minds and this will 'assist you' in 'moving forward' in your lives with more confidence.

This is another monumental leap forward for Humanity. For the Starseeds and Light Workers who hold consistently these Higher Frequency Vibrations your job, so to speak, is to hold the Frequency of LOVE, COMPASSION and EMPATHY while the Masses Awaken. Without the stability of High Frequency Love, Compassion and Empathy, your World will continue on the present course until the 'attachment' to these Low Frequency events are transcended. We remind you to Hydrate, Meditate and Ground into your Physical Bodies the 'entirety' of your Consciousness. We want as many of you as possible, to receive ALL that is 'intended' with the Upcoming Downloads of these beautiful Energies we have been preparing for you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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