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Stepped or Layered System of Governance, Morals & Ethics

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    I would love to connect with Higher Beings vibrating at a higher Frequency when I go into Meditation or put out my intent at night but I am fearful that I will attract Beings vibrating at a lower Frequency?

  • A

    Everything is Frequency. If you are High or very High Frequency, a Loving Being, then you are a portal for this Frequency. Reptiles cannot parasitize you or influence you because you are toxic to them. Even if you momentarily drop your Frequency you will know what to do (The four tools of Transformation). It is necessary to confront this entity or confront this experience knowing what you need to do next. In this way you will not be parasitized for any length of time. You have to be a Frequency match to be parasitized to that Frequency match. Similarly, with a High Frequency you are a match for Loving Beings.

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    As a Starseed can I or how do I communicate with the Federation?

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    Any Starseed can be or/and is a representative of the United Federation of Planets as a Sovereign Being expressing their own unique version of their experience on Earth at these times. However, any Starseed does not represent the United Federation of Planets as its spokesperson.

    The United Federation of Planets is multilayered with many Councils from the various Densities representing the Federation, this is the stepped Holographic Societies way of Governing itself - HOLOGRAPHIC = WHOLE = INCLUSIVENESS. And NO ONE person represents the Collective Consciousness, this system is stepped and is NOT accredited through intermediaries, as is the case on Earth within many institutions that seek to control Humanity.

    Human intermediaries or Organisations do not have the accreditation of the United Federation of Planets as it may have the idea or intention of imposing an Agenda or a form of limitation on Earth, or these intermediaries may be interpreting their own version of Reality with the intention of strengthening their personal Agenda. If this was the case, this information would have to be passed through the scrutiny of the 'multi-layers' that form the Federation, therefore, any participants in the countless Races will see these intermediaries as unacceptable. Starseeds can get in touch with the Federation through Meditation, Thought Transference and any request can be made to the next Level of the Federation through this process, however, the Federation at this next Level is not compelled to respond.

    The Federation will not recognise any authority taking the position of intermediaries and if such a request were made, any information through this request would be seen as 'false information' as would be the case if the request came from Humans with an Agenda. Again, the process for accessing the next Level of the Federation is accessing it through your Higher Self, Channelling or Meditation, this is the Starseed's way of contacting the Federation directly - FREQUENCY COMPATABILITY.

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    So, all I need to do is keep my Frequency high?

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    If you know yourself to be on a High Frequency you know that nothing from the Lower Astral Plane can parasitize you. Nothing can parasitize you holding a High Frequency and if it does it will only be momentarily until you face it and remove it. These parasites cannot stick to you and are the wrong Frequency. Again, everything is about Frequency matching.

    High or very High Frequency people will only be compatible with other entities of the same Frequencies, and in this case you are only an 'organic portal' for Positive things. Positive entities will only work through Positive Portals and in this case both will be a symbiosis of Positive Consciousness. In other words, your Frequency will dictate what you Channel, therefore, if you have any hatred or negative thoughts of any kind you will only Channel this Consciousness. However, logically speaking in 3D with Mind Control and through imposed Frequency Modulation Technology it sometimes occurs that these Lower Frequency feelings exist when living in the dense soup of these Frequencies on Earth, however, they are only ever short lived until you choose to Transcend them.

    The Federation can hear and listen to your communications, however, they may or may not choose to respond, there is NO direct procedure for a 'two way' communication. The system does not work that way. The Federation is very large with many complexities that most Humans do not understand. There are many Levels, Densities and Timelines. It is a very complex holographic multi-layered, multi-Timelined system that reflects the complexity of our Universe.

    If Starseeds want to contact the Federation they must know that they are a part of the Federation and if you want communication it is made this way as outlined above. This is how the Universe works. The stepped system or layered system works this way.

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    On a practical level how can this layered system work on Earth?

  • A

    With this system the stepped or layered levels of the Council do not have to disturb the Higher Councils for advice if they are able to deal with the situation themselves. Indeed, they only contact this next layer if they need assistance. Each layer deals with solving problems for themselves at a Community, Regional, Country, Planetary, Star System or Galactic Level on any one of the many Timelines that exist - it is very, very complex. However, this system creates Self Autonomy, Self Awareness and Self Sustaining Systems through growth in Consciousness, ideas expressed through Participation in an Open Source journey of Conscious Expansion - and assistance is only given upon request.

    This assistance may only be given if it is felt necessary by the above layers - this is how the system works. This is how we grow our Awareness and this is how we grow our Soul. An example of this would be that at a Community Level there is a water storage issue for irrigating the Communities food production systems and in this case, the Community has identified the problem and it is the Community that researches the solution to the problem that they have identified. This may require the construction of water storage systems and the conveyance of irrigation water through canals or suitable course ways to irrigate the crops.

    All of the above solutions have a high degree of ecological suitability and sustainability causing the least impact on the natural environment and in many cases offering additional advantages to the Community. These solutions are made by the Community and within the Community's Resources to achieve the desired outcome. However, if the Community decided for whatever reason that they require assistance from the next Level, for example a Regional Level, the Community's request would be considered. If the Regional Level however felt the Community was capable of solving its own problems and had the Resources to do so, the Regional Council would decline their assistance. In this case the Regional Councils decision would be that the local Community deals with the problem at a Community Level. However, if the Community did not have the Resources such as mechanical excavators then the Regional Council could supply this equipment and the expertise to use them. In such a case where the Regional Council could not supply the solution, the Regional Council could then request assistance from the next layer up, this is at a State or National Level. This is how the stepped system works.

    Information is available and freely flows 'as and when' necessary at a Community, Regional, Country, Global or Galactic Level. This system creates a Society that is Morally and Ethically Conscious as it grows on both the Individual and Community Levels of that Society. On Earth today this stepped system does not occur with a voting system that represents the current Democratic system where the Highest Level of votes is counted then Policy is implemented at a Local, Regional or National Level. This Democratic Voting system does not work. It supports Party Politics, hidden Agendas and does not promote sustainable Conscious growth through Self Realisation and Participation in an Open Source way benefiting ALL at the Highest Levels of Conscious Awareness.

    The basis of this type of holographic or stepped system of a Society is to grow the Moral and Ethical Awareness of all of that Society acting in Good Faith for the entire Civilization. Indeed, in Earth's present Governmental system the majority of Votes do not necessarily mean you are voting for the Moral or Ethical best for that Community, Region or Nation. This form of Democratic Voting does not work. Often people with little or no Moral Ethics can gain positions of influence or control. These people would then only impose their Morals or Ethics onto the rest of the Community supported with their legal system of control that disables the truly Open Society that benefits ALL.

    What Earth has at present is not the correct model with which to achieve the Highest Morality and Ethics that benefit All of Humanity. As outlined above, Earth's Democratic system is not fit for purpose. Neither is the Two Party Political system or Dictatorships by Kings and Queens or self-appointed individuals or families with their (personal agenda) Dictatorships. Similarly, the Religious doctrines that are a similar doctrine of Dictatorship that has hijacked Spirituality is also not fit for purpose and neither is Communism which is a combined form of State Capitalism combined with State Dictatorship. All of these Earth systems prevent Earth's Societies from growing into a Society that can enter the Galactic Community.

    What is required is deliberation with logic and facts with a Higher Awareness and a Constant flow of Moral and Ethical Awareness, that is Consistent and is reached between the Community and/or Councils with these Highest Morals and Ethics. This is the key that makes the system work. Many people on Earth claim that they have the answer to the problems on Earth that we have collectively created, however, they do not have the remotest idea of how the Universal systems work. A holographic or stepped system works because it has a Consistency of Ethics and Morals that the Society and Councils on ALL Levels understand and operate within.

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    I know you are mentoring us and I realise the responsibility that I have to mentor others and I am aware from your previous messages that the Federation has a responsibility that is putting enormous pressure upon Humanity through the deception of the Alliance. What I am not sure of is if the Federation is aware of the pain and suffering that Humanity is experiencing on the present Collective Timeline and that perhaps the majority of our 5D Federation that is overseeing Humanities growing pains are not aware of the effects socially and emotionally on an individual basis as well as the wider community basis, especially when many of the Federation members are from the 'non empathic/emotional' species?

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    A Starseed's job is often the hardest, the loneliest and the most responsible. The Federation are meant to hear your requests so that they can see the Human Perspective 'directly from you'. The Federation has not just got 'one mind' it is made up of countless people and Races each with their own individual ideas and any request or pressure or information that gets to them may cause a shift in their Perception and as a result they may choose a different action. Humans need to express themselves and not just be quiet and suffer. They must say out aloud what they need, it is your right to ask for help from your point of view and not just see things from the Cosmic Perspective.

    The Human Race is locked up on Earth so that it does not interfere with the formation of other Races because you have not yet developed the necessary Ethics to live amongst the rest of your Galactic Community. So, the key is to create a New Holographic or stepped system for a New Society on Earth growing in Consistent Moral and Ethical Awareness and for all of that Society to act in Good Faith for the entire Civilization.

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