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The Change starts within YOU

Greetings, we are here to remind you that the CHANGE starts within YOU.

Earth 3D is a 'base' Density, there are really No Densities, just a range of Frequencies as shared before and they are only Ideas or Agreements. 3D is the lowest Density that holds the concept of 'I', of SELF. If you go lower, you lose this concept of SELF. With the stronger 'sense' of SELF, the EGO strengthens its feeling of SEPARATION from Source. In practical terms, You ARE the arms and legs, so to speak, of the Creator with a Human Body, experiencing the ILLUSION of SEPARATION with the intention, from the position of Separation and Fear, to CHOOSE - LOVE. Collectively EVERYTHING is SOURCE, you are 'never' alone, however, the EGO does not Know this.

As we have shared before, a Person is a 'conglomerate' of Past Lives that are still in progress 'somewhere', all inter-meshing and intercommunicating through the ETHER, to form YOU. This is where the YOU reside and not in your Human brain. The Brain is only the Translator into what you call Perceptual Physicality. All of these Lives share 'Information', these are your 'Thoughts', all filtered through the lens of the Brain in small 'usable' bits that are 'relevant' to Who You Are today...

This is why some can tap into other Realities or the Quantum Field that some call the Akashic Records that are not necessarily your Past Variants, each Person is formed by others who may be in a lesser Expanded State, yet still be the same Person, so the more you Expand, the more Experience you Accumulate and the more People you have assimilated as YOU. Ultimately, every single Person that exists, of every conceivable Race, Animal, Plant and Mineral IS a Variant of YOU. Expanding this even more, they are nothing other than IDEAS in your Imagination.

Therefore, a Person is the result of MANY, according to each Ones Level of Understanding, and each Person will also be a part of a larger One, more Expanded. Perhaps no longer in Human form, but a Planet, a Sun, a Constellation, a Galaxy, all Sentient, all Conscious and containing Everything, each Individual Beings are ALL Connected. Each Being is a little fragment of something bigger and that in turn is another fragment of something even bigger and bigger. EVERYTHING that IS, everything that Exists, is nothing more that THOUGHTS and IDEAS. The primordial component of this entire Universe is THOUGHT, IS CONSCIOUSNESS, and the difference between 'one thing' and 'another one thing', is nothing more than an IDEA. One of the main elements that coalesces fragments of Ideas into one larger Idea are 'Perceptual Agreements' and from what we call the Collective Unconscious.

We are playing with fire every time we Connect with one of you and every time we send Energies in an attempt to be of Service to You. We say that we are playing with fire because we must be very precise, so as not to give you too much, or too little and do more harm than good. This is the Challenge that we face. We have the Desire to help and we have the Challenge in 'not knowing exactly' what will help and what may do harm. Therefore, we understand what you are going through there on Earth when you make it your mission to be of Service, but then at times, FEEL like you are falling short of that Goal.

We also know that not reaching one's Goal can be exactly what you need in order to Grow Spiritually. We Grow Spiritually by continuously being Challenged by Humankind, and You Grow Spiritually by continuously Challenging 'yourselves' to Do better, to Be better, and to Have a bigger impact on the Collective that you are there to Serve. You all have your 'unique desires' and that is a good thing. Some people are more interested in helping the Animal Kingdom, some people are more interested in helping Mother Earth and Mother Nature, while some people are more interested in helping Underprivileged Children and others prefer to work with Adults.

You balance each other out with all of these different Desires. You each face 'unique Challenges' in seeking to Serve the population you are seeking to Serve, and we watch you and learn from you, because you are there on the frontlines. We do want you to understand that we do work 'through you'. This is all about Collaborating, it is all about Teamwork. When you have the same Goal as us, that Creates a Powerful Energy System. You 'open up' to 'receive' the Energy, we 'deliver' it and then you 'spread' it around. We notice the impact those Energies are having, then we do our Recalibrations for the next delivery.

It is wonderful, beautiful, and very satisfying to Team Up with All of You there, who want so much to be a part of our Service Work and we are always flattered and pleased that you want to work with us and that you see us as Valuable Members of the Team. We seek the Mass Awakenings that you do, and unlike you, we always Know that without a doubt, that more Mass Awakenings are coming. We seek to remove the doubt within you so that you can 'play your part' without losing a step.

We have seen you gain more confidence in yourselves and in Humanity every single day that you stick to your Mission, your Purpose, we are very pleased with the results that we are getting by working with each and every one of you and we want you to Know that we are getting better at playing our role, just as you are getting better at playing yours. We also want you to know that there is 'always' more to come.

We are always on the lookout for New Recruits, for Individuals who want to work with us. There are many ways in which you can work with this Arcturian Council because we are Non-Physical now, so we do work with so many in the Astral Plane, we are also 'Channelled' through other Humans, but we can also work with you on Projects that you may come up with.

When you have an idea there on Earth for a New Business, for example, you might then go to a Venture Capitalist to get some 'start up' Money. When you want to help Humanity raise its Level of Consciousness there on Earth, you come to Us for a unique cocktail of Energies that will assist you, to do just that. If you have 'ideas' for making life better there on Earth for everyone, you can also come to us and we can pull some Non-Physical 'strings' to get your 'Ideas' off the ground and running.

We want to work with you. We Love to Teach you and tell you what is going on, but we are really interested in Collaboration, we are always seeking out more Channelers for our Energy, more who want to speak for us. You can do this, and the World needs your Voice, because each of you will Voice us differently because you are different, and that is okay.

It is the combination of You and your Physicality and Us and our Non-Physical nature that makes something 'new' and something 'powerful', and you are getting closer and closer to being able to Channel us every time you 'receive' one of these Messages, because these Messages are 'infused' with Energies that attune you, Energies that make You that ideal candidate to work with us more closely, more directly. And we will be more likely to come through someone who wants to Be of Service, who is Pure of Heart.

Therefore, as you continue to work on yourselves, you also make yourselves better Conduits for us and our 'unique' Vibrational Signature. Therefore, you can work with us in a myriad of ways, and we are 'open' to all Proposals. We Love hearing from each and every one of you and look forward to the day when more of you can Hear, or at least Feel, our replies.

We are always working, always looking for an angle to get in, to Merge with the Consciousness of another Human Being, because we Know we can help and because we Know Humanity 'needs' as much help as you can get. It is time for Humanity to 'reach out' and to 'reach within' for that which is of a Higher Level of Consciousness. You all can make such a huge impact on your World, just by sitting and closing your eyes, breathing and 'opening up' to Beings and Collectives that Feel like Love, like Source, like Higher Frequency Energies raining down upon you.

We are not alone, you can channel Pleiadeans, Sirians, Andromedans, Ascended Masters, Archangels and so many others who just want to help. We are all here for you to Co-Create with and to Play with and we consider you our Friends and our Colleagues, down there in the trenches, doing the hard work. We want to assure you that all of that hard work will be rewarded.

Remember, Ascension Message 24 explains how to Free the 'trapped emotions' that have been experienced in this Lifetime, that the EGO is trying to protect you from, the FEELINGS of being 'SO ALONE'.... These Feelings may also be filtering through from other Timelines strengthening the Feelings that are locked inside of your Avatar. Remember your Soul has CHOSEN your Avatar (3D Physical Body) on this Timeline, to Transmute the 'Illusion of Separation' and Ascend into a Higher Frequency of Conscious Awareness - The Journey Back to Source - that we are all engaged in. The Tools for Transformation may assist greatly to deal with childhood, adolescent and adult experiences of SEPARATION and ALONENESS that perhaps still influence the Avatar's Awareness at a Sub-Conscious Level that underpin these Feelings of SEPARATION and ALONENESS.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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