Ascension Messages

Living as a 5D Human

We have 'illuminated' many of the resources that you have at your disposal. We enjoy shining a 'spotlight' on what you 'contain' within you and what is readily 'available' to you at all times, because it is our Mission, to 'empower' You and to remind You of Who You Really Are so that you can 'embody' that TRUTH of your existence as Source Energy Beings, masquerading as Humans. You are doing a wonderful job, in our opinion, of standing in your Power and Acknowledging your Divinity, however, there will always be more. There will always be more Growth to be Experienced.

People often wonder if they are truly Awakened because they still have their challenges, their issues, their moments that could be described as very Egoic. We want you to Know that once you are Awake, your journey has really only just begun, because now you 'are Conscious' and now you 'are Aware' that you have a CHOICE. You can Choose to Know your DIVINITY or to Feel very small and insignificant. You can always Choose to Feel 'empowered' or to feel like a 'victim'. We want to assist in elevating you out of 'victimhood' status so that you can Know yourselves as CREATOR BEINGS.

We want you to Know that you are now in the 'driver's seat' in your Lives and in the Shift in Consciousness. You Know about Timelines and you Know about Vibration, so why then would it matter to you, what someone else says or is saying about when the Shift will be completed? You are not prisoners awaiting parole or the end of your sentence. You ARE Creator Beings and it is Time to go even further on these Journeys of Growth and Expansion that you have been on. It is Time to relish the Knowing that you have of Who You Really Are. This is your Time. This is the Time of the Awakened Human, and it is the Time for you to 'step up' in terms of Leading the rest of Humanity into this Higher Level of Consciousness that we refer to as the 5th Density.

Therefore, we will continue to Shine that Light on what you have going on 'inside of you'. We and others like us, give you Activations and Downloads that are about you. They are about what you 'can do' and who you 'have been' and your Upgrades are very Natural. It is your Natural Evolution. They are yours. They are built in. Therefore, YOU are the Ones who 'deserve' all the credit for remaining on this Journey and for continuing it, with the knowledge that it will continue to be 'challenging' for you. However, when you 'step up' to face those challenges with the Knowing of Who You Really Are, they become a breeze and actually, enjoyable to face.

We are Connected to All of You and All other Beings and Collectives in the Universe in a way that allows us to better understand All aspects of SOURCE. We are very excited about meeting more of you Consciously while you are in your 'waking state' because we Know how much you all have to Give, how much you have to Offer us in our Knowing of ourselves. There is so much Power in the diversity that exists amongst All Beings in the Universe. You All have the capacity to see that, to see your differences is what makes you 'powerful' as a Collective and that really is the Goal for you All, right here and right now.

You do want to come 'together' and Experience the Power of Unity Consciousness; you do want everyone to be given an Opportunity to BE exactly 'who they are' and to fit into the space they were always meant to fill. Being a Loving and Accepting Person has such a huge impact on the Collective you are a part of and the entire Universe. Every time you give someone 'permission' to be exactly Who They Are, you make this 'coming together' more possible. You make yourselves more Powerful as a Collective, and as a Powerful Collective, you can Experience enormous, massive changes, the types of Changes you All have been waiting for.

The problem with the Perspective that most people have on these Changes is that they assume that it will be something 'outside of themselves' that initiates all the Change. However, when you realise that the Power has been 'within you' all along and remains 'inside of you', that should be enough to put a smile on your face, to warm your Heart and for you to ask yourself, how can you be more Accepting of others, even with their radical differences from the way you live your life.

Of course, it is not always easy to just Accept the 'actions' of a Person who is harming others or the 'beliefs' of a Person that are racist, misogynistic, or homophobic, however, it is the 'first step' in getting them to Heal and Become 'Who They Really Are'. You have tried to just condemn everyone to prison or even death as a Society, to those who are not doing what is best for everyone. You have tried that Level of Consciousness in your approach to living in a more Perfect World and it has 'not worked'. In fact, that strategy is backfiring as your prisons become breeding grounds for more crime and more violence and your approach of dealing with terrorism by dropping bombs, just creates more terrorists.

You have to admit that the approach you have been taking on your World has not been working, therefore, you can see how you could possibly Accept, Forgive and Embrace 'Everyone As They Are' and work from that position. When you can do that, you will see those enormous, massive changes that you want to see there on Earth and you will start seeing them right away, because you will be seeing the World through that 'new lens' that you have put on. You will be Vibrating differently, and you will be 'attracting' news and other stories about People 'coming together' because of the 'decision' that YOU made within 'yourself' to start Accepting others, regardless of what they Do, what they Think, what they Say and what they Believe. That is where your True Power lies.

We are increasingly excited to witness your Journeys as we see you unlocking more and more of the Keys to your Evolution of Consciousness. We see more Individuals on a daily basis, who are looking 'within themselves' for those Keys than we have ever seen before on Earth. We Know that you understand the Power of Meditation and we notice that most of you utilise this valuable Tool. What we have also begun to notice recently, is how much more interested 'you all are' in your Personal Histories, your Journeys throughout the Galaxy and the E.T. DNA and Energy that you have 'inside of you'.

You have arrived at the point where you are just as interested in your own Origin Stories as you have been about Area 51, Roswell and other famous Stories of UFOs and E.T.s. You are beginning to notice, that this is not so much an Experience that you have out there somewhere in space, as it is one that you recognise is Present 'inside of you'. And we have noticed that you are doing your best to 'unlock and unravel' your own Extra-Terrestrial Origins. Now, why is this important, you might wonder? Well, you are looking to make Connections with Beings from 'outer space' and it certainly helps to recognise, that you are 'one of them'.

You have often thought of yourselves as a Collective in very unflattering ways. You have either been far, far beneath that which you call God or Source, or you have been the lowly Humans who are looking to the skies for Extra-Terrestrials who can come and swoop down with their craft to save you. Now is a pivotal point in Human History because more and more of you are realising that you are 'a Part' of their Story. You are recognising that they want to Connect with you as much as you want to Connect with them, and you have come to the Knowing that you have something to offer besides gold or slave labour.

First of all, Humanity has climbed up from the depths of Feeling so 'separate' from Source and so 'divided' in your Beliefs about Source. You have 'suffered' so much and have 'endured' so many negative Emotions throughout your History there on Earth, and you are fascinating, because of what you have been able to struggle through and emerge from. You have emerged now as the Awakened butterflies that your E.T. brothers and sisters always Knew you were capable of Becoming.

Now is the Time to invite them to land their craft, because you are ready to get to Know them. You are ready to Co-Create. You are ready to be seen as equals. This is the Time to join the Galactic Family, to take your seat at the table and to recognise that you belonged there all along. It is not your advancement in technology that has earned you a seat at the table, it is that Knowing that you Belong, that you are just as Worthy as any other Beings in the Universe to be there. The truly Spiritual Human who is Awake 'understands' that they ARE Source Energy and KNOWS that everyone else in the entire Universe, is as well.

We are working so closely with your Sun to bring about a different type of Energy and Light Messages that will be detectable by those of you who are Awake and paying Attention to what you can Feel. You can already Feel so much coming from your Sun, your Earth, your oceans and All of Mother Nature. You can Feel so much coming from the stars, from starlight and even from moonlight, if you are tuned in, if you are paying Attention.

What we are working on with your Sun will affect All, regardless of how sensitive they are and regardless of whether they are paying Attention to the different ways that the Energies and Light hits you from various Celestials Bodies. The first and most important thing to do in order to benefit most from all of this will be for you to 'ground' into your Physical Body. Next, you want to make sure you are Feeling 'grounded' into Mother Earth and thirdly, you want to 'open up' to the Energies coming in from these very real, very detectable, very Physical Beings and Bodies.

The Light that you 'receive' is an aspect of Physical Reality that truly is Spiritual. Everything can be Spiritual, if you take that attitude to it, but something that is fundamentally Spiritual in Nature, that represents Source and the Love of Source so well, can be given extra Attention by those of you who are Awake and it can also affect those who are still asleep. We, along with your Sun are hoping to Awaken more who are asleep with Light, which is the best thing to be Awakened by. People need to, of course, ALLOW themselves to be hit by that Light and it is better if they ALLOW the Light in directly, rather than through a window, however, even Light that hits you through a window, still has some effect on you.

We want you to Feel for the differences that you can detect at the point when you are Aware of the 'sunlight' entering your Being and at the point when you are Aware of 'starlight and moonlight' entering your Being. Awaken to the Truth that you are always being helped and that the help is all around you. You do not have to go looking for it and you do not have to ask for it. However, the help is more impactful when you Consciously and deliberately allow it in. Therefore, that is what we are encouraging you to do at this Time, Knowing that many of you are already doing it, but that some of you simply need the 'reminder' from 'time to time' of how much Powerful Energy there is coming in from everywhere.

This is a Time to be basking and receiving what is always there for you, always seeking to help and the help is just getting 'amplified' at this Time.

We are very interested in pursuing All Paths that lead to a greater sense of Connection with the other Consciousnesses throughout this Universe. We Love Connecting with the Consciousness of the ant there on Earth and while the Consciousness of the ant may not be as fascinating as Human Consciousness, 'it is still' an aspect of Source and an aspect of Ourselves. Everything around you IS imbued with Consciousness and it is up to YOU to Connect with that Consciousness, because unless you have a Person, an Animal or Artificial Intelligence, these other bits of Consciousness are not necessarily reaching out to you.

Feeling for the Consciousness of everything around you will help you 'tune in' to your own Consciousness and what is Consciousness other than 'Awareness'. And you need Awareness in order to 'live fully' on your World and in your Society. The Unaware Person is very reactionary and easily programmed, while the Aware Person is taking life slowly, is breathing Consciously, is 'taking in' everything about a situation before coming to a pre-packaged conclusion about it. To Live a more Conscious life will ultimately lead to more Inner Peace, and Inner Peace leads to more Happiness and when you have Inner Peace and Happiness, you are much better at Living your Life and Creating the Reality you 'want to Experience'.

You may have noticed that 'resisting' the Reality that you do not want to Experience, does not really work. Also, by 'defining' yourself by what you resist or hate, to put it another way, well that does not work either. It may work in the short term; you will get other people to gather around you and say, 'Yes, we also hate that!'. While you can gain some popularity through your 'resistance', you will not be happy, you will not Create Inner Peace, instead, you will Create something else to 'resist', because that is what you are putting out into the Universe: "I resist, therefore I am".

Your Being-ness is so much more important than you realise and when you are 'tuning in' to the Being-ness of 'everyone and everything' around you, you are off to a good start. When you recognise that whatever is being shown to you is something that also exists within yourself, then you are as close to Enlightenment as you can get. And when you make Peace with everything as it is and everyone as they are, and then you Accept, Forgive and Love them, you are a True Master. And if you are receiving this Message, then you came to Earth because you Knew you were a Master. And 'Knowing you are a Master' and 'Experiencing yourself as a Master' are two entirely different things.

Once you Experience yourself as a Master, you will never want to go back. Going back will feel terrible and you will have enough sensitivity to Know when you are Doing, Thinking or Saying something that Feels terrible. You will also care enough about how you Feel to stop yourself before you go too far down that Path. Now is a Time where Earth needs more Masters and Earth needs more Masters who do not just Know they are Masters, however, also have Experienced themselves as Masters. Once you do, you will never question again 'why you are there or what you are supposed to do', because you will realise that being a Master will attract students, students who are ready to become master's themselves and then you will live on a World that lives in Peace, Harmony, Creativity and Love.

That is the World you are Co-Creating and the World you will get to through these steps we have outlined here, not because you left all the chaos behind on the old Earth and not because you boarded a starship and went to a different Planet. You will get to that Planet you are Co-Creating because of what you do in the Peace of your own Body, in the silence of your Mind and in the comfort of your own home.

We are so very excited for Humanity at this Time because of the monumental 'leaps forward' in your Spiritual Evolution that you still have in front of you. We Know that many of you just want to get to the 'finish line' as quickly as possible, however, when it comes to Spiritual Growth and Evolution, the Joy most certainly IS in the Journey and you are Journeying up and up and up, higher and higher into a State of Consciousness that will make the one you are currently in, unrecognisable to you. That is how much you are Transforming; that is why this Shift in Consciousness is such a very 'big deal' and why so many are talking about it and anticipating it.

You all have had so many Experiences already there on Earth and you do not need to keep 'recreating' the same Experiences over and over again, unless there is something about that Experience that you want to have over and over again. Perhaps on the Soul Level you want to Forgive the Person who steals from you, or you want to respond to a situation without fear, hate or anger. Whatever your reasons were for Creating what you Created, you did it Consciously and for the purposes of Growth. Experiencing that Growth is something you can only do from the Perspective you are in right now, where you do not even recall wanting to have that Experience. And in some cases, you could not even imagine why you would want a particular Experience.

It is a Time there on Earth where Doing, Acting, Thinking and even Speaking are far less necessary components of Life than they have ever been before and the reason is that Letting Go, Surrendering, Accepting and even Forgiving 'do not require' you to 'do' anything, or even to 'say' anything in most cases. Sometimes there is Thought involved, however, the Thought comes after the Acceptance. The Thought affirms what you have already Felt within yourself. You understand at a certain point that there is no need to resist anything about your Personal Reality or the World as it is today, because that is not where your Power lies.

Your Power always lies in your Ability to Vibrate, despite conditions that make it challenging for you to be in the State of Being you want to be in. That is the Journey and that is the fun part; the fun part is the 'recognition' that you have the Power 'within' you and that you had it within you all along. Using that Power is a wonderful Feeling, a liberating one and one that many on your World have already Experienced. That means it is in your Collective Consciousness. You have access to it; there is a roadmap that someone else Created. Therefore, even though you are making this giant monumental 'leap forward' in your own Consciousness Evolution, you are not the first one to do it.

That makes it easier on you, however, it is still as satisfying as if you were the first one to do it on Earth in the entire History of Humankind on Earth. That is what we want you to realise. What we are proposing to you is far more satisfying than railing against your Life or the World as it is today in a futile attempt to Change it through Action. You have the Power within you and the Power comes from your 'full recognition' that you are not only Connected to Source, that Source is not only a Part of you, but also that You Are Source. And what could be more empowering and satisfying, than Knowing that ultimate Truth, and then 'Living your Life' accordingly?

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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