Ascension Messages

Create the New Earth by Letting Go of all Judgement

We seek to reach those who are ready to go beyond just looking for 'material gain' in the Physical Realm and from what we can Feel, we would say that we are doing a fairly good job of reaching that particular population. We will continue to work at it, even after you Shift to the 5th Density.

We are establishing a Network of Communication that is Multi-Density, that involves Beings of several Star Systems in the Galaxy, including yours. You are in fact a Part of that Network, as you receive these Messages. We believe that variety is a strength. We believe that the more seats there are at the table, the better. The more Perspectives there are, the higher the likelihood of an 'inclusive set of Ideas', processes and practices that will make existence better for everyone involved.

Therefore, we are including so many in our Network. We are being channelled by many Beings and Collectives to establish this Network where you can all Communicate through us. We are like the Oversoul of this Network. We are receiving information with you, while you are awake and asleep. We are building this Multi-Density Network at a time when the Galaxy really needs to come together.

As Humanity readies itself for Full Membership in the Galactic Federation, there are many issues that need to be addressed, including what you have endured there on Earth throughout your History, some of which other Beings in other Star Systems are responsible for. We are helping to Negotiate, helping to make the Peace between Beings and Star Systems that have not been able to 'forgive and move on'.

We Know that those of you receiving this Message are ready to 'forgive and move on' from the atrocities that Humankind has suffered, and we want you All to Know how 'important' that is, for moving you forward into the Galactic Community. We also want you to Know that we will 'always have your Highest interest at Heart'.

We are huge supporters of Humankind there on Earth and we always will be. As you learn how to 'forgive those in your past' on Earth who have harmed you, you make it easier on us and on every other Being involved in the History of Humanity on Planet Earth. We need to show examples of Humans 'forgiving' other Humans before E.T.s Feel comfortable showing themselves to you and asking you for 'your forgiveness'.

Suffice it to say, there is a lot going on and you all play your Parts by Evolving, by 'becoming' your True Selves, and you are most certainly helping us, in not only establishing this Network, but getting it to be the beautiful coming together of Beings that it can be. We want to Thank You for your 'participation' and for your continued 'efforts to forgive'.

We are very interested in the way you all Perceive yourselves in relationship to Source Energy. We understand that most people, the vast majority, were not raised in a household where it was explained to you that 'you were' an aspect of Source Energy and that the entirety of Source Energy existed within you. And since so many Humans were not given that talk early on in their lives, most of you felt alone, unworthy, and even felt that you were sinners, disappointing God with your lustful thoughts, your lies and your petty theft.

Now, here you are as adults, and you have all of that programming to undo. There are people within the New Age Community who still do not believe that they are Source Energy Beings in the flesh, Creating Experiences in order to Expand that which Source IS. Then there are many, who Know this Truth intellectually, but still believe that a certain percentage of Humanity is evil. We have news for those people. If You are an aspect of Source, then so is Everyone else. People have been throwing around the Idea that a certain percentage of Humanity are not really Human at all and that this then somehow separates them from the ones they believe to be real. They are either androids, or illusions, or some other made-up story to make it easier to separate.

One thing that we want you all to understand, is that Source is all about INCLUSION. Yes, there are differences between you and other Humans, and yes that causes conflict, but that conflict also results in the Expansion of Source. Therefore, there is 'no need' to dehumanise anyone, in fact in so doing, you are dehumanising an aspect of yourself.

Trust us when we say, that in some Past Life you have done some pretty reprehensible things, and that is what those people represent to you, so that as a Source Energy Being, you can 'forgive'. You can Feel Compassion, and you can offer Unconditional Love. You can BE Source Energy in the flesh. You can Include. You can Embrace. You can Expand.

That is the Purpose of those people existing on Earth and elsewhere who are doing such horrible things to other Humans and to animals as well, and do not forget the Planet. There are plenty of negative acts performed by Beings who have felt so separate from Source that they have resorted to these actions in order to Feel 'something' that they could not otherwise find a way to FEEL.

Each and every one of you who is receiving this Message would benefit from sitting quietly, closing your eyes and FEELING for Source Energy as that spark of Divinity that exists within ALL of us, no matter where we are, no matter what Density. We are ALL masquerading as 'something' other than Source, so that we may FEEL what it Feels like to go home again, to return to the Love that we were all born out of. And when you can walk the Earth while holding that Knowing and speak and act accordingly, then you will not even care about when Ascension is going to happen, because you will already be 'living' the best of All Worlds.

We are very pleased to announce to all of you that we see the way that you have been reaching New Levels of Consciousness through the tragedies and traumas that you have cleared, and we see you all making great progress towards that goal of becoming your Higher Selves. We want you to understand how beautiful it is for you to Awaken and to do this work that you are doing Consciously.

We talk about the different Energies that come in and how they support you. We talk about the different Helpers that you have from across the Galaxy. We talk about opening Portals that will grant you even more access to those Beings and those Energies, and none of that matters as much as the 'consistency' with which you have taken on the chore of Ascending.

Now it can, and it ultimately will be, a very beautiful experience for you all, but it will be that way because of your 'willingness to process and clear' that which no longer Serves you and that which has been weighing you down. You cannot make a leap in your Consciousness Evolution from being 3rd Density to being 5th Density in a lifetime without going through these very unpleasant Experiences of 'reliving and accessing' trauma.

When you have an irrational Fear, that is not the time for you to be harder on yourself. That is not the time for you to think of yourself as weak, not that there is ever a good time to do those things. However, during the Experience of an irrational Fear, you do have to 'turn up' the Unconditional Love and Compassion for Self, in order to make it through that Experience. You must 'allow yourself' to be irrational, in order to 'get past it'.

Of course, you also want to notice when you are not allowing yourself to go there, and instead rearranging your life to 'avoid the circumstances' that evoke that irrational Fear. That is step one.

Step one is Awareness. That is to Recognise that you are feeling fear of some sort.

Step two is being gentle with yourself to the extent that you need to be in order to get through the processing of that fear. That is to Accept how you are feeling and to Validate your feelings, by making them OK to feel that way.

Step three is a 'willingness' to Feel it all, especially when it Feels like a bottomless pit, like there is no end to the Feeling that you have tapped in to. That is to Feel the Feelings. Allow the feeling to surface.

Step four is that consistency that you need to keep going there until you have peeled away all the layers and reached the core of Who You Really Are. Then, Choose again. Hold the highest Idea of Who You Are and Live that in every now moment.

Who You Really Are underneath all those irrational fears, that anger and that sadness, is your Higher Self and you All are well on your way to Knowing yourselves as that 5th Density aspect of You. This is something we see happening every day there on Earth, and we could not be prouder of you all. You are all leading the way to the Ascension Experience for Humanity.

We have been doing our part to encourage you to seek within yourselves all that you must know intellectually, is within you. We have told you time and time again that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are All-That-Is and that All Densities and Vibrations exist within You. We will continue to point you towards that Truth and we will not be alone in this endeavour. Your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self and the entire Universe will always be co-conspiring to get you to 'go within' to find something that you have been seeking outside of yourself, in some cases, for your entire lives.

That means that when you Experience disappointment, loss, or you do not Manifest what you have sought to Manifest, you are being nudged ever so gently to that Inner World, that Realm that contains it all. We want you to Experience a taste of what we are talking about right now, because words are one thing, but Experience is so much more.

Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and before you take a very deep breath, we invite you to consider how you 'want' to Feel. And with that Intention, that Focus, taking that deep breath in, we know that you can find that Feeling. Go ahead and do it.

Now, some of you are bound to be closer to that Feeling going into this little exercise, and therefore, will have found more success. For others, it will take more than one breath, but we know that you can get to that place of Inner Bliss, Inner Love, Inner Excitement and Inner Everything. When you demonstrate to yourself that you have this Power, you become less 'attached' to what is happening out there in the Real World.

When the Real World has less of a hold over you, that is when you Know you are Free. And when you are Free, you are Free to Create. When you are 'dependent' on circumstances being a certain way, you are in bondage, even when you have everything that you want, because then you have to keep it. You have to maintain it. You have to make sure it does not run away or get stolen. We want you to Feel this Freedom because we know that it is the Path to Feeling the way that you want to Feel regardless of the circumstances of your life, and we also just want you to be happy and to live the life that you want to live.

And this is the Path to Creating that life. This is such a simple and easy-to-follow exercise that we know your Minds will doubt its effectiveness. We also know that it can be more interesting for a Mind to go out and do something to get what you want, or to Feel how you want to Feel. Therefore, you will do those things and all of the entities that we have mentioned that are co-conspiring, will notice that you do not feel satisfied and they will use that lack of satisfaction as an opportunity to nudge you back 'within', again.

We have been interested in tracking the Evolution of your Consciousness for many reasons, not the least of which, is that we Know your Evolution is a 'reflection' of our own. We understand the Interconnectedness of All Beings in the Universe, and therefore, we Know that You are Us, and that We are You. We get to see ourselves in you, in the same way that a parent sees themselves in their child.

We are very excited to witness your Evolution because it is so challenging to all of you to Grow, to move past where you have been before. It is easy to keep things the way they are in your Lives and in your Minds. It is easy to hold onto the same Perception of Reality, however, when you ask yourselves to stretch that Perception out, that is when it gets trickier. That is when you have to shake loose some of what you have been holding onto like a security blanket.

When you stretch your Physical Body, you sometimes endure the pain of that stretching, and because you are making such giant leaps forward in this Lifetime, the Evolution of your Consciousness is often painful. However, being in pain and seeing others in pain is what amplifies your Compassion and Unconditional Love. Therefore, you experience growing pains in becoming more of Who You Really Are. That is one of the main differences between the way you Experience yourselves and your Lives and the way we Experience ourselves and our Lives.

We do the best that we can to relate to your Experiences, and again, we can always find that spark, that aspect of ourselves within you. When you Feel challenged by something in your life, that is the moment when you want to 'stop everything' and 'go within' to Feel for more. Feel for more of the Divinity that exists within you. Feel for more of the strength and the Power because it is there and if you have discovered the ability to Feel our Energy as we come through these Messages, then you can Feel for the aspect of You that is Us. We guarantee you that doing so, will help you in facing whatever life is throwing at you in the moment.

We have so much to give you and we are just getting started. We are also benefiting so much from getting to Know All of You and this relationship will continue to Evolve as well.

We have so much Compassion for Humanity and for how challenging this particular Lifetime has been for you. You chose a much harder Path in your Ascension than we did in ours. Ascension in our System was like walking up a flight of stairs in comparison to what you are all enduring to ready yourselves for the Energies that will sweep you up into a 5th Density Frequency state. You are very much 'reinventing the wheel' as far as we are concerned, and we are not alone in that assessment.

This is a Universal Shift in Consciousness, and that means All Beings in All Densities are making the Shift with You, and YOU are at the core. You are at the centre of it All.

Earth is a place where you not only have to deal with the darkness that is present there, but also darkness from your Paths throughout the Galaxy. You have endured the Orion Wars; you also have had plenty of instances where E.T.s have interfered with your natural Evolutionary Process. Therefore, Humanity has really stacked the deck against itself. It is no wonder why there are so many stories about what will happen when you Ascend. It is no wonder there are so many predictions about chaos, cataclysms and massive numbers of deaths.

We want you to Know that we are working with you, who are Awakened, to make the ride easier. You would still be Ascending even if we had never intervened in any way, however, when you are 9th Density, therefore Non-Physical, there is not a lot to do. Assisting those who are still Physical is a natural and logical choice. Seeing you all as extensions of us, also makes a lot of sense. Therefore, we Know we are just helping ourselves and you must Know that we are a 'Part of You' and that listening to a 'Part of You' is a big part of your journey.

In your Evolution, you have to be 'quiet' and listen to what is going on inside of you, and the 9th Density is not out there, somewhere, far, far away in the Heavens, the 9th Density is within You, as are All Densities.

Therefore, as we offer our help, do not think for a second it is because we are looking down upon you or that we feel you must need our help to get the Ascension moving along. We just want to show you the 'easier way' to get to where you are inevitably going, and that 'easier way' is always, to Choose the Path of Love, the Path of Forgiveness, and the Path of Compassion. It is the Path of Letting Go, that gets you to the 5th Density with the greatest amount of Ease and Joy.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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