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Archetypal Unconscious Programming, Abductions, Anger, Emotions

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    I have enjoyed the updates on our Earth history and I must admit I can't remember all the different names of the ET races. I'm not rejecting it as I have had my own experiences throughout my life that have not always been easy to translate and they are definitely ET contact. I am always looking up in the sky and I do see craft that aren't the helium balloons etc along with my own experiences, why can't I remember more clearly my experiences and why are the ET's not coming directly to me since I keep asking for it?

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    On Earth today and for many thousands of years we have had a Hierarchal structure where we have delegated authority throughout this period. We have consistently perceived realities through the eyes of Hierarchy where there has always been someone, above us and someone below us, this is very important for us to understand as it is locked into our present day Human 'Mass or Collective Conscious' Awareness as well as the 'Individual Conscious' Awareness.

    This parental styled archetype is an unconscious resistance that is locking Humanity into a 'lower third density reality' on many levels and understanding this archetypal unconscious resistance is of great importance if our focus is to transcend this resistance in preparing ourselves for 5D Ascension and contact with other 5D species.

    When we have a Consciousness that is not Ego driven, there will be much more Unification between Individuals and of our Human species where ideas are communicated more readily. It is the Ego that keeps us Individualised. Indeed, it is the Ego that allows us to 'feel alone' within a highly populated world of over 7 billion Humans.

    These barriers within our Consciousness must be relinquished and healed. The barriers are both Conscious and Unconscious and can be very strong with many individuals or weaker with others. However, all Human Individuals have this fear within their Consciousness somewhere, these barriers form the resistance to change that hold us in these 'lower vibrational Frequencies'.

    Over the vast epoch of time, Humankind has been routinely observed and abducted. During these abductions many experiments and alterations have been made on a cellular level. These experiences have been very fearful particularly for early Humans in cultures and civilisations before our modern historical time. These experiences would have created great Fear in the Collective Consciousness as we evolve on our journey into sentience.

    From this early time, we have carried as a Human Race this dread or foreboding with ET contact. These contact memories usually cannot be Consciously accessed by most Human Beings, indeed, accessing this memory is very rare. However, this primitive Fear acts as a 'knee jerk' response in the Consciousness of Humanity. If we want physical contact with ET's this ancient conditioning needs to be transcended, if not, when ET's are approaching (even when our intellect desires contact), our Unconscious mind will erect a barrier between ourselves and the ET's.

    These abductions were for the purpose of information gathering, genetic experimentation and genetic alterations. Today, Humanity is experiencing similar attention from both regressive and higher density ET beings. This contact is triggering the primitive Fears within our Collective Consciousness while gathering new trauma from the present times.

    The idea of being abducted carries a high level of terror on our Unconscious level and this will require a great deal of 'Will' to confront it and heal it. Today we are having much benevolent contact with ET's and the Unconscious trauma is being triggered preventing a positive outcome for the contact. In many cases, contrary to what the Intellectual Conscious mind is desiring, at an Individual level if or when contact is entered, we enter a perpetual loop of emotional stress creating the barrier that prevents a meaningful Conscious exchange.

    As a Humanity, one of our species greatest fears is of the darkness or/and being captured. Some of these Fears relate directly to the memories of being part of the food chain. Other memories relate to the time when we were taken by so called 'superior beings'.

    In the Western style world we have lost our sense of esoteric belief and magic. Through our constant reinforced beliefs in empirical, scientific sciences have removed these components. Where as, the indigenous cultures of our planet including the Aboriginals and the native American Indians have not lost their sense of magic and mystery. They have incorporated mysticism within their lives that allows them to make more sense of their lives on their journey through to Sentience. Importantly, this provides a balance between 'thought' and 'emotion' and between 'physical' and 'non physical' realities. This balance is missing from our Western mind and that has caused us to retreat further into 'individuality'.

    Becoming Individualistic is not a positive direction within the evolutionary process, but a denial of who 'we truly are'. So part of this process on our evolutionary journey is to lessen our feeling of 'Individuality'. We must be willing to relinquish our individuality, confront our fears, and then create an entirely new construct of our Consciousness.

    As a Human species we have viewed our governments in this Hierarchy as being above us, also, guru's, clergymen, great writers and 'thinkers of their day' within this Hierarchy above us. The constant perpetuation of this 'limiting belief' within Hierarchy has allowed us to alienate ourselves from our Extraterrestrial Cousins. Today, most Humans, most of the time wishing for spiritual growth and higher density communication perceive the ET's through the eyes of Hierarchy. This perception prevents contact, spiritual growth and deepens the Unconscious trauma held in the Collective and Individual Consciousness. Please pay attention to what is being said here... If we elevate our ET cousins, regressive or progressive in nature, we are preventing our own journey forward. Our ET friends or cousins are our equals and not our saviours.

    If we use this term saviour, then it is our responsibility to save ourselves by transcending these very limiting beliefs. Similarly, the same process occurs when healing 'this lifetimes' experiences. The same process occurs throughout our childhood development creating Individuality. For example, when our mother does not come when we cry, we feel abandoned and when she does come, we feel joy for this connection again. However, the anger of feeling abandoned is never released. As we grow into adulthood, we still carry this anger and overtly or covertly express it in whatever way we can throughout the rest of our life.

    So, in the case of contact with ET's if we managed to stay Conscious during the contact, and not deny the experience, on one level we will feel some relief that the ET archetype has returned, however, on an Unconscious or Subconscious level we feel FEAR. Fear can be expressed as anger enabling us to avoid feeling the gambit of emotions from terror to the feelings of being 'out of control'. Be clear here, Anger is a valid emotion, however, it is an avoidance of feeling helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

    To heal this pain within us, we can do it right now in our daily lives. Each of us has our own pain from our own process of growing up through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. Many call this healing the 'inner child'. We do not have to go into the archetypal Human species childhood of the Collective Consciousness and/or try to heal the relationship with our ET cousins. If we go back and heal our own 'inner child' with our own relationship of our parents in this life, it will filter through into the Collective Consciousness.

    The greatest gift that you can give to Humanity is the LOVE OF SELF. If we are in denial of our own feelings and emotions in the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious levels of our mind we are avoiding feeling our pain. This then represents an UNLOVING ACT toward ourselves by not taking responsibility for how we actually feel in these compartmentalised versions of our Consciousness. As a Humanity, our Conscious mind is programmed in the aforementioned Hierarchal archetype principal whereby our Ego (non authentic self) thinks it is separate and removed from the ALL THAT IS Consciousness creating the Individualised self.

    All the emotions from our pain, suffering, struggle and hardship in life that cannot be dealt with at a Subconscious or Unconscious level is compartmentalised in our Consciousness that avoids or denies the experience. However, the emotions of these experiences that have not been integrated into our Conscious Awareness are locked into the energy matrix of our physical body. So, the healing process is quite simple – it is simply feeling the feelings that are locked away and have been designated too difficult to deal with from the previous mentioned archetypal childhood.

    Our ET cousins will not openly reach out and meet us in our full Conscious Awareness until we have transcended this parental archetypal Hierarchy and adjusted our Awareness to meet them on a common frequency. As explained above, the native Aboriginals and native American Indians have their version of mystical connection through an 'altered state' of Consciousness that we have termed 'the alpha and theta' state Frequencies. Our Ego operates on a Beta state Frequency that is a very narrow bandwidth that is highly focused and adapted for the Individuated Consciousness. Our journey is to transcend the divisions of our mind. The Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious aspects of self are all required to operate as ONE Unified Frequency band that works in cooperation and harmony on these various levels of Frequency.

    Our ET friends can get very confused with our mixed messages. Our Beta state frequency (very narrow band width, perhaps 5% of our Consciousness, logical rational mind) is saying "I welcome this contact", while our Delta state Frequency (perhaps 80% of our Unconsciousness) reflects the ancient and present archetypal programming of terror for contact and is saying "NO" to the contact evoking the feelings of terror. Our Theta state Frequency which we slip through usually very quickly falling asleep or waking up is trying to deal with unresolved childhood, adolescent and adult experiences is giving another confused message. Our Alpha state (daydreaming state) that can be very creative may be dealing with solving some 'day to day' problems and usually dealing with a totally different topic. As you can see, we are putting out a very confusing message, the loudest of which is "NO" accompanied with feelings of terror and this is the Dominant Frequency that we are actually emitting - Fear. This is what the ET has in its focus.

    There are simple tools for transformation of Consciousness that will relatively easily assist in transcending the compartmentalised aspects of our Consciousness by releasing the emotions that trap us into these Dominant low Frequency experiences. We can expand these concepts in another paper, four steps to Empowerment.

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