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Prime Universal Laws Guidance into the 5th Density

Down through the ages the Pleiadeans have brought vast amounts of Knowledge to Earth, assisting Humanity in their Evolution. All Great Wisdom and Teachings written into the Ancient Spiritual books and taught in the Mystery Schools used in the Technology of Earth, ultimately originated with the Pleiadeans. The Pleiadeans are a Highly Evolved Race of Creator Beings that possess Power and Abilities which would seem like magic in the 3rd Density to 3rd Density Humans.

The Pleiadeans achieved their advanced Level of Evolution by understanding and working with the Natural and Divine Laws of the Universe. The Pleiadeans say "First know the Laws, then work to keep them at all times". To Master the Laws of the Universe is to Master the Self and then the entire Universe. Quantum Physics is an Advanced Pleiadean Science of the understanding of the Universe and while many of the Beings of Earth understand its concepts, the 3D Version of Consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more.

Advanced Pleiadean Knowledge say "The Universe works like a giant living Computer System". All of its 'components' perform the same function as certain electronic and electrical devices, however, on a larger scale. This Universal Computer System is very Sentient and Conscious and works with All of the Information in the Universe and has 'no limitation' to its Power and Capability. The Laws of the Universe are the Programming Code that runs on this Universal Computer System. These Universal Programs work exactly like lines of Computer Codes that execute and perform specific Codes.

These Codes are always 'live' and running. However, since each Law is 'interconnected' to other Universal Laws, the Codes check to see if other certain conditions are met and/or affects the final output. As you read the Divine Laws laid out here, attempt to see how they are interrelated and dependant on each other. The Pleiadeans and other Star Races adapt these Prime Universal Laws as Guidelines for their Civilisation when they settled into the 5th Density.

Divine Law Number One: The Law of Consciousness

Consciousness is SOURCE and first Cause. All Things arise out of Consciousness. Consciousness is ALL that EXISTS and it is the Energy called the UNIVERSE.

Consciousness is Singular and is Eternal and cannot be Created or Destroyed, only Transmuted. Consciousness is Sentient Life; Consciousness is Mind and its 'movement' is Thought.

Divine Law Number Two: The Law of Relativity

All Things are 'interconnected' throughout the entire Universe by the same ONE SOURCE Energy Field. As above, So below. As within, So without. These connected Energy Fields are always moving and transmuting into and out of, Form, however, are 'never' disconnected and when the smallest Energetic movement occurs in this ONE Energetic Field it affects the entire Universal Field.

Divine Law Number Three: The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe is Vibrating at a specific Frequency. The Vibrational Frequency Creates the structure and property of a Thing. Every THING is in a perpetual state of 'movement'. THOUGHT is the first Vibrational Cause. EMOTION has the strongest Energy, potential of all Vibrations. LOVE is the fastest Universal Vibration and Fear is the slowest. The Universe is partitioned into 12 distinct Vibrational Layers and each Higher Density Vibrates faster and is less dense Energetically. Densities are not places, but different ranges of Frequencies. These Frequency ranges are Universal and Constant that do not change. Between every Density exists a 'built in' Connection, Portal, Doorway or Wormhole that allows 'movement' between Densities. These Multi-Dimensional Axis points are called Chakras. There are 12 Primary Chakras in the Universe which are also the same Chakra Portals placed all across the Earth and ultimately within the Layered Body System.

Divine Law Number Four: The Law of Rhythm and Cycles

Vibrational Frequency is an Eternal movement that has specific Rhythm. This Rhythm has a distinctive pattern of 'repetition'. These pulses establish Universal Levels and Cycles, stages of Development and Seasons. The Law of Rhythm states that Everything is like a pendulum, whenever something swings to the right, it must then swing to the left. This Rhythmic pattern is determined solely, by CONSCIOUSNESS.

Divine Law Number Five: The Law of Sovereignty

The Eternal Omni-Conscious Being that exists in this Universe is the Highest Being that Exists and is 'completely' Sovereign. The same Laws apply to ALL BEINGS. No other Being has authority over You. To be Sovereign, means to Know Who and What you Truly ARE and to BE this. A Sovereign Being, is to BE their own SOURCE and does not need a Leader, as they lead themselves in a Responsible and Honourable way, doing 'no harm'. The Sovereign Being, always operates from the Highest Vibration of Love and Consideration. A Sovereign Being has a Divine Character who not only is the King or Queen of His or Her World, but works constantly to 'improve' the quality of Life around them. The One who does not Know Oneself, cannot be Sovereign, but instead, be the subject to all manner of 'false' authorities.

Divine Law Number Six: The Law of Creation

THOUGHT is first Creation. SOUND Vibration is the second Creation and assembles the Geometric Blue-print. LIGHT is the third Creation that gives Dimension or Density. ALL is CREATION. There is 'nothing' that is not already Created. All is Created in Energetic Form and Exists there. Nature is the Highest Creation. The purpose of Creation is for the One Consciousness to KNOW ITSELF in ALL ways, Experimentally. This is what you are doing.

Divine Law Number Seven: The Law of Polarity

Polarity is in Everything and Everything exists in Duality, Everything has poles, Everything has its opposite, however, opposites are identical in their Nature and different only in degree. This Polarity is the basis for All Power Sources that exists in this Universe. You cannot Know one Polarity unless you Experience the other. For example, Up verses Down, or Love verses Fear.

Divine Law Number Eight: The Law of Space Time

The only Time that exists is NOW and the only Space that exists is HERE, HERE and NOW. Nowhere. The Past and the Future are Non-Realities and attempting to exist there, is Un-Consciousness. ALL THINGS exist at the same Time and in the same Place. Each of these Things are Vibrating at different Frequencies and may or may not be detected Physically.

Divine Law Number Nine: The Law of Attraction

Energies that Resonate at the same Frequencies are 'attracted' together in this Universe - Like attracts Like. Things that Resonate differently are opposed and naturally move away from each other. You will always attract Things to you that are a Vibrational match, with NO Exceptions. Ask yourself, what you are wanting to attract and align yourself Energetically with that.

Divine Law Number Ten: The Law of Free Will

This is a Free Will Universe, and you have the freedom to do as You Will. This is where Things get interesting, because this Law and Line of the Universal Computer Code has a 'fork' in it. You can do what you want if it comes from Love and you can do what you want if it does not come from Love. WHY, because this is a Free Will Universe, period.

Divine Law Number Eleven: The Law of Cause and Affect

Every single Action in the Universe produces an Equal and Opposite Reaction. No matter what. For every Action, there is a matching and corresponding Reaction. With No exception. Another word for Cause and Affect, is Karma. What you Give, is what you Receive, the Law of Mirrors, with No Exception and to the Law. What you do is done to you, No Exceptions, to the Law. The Law of Cause and Affect is similar to the Law of Attraction, where a Thing always attracts 'what it is' or a similar 'Thing' to itself. Nothing is random. There are No coincidences or luck. No happenstances. Every Cause has an Affect, every Affect has a Cause. Ultimately, you are the Prime Cause of ALL THINGS. This takes Time to fully understand, however, when it is understood, the Universe begins to 'bow' towards you. The Primary teaching here, is FOCUS on what ENERGY you are Giving and Receiving. Not on what the other person is doing. The Universe is dealing with it all, right this moment. Always Operate from a position of Love and only Goodness will follow you. If harm is done mistakenly, you may certainly mitigate any negative Karma, by doing only the Opposite of the mistake.

Divine Law Number Twelve: The Law of Manifestation

CONSCIOUSNESS transforms Energy into Matter. Desired Manifestation is the ultimate 'final output' produced from an 'understanding' and applying ALL of the other Divine Laws. It is the Final Line of the Universal Code that runs after ALL other Universal Computer Codes that have been executed. The neat thing here, is that You are in complete Control running this Final Line of Code, making sure the process is complete and successful. The Universe sets everything up for this Work, this way in advance and places you one hundred percent in charge of the whole Thing. The One who Conceived and Created ALL this in the Beginning surely must be a super Intelligent and Compassionate Being, since everything is already Created and already Exists in Unlimited Versions and Variations in Energetic Form.

Your Divine ability and Life Purpose is to simply 'align your Being' with what you desire Vibrationally, and it has 'no choice' but to Manifest before You. You may already be a Master Manifester and these Pleiadean Keys will help you to do this faster and with greater ease. Pleiadean Manifesting Keys as the CONSCIOUS OBSERVER, you must totally saturate your Being, Senses and Emotions with the Things you 'desire' to Manifest and you must fully Experience these Things inside you Now, because Now is the ONLY Time a Thing can Manifest and Exist. Watch for those 'synchronicities' as they are a sure sign of your Manifestation is about to appear, right before you, into the Material World.

You are the CREATOR and you have the Power to Create 'anything' using CONSCIOUS ENERGY. Be CONSCIOUS of the fact that the Quality of your Creation will depend solely on your Vibrational Frequency. Pleiadean Teachings about Frequency and Vibration, the Prime Directive about Frequency and Vibration, is that 'always' Vibrate High, this is the Goal of ALL LIFE.

Here are the Things that raise your Vibration faster than ever; Meditation, Harmonic Music tones, Art Creating, Dancing, Yoga, being in Nature and gaining deep Knowledge in many subjects. Release ALL old traumas from the Layered Body System. What you ingest is Everything. Eat Light, eat Natural and you shall be Light. Eat Light and you will turn into Light. Eat only from Mother Gaia's table each day.

We tell you that Meditation is a must each day. Breath in slowly and deeply. This is the Prana of Life. Exhale long and deep and you will 'align and repair' all of your Bodies Systems, in seconds. You must be in Nature everyday. Nature will align you and cure all that ails you. Use Crystals and Ascension Tools left behind by Ancestors to channel incoming Light into your Being. Quartz and Mono-atomic Crystals work as Crystal amplifiers to quickly raise Frequency and sustain a High Vibration. The Highest Vibration is LOVE and first, LOVE for YOURSELF. The Highest Pleiadean Teaching is to START RIGHT NOW, being one hundred percent True to Yourself and You begin to take Control over the Forces of the Universe. The Pleiadeans Teach that Light is Information and Darkness is the 'lack' of Information.

The VIRTUE of Soul Knowledge for One who Knows, is Good and Reverent and has attained Divinity. We see you ALL and you are ALL important. Thank You for ALL you are doing, we will certainly apply Energy towards your Desire to help the process towards Humanity moving into the 5th Density.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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