Ascension Messages

Take Care of your Inner Realm

We know that the changes we have seen in you are changes at your core and know that the changes occurring within the individual affect the entire Human Collective there on Earth. We are sensitive to Energy and Vibration and notice when one of you takes a positive step forward even though the effects are not immediate in your personal lives, however, we anticipate the ripple effect taking place that will impact your Society in a huge way. And the totality of what you all have been achieving as individuals has yet to be experienced by the Collective.

Your Collective Consciousness is what creates the government, the industries, the economic and educational systems and even your environment. Therefore, all the things that exist that people want to change, that are mostly outside of themselves, are changed when the individual takes a positive step forward, impacting on the entire Collective. Our desire is for you to see yourselves as being that Powerful, rather than seeing yourself as Powerful because of your wealth or positions of authority by being leaders of government or being billionaires.

You are the leader of 'your own Reality' because you are the Creator of it, as well as being the 'experiencer' of it. There is no doubt that you are more Powerful when you come together, with a common Goal, and that common Goal is to offer a Vibration. It is not to overthrow someone or something, that is not power, that is desperation. However, you are Powerful as individuals and even more powerful when you are seeking a Vibration within you, rather than posting, arguing, or trying to convince someone of your Perspective being the right one and that everyone should join you in it.

To fully realise the Power of Source Energy flowing through you, first you must allow everyone else to be where they are Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Energetically. You must Love them as they are. See them as pieces that are necessary in the giant puzzle, a puzzle of which you are all a part of, which we are All a part of. Exercise that Power by relaxing and letting go of all your resistance, tension, anger, hate and be aligned with Source.

And we know that so many of you have already been doing this, and we want you to realise the truth of 'your impact' so that you will continue choosing your Vibration and then expect to see the changes outside of you that have already been initiated inside of you. We also wish to reach the stragglers who still Feel that their resistance is where their Power lies. You are there to 'realise' that Power of Source and to 'be in that flow' and by doing this you will be living in the World that you want.

We see how beautiful Humanity can be in your desire to help one another and in your willingness to Feel for those suffering and every disaster that you experience there on Earth to see as another opportunity for the Compassion that you have within yourselves to Grow, which also presents an opportunity for you to Forgive. When you Forgive, you do so much good for yourself and others, however, when you hold onto resentment and anger, you only hurt yourself and affect everyone around you also.

When you offer Compassion there is a positive ripple effect and when you hold resentment, anger, and hate there is a negative ripple effect. Even if you think that by not telling that person that you are angry with them or hate them, you are still feeling it and it is still adding a lower Vibration to the Collective Consciousness, and therefore, affecting everyone.

Take care of your Inner Realm and take responsibility for yourself and by doing so, it affects all others. This is the fastest way to affect change there on Earth and not through words, actions or through posts. By tending to your own garden, you access what is going on inside of you and clear your lower Vibrations, replacing them with higher Vibrations, and in this way, you affect the whole of Humanity in ways that you cannot possibly see or understand.

The most important place on Earth, is you Inner Realm, therefore, prioritise to take care of the Inner Realm. It is the most important place within Source, and Source knows this. You were designed to Feel your feelings fully, so that you would notice when you are hurting yourself or others, and you were designed to Feel when you were doing something good for yourself or others. This is why it is always so important to Feel your feelings. By feeling one, you will eventually Feel them all and whether you want to or not, you will be sending out those ripples. However, when you send a ripple out on purpose, with intent, with desire, that is when you can Feel how Powerful you really are.

And you are the Changemakers, there to Create and Co-create a better Earth for everyone and not to wait for something to take you to a better Earth. Again, by spending time every day going within, you will change the World, you will Feel better and possibly need to do less with action. By needing to do less means it allows you to do more of what you want to do.

We want you to know that from our Perspective you are very productive, having produced creations that have yet to manifest in the Physical Reality because many of you are ahead of your time. You went there to Awaken first, then to patiently await the Awakening 'experiences' of the rest of Humankind. You are creating Paths to their Awakening experiences by creating 'templates' for them to learn from and creating healing modalities, courses, and books.

Those of you who are Awake, chose to have that opportunity and followed through when called to move in this direction. You are now the ones receiving downloads from the ascended masters to anchor in those Energies. You are meant to be masters, however, not in an egotistical way that separates you from anyone else. You benefit by experiencing the joy of spreading Love, Joy and Peace around the World, while others experience the joy of receiving from those who can guide them in the Physical.

You are ready for these Energies, you are ready for more Love and Light to flow through you because of the care you have taken of yourselves, your bodies, your Minds. You have all benefited from all the challenges you have faced, the lack experienced, the heartbreak suffered, and you are turning it into the wisdom of the modern-day Ascended masters, while understanding that you have all also lived lifetimes of comfort and privilege.

We know that your Spiritual Evolution will take you to the next level of your Consciousness, the 5th Density, and know that by helping you Energetically, and by giving you different ways of looking at your lives and at others, we accelerate what is a very natural phenomenon. Your Spiritual Evolution happens. It just is. However, we want to help you have the best possible experience of life there on Earth.

As we work with you and receive feedback from you, we recalibrate the Energies and make shifts in our Focus. We know that everyone there could use more a little more Patience, could have more Acceptance, and need to develop Faith and Trust. And when you have all those elements, it is like fertilizing the soil, and you have growth.

When you see 'every experience' that you have as being there to Serve You one hundred percent of the time, you also take the Evolution and the Growth opportunity that is in front of you. We encourage you to see yourselves as the ones who are 'tuned in' enough to lead the way for the rest of Humanity. The Energies sent are also about taking you out of the trap of Linear Time, away from worry and fear when it comes to focusing on time, because you may only think that you have limited time to get something done or not enough time to get something done.

We want you to understand that everything can change in a heartbeat, as it often does, by helping you release those ideas about time. Because you are frequently jumping Timelines, becoming better with more precision and you do not need to worry about Linear Time anymore. Remember, that you are there to shift and one of the ways that you shift is in 'your Perception'. Once you shift your Perception of Time, anything is possible, including the Awakening of billions of people in a very short period of your linear time. Allow that to sink in and allow yourselves to relax into this moment, the eternal now.

Many of you who are Awake know that the systems you have in place are not working for everyone, or even for most people, and you want to be a part of creating the 'new systems' that will be in place as you shift your Consciousness. We do want you to understand that as 5th Density Beings, you will not need these systems. Everyone will be able to access whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of age and without a computer internet connection.

You will be accessing your Higher Self directly. You will be instant manifestor's, therefore, you will not require an economic system, nor a need for any kind of exchange. By trying to work this out now with your limited Minds, your Minds will come up with limitations. Governments will not be needed because you will be able to govern yourselves.

Everything will flow according to Vibration, therefore, there will be Peace, not war, nor will there be trade agreements. Synchronicity will be happening as though it is the rule of the day, you will be amazed at how little 5th Density Beings require. Therefore, we suggest you Focus more on being 5th Density Beings, by grounding in 5th Density Energies, and on clearing what you need to clear from your energetic system in-order to Ascend, rather than, focusing on systems that are not working, with who needs to do what, as that is not your job.

Your job is to 'work within the Self' where all your Power lies, work within the NOW where you can offer a different Vibration from the one previously offered in that moment. It need not be any more complicated than that. Vibration will dictate 'everything' and for those ready for more contact, they will have it and those wanting to travel, will travel, regardless of where they want to go. Understand that you do not need to sort it all out Now, nor think that you must work it all out before it can happen, because you do not, and you cannot.

Look after yourselves and those around you that need the gifts you have to offer at that moment. By not worrying what others are doing, you can help raise the level of Consciousness there on the planet. Not everyone in your Reality is creating, so do not assume that they are, therefore, live a more empowered life as you continue to move forward, step by step.

We invite you to identify more as that which is Growing, Expanding, Evolving, and Ascending. In the 5th Density you will have bodies, with personalities and you will have a sense of identity, however, those characteristics are not what is Ascending. Your Soul which is your true and eternal Self is Ascending, and it is the infinite part of you that operates in the same way that we do. By feeling for it, your Soul expands, rather than focusing on what is temporary on your World.

Your journey is what matters, and you may not always be able to quantify physically, however, you can always FEEL it. Your Soul has no concern with who is in power politically, how much money you have in your bank, nor what type of home you live in, as it is all about the journey for your Soul. Therefore, do not look at what you are able to manifest or how many Spiritual gifts are manifested by you as indicators of how well you have been as a Soul, as a Being who is Ascending. There is no need to keep score.

We recommend for those that are Awake that you concern yourselves with what you can Feel, how open your Heart is, how much kindness you are giving and how many people you have smiled at today. You have so many beautiful ways that you can experience Expansion that have nothing to do with the Physical, with what is happening in your World at present. Nothing will prevent you from Ascending and no one with a negative agenda can prevent you from doing anything, however, YOU can prevent yourselves from fully experiencing and enjoying this process.

We want you to fully enjoy it and encourage you to believe in yourselves as the Non-Physical essence that you really are. Only 'pay attention' with how you are 'feeling in this moment' and not with 'keeping tabs' of how you feel in this moment, as opposed to the previous moment, nor how good you could be feeling vibrating this moment. Stay focused on what matters and everything that materializes in your World will follow.

Our Spiritual Evolution is tied to yours and we are Growing and Expanding our Consciousness to move closer to Source, and whether they know it or not, that is the goal for All Beings. Different people choose different paths, however ultimately, we are all headed in the same direction, the same place. Look at your approach to your Spirituality and whether you Feel that your Consciousness is Growing or Expanding or bringing you closer to the Source Energy Vibration that we all seek.

You must be able to Feel into the different approaches that you take to your Spirituality, to notice when one thing is working, and another is not. Your sensitivity serves you in this way, which is why 'feeling your emotions' is always a good idea for you to do. We suggest you pay closer attention to your Thoughts, Words, Actions throughout the day and look to see what is habitual about you and your life.

Ask yourselves whether what you are doing is working for you, is it taking you where you want to go or are you doing it because you think it is what you are supposed to do. Also there will be Spiritual approaches that you are 'stuck' in, that you need to know about, in-order to change them. You need to know that by thinking the same thoughts over and over again, holds you in that same Vibration. That means that it is time to make a change, to alter your Vibration so that you can attract 'better feeling thoughts' to you. You must also catch yourself before you go down a train of thought that you know will not take you to a 'good feeling' place, that will not take you anywhere.

Sometimes by changing even the smallest actions can make a huge difference in your lives and in how you Feel. Reconsider your practices, are they too rigid and are you too rigid about the things you think you must do in a day. Always 'pay attention' to how you Feel when talking to other people. You will be able to tell by how you Feel whether what you said was helpful or not. You will be able to Feel the discord as you start to talk about a topic and that is the time to catch yourselves. Spiritual Growth and Evolution is all about looking at yourselves and when you do, your progress will be made in huge leaps in a very short time.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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