Ascension Messages

Self Love and Self Forgiveness

We have been observing Humanity for a very long time and although it can be challenging there for you, we want you to know that every single bit of your life has been orchestrated to give you the greatest opportunities to Grow. And we want you to know that you Grow when you choose Love. We know that there is much talk in the World regards who the oppressors are and what they are doing.

We want you to understand that 'all oppressors' give you All an opportunity to Be Love in the face of their oppression. In-order for you to move to the next level, what is required is for their malevolence to be met with beams of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. Because the more you fight, the more oppressors will rise-up to be fought. The more you Love, Forgive, and have Compassion for them, the more of them 'will change'.

When you lay down your sword and offer yourself up as a Being of Love, they will change, to reflect the change in you. You make that monumental change within you, that changes everything outside of you. When You change Yourself, you change everything, including the number of people being oppressed in your Reality, so there is no need to wonder what will happen to the innocents if you do not fight.

YOU must change, if you really want to free those who are enslaved, because YOU are creating ALL of this. By you creating it, you give yourselves the greatest number of opportunities to Grow, Evolve and to become who and what you really are - unconditional Love.

To Be of Service to as many people as possible, including all who are oppressed, then all that is required is for you to Be Love. When you see someone spouting hatred, bigotry, and racism with all kinds of agendas to separate people from one another, you must respond to that person with Love, because they will not just go away by you pointing out all their flaws and the awful things they have ever said and done. Pointing out their flaws does not make them go away, instead, there are more of them, they are louder, and they get more people voting for them, following them on social media.

Therefore, for you to reach the next level, YOU must be the ones to say, "I will Be the Love in the face of this hate. I will Choose Love, over fear. I will radiate Love to everyone, no matter who they are, what they have done, what they believe, and what they continue to say." You will have then solved the puzzle and triumphed over evil, by loving evil, by loving the evil ones. And what is evil is defined differently by different people, however, if you are defining something as evil, then that is your work that you have given yourself.

Sometimes it is YOU that you need to Forgive. Sometimes YOU are the one who needs the most Love from YOU. Be honest with yourselves about how you really Feel about YOU, about what you have done and who you have been, because that is the only way you will ever reach that place of Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness. Once you give yourself that Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness, you are more likely to give it to others and when you give it to others, you are more likely to give it to your Self.

Remember, that you are always 'helping yourself' whenever you offer Love to someone else, someone who may need that Love, and that it has a domino effect. By deciding that 'you will Love' that person who triggers you the next time you see that person, you will affect the totality of the Human Collective. You will Be Love in the face of whatever they are offering, and you will raise yourself to the next level.

We are aware of the hurt that many people carry within themselves, and this hurt becomes resentment, anger and hate for the person, or people responsible for whatever it is that is hurting the person in question. This leads to all sorts of problems in an individual's life, and those problems manifest in a variety of ways. You can experience health, financial, or relationship issues, and some people experience all the above, and all these problems stem from that 'initial Feeling' of being hurt by someone else and not being able to reach the Love that is at the core of each and every one of Us.

When you fall in Love with someone else, you can Feel the Love at your core and you can get together and agree to partner up with that person, however, eventually the hurt that normally obscures that Love, will return, and it will return to be explored within that relationship. The way to heal from those wounds of being hurt by others, that you accumulate within you over years, or even decades, is if you can recognise through your Spiritual Awakening that 'you planned' to be hurt by that other person or by those people. And you can reach a place of Acceptance, when you can recognise that it was an agreement, and a contract involved that you signed.

If you can Accept what happened, how you Feel about it and all the repercussions from it, then you can come to a place of Forgiveness. When you Forgive others for what they did or said to you, you release so much in that moment that prevents you from being the Love that you truly are at all times. Many of you who are Awake still hold onto your resentment, anger, and judgment of those who have hurt you and those who hurt others.

Therefore, we understand that you need reminders to tell you that everything you have experienced, especially in the early part of your life, was planned. YOU orchestrated it with all the others who were involved, to give you a certain experience. Those experiences are necessary for 'everyone' to come to their own decision that 'they do want to release' that which is heavy and dense, and that which has been holding them back.

In-order for you to Accept and to Forgive, first you must have an offense and that can be very hard for a person to come to recognise. It is difficult to remember your Blueprint and set-up for this life, therefore, you must take the word of Beings and Collectives like us, who tell you that everything that happened to you was by agreement, and you were part of that agreement. Once that does sinks in, you then have a choice about whether you are going to continue to see yourself as a Victim, or whether you can Accept yourself as a Co-Creator. When you are a Co-Creator, you can Forgive yourself and everyone else involved in the Co-Creation that resulted in you carrying that hurt or many hurts, for so long within you.

Forgiveness is freeing and liberating, and it allows you to start anew in your life. Imagine what you can become when you 'start afresh without' all the trauma and all those wounds. Imagine how much Love you can access and how much of that Love you can spread around. Just know that you are accessing your true Power when you do. You are then placing yourself in a position where you can Create such a beautiful life for yourself and all others who are a part of your life.

This is what we desire for all of you, and it is why we give you this reminder of the Power of Forgiveness and the Truth of Who You Are as Eternal and Infinite Beings who existed before this incarnation and who will continue to exist forever and ever more. Only very powerful Beings would ever agree to be as vulnerable as you are and to allow yourselves to be victims of abuse of any kind. It is time to claim your Power, and that is, by Letting Go and Forgiving all who have hurt you until this point in your life, that you can claim your Power. Imagine just what you can Be and Create once you do.

We know that you chose very challenging Paths for yourselves in this lifetime of Ascension. You could not help but face these challenges at a time when the entire Multiverse is Ascending, because everything must come up from inside of you and from the shadows. You are all being given a chance to look inside of yourselves, and many of you have started that process by looking outside of yourselves. By seeing the corruption in others, institutions, and systems that you once placed your Trust in, you have uncovered something that exists as a part of the Human experience. If it is out there, then it is also inside of you.

You like it when we tell you that everything out there that you desire is also inside of you, giving you a warm, comforting feeling inside you, however, when we tell you that which is dark, negative, and oppressive is also inside of you if it is out there, it does not go down well. We ALL live in a Holographic Universe. There is no separation, and every Part contains the Whole. Therefore, we remind you again, it does no Human any good to simply point a finger at those people, organizations, systems, and institutions that are doing harm on purpose.

Every single person who becomes Aware of that darkness must Acknowledge that the darkness exists 'within them' as well, and that it is coming up and triggering that person because there is some healing and some Forgiveness that is needed within that individual. You cannot just lock them all up and be done with it, because the Consciousness that created those circumstances will still exist. You are there to elevate the level of Consciousness there on Earth, and all that, begins by doing it within yourself. You are the 'point' from which 'everything' is being Created and Experienced. Therefore, it must be up to YOU to change, and when you see something out there that you do not like, then turn it around onto yourself and ask yourself how you can do better, how you can become more of Who You Really Are as a Being of unconditional Love.

The way to show up in the World as Love when so much out there is vying for your attention that is not of Love, is to Forgive the others, especially those who never received any Love from anyone else in their lives. Just imagine what that must be like. Remember, all those people and institutions have the volume of Love turned down, to such an extent, that they appear not to be the Love that they truly are. You all know that you also can do that from time to time, and at times something can get to you to such an extent that you are not your best Self or your most Loving Self in all situations. Knowing this does make it easier for you to Forgive others.

It is easy to cultivate the Love that is inside of you in every moment, by simply turning your Consciousness inward and find the Love that you truly are in your Heart-space, breath into it, magnify it and fill your whole body with it. Then fill your Energy Field with it, and then you go out into the world as Love.

We highly recommend that you start your day doing that and to periodically remind yourself throughout your day that you are there to Be Love and that the Love that you are, always exists inside of you. It is only moments away from being active within you, with you always having the Power, to activate it. Again, you do not have to wait until someone extremely lovable comes along to Be Love.

We know you can do this because we see more and more people doing it all the time, and we get excited every time we see someone Choosing Love. Choosing Love is the answer, it is what We All Are and what is needed more than anything else on Earth right now.

We appreciate you looking up to us, and we see that you like recognising that you are not separate from those like us in the Higher Realms. We also want you to consider that you are also very connected to the plant and animal life on your World. We are infusing our Light and Love into those other kingdoms there on Earth, therefore, we want you to Feel connected to the soil of your planet.

We encourage you to go outside and commune with nature, because we know it is operating most of the time at a higher Vibration than most of you. We are offering those Energies all the time to the plant, animal and mineral Kingdoms who are very receptive to higher Frequency Energies. Understand, that you do have the capacity to raise your Vibration very high and to what you can connect to in the Non-Physical. However, you tend to complicate things at times because of your complex Minds.

However, once you uncomplicate it and start Focusing on 'receiving' from what is all around, above and within you, that is when you start to get a glimpse of what it is like to be One with All, to be in a state of Enlightenment. We will continue to use the planet as a means of anchoring in our higher Frequency streams of Consciousness for all of you in Human Physical Bodies.

It is because the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are so uncomplicated that it is easier for you to connect with them. And they are able to 'receive' so well what you are All being offered, because they decided to incarnate with less complex Minds. We also invite you to slow down and un-complicate yourselves and your lives as best you can.

It may seem far less exciting and far less interesting to someone who has been staring at a screen all day, to go outside and connect to a flower, tree or animal, however, once you get grounded into your bodies, you can feel the shifts that occur within you when you connect to these beautiful Beings. You will know that everything you need is contained 'in that moment' where you are Present and at One with another Consciousness, another Being, another aspect of Source Energy, that is there sharing their Light with you.

The rocks, soil, sand, and crystals also fall into that category of the mineral kingdom, which is why when you are Awake Spiritually you like to surround yourselves with crystals, realising that they too contain lots of Energy and a Higher Consciousness. As you move forward, you will be able to access more, find more Peace, Love and Harmony within yourselves.

We will continue to send you our Light and Love directly and we will see more of you 'opening up' to Us, as we know that you like to connect to Higher Consciousness, Physical or Non-Physical Beings. We also want you to recognise that you are surrounded by Beings there on Earth who have already connected to Higher Consciousness and E.T. Beings and that you benefit by their presence in your lives so much.

Another way forward is with laughter. There is a lot of laughter, or our form of it, in the Non-Physical, that we discovered once we Ascended into the Non-Physical. You can also look forward to experience so much Joy as you continue with your Ascension, therefore, please recognise that your Ascension does not have to be serious business from where you are right now. Your Ascension can be fun, playful, full of joy, laughter, and excitement about what is to come.

All the serious things happening on Earth that may get your attention from time to time, that you cannot avoid hearing or reading, we suggest that by seeking the light-hearted approach, you will find yourself then 'becoming a match' to lighter and better feeling news. You will find yourself aligning with a Reality where there is less darkness to shine a light on.

Remember, that you are Vibrating all the time and what you Vibrate will determine what you experience. By looking for ways to have fun, making light of your situation and your challenges, you will bring people to you who also want to take that Path. For there are many who do want Spirituality to be less serious and more fun that you can choose to listen to, rather than to follow someone who is consistently giving gloomy reports, just for you to stay informed and feel protected.

It is your Vibration that is the only thing you ever need protection from, and you have complete control over that. Once you recognise that you have complete control over your own Vibration, you can move towards the Light, to that higher Vibrational State. Many of you know how, however, some of you are still remembering how and that is a process worth giving your attention to. You can learn much from watching Children at play, they want to have fun and to laugh, they find a way to make something into a game or a toy and they have no interest in staying informed.

One of the best sounds you can possibly experience on Earth is when you hear a child laughing. They are there to teach you, just as we are, and their teachings are about how to take the lighter, more joyous Path through life, therefore, join them in their frivolity and carefree nature. This is a Path that you are creating, and you can create the Path with Joy.

As soon as decide to be more light-hearted, have more fun, laugh more, you can also expect more Joy and joyous experiences, and more joyful people to come into your life. You will always have that option of creating more opportunities to experience yourself as a Light-hearted Being of Joy, Love and Laughter.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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