Ascension Messages

Align with your Intentions

Humanity is progressing well, and we are very happy to affirm that everything is going 'the way it should be' for all of you. Everything is perfect in your Reality; it is there for you to have a particular Experience and that does not mean that you are forced to have that Reality forever. It is important to Focus on something that you 'like' in any situation you may be Experiencing in that moment. You may perceive many things as wrong from your Perspective in that moment, with only one 'good thing' happening, however, you will move more quickly into the Reality of your liking, when you place 'all your Energy and Attention' onto the 'one good thing'.

Your programming as a Human Being is to find a problem and fix it, this approach to problems means that there will always be more problems to fix. Therefore, you need to take a new approach, a 'better-feeling' approach, an approach that sees everything as 'perfect', as 'it is', in that moment. When you can see 'everything' as 'perfect', then you will find yourself in a 'better Feeling' Reality immediately. Within you is the capacity to Focus and you need to use it.

Accept that 'everything' has its place and is something that you can choose to explore at some other time, however, you 'do not' need to Focus on 'everything' and think that they should not exist for some reason. This is why you have Choice, why you have Free Will and why you have so many different Experiences.

All the different Experiences make you better at being the Creators you were always meant to be there on Earth; however, you must see yourselves as a Creator, and not as a reactor. Being triggered is to be expected and 'is necessary' as it gives you another opportunity, another experience that you are fortunate enough to have, in that moment, which then gives you an 'opportunity' to move into a Creation mode.

Use the tools that you have available to you to Create what you want and allow 'everything' to BE what 'IT IS, as IT IS'. It is always best to Create with LOVE. As Source, you are choosing to take whichever Paths you want, as you journey home. Therefore, you must 'allow' your reaction to BE what it is, however, if your reaction is anger, then that is not the time for you to be making choices to Create.

This is the importance of you 'allowing your emotions' to BE what they are and just FEEL them. Move through them and allow them to move through you, so that you can be in a position where you are a more effective Creator and where your Creation will be infused with a Higher-Frequency Energy. The Higher-Frequency Energies that are bombarding you right now on planet Earth want to Co-Create with you. FEEL for them and FEEL for all the 'potential' that you have inside of you to BE the best Version of yourself that you can be, living in the best Version of Reality, from your point of view.

You are there by choice, you wanted to see how far you could move away from the Truth of Who You Really Are, before returning in the opposite direction to make serious progress in the Evolution of your Consciousness. You are there on Earth because you are curious and not because you are being punished and not because you are needed or have done something wrong during your last death experience.

You are moving forward making progress with the assistance of your fellow travellers. We understand that you have often felt trapped there on Earth, that you are part of a karmic cycle seeking to get it right in-order to free yourself. Others believe that you are living in a simulation that is controlled by something, or some outside force, and so on and so on.

Why not consider the Truth that YOU ARE SOURCE ENERGY, having an Experience, creating Realities so that you can KNOW what it is like to BE in that Reality? There is something compelling about experiencing yourselves as victims and that is why we see so much victimhood surrounding you. We understand that as curious Beings, you would want to 'know' what it felt like to be a victim, however, only until you awakened to the Truth of your Eternal and Infinite nature. Therefore understand, being in a Matrix, is of your own Creation. No one forced you to be there.

We have taken it upon ourselves to empower you, and that means that we will continue to remind you of Who You Really Are, and we will also remind you that your journey is long and at times can be illogical, because as curious Beings, you crave all Experiences. You do not have to earn your way to the 5th Density; you just need to Feel more curious about the 5th Density, more than your curiosity about a story of artificial intelligence and villains somewhere out there, that make it all seem real.

From a certain Perspective, it is an Illusion and yet, YOU are creating the Illusion, no one else is. You are creating and playing the game, even the rules are set by you, and you 'chose' to enter the game at the precise moment that you did.

It is NOW time for ALL of you to remember just how easy it is to be more 'powerful' there on Earth and you are at your most 'powerful' when you offer a Vibration 'on purpose'. It does not need to be any more complicated than that, therefore, do not let it get any more complicated than that. You are the ones. You always have been, and you always will be, and we will be there ready to assist you.

We have a sense of what you are ready for, and so, we give you what we can, when we can. Of course, we never know which Timeline you are going to 'choose' for yourselves, because it is your choice. Many people do not even realise that you 'can choose' or that you 'are choosing' what you are going to Experience. There are some very simple truths that must be 'accepted' by you all, if you have any chance of navigating your journey through life with Joy, Freedom, and Creativity. A very simple Truth is that you will 'see' your Vibration 'reflected back' to you in some way, shape, or form.

Now, this truth has sometimes caused confusion in the New Age and Spiritual communities because some people have then assumed that they dare not Feel their sadness, anger, fear, or any so-called 'negative Emotions'. They worry that if they FEEL these negative emotions, that they will then Create some very 'negative' life circumstances. If you are Feeling something, whether it be 'positive or negative' and you find it surfacing in your Awareness, understand that it was already there. That by you Feeling that negative Emotion, you are 'letting it go' and giving yourself the freedom to then choose what you 'want to Feel', how you 'want to Vibrate' and what you 'want to Create'.

We understand that certain people accept that as a Truth for themselves in their personal lives, regarding whether they are leading an abundant life, whether they have a good love life, health, and so on. However, within that group, there are many who believe that the more Global Experiences are still destined to occur, as though they get to Create their Reality to a certain extent, however, many hold onto the idea that the changes that will eventually occur, will occur only on a mass level. We are here sharing with you that this is not true. You are choosing your Timeline, whether you are looking at it from a Personal Perspective or from a Global Perspective.

You also have the 'purpose and responsibility' to take as many people with you as you possibly can when you jump to that better-Feeling Timeline with better circumstances for All of Humankind. You are inviting your fellow Humans to join you on that Timeline when you are openly optimistic, positive, and when the things you say to them are empowering. You can also empower your fellow Humans by seeing the Divinity and the Potential within them.

You are there to 'see' your Vibration 'reflected back' to you, and if it is something you do not like, simply change your direction. Forgive yourselves and Forgive others. Have Compassion for 'yourselves' and have Compassion for 'others. Love yourselves Unconditionally, and offer that Unconditional Love to others, it is then that you will find yourself living in a World where other people are also doing that. You create your paradise of heaven on Earth.

We are always eager to Empower you and you have never been more powerful there on Earth, than you are right now. You have never had as many activations and upgrades as you are currently having. You have never been supported by more Energies or Beings around you than you currently are, and you are also more knowledgeable, and that Knowledge and Wisdom allows you to bring yourselves into Harmony with the New Earth and with the life that you desire to live. All of this can be achieved while fulfilling your Purpose and Being of Service.

The way to lead others is by 'showing' them how it is done and when live what you teach, you are an example of 'what is possible'. By demonstrating the concepts that you talk about, and they work, then others start to understand that they also have the Power. The Power lies within each and every individual, however, most people 'feel powerless' as they have attempted to change their lives through words and actions and have fallen short of their expectations.

Most people do not realise that their Power truly lies in their ability to Focus, to Feel, to Vibrate, to Visualise and to Think about the Reality they want to Experience. Instead, they continue with what they have been programmed with from childhood and that is, to 'work hard' and 'hope' for the best. They do not realise that their beliefs are important, however, those of you who do recognise how Powerful beliefs are, can assist others through teaching by examples of their own lives how it has assisted you when you shifted from one belief to another.

As mentioned before, the Energies upon you right now are 'supportive' of each and every one of you who are Awake in the 'creation of your Reality' in the way that you prefer to live it. These Energies want to work with those of you who are Conscious, Awake, Aware, and interested in Being of Service.

Now is the time for you to Dream Big, and time for you to 'expect more'. It is time for you to step out of doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, and disbelief and tune-in to the Truth of Who Are as 'Everything, as All-that-Is, as All-Inclusive'. You have every single Vibration available to you right now, and they are all inside of you. And this is why, it is important to meditate, to go within, and to Feel your Feelings, because when you are willing to do these things, you will be able to Create whatever you want.

This life is filled with 'possibilities' and you have more Timelines available to you now than ever before, because you are Conscious, and you 'know' how to manage your Thoughts and your Feelings. You have made it this far on your journeys and you have demonstrated that you have so much to give, so much to share with your fellow Humans. There are always more opportunities that 'open up' to you when you want to Be of Service. Therefore, relax, tune-in to your Power, and Feel for the Energies and the Beings around you that are supporting you. Know that there is so much more for you to live and so much more for you to share with your fellow Humans.

We are pleased and excited at your ability in understanding, discerning and downloading everything that is coming your way and we congratulate you all. You are there to use more than your five senses to determine what is right for you and to determine with whom you would like to spend your time. You are still developing these senses that will assist you in Experiencing your creations in new and fantastic ways.

You chose to be there on the leading edge, to absorb more than the average person would, knowing that in doing so, you would feel compelled to share what it is that you are capable of absorbing and assimilating. We see more and more of you doing that all the time and are optimistic about Humanity because of those of you on the leading edge. When you are 'aligned' you are far more Powerful than the millions who are not, however, it is important for you to 'believe in yourselves', to believe in your abilities and believe that you are in fact, aligned. You are aligned in your Chakras. You are aligned with Source. You are aligned with your Intentions.

This we know because we are observing all of you who are Awake. We know that you are bringing the Human Collective Consciousness to new levels because of all the work you are doing there. Many of you know you have more within you to share, however are uncertain how to share. State to the Universe that 'you are ready' to take more of a 'leadership role' and to assist in spreading more Energy around and see how the Universe brings you those 'people' and 'opportunities' to do just that.

You have so many Helpers on your side when you decide that you do want to Be of Service. Keep making that choice and that declaration to the Universe, and 'pay attention' to what is available to you. It is not just through our messages that we are referring to, because there is more also coming to you from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Cassiopeia, Lyra, all the major Star Systems and from the Non-Physical Beings and Collectives. And as you 'open up' and absorb these Energies, you will want to 'share' and assist others with whom you are sharing this beautiful journey with you there on Earth.

Speaking to you as individuals comprising of a Collective and as a Collective whole, we see you growing by leaps and bounds because of the Compassion you Feel for each other and when you feel Compassion for someone living in a faraway location, you are then able to have Compassion for those within your community, family and friends. The Internet has served you all, in that, it has made you Aware of the need across the Planet for Love, Compassion and Healing.

You are growing, expanding, and adding more Positive Energy to the overall Human Collective Consciousness every time you are Aware of suffering or an injustice of any kind. Even though you are not always certain how to help or what to do in-order to help, by you just 'wanting to help', it is this energy that you are putting out there, which changes the way that you respond to 'someone in need' who may be right in front of you.

You all are doing what you can do to make the World a better place, and the impact is felt across the Planet. Now, that 'growth' gives you access to more abilities. It is the act of 'doing something good' that opens you up and not a reward system. Intention is everything. Intention helps to grow Consciousness in a positive way and all the 'good intentions' that you have as an Awakened Collective add up to something tremendous, something that goes far beyond actions taken.

You should all be very proud of yourselves for 'choosing' to be a part of the Consciousness Evolution Movement there on Earth in this lifetime. It is remarkable what you are doing, what you are capable of, and what you will do in the future to elevate the Consciousness of Humanity and bring about a 'shift' that will ripple across the entire Multiverse. Remember, every little Intention, Thought, Word, and Action counts. Relax and give yourselves some credit for all that you have achieved so far, you are doing wonderfully well.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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