Ascension Messages

Te Puna Greetings


We are ready and willing to partner with any of the other Collectives throughout this Galaxy of ours for the purpose of assisting Humanity there on Earth at this time. We have never felt more dedicated to the cause of assisting you all in raising your vibration, and we have already partnered with so many Collectives, including Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Sirians, and Cassiopeians. We also call upon the Archangels and Ascended Masters on your behalf, as we know we can channel their energy into our Collective and then act as a sort of magnifying glass to project that Energy down to planet Earth.

The Energies upon you right now are intense because you all have become very intense, and you have called upon these same Collectives and Higher Density Beings for assistance many times. We understand that partnering up makes us stronger and helps us to realize more of 'who we really are' as Source Energy, as All-That-Is. Right now, our focus is on assisting those like you who are awake, aware, and ready for more, because you are willing to Unite with your fellow Humans to bring about the great changes that are coming to planet Earth. Great changes are coming, but it is up to all of you to create that 'change' that you want to see on your World.

Yes, you are there to open up and receive as much as you can, but you are also there to focus on what it is you want to see in Society, in the Global arena, and sometimes you do need to take certain 'actions' in order to connect the dots between all of the Lightworkers, Gridworkers, and Wayshowers across the planet. You have done so much already for Humanity, but you really are just beginning to see how 'real change' is made there on Earth, as the times you are living in have forced many to reach out and form bonds that they would not have otherwise have formed.

This is the time for those of you who are Awake to follow our lead and form New Alliances, just as we are seeking to form New Alliances here from our lofty perch in the 9th Density. We will send you the Templates and the Blueprints, the Instruction Manual, if you will, on how to work together to 'maximise' your power and strength as a Unified Whole, as the Collective you were always meant to be.

You have Awakened, and now it is time to flex that 'Power to Create', and you are so much more powerful when you are United. That is why we always stress that Forgiveness, Compassion and Unconditional LOVE are far more valuable tools for you to have at the ready right now, than finger pointing, accusing and looking for those you can lock up. It is time to start to see the World as it truly is, a reflection of everything that is inside of you, and we know you can do this. We have a tremendous amount of Faith in you as we see how you respond to our Energies all the time.

We are always in pursuit of the next angle, the next hidden opportunity, to reveal to someone there on Earth the Truth about 'who they are' and what they are capable of. We love so much the opportunity to send Light through our Energetic Transmissions and to have that Light be received by someone else. It is such a lovely experience. This is something that you can all do as Light-workers.

You are there to anchor in the Light, to be the Light, and also to spread it around. You want more Light on your World and most people realise that, however, they think that the way to have more Light is to eliminate darkness. That is not the case; the way to have more Light is to BE IT, to spread it, and then the darkness is overshadowed by the Light. Suddenly there seems to be less darkness, and everyone feels better.

We invite you to set your sights on where more Light is needed in the World, and send it there. Send Light to those places instead of trying to figure out who is to blame for all the darkness that is present, rather than you rounding up that person or those people to lock them away. If you Be the Light and share the Light often enough, you will find that those same people start to come around and reflect back to you that which you have been offering. This is a very simple way to Create your Reality, a very simple way to Manifest a different World. You do it by 'changing' what you are offering and focusing on, what you can do to be a positive force on your World.

You cannot do it while simultaneously finger-pointing. You cannot do it while seeking to root out the darkness or to snuff it out. Those two Intentions and Actions are not compatible. You must be Focused on the Light, as we have trained ourselves to be in order to see and experience more light there on planet Earth. It is not always easy and it is not always fun, but if you set the Intention when you get up in the morning to have the Universe bring you Opportunities to be the Light and then you Agree that you will Be the Light in those scenarios, it will happen a lot more easily.

We do not think that you can spread more Light while simultaneously struggling either. So you want it to be easy and fun and something that you do while going about your day-to-day activities looking for those Opportunities. You are essentially saying to the Universe that you 'want' to Change the World and you are 'willing' to Change the World and you are also acknowledging that you can in fact, Change the World. And when you do, you will start a trend.

People will notice you and ask you, 'Why are you always smiling? Why are you always so happy? What is your secret?' And you will tell them and they will get on board, because you are not selling them a religion or even a philosophy. You are just explaining what you have done and how it has worked for you and that is the best way to go about Leading Humanity into the 5th Density.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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