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September brings Release & Balance of cross-connecting Lifetime traumas

We are so very impressed by the way you All have handled the Energies of August and we are very excited to see what you will do with the Energies of September, a month that includes an Equinox, a Balancing of the scales. Many individuals on your World have felt 'out of Balance' in some way for quite some time and more importantly, many Individuals have been 'triggered to specific traumas' in 'previous lifetimes' that they are cross-connecting to, however, are also unaware of the fact that they are accessing those 'past life traumas'. That is where the September Energies come in to play.

You all need some 'soothing', an Energetic bath to 'cleanse' you and to assist you to 'release' those blocked Energies, those traumas, those Emotions you either 'could not' or 'would not' FEEL in those previous Lifetimes. Therefore, the Energies of September will be supportive of the 'final release', the final 'Letting Go' of the heaviness of those traumas, so that you 'can' move into the December Solstice, clear, open, and ready to 'receive' the next Download of Energies that will take you into 2022.

This has not been an easy year there on Planet Earth, because so many have felt disappointed for one reason or another and that disappointment is not just about their own Experiences and Lives. People have been disappointed in other people, and this has created a 'chain reaction' that has taken you back in a sense to Atlantean times. In Atlantis many of the Humans could see the folly of the ways of their fellow Atlanteans but could do nothing to stop what was already occurring. Many felt powerless to put a stop to what was the decline of Atlantis that would ultimately result in its destruction.

So many people on Earth right now, Feel that way for a variety of reasons and so those Atlantean traumas are just some of the ones that people are cross-connecting to and needing to 'release and heal' once and for all. The September Energies will do more than just Balance you; they will also support you, help you to Cleanse and Heal so that you can move on from the weight of past life traumas that you are holding in your Root Chakras and you will be able to 'relax' when you open yourselves up to these Energies.

You will also be able to Feel your Emotions more clearly and 'Choose' which ones you want to Feel, which is something that many people on your World have yet to Experience in this Lifetime. It is 'huge' to be able to CHOOSE how you want to FEEL, instead of walking around and just being 'triggered' over and over again. We want this for YOU and we Know that you want it for yourselves, so we are happy to participate in the delivery of the September Energies and we Know that those of you who are 'sensitive' and are 'open' will be catapulting yourselves Forward, as a result of what you are about to 'receive'.

We are very active at all times with our Projections of Energies because we Know how important it is for us to 'Feel' as though we are contributing to the betterment of the entire Universe. We have so much Love and admiration for those of you who are having a more challenging time in existence and seeing you suffering and struggling Expands our ability to Feel Compassion and to offer Love. We do not feel burdened by this, nor do we feel responsible for you, however, we do want to help. We do not help out of a sense of guilt, because we Know that we have just chosen a different 'path' for our existence at this time.

We also Know that someday WE will be in your shoes and YOU will be in our Non-Physical ones, helping us. We do what we do, because we are 'sensitive' and because we 'Know' how we 'want to Feel'. We Know that there is always 'something' that we can do about 'how we Feel', whereas Humans do not always have that same Knowing. Either that, or the Humans we have observed, often Choosing to 'escape' what they have been Feeling in order to 'Feel better', however, this is not the Path that you want to take.

All Paths lead back to SOURCE ultimately, therefore, it does not matter what you do or do not do and there is no judgment. However, if you 'really' want to 'Feel better', then what you DO, must be your 'inner-work'. It must be something you are doing 'within' yourselves. Those of you in Physical bodies who are 'sensitive' have the toughest time existing there on Earth during this Transitional period, because 'everything' has to surface for you, and when it does, you Feel it, and you Feel it strongly.

When we witness you in those moments, we do Feel you tugging at our Compassion. We do Feel ourselves Expanding as well, as we Know that our Expansion always helps you. We also Know that your Expansion helps us, and we Love Experiencing your Expansion for a variety of reasons. You are succeeding; you are doing and getting better all the time and we can inform you of that because we Feel your progress. We do not just look at your progress in terms of what 'actions' were taken on Earth in a given moment. We FEEL for your Expansion and your Expansion is 'constant'.

Those of you who are 'sensitive' also have the best chance of taking the Expansion that is available to you in 'every moment' of your lives. When you want help with that, you Know you can call out to us, you Know that we will be there for you, because of all that we have just given you and because we have nothing else to do. But really, it is because we Love to help you, we Love to witness you Growing, Evolving, and Ascending, which is what you are doing 'all the time'.

We have been witnessing the struggle that Humanity has endured with being oppressed and we understand why so many of you are angry about this oppression. We understand why you are angry with government officials, cabals, and negatively oriented Extra-Terrestrials and we Feel Compassion for you for what you have endured there on Earth. We do believe, however, that we can help to alleviate some of the suffering that you have Experienced by reminding you that 'You are very Powerful Beings' and that 'You DO Create your own Reality'.

Therefore, all of the oppression that you have Experienced has been necessary to give you the 3rd and 4th Density Experiences that you have been able to have there on Earth. Were it not for the oppression, you would have moved through the 3rd Density very fast, and many of you would have 'shifted' to the 5th Density before the rest of Humanity was ready. We saw this happen with the Mayans, for example, where many of the Mayans Ascended because they were simply ready to. Now if this had continued on Earth, you would have had Civilisation after Civilisation Ascending, and those who were not so fortunate to have 'chosen' to incarnate into an Advanced Civilisation, would have endured even more suffering and even more oppression.

Therefore, those of you who have been holding the 'space' for All of Humanity and holding the 'Higher Vibration' that you do for your Collective, have Created a 'Balance' there and that Balance was necessary to give All of you, the numerous Experiences that you wanted to have before 'shifting'. Remember, that everything is a CHOICE on some level. Just because you do not remember making the Choice to incarnate there and be oppressed, does not make it any less of a Choice. Now that most of you who are Awake have also become Aware of your oppressors, you Feel a great deal of anger and you want justice. You want them to be taken down, imprisoned, and some of you even look for their deaths as a necessary punishment for what they have done.

But this is not how you Evolve and Ascend. You Evolve and Ascend through Forgiveness, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. And that Forgiveness is made possible by this understanding, that you needed them to play the role of the bad guys, the dark ones. You needed that oppression to stay in the 3rd and 4th Densities long enough, to have A Collective Event that will be the Ascension of All of Humanity that is present on Earth. 'Look' for that KNOWING within yourselves, 'process' your angry Feelings and get to the place of Forgiveness and Compassion, for those who 'Chose to play their roles' and we can assure you that those roles are not as good Feeling as you might suspect.

Having all that 'power' and all that 'money' is meaningless without Love. Some of these Beings who have been your 'oppressors' have even come to that conclusion through the lives that they have lived, and they will need Ones like you who are Awake, to Forgive them. And this is what 'we believe' is necessary as well, for the Ascension of All of Humanity.

We are looking to those of you who are 'willing and eager' to Change, to bring about the next 'giant leap' Forward for Humankind in your Spiritual Evolution. As we have said many times before, YOU as the 'Awakened Collective' are the Leaders of Humanity and you do not have to have a huge following on Social Media, or anywhere else, to Lead, because what each and every one of you does in the privacy of your own home, with your eyes closed, really matters and it all adds up. You are Co-Creating the new breed of Human. You all are Responsible for the Co-Creation of the Human Being, Version 2.0.

As we said, you do this work quietly, humbly and most of you are doing it just because you want to 'Feel better'. You are becoming more, by virtue of the fact that you 'exist' and this is the Time of Ascension for Humanity, but those of you who Know that and who want to do it Consciously, are making the bigger strides Forward, and therefore, you are capable of Leading others through your example, through the Vibration that you emit and from the Templates that you Create. You are Creating New Blueprints for your Fellow Humans, and again, that is happening regardless of whether any of them Know that it is you, who is doing this.

You get to take Humanity to that next Level. It is a privilege. It is an honour, and you get to do it in 'your way'. In other words, you do not have to follow someone else's 'owner's manual' for the New Human. You get to make it up as you go along. You get to decide what is important in terms of Spiritual Evolution, but it will always be an 'inside job'. It will always be something that you do by 'looking within' yourselves, by 'Feeling' for what is there and by 'Activating' more of what you want to Experience. You Grow in your ability to Forgive, to Love, and to Feel Compassion when you Acknowledge that there is 'something' that is not quite right, and it is 'not quite right' inside of YOU.

You will not get there by just 'saying' that someone else over there, is the wrong one, the bad one and the one that needs to be stopped. Always 'look' inside of yourself for the 'next step' Forward that you are going to take to Create that 'momentum' for the Human Collective and you will continue to add more to the Consciousness of Humankind, a Consciousness that is ready to move Forward, even if many Individuals do not realise that yet. It is going to happen and if you are already Awake, then you are one of the ones 'leading the way'. We suggest that you do so by taking care of business within yourselves first, then emerging from your cocoon to set the bar 'high' for the New Version of the Human Being that you are All Co-Creating 'together'.

We are updating our various philosophies on existence on a 'moment-to-moment' basis, because we Know that whenever we Feel as though we have it 'all figured out', we will discover someday that we do not. Therefore, we will never 'cling to anything' because we have been proven to be off on so many assumptions that we have made in the past, and now 'we are ready' to embark upon more New Missions with all of you, as you discover what you need to Know about existence, with us, and sometimes through us. However, we will always be seeking to give you more of our 'up-to-the-moment' philosophies, because we can see the bigger picture from our lofty perch in the 9th Density and that broader view, can assist you in so many ways.

For example, when something is not happening that you really want to happen and that you really want it happen right now, STOP and ask yourself the question, 'How could this be serving me?' 'What else could I add to this Creation while I am waiting?' And 'How can I Grow from this?' Turn it around; instead of 'Thinking' about what you are doing wrong, where you are blocked, who is preventing this from happening, look for the 'positives', because 'they are there'. You are Growing exponentially there with each passing day, because you are Awake and because you are 'willing' to do the hard work of 'self-examination', looking for where you can improve, and what else you can 'Let Go' of, to lighten your load.

You are allowed to have 'desires' and to 'live Lives of Joy', but you also have to recognise that 'everything' is ultimately about your Expansion and your Evolution. Therefore, when you are not getting 'something' that you want, in the timing that you want it to come in, that will always be an 'opportunity' for you to Grow. 'Letting go' of your 'attachments' allows you to be more 'present in the moment' and when you are more 'present in the moment', you can enjoy the 'moment' that you are in. When you are not Thinking about Time, you become Timeless. And when you become Timeless, then you do not even realise how long it is taking for what you want to come to you.

Also, 'recognise' that once you Create 'something', you will Experience it. Live Knowing that and you can take the anxiety and fear away, because those only exist when you are not 'certain' about your Creation ever coming to you, ever coming to fruition. Therefore, remember that you are Creator Beings who are there to have Experiences and ALL of it furthers the Expansion of Source Energy and that is why you are never denied anything. Knowing that, should bring you some peace, some solace and some enthusiasm for what is to come.

We are in our element when we are Feeling into something that is 'Unknown' to us and getting a 'sense of it' for the first time. To us there is nothing more exciting than the Unknown, because it means we will be meeting an aspect of ourselves that we were 'unaware' of previously. As you step into the Unknown in your Lives, you really do want to take that same approach, because it will be the place where you discover something 'new' about yourselves.

You want to discover how Creative you are, how Strong you are, how Intelligent you are and when everything is not laid out perfectly in front of you, then you are giving yourselves the 'opportunity' to explore these 'aspects' of yourselves that you may not have known about. You also want to stretch yourselves, always. So even if you knew that you had a certain amount of Creativity, to demonstrate to yourselves how Creative you can get when necessary is something to appreciate.

You really do not want to have your Future 'set in stone' and told to you by someone who has a 'gift for seeing' into the Future, because you want to be 'surprised by life' and you want to show up in those moments as a fuller and more 'complete version' of yourself to face the Unknown 'head on'. If you have a Fear of the Unknown, then you really need to ask yourselves WHY?. Is it because of what you imagine the Unknown contains? Because if that is the case, then it is no longer Unknown to you. Now you are Creating it with your 'imagination' and Creating it, to be 'something' you do not want it to be. However, if instead, you can 'recognise' that the Unknown sometimes contains something better, then you can get excited about it.

When we talk to you about shifting to the 5th Density, we are talking to you about something that is mostly Unknown to you. Most people have only had a glimpse of what the 5th Density is like. Therefore, you really just want to start 'assuming' that whatever is coming to you that is Unknown to you right now, will be better. It certainly will be your Creation and you are Evolving and becoming more than you have ever been before there on Earth. So then, it would follow that what you are Creating is better than what you have Experienced and even better than what you can imagine.

The Energies that are upon you right now are very supportive of you Creating with Vibration, rather than Thought and Imagination. That means you do not need to be 'detail oriented' in order to Create a better 'Version of Reality'. In fact, we would say you need to be 'Feelings oriented' and let the Universe work out all of the details that you cannot figure out and cannot even imagine. That is truly Living as you were meant to Live, and that is the Vibration we are infusing into this Message, so that you can join us in our enthusiasm for Knowing yourselves more completely.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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