Ascension Messages

Arcturians, Andromedeans, Sirians & Pleiadeans - Calling all Starseeds

We are in agreement with so many other Beings and Collectives here in the Higher Realms when it comes to your Ascension and how you are doing in regards to your Ascension. We have come to so many agreements about what our Level of involvement should be and how we can help without interfering, and we are also in agreement about the progress that you are making there with what we and others like us have been giving you. We can state with certainty that the level of Consciousness on your world right now is higher than it ever has been.

Now, you might look around and wonder how that can be, given that people are still engaging in acts of violence, hating one another, and holding very racist beliefs. These are just a few examples of the 'Lower Vibrational Consciousness' that also still exists on your world. But your overall Level of Consciousness is calculated by putting all of the higher thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions together with all the rest. And what this really means is that those of you who are Conscious and Awake are completely pulling the rest of humanity up with you into the Higher Realms, into the 5th-Density Frequency range.

This was always the plan for your Ascension; this was always the plan there on planet Earth. You were always meant to be the ones doing the majority of the work on raising the level of Consciousness for all of Humankind. And why is that, you might wonder? Well, we are happy you asked. Source, and everyone there who is an Individuated representation of Source all want 'variety and diversity' so much more than sameness, and it is a much bigger feat to attain Unity Consciousness when there are those who are operating in that Low-Vibrational Level of Consciousness. You also get to experience what it is like to lift those Human Beings up through the tractor beam of your Love and Light, and that right there, is an experience worth having.

It is an experience that is so worth having that you would be willing to create the chaos and the terrible circumstances that exist there on your world in many corners of Earth. This is your time to not only rise up, but it is also your time to take so many with you and to FEEL the 'feelings' that come along with being of Service in that most profound way that you are. And in case you are wondering, YES, we are speaking directly to you as a member of the Awakened Collective. You are doing your fair share just by holding a Higher Vibration, just by being in that Higher Level of Consciousness that you have been able to attain in this lifetime. It is enough, you are enough, and you are doing enough, so now go and relax so you can Vibrate even Higher.

We have the ability to be everywhere, all at once, and also to be nowhere in the sense that we are also non-physical. We are non-local and non-dualistic. You are living in a Dualistic, Polarised Density where you often feel restricted, confined to a physical body. You even need permission to travel to another country, and are usually only allowed to stay for a certain amount of time before you are legally obligated to leave.

You are having a very different experience from the one that we are having, but you also have the ability to 'feel' so much more relief than we will ever know again. The way that your Reality is set up gives you the opportunity to experience getting hungry and then eating. You get to feel tired and then have a restful night's sleep. You get to feel cold and then warm up. You get to know chaos and then peace.

If you can embrace the experiences that are the opposite of what you want, CONTRAST, because they are giving you the opportunity to then experience what you do want, you can then move through those experiences much more quickly. When you don't get what you want right away and shake your fists at the heavens and scream, 'Why me?!' you delay the process a bit more. You are not, in that moment, 'allowing' what you want to experience to flow to you naturally, but it's all right. Even that experience has its positive aspects.

Your desire is heightened in that moment of screaming. Your appreciation for getting what you want has the tendency to be increased because you went to that pit of despair. Oftentimes you hear stories of monks or wise elders, and in those stories, the individual doesn't react to a great deal of emotion to either good news or bad news, and the point of the story is to show that you don't have to. The wise one in the story is meant to be an example of someone who is more evolved.

However, from where we sit, we find it more impressive to see you having a 'true and real' emotional reaction to something and then to 'clear' that emotion by processing it and to even bring yourself to a place of 'calm and peace' while nothing about the circumstance has changed. That is true mastery. Those are the stories you need to be telling because you have a lot of emotions inside of you, and the purpose of life is not to transcend your feelings, but to feel your feelings. It is to FEEL your feelings and to RECOGNISE that whatever is causing you to have those feelings can also be EMBRACED - THIS IS INTEGRATION.

Here again, are the simple tools of TRANSFORMATION.

  • 1. Recognise - in that moment that you have Fear, however it may be surfacing either as anger, anxiety, confusion, resentment, self-loathing, pity the list goes on and on. Literally say out aloud to yourself "something is going on for me", it is not important to label exactly what it is. When you are not feeling Love then Fear can exist. Fear is the opposition to Love so it does not really matter what label you place upon it. It is illusionary, however, your 'emotions' are telling you the contrary. In short, simply Recognise that something is going on emotionally for you. Say it out aloud "something is trying to surface'.
  • 2. Validate - Say out aloud to yourself "it is OK for me to feel this way". Repeat this several times until you feel a calmness of Acceptance washing through you. The Ego is trying to protect you from these Fears by pushing them deeper and deeper into your Subconscious Mind. By stating to yourself out aloud, you are now saying to your Ego that you are ready to Feel these Feelings and that you no longer need to repress them "it is OK for me to feel this way". Spend a while reassuring yourself that you are now ready, the phrase is simple "it is OK for me to feel this way".
  • 3. Feel the Feelings - Allow yourself the expression of these feelings through 'sound'. You may want to cry, shout, moan, simply allow the 'sound' out. If tears start to roll over your cheeks allow the sound that may want to accompany these tears out... Healing or Transcending these Fears is not an Intellectual process it is literally Feeling your Feelings, this is Embracing your Feelings. It is these Feelings that have been repressed because at their 'time of creation' you were unable to deal with these 'strong emotions' and at that time your defence mechanism (the Ego) repressed them. Some call all of these repressed emotions the 'inner child'.
  • 4. Choose Again - At the completion or cessation of FEELING these Feelings, another level of calmness will wash through you. Be gentle with yourself and centre yourself in this calmness, then simply Choose another version of 'who you are' a version of yourself that will respond to the circumstances that you find yourself in, in a more uplifting way - THIS IS INTEGRATION.
  • 5. Imagine - Hold the Highest idea of 'who you are' and embody this new version of yourself by 'living' it every moment in every day. Simultaneously, hold the Highest idea of a New Earth that exists for you that would reflect the Highest idea you have of Yourself. This is how we Create, this is how we make manifest New Realities, this is the Power of Thought - THOUGHTS CREATE.
  • 6. Action - Take action NOW to create a new way of BEING. Change your thoughts, by releasing old ways of 'being'.

You can learn to 'feel' empowered. You can know that 'nothing' outside of you is stronger or more powerful than YOU are, because you take the 'emotional' experience and bring yourself to that place of 'calm and peace' inside of you then you get on with your life. You get on with the process of 'creating what you do want to experience'. When we see one of you doing that, we know we are observing a true master.

We are placing a great deal of emphasis at this time on helping YOU ALL access more of your own Spiritual Gifts and abilities because we can see so many Mass Awakenings coming in the year 2021. And as the Mass Awakenings occur, there will be so many Individuals who will be looking for guidance and healings to better understand the experiences they are having. They are going to need more teachers, more healers, more channelers, more psychics, more intuitives, more mentoring, people just like you, who have recognised that you do have so much to offer.

When you have so much to offer, but you don't know it yet, you need a little help, you need a nudge from your friends in the Higher Densities. Now, we are always looking to give more to you, but we need YOU to be open and receptive to what WE are giving. That is why we are telling you about this emphasis of ours at this time; it is because we want to see more of you putting your Attention on accessing the 'gifts and abilities' that you have inside of you. And we know that so many of you have attempted to do so previously, but to no avail.

Now you are standing in a time where there is much more available to you energetically and so much more support around you, including the support of your past life selves who have accessed those gifts and abilities. And when you integrate them, you get the good with the 'not-so-good', but you also have the unique opportunity to 'feel what it feels like' to become more whole and complete.

The 'not-so-good' we are referring to, is what you have to face and clear from those past lives as well as yet un-cleared traumas of this life, but it is worth it to release those traumas and tragedies. And you will feel the relief, you will benefit from the Integration, and you will get to know parts of yourself that are very wonderful and helpful, parts of you that have been hanging around and waiting for just the right time to be Integrated.

This is something else we will be helping you with, of course. We are the ones who help the helpers, and you are the ones who will be helping the Newly Awakened who will be a part of the class of 2021. You are their Mentors. They will be those who Awaken from their long time of sleeping, and you will be there to welcome them with open arms, because that is what an Awakened person does.

We have an understanding of how this Universe of ours works, and that is what allows us to be so very positive in regards to all of you there on Earth and what is happening. We know that the Universe is always 'expanding' because of what you are living there on Earth that is unpleasant and what you are living that is terrible. You are creating New Realities. You are adding to this already abundant and Infinite Universe, because you seek a better life for yourselves, your family members, and ALL of Humanity.

Those of you who want better lives for all Humans are doing the most Creating. You are causing the most Expansion, and you are also willing to do the helping that is required to get others to 'open up' and become 'more' of who they really are. When you believe in something, when you have a cause, when you feel that your life is about serving others, you are acting on behalf of Source, and you are acting on behalf of this Universe, which is an aspect of Source.

Our Universe and Source both want 'expansion', and they both want to know themselves more fully and completely. Those of you who are Awake align with those desires because that's what you want more of in your experience. And because you don't see yourselves as separate from anyone else, you also align with that Truth that this Universe and Source are all about.

Source and our Universe are all about 'Inclusion'; they know that we are all better off as a 'whole', working together, helping each other, and they also know that any attempt at separation and segregation is an impossible feat. It cannot be done, but people on Earth still try, and sometimes you just have to let them tire them selves out so that they can eventually realise the futility of what they have been desiring, for so long.

That is something else that you want to have in common with Source and our Universe; you want to be patient, and also to Trust, to know that all will be returning to the flock eventually. All will be coming home to Source because there is nowhere else to go. If you want to 'feel' in the flow with this beautiful Universe, then allow yourselves to 'feel' something. Allow yourselves to 'desire' something; allow yourselves to 'imagine' what it would be like to experience 'yourselves' as that which Source IS ... ALL-POWERFUL, ALL-LOVING, and ALL-INCLUSIVE, ALL THE TIME. And let what you 'create' in those moments come to you. That is how you live in alignment with Source and in alignment with the Universe, and it is also the way to live, happily ever after.

We are constantly tracking your progress there on planet Earth while maintaining a feeling of patience within ourselves, as we understand how hard what you are doing truly is. And we know that 'real growth and progress' does not happen overnight. It takes time, and we know that you are always moving in the right direction, so when we look in on you, we do so with that expectation that we will notice some progress, and we will be able to build on that progress with you.

We will notice what's working, and we will go with that momentum, rather than trying to force you to grow and expand in the directions that we would like to see you grow and expand in. We recommend "that you do this with yourselves as well". We recommend "that you be patient with yourselves" and that you simultaneously hold that 'knowing' that you are in fact moving in the right direction, and we also advise you to 'continue' to flow with the Energy that is moving you the 'fastest' in the direction you ultimately want to go.

Let us say you would like to develop your Spiritual Gifts and abilities, and you notice that you can 'feel' energy in your hands, and you have had some success working with people as an Energy Healer, but you also notice that you have yet to unlock your clairvoyant abilities. Instead of lamenting the fact that you do not have that wide-open third eye, we recommend that you 'go with the flow' of the Energies that are flowing more easily for you. We recommend that you 'lean in' to the gifts that are already showing up, the things that are working for you, the skills that you do feel confident about.

Know that everything else is going to come in its most appropriate timing. You don't have to 'force' anything into place there on your journeys, but you do need to 'trust' that everything is moving forward for you, because it is. And now that you know that we are helping you with the areas where we see you making the most progress, maybe you will be more likely to use that momentum that you have, so that you can continue to 'flow' in that direction that is easiest for you to move in.

This experience of shifting from the 3rd, through the 4th, and to the 5th Density is hard enough as it is. You don't need to make it any harder on yourselves. We, and others like us, are always attempting to make it easier for you, and we can do that, especially when we have your help.

We have our arrangements with other 9th-Density Collectives from other Star Systems to ensure that we are covering all the bases, so to speak, for Humankind there on Earth. We work together as one gigantic team in the sky. And working together has proven to be very effective.

We have been communicating with a 9th-Density Collective from the Sirian Star System about how to disrupt your 'habits of thought' when they do not serve you. We have also been working with the Pleiadean High Council on some theories about how we can all help you to 'recognise' the importance of 'feeling your emotions'. And an Andromedean group has been assisting us with these enormous 'energetic downloads' that we have been putting directly into your Energy Fields throughout your month of March.

There are others who are helping in myriad of ways to assist you with the Evolution of your Consciousness, not because we feel that you need the help, but because we all love coming up with new ways to help all of you there on Earth, and we are also up here in the 9th Density to answer your prayers. When you ask for something, or when you cry out for it, we always hear you and we look for the most appropriate ways to give you what you are asking for. Therefore, we hope that you know that your prayers and requests are never falling on deaf ears.

We are also constantly recruiting more 'helpers' because of the number of requests that we 'hear and feel' coming from Humanity. The number has increased steadily, as more and more Humans are waking up, and more of you know that you can count on your helpers from other Star Systems. You know that you can count on the Archangels and the Ascended Masters as well, because we are all here in the Higher Realms with nothing better to do than to help you all 'grow and expand', to raise the level of your Consciousness, and to complete the shift in Consciousness with as much 'fun and joy' as you can possibly have along the way.

We all want to see you taking the next steps on your journeys with a spring in your step. We love you; we care about you; we respect, honour and adore you, and we always will. All Beings in the Higher Realms also look forward to the day when you will know that we are with you, and we look forward to the time when all communication is two-way. We are excited to have our first conversations with so many Humans that we have been observing for so very long, and we just want to assure all of you who are 'Awake' that the number of Awakened Humans continues to get bigger every single day.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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