Ascension Messages


We are not the experts on Humanity and life there on Earth. You Are. You are the Ones who are living in that Density and Dimension, having those unique Experiences, and Feeling All of the Emotions that come up from the Experiences you are living. We are doing our best to relate, and sometimes we will do so by checking in on one of you who is experiencing some very intense Emotions. Then we will 'observe' how you all handle the processing of those Emotions and of course, you are all different. You all have unique approaches to the intense Emotional Experiences you are having, and we do respect all the Choices that you make to make the Experience of those Emotions easier on you.

Then again, we also notice that what works for most of you is 'Immediate Attention'. When you are children, before you are convinced that your Emotions are 'inappropriate', you are able to move through them very quickly and return to your 'natural state of Joy'. You are naturally Joyous Beings, and when something is interfering with that natural state of Joy, it needs to be addressed by you, and the sooner the better. The less 'ashamed' you are of your Emotion, the faster you take it on. The less you are 'judging' your Emotion, the more 'willing' you are to be Open about what you are Feeling and express it to those who matter to you in your life.

Most of the issues that you have there on Earth are the result of people 'not allowing' themselves to fully 'Feel their Emotions', and then they take actions that represent the stuck Emotion, or they get a very deadly disease, because they have not allowed themselves to Feel their Emotions and Express them. Therefore, we want you to notice, as we have, what your typical strategies are for dealing with your Negative Emotion, and then we encourage you to ask yourselves whether the approach is working for you. If you have tactics that you employ to 'put off' the Feeling of the Negative Emotion, then we suggest that you at least make an appointment with yourself to get to it soon, and again, the sooner the better.

The more you watch the children of your World and follow their example, the happier you will be in your lives. They are Creative. They do what they 'Feel' passionate about, and they 'allow' themselves to Feel and Express their Emotions. They are Honest and they are Hopeful. They 'believe' in Magic, and we hope that you all can 'learn from them' and be more like the children that you have in your lives. They are your greatest Teachers. After all, they are living life on Earth as well. They are like you, Experiencing what you are Experiencing, and they are highly 'sensitive and attuned' to Higher Frequencies. This is your Assignment. Watch the children and BE like the children, and you will find that 'natural state of Joy' exists underneath all of that stuck Emotion you have been holding onto.

We are very fortunate to be able to reach so many of you there on Earth at this time, because we Know that this is a 'two-way street'. We Receive so much from those of you who Connect with us, and We are forever Grateful for the Opportunity to Connect. We see you All as being filled with so much Potential, and as we strive to 'assist you' in tapping into that Potential, we also understand better how to tap in to our own. We are not a completed work of art, floating up in the sky somewhere, but rather, we are works in progress, just like you.

We want to improve ourselves and become more of Who We Really Are as Source Energy Beings, and we owe so much to Humanity for giving us this opportunity to explore your Journeys with you. When you respond to us, our Energies and our Messages, we understand better what works and we can turn those strategies upon ourselves. Now, as you move forward and become the Leaders of Humanity that you most certainly are, we want to suggest that you 'see yourselves' as having 'so much to give' because of how much you have learned through 'doing'.

You have all learned better ways of working with the Energies because you have been your own Test Subjects. You have had successes and failures on your Journeys, however, you have always bounced back and you have always landed on your feet. You continue to spiral up in your Ascension and because of all of that, you have so much more to give your Fellow Humans. When you are giving all that you have to them, you will also become better at managing your own Emotions, your Thoughts, and All of the Energies that you are playing with in that moment.

By being of Service, you always Grow and Expand. You always get so much more than what you give, and you 'feel good'. You 'feel good' about yourself, your contribution, and you have that Feeling of Fulfilment that you can only get from 'helping others' in the same ways that you have been helped by us and by other Helpers.

We are All assisting 'each other' in becoming The One once again. The One we are referring to is, of course, SOURCE and is the same destination for everyone, no matter where they are on their Journey. You are becoming such Masters, and we feel so Fortunate to be a part of your Ascension, an Ascension that could not take place without Helpers, but one which you also deserve so much credit, for having the ability to complete.

This is a long Journey and was always meant to be a long Journey because we all get so much more out of the long Journey than we would if you just jumped to right where you want to go right now. That is something to think about the next time you are 'frustrated with Humanity' and the 'slow pace' you are taking to the 5th Density.

We are so very happy with your progress, as we witness you putting aside your differences a little more often these days, in an effort to live in greater Harmony with One Another. Some of you Know that you are going to disagree with your neighbour, your co-worker, or your family member on certain topics, and rather than trying to convince the other person 'that you are right' and 'they are wrong', we have seen a rise in the number of opportunities taken for 'Peace' rather than going to 'Battle'.

If this time you have been living in has taught you nothing else, it certainly has hammered home the Truth that you 'cannot convince someone' that they are wrong by getting in their face and yelling at them. That is not the way to Unity, and Unity and Oneness are the 'ultimate Goal' there on Earth. You need to be Unified in order for E.T.s to 'feel comfortable' landing their craft on your soil, and you need Unity Consciousness to achieve Inner Peace, to raise your Vibration, to grant yourselves 'access' to your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. You need to Connect with your E.T. Family in order to join the Galactic Community and you need that 'sense of ONENESS' in order to Ascend.

For those who are still holding out on this, and who want to be 'Right' more than they want to be 'Kind and Compassionate', we would say that you are not getting yourself anywhere with your 'beliefs'. If you can at least strive for Acceptance of others who make a different Choice, or have different Thoughts about a subject, then you take one step closer to Harmony there on Earth. You must let 'everyone' be where they are, just as we must let All of You be where 'you are'. We do not want to zap everyone with some sort of 'cosmic ray' to make them think differently. We know that True Spiritual Growth and Evolution comes from YOU being able to LOVE each other, despite your differences.

People on your World have been Evolving because of their 'willingness' to Forgive and Forget, and so, once again, you as the Awakened Collective must 'lead by example', even if you have some pretty hard held 'Beliefs' about one thing or another. Your Beliefs do not make you worthy of Ascension. That is a very 'religious idea' that you are meant to Transcend at this time. What keeps you on the Ascension path is Compassion, as well as Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. These are the times that bring you those opportunities to offer Forgiveness, Feel Compassion, and BE Unconditional Love. Those of you who Know this already and are practicing these Truths that we are giving you right now, let others Know that this is where you stand.

Let everyone see You in your acts of Kindness, your acts of Service, and your 'willingness' to SEE everyone else as your 'equal', regardless of what they Believe and regardless of what they Choose for themselves. The great divide amongst most Humans is ultimately caused by Fear. It is not Prejudice; that comes later. It is not Revenge; that comes from a Fear that whoever hurt you could hurt you again. Fear is at the root of all divisiveness.

If you really do not want to be worthy of the label 'sheep,' then you will not let those who profit off your Fear, divide you. You will not let those who benefit from you all being divided, win. Show this World and everyone on it how 'powerful' you are by 'not giving in' to Fear, however instead are 'embracing' your Fellow Humans no matter what. See the Source and the Love within 'each and every' One of your Fellow Humans, and you will move out of these trying times that you have been in now for quite some time and you will move into the Age of Enlightenment. You will continue on the Ascension Journey with more Freedom, more Joy, and more Love than ever before.

We are exceptional at using Discernment to Feel something out and we know that it is through 'practice' that we got to this Level of 'proficiency'. We come in contact with so many Beings and Collectives throughout the Universe and we can immediately Feel into the Level of 'sincerity' that is within the Communication, the Interaction. This is a muscle that you want to start exercising more frequently. Instead of immediately 'sending a link' to someone else and asking that person what they Think, realise that you have the answer inside of you right then and there. If you are willing to Feel into the Vibration of what you have been presented, and the presenter, you will be so much 'better off' in all of your dealings with other Humans and with Extra-Terrestrials.

The day is coming, of course, when you will all be 'open books' to one another. You will all be able to 'read' each other's Energy Fields, and you will all be Telepathic, but you are not there yet, you need your 'discernment' now more than ever, because there are always Multiple Perspectives on what is going on there on Earth. There are always Multiple Perspectives on 'every single issue' that faces Humanity, and some people can be very persuasive with their words, with their rhetoric. Sometimes the more confident a person seems in what they are saying, the more people they get to agree with them.

Ultimately, you want to have your Connection to Higher Wisdom, to Higher Density Beings, to downloads that are meant specifically for you, but in the meantime, you are where you are. And you do rely somewhat heavily on information; this has been called 'The Information Age'. There are those who Think they are telling you the Truth, but are not; then there are those who Know that they are 'not telling' you the truth and are very good at convincing people that it is the Truth.

Then there is the Truth, that all Truths are True from a certain Perspective. All Realities are Real. Therefore, the question then becomes, "Are you using your DISCERNMENT to determine which Reality you are in, or are you using it to determine which Reality you want to be in?" Ultimately, you want to be very 'deliberate' about Choosing the Reality you 'want to be in'. Therefore, if someone presents you with a Version of Reality that seems a lot better than the one you have been experiencing, then we suggest you gravitate towards that Vibration and what that person is telling you.

You see, using your Discernment is step one, and step two is always CHOOSING which Reality you want to 'make Real', you want to 'make True' in your Experience and for the greatest and 'Highest Good of All'. When you have that as your Goal, as your Desire, and when you KNOW that you can CREATE those Realities that are 'better' for everyone, then you can 'move beyond' trying to figure out whether something is true or not and you can start making the Reality you 'want' to Experience the One True Reality.

We are currently seeking new avenues through which we can reach every single Human Being there on Earth. We have taken it upon ourselves to work as muses, especially for the musicians on your World. We would like to reach as many people as possible, and we know that we can do so by inspiring musicians to write music and lyrics that will 'touch the listener' in a profound way.

We understand the 'power of sound'. We seek to reach you in ways that the words cannot. Sound will always be one of the most powerful forces throughout this Universe, and we have been using it but not to the extent that we are going to from now on. From this point forward, most of the music that you hear will have some 'Codes and Light' embedded into it to 'Change the listener' at a 'fundamental level'. You can be transformed in many ways, and you do not have to realise that it is happening when it is happening. But many people will Feel attracted to listening to particular songs over and over again and they will not necessarily understand why.

Everyone who is touched and moved by music understands that this is something that we must do in order to help. We know that some people feel that music was better during a certain decade in the past, and those people might not be open to listening to music that is brand new, but it is often played in the background while you are at the grocery store, the department store, or somewhere else that you were not really intending to listen to music. But regardless of that, there it will be, having its impact on all of you, reaching you in ways that you could not have been reached otherwise.

This is going to be a 'gamechanger' for Humanity. We Know it; we Feel it. We have already begun working with those who will take the inspiration and run with it. Everyone will benefit because sound travels, and the Vibration of a song is left behind in a space, even after the song has finished. We are very excited about this, and we invite you to be excited with us, for things are about to get very interesting there on planet Earth.

We have enjoyed the process of getting to Know Humanity on a more Intimate Level than we could before so many of you started receiving our Messages. It is one thing to 'observe' you from a distance, and it is quite another to have you 'receiving' our Messages, responding to them, and 'connecting' to us directly in the ways you all do. We are fascinated by the Potential that is within Humanity that is yet to be tapped into, because we will have the unique pleasure of watching 'All of You' discover that Potential and then 'benefit' from it in a very big way.

We are excited to see what Humanity will do next, as we do not Know 'the Future,' as there are many Potential Timelines in front of you. We do have the Knowing that 'you will' continue to make Choices that will lead to your Spiritual Evolution, which is of course the Ultimate Goal there on Earth. We are impressed by your ability to handle the unique challenges that you Create for yourselves. We Know that many Humans rely upon their Minds and their Actions most of the time, but we are continually encouraged by those of you who are 'Letting Go' of those two typical responses to problems.

Instead, we noticed that there are many of you 'going within', Letting Go, Surrendering, and allowing the 'Solutions' come to You. We also see more and more of you changing your Perspective on what is a problem in your life. You will always continue to Create challenges because they give you opportunities for Growth, but the ways that you will address those situations and scenarios in your life will continue to Evolve with you. We have seen so many Humans metaphorically 'banging their heads' against a wall, only to stop, feel the relief, and then 'Let In' what it is that they have been asking for.

You all Know what we are talking about because if we are reaching you, then you have done this from time to time in your lives. You have been willing to Let Go of the most common ways of addressing a challenging situation, and you have been able to 'Let In' some of the Magic that exists all around you. You are the Creators of your Reality, but you are All Co-Creating with Beings like us who can help you in ways you cannot imagine.

Therefore, Letting Go and Letting In has never been a better tactic for facing what is coming up for you in your life. We want to applaud those of you who are 'shifting' your approach and we want to 'invite' you to share your stories with others so that they can SEE how 'little miracles' are happening all around them, all day, every day, when they Let Go of control and Let In the powerful Universal Forces that are always there to assist.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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