Ascension Messages

Focus on the Reality you want to be Living

We are able to read the Vibration of any Being and any Collective that we come across and this helps us in determining what that Person or Group of Beings needs. We Know that you, the Awakened Ones, want to help others as well. We Know that You are Service oriented and that you want to help others to Awaken and to live better lives. Reading the Energy and the Vibration of the Person or People you are working with is a skill that takes practice, because most Individuals are trying to hide something from you.

You need those skills that you have as Sensitives, as Empaths 'now' more than ever. You are the Ones who are being 'called upon' to work with Individuals and Groups there on Earth and if you can tell what a Person or Group of people are Vibrating at, then you can Help to give them what they 'really need'. When a Person comes to you, they may be 'looking' for one thing, however, what they really 'need' is often something else entirely. Therefore, you can Feel like you have 'failed' to deliver to a Person what their Ego has asked you to help them with, however, you can still help. This happens frequently. Sometimes it can take weeks, months or even years for a Person to realise how much you were helping them, because their Ego was not getting satisfied with the results, at that time.

Now, it is perfectly normal for you to want to satisfy the needs of the Person who is standing right in front of you, because when you do, then you get the praise and the rewards and your Ego will feel better, however, it is far more 'satisfying' to give an Individual or a Group what they 'need' and to Know that you have done something worthwhile, something that will affect them Vibrationally. Not everyone is going to understand that they have been helped Vibrationally and they will not understand because they will be looking for the tangible and immediate results. Hopefully, when you are working as a Healer, Guide, Mentor or even as a Channel, you will be able to break through the walls that the Ego puts up, because oftentimes, the Person who comes to you for help 'needs' more than 'one session' with you to get what they really need.

What You need and what Everyone needs, is 'support' to raise your OWN Vibration so that YOU can Heal YOURSELVES, so that you can MANIFEST what YOU want, so that you can have better Relationships and the tricky part for the very authentic Lightworker, is to 'convince' someone that they 'are getting' what they need, even though 'in the moment' they are not getting what 'they want'. Most of the work you will do as Lightworkers will go unheralded, unrewarded and unappreciated. Therefore, you have to be 'doing it' for the JOY of letting the Higher Frequency Vibrations run through you, that IS your work. Your work is to find the JOY in what you are 'doing'.

We are very proud of Humanity and we express that pride every time we Connect with another Group, another Collective of Beings who are observing you and who want to have a conversation about your progress. Sometimes these Groups want to understand why things are the way they are there on Earth, while sometimes they are just curious about this Civilization. They want to Know more, and they can 'observe you all' with Love and Compassion, rather than 'judgment and fear'.

When we explain to other Beings how beautifully you are doing under the circumstances, some of them think that we are looking at you, through rose-coloured glasses, or that we are just plain delusional. However, we do not just see the Actions of Humans; we also see the Energies, the Vibration, the Heart of Humanity. And that is what we are Focusing upon; that is what we keep telling you is important as well. We keep telling you how much 'more important' your Vibration is, than what you Do is and we stand by that assessment. We stand by our Perspective, because we Know that what ultimately matters, is the Evolution of Consciousness there on Earth and that is not always reflected 'in the moment' that we observe every 'action' being taken, every Evolution of your Consciousness to be reflected in the World around you and we invite you to join us in that Knowing. Know that things are getting better and 'Trust' us, because we 'can' Feel what you cannot Feel, we 'can' See what you cannot See, and we KNOW what you cannot yet Know. It will all become clear to you eventually in how living in this Time has created so much Growth and Expansion, even if you cannot see past the things you do not like about it right now.

If there is ever something you do not like about the 'outside World', then tune it out. 'Tune in' to the Vibration that is inside of YOU. 'Tune in' to your OWN Thoughts, Beliefs, Feelings and Chakras, and Know that there is just as big a Universe 'inside' of YOU as there has ever been 'outside' of YOU. Recognise also that chances are, if there is something 'outside' of you that you do not like, that you are 'pushing' against and 'resisting', then there is something 'inside' of you that is getting the same Attention, the same negative Reaction.

We also invite you to Feel for what we have been talking about in this Message, which is your Expansion and Evolution, because it is right there, right below or beneath the layer of 'resistance' that you have to what is in your World, right now. And when you can access it, we promise you that you will Feel something you have never felt before. You will Feel more of your True Self emerging and there is nothing more important than that. When we see you, we see your True Selves emerging all the time, in little ways and that is why we are so proud of you all right here and right now.

We are taking everything into consideration whenever we deliver to you one of these Messages. We Know that many of you Feel that we are speaking directly to YOU and that is because we take 'all of you' into consideration as Individuals and as the Human Collective Consciousness that you are. We know that these are very challenging Times for all of you, not just because of what you are going through Individually, but also because of what you are Experiencing Globally and in your Communities.

You find solace in hearing from Beings like us and that is a good thing, however, most of the time we are just telling you what you already Know and it is the confirmation and the synchronicity that you are really responding to. The reason something that we deliver to you 'resonates' is because it is already inside of you, waiting to be accessed. We give you Activations through these Messages and you are lovely 'receivers' who have decided to 'open yourselves up' to something that Feels 'right to you'.

We want you to Know that the reason we speak to you 'directly' is because we Know how good you really are. We see your Potential and we Know that all you need at times, is that little bit of 'validation' to continue with your beautiful Journeys. You brighten your Light every time we Connect with you and that brings us Joy. We look upon you as Co-Creators in all of this and we always will. We Know that you have as many answers as we do and that also brings us into a State of Joy and Hope for Humanity. Ultimately, what we Feel is more than Hope. We have a Knowing that YOU are moving in the right direction and that enough of YOU are 'receiving' these Messages to make an impact on the Human Collective Consciousness.

We Know that we are not reaching the majority of the population and that is fine with us. We will continue to reach out to those of you who ARE 'resonating' with us and our Vibration. We Know that you all spread the High Vibrational Messages around through your acts of Kindness, through your Compassion and your Support of your fellow Humans. We are working 'together as a network' to make the Ascension process for Humanity Joyous and filled with 'ease'. Even better than that, we want to Help All of you enjoy your Journey, enjoy your Present Moments and see yourselves as the beautiful Beings of Light, that we always see you as.

Please do keep asking us for what you want to Know and what you 'need' and we will continue to 'deliver' because we are a Part of You and you are Part of Us and that is how it has always been and how it will always be.

We are very excited to bring you this status update, this progress report. We have noticed that more and more people are able to 'receive' the Energies that are coming in to Serve 'all of you' because of the 'opportunities' that they are taking to Open Up and Receive. The Universe is bringing those who are ready 'opportunity after opportunity' to slow down, to relax, to do less and receive more, and we can see that the vast majority of those people are listening to the signs.

You will always benefit from 'listening to the signs' that you are getting from the Universe. Those signs are given to you by your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides directly, while being orchestrated overall, by the entire Universe and by Source Energy. When people are given these opportunities now, they realise because of what they have learned, that synchronicities are important to pay Attention to; they realise 'how' to interpret their own Personal signs, the things that are happening in their lives. And enough People have received the Message at this point to 'recognise' how powerful it is to 'sit still', do 'nothing' and Open Up.

You are not there to make it 'all happen'. You are there to Experience the Shift in Consciousness. Of course, sometimes you will be called to Action; you will get a strong impulse to do something or to help in some way. But for the most part, it is best for you to take it easy, relax, do not work so hard or think so much and let the Shift happen. Shifting from doing all the time, to not doing so much, is a Shift.

Therefore, as you continue to Let Go of the 'need' to do it all yourselves and let the Universal 'forces' take over, you get to enjoy the ride more as well and we see more people doing that. We see more people realising that the Experiences they can have externally, pale in comparison to the ones they can have internally and that is a very good thing to recognise, because those 'Inner Experiences' will continue to make themselves available to you as well. That means you get to Feel more; you get to Connect more; you get to Access more of your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. What we would like to see some of you graduate from is, the Idea that you should be sitting around thinking about what you are going to do or what you should be doing.

If you do not have that powerful impulse, that Inspiration that comes from 'within' to do something, then see that as a sign from the Universe that right now, you are meant to just sit back, Relax, Open Up and Receive. Play around with Opening Up your Crown Chakra because that is a wonderful Portal through which you can 'receive'. Pay more Attention to your Breathing, to being in your Body and Let Go of the Idea that you are 'supposed' to be accumulating 'accomplishments' in this Lifetime. You have done enough of that in all of your previous Lifetimes put together. You have nothing left to prove and everything to gain from letting yourselves Shift gradually and with Ease and Joy in the process.

We are enjoying immensely our Spiritual Evolution because we have less that we need to face and clear, less that we need to make Peace with than you all do. We get to exist in a Heavenly Realm where we understand that we are just Expanding into an even more Heavenly Realm than the one we are in. Humanity has a much bigger challenge and the challenge that you face is showing up in a variety of ways in your everyday lives. You do have the opportunity to run from the challenges, of course. That option is always there.

Those of you who understand that you are there to Grow Spiritually still have a 'hard time' with the challenges because they seem to come one right after the other, with no relief in sight. Therefore, we recommend that you give yourselves the 'relief' that you 'need' by both being 'willing' to face your challenges and also 'giving' yourself the Freedom to Choose to 'not focus' on the challenge that is at hand. You do not have to work constantly to become your 5th Density Higher Self. You do not have to deconstruct every problem, every issue in your life until you strip it down to the bare bones so you can tackle it at the appropriate time. What is so much more important, is that you Allow Yourself to FEEL what these challenges are triggering within you.

You are not going to solve all of your problems in a single day, or even a single week. You are not going to be able to move past all of these enormous issues in one fell swoop. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do, is make Peace with the fact that you have these challenges in your life and that means sitting with the Emotions that you are Feeling, Breathing into them, Clearing them through your Attention to them and then finding some Inner Peace, so that you can move on. You especially do not want to tackle one of these challenges when you are in a 'negative Emotion'.

When you are Feeling something that takes you out of Alignment with Source, with your Oversoul, your Higher Self and all of the help you are getting from above, that is not the time to be addressing the challenge head on. That is the time to be by yourself, close your eyes, Focus and Breathe. It is from the State of Peace where you are level-headed, that you can approach a challenge with all the gusto of someone who Knows they can overcome it.

You also do not want to be thinking about all of your challenges and wondering how you are ever going to get past them, because that is overwhelming and that makes you more likely to want to escape, to want to just run away or numb yourself to the issues that you have in your life. That is why, you want to Let Go of the Thoughts about the challenges as well. it when you are in that 'good-feeling space' or go off by yourself and get into a 'better-feeling space'. Let yourself Focus on something that will put a smile on your face, that does keep you in your Heart for now and Know, that the challenge will always be there when you are ready to face it. And more importantly, when it is 'appropriate' for you to face it.

Trust us when we say that YOU Feeling your Emotions, is so important in this process of Healing and Evolving. Also trust us, when we say that it is 'all worth it' in the long run.

We are putting a great deal of emphasis at this time on listening to your Inner Guidance, because you have never lived on Earth in any other Lifetime where you have had as much influence from 'outside sources' available to you. You can go onto your computer, your phone, your tablet and find out what someone else is thinking, what someone else is predicting who lives thousands of miles away. And there is not just 'one person' who is offering their Perspective online, there are so many who are doing this, who are influencing many, many people and how they Think, what they Believe and ultimately, how they Vibrate.

Many of the ones who are doing this are getting their information from other people that they have found on the Internet and putting 'their own twist' or 'their own spin' on something they have read, or heard, or seen. It is Time for YOU ALL to put your TRUST in yourselves and in your FEELINGS, because you are deciding which Future you Experience in 'every now moment'. When you hear people talking about Timelines, you may assume that everyone is going on the same Timeline together, regardless of how they are Vibrating, regardless of the Choices they are making, regardless of how Enlightened they are. That hardly seems like the Universe we are living in, where each Individuated Consciousness, each Aspect of Source, gets to Choose by virtue of their Vibration, which Timeline they are on.

Therefore, if you are putting your Faith in someone who is telling you about one Timeline that you are 'all destined to Experience' and when you take in that person's Perspective and feel terrible inside, you need to 'listen' to that Feeling. That Feeling is telling you, that there is something about this prediction that is triggering you, that is bringing up some 'trauma' from your Past Lives, that you 'still need' to clear. And once you clear it by Feeling it and Breathing into it, then you can 'remember' this Message from us that is telling you that you 'no longer need' to put your Attention on the doom and gloom scenario that you came across, no matter how many people are telling you that it is the one True Truth.

Remember, many of these people are just getting their information from another source and it spreads because it is compelling, because it is an interesting story. It has the 'good and the bad' fighting against each other in some sort of Holy War, all of that makes for excellent storytelling, however, you do not want to live it and you do not have to. In most cases, you already have, and that is why it 'resonates' with you on some level but still makes you Feel awful 'inside'. There are so many beautiful Timelines that you have in front of you right now to Choose from, in fact, there are many more Positive, Good Feeling Timelines than there are 'negative ones', however, the negative ones get all the press. They get more views, more comments and more likes, which perpetuates them in the World you are living in right now.

We advise you to Choose what Feels best to you in this 'now moment' and then Trust that your 'now moment' is what determines your Future. You live in a World right now, where so many people have begun Channelling, however, keep in mind that most Channelers are relatively new to Channelling, therefore, are still putting a lot of 'themselves' into their Channelling. A lot of their 'own Beliefs' will be a part of the Messages that they put out, even if they are Connecting to a Higher form of Consciousness as they do. If you will simply put your Attention on information that 'empowers' you, that makes you 'feel good', that reminds you of Who You Are, and that affirms for you what you Know deep down inside to be True, then you are doing something that Serves you by looking 'outside of yourself' to see what certain Teachers, certain Channelers are saying.

You can spend the rest of your time going 'within' by meditating, living your life, following your bliss, spending time with those you Love, accessing your 'own direct link' to Higher Consciousness, Feeling Source 'inside of you' and all 'around you' and you can give your Minds a break from having to Know everything that is going to happen in the next few weeks, months, and years. TRUST your Hearts, your Impulses, your Instincts, your Intuition, Trust your Feelings and let everything work out in the way it is meant to, which is always for the positive, because you are always on this Ascension Journey and there is no stopping it.

We are so very happy to announce to All of You that you have been Co-Creating a wonderful Reality for you ALL to Ascend into. It is a Reality that is filled with Light and Love, Compassion and Creativity. It is the Reality that is being Created out of the World you are living in NOW and ALL of the discord that you are Experiencing and Part of what you are doing there on Earth is determining for Yourselves and for the Collective, what would be BETTER.

You may not be able to agree on how to get to that better World, that better Reality, however, most people on your World today want Peace, Harmony and People to be treated with Respect. Most People want 'everyone' to have enough food, clothing, shelter, clean water and everything that they need to thrive and that is where the majority of the Creative Energy is flowing to at this Time. You are building that Reality out of the ashes of this one, that you see is crumbling all around you. You can see that the Reality you are in, is not sustainable. You Know that you cannot continue on the same course you have been on 'as a Collective' and stay there on Earth and that is why so many people are interested in space, colonizing Mars, finding a new Earth-like Planet and the possibility of living on a Space Station.

People are ready to throw in the towel there on Earth because with their Minds, they cannot figure out 'how' to get from where you are, to where most of you want to go. Of course, there are still those who are in positions of great wealth, power and authority who want things to stay the way they are, but their numbers are small and your numbers are large. And when YOU disagree about 'how' to get to that better Reality, you split 'yourselves' and make yourselves 'less powerful' as a Collective. That is why, as is the case in most instances of Manifestation, you need to Let Go of 'the how.' As you FOCUS on 'the what' and you FOCUS on 'how' that Feels, you inch closer and closer to it as a Collective.

Just because your Minds cannot figure out how to get to where you want to go, does not mean that the Path does not exist. It does. So much that you Experience is beyond the level of comprehension of the Physical Mind and yet you Accept it as Real and True. You must Accept that this World you are Co-Creating not only Exists, but is also, going to be easily accessible by ALL of you who are Co-Creating it and you need to Let Go of the 'need' to Know how it is all going to happen. We Know what the theories are. We have heard many of them and they make a lot of sense to a Physical Mind, that makes people feel better for a moment, because they Think they Know what it is going to be, how it is going to happen and what Ascension will be like.

You are living IT right now; it is happening because YOU are looking around and noticing that there 'needs' to be CHANGE on your World and then with your HEARTS you reach out to those who are suffering the most and you FEEL Compassion. You send Healing and Love; you are the Light to those who are living in the dark and that is how it is happening. But because none of that is 'tangible and quantifiable', you have to Trust. You have to Trust that you are 'moving' in the direction of the New Earth, the New Reality you are Co-Creating 'all the time' and that everything that you see 'outside of yourselves' that is the opposite of what you want to be living, is the fuel that keeps the fire burning 'inside of you' to FOCUS on the Reality you 'want to be Living'.

The Key here is to 'not resist and push' against that Reality that you see outside of you right now, because that will keep it Active in your Vibration, which means that you will continue, to Create it. Instead, look to what you have Co-Created as a Collective and KNOW that YOU are always moving forward, always Expanding and always Spiralling up into the 5th Density Frequency range that is inevitable and is your birth-right to Experience.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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