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Transformational Tools, Fear The Ego's Protection

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    Hello again. I have reread the 3 papers and on one level I think I understand most of what you are saying and am a little shocked with some of the information and am wondering why such information is necessary at these times when there is so much fear of what the future might bring?

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    From the Heart of Creation and the One that has created us All come positronic waves pulsing throughout the Universe. These waves of Loving Energy are raising the frequency throughout the Universe, elevating ALL to a new level of awareness. These waves from the Heart of Creation are so powerful they are raising the frequency of whole Galaxies, Star Systems including our Solar System and planet Earth.

    There is an unstoppable evolutionary leap occurring throughout ALL of Creation and this includes what is happening here on Earth. The Human Race has been existing as if they were in a small box shut off from the light for eons of time. The lid of the box has been nudged open and Humanity is just discovering the box is in another dark room and they have begun exploring this larger reality that appears to be isolated from something much more. Within this darkened room there is a closed door, however, light from the other side is shining through a keyhole and the curiosity of Humanity is peeping through.

    We are now opening that door. There is a Universe full of contrast, colour and light and you are about to emerge into what seems to be a totally new reality. We are merely introducing you to how the Universe works.

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    Thank you for that. I can clearly see your analogy, I feel as if I have been shut out of the Light and intuitively know that there is far, far more. There is another part of me that is so fearful of this Unknown that seems to be side by side with my excitement to know more, to be truthful with you, my fear last night was so powerful I cried and cried.

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    FEAR is the frequency and energy that will move you into this experience, into the Light, into a new reality. In this Universe of Contrast Fear is the motivating energy that has filled the vacuum of the apparent separation felt from Source. Remember, you are both SOURCE and at the same time a Fragment of Source on a journey of expansion to understand through experience who you really are - INIFINITE LOVE.

    Fear is your Ego's protection of the Unknown and with a veil of forgetfulness in this incarnation what you do not know, you do not know. Your Soul the very essence of your Being has Courage and so do YOU. When you embrace your Fear and embrace your Courage every possibility is available to you, this is how we grow. This is how the Universe works.

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    My father and my grandfather along with millions of others fought in the last World War for Freedom, they also had great Fear.

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    Yes, and where are they all now?

  • Q

    They are all dead.

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    They are all here... They are all here right now. Most of them have reincarnated and they are with you. They had Courage to fight in that War they also experienced great Fear, however, with this alchemical equation Fear and Courage they fought. This is how the Universe works.

  • Q

    Thank You. Sorry for the delay but what you have just said made me cry and cry. I do understand.

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    Yes, from here we see the magnificence in your beauty for Commitment to SELF and Bless you ALL for your Courage at these great times of Flux. As stated before, you are at a Nexus point at an Evolutionary Leap into the unimaginable. So all my dear ones, take your Courage and Integrate it with your Fear and step forward... You will soon discover there is nothing to Fear, however, this discovery can only be experienced when you stand in your naked vulnerability and accept how you feel, this is how you Integrate Fear.

    Here are some very useful tools:-

    • 1

      Recognise that you are feeling something. It is not really important to name it. Just recognise that something is there.

    • 2

      Validate these feelings this is energised when you say it out aloud. It is OK for me to feel this way!!! Say it several times.

    • 3

      Feel the feelings, just let them up, again let the sound out, sob, cry, shout moan or even tone with your voice, however, let the sound up and experience it. This is Integration. It is simple.

    • 4

      Choose again. By this we mean whatever experience you find yourself in and fear presents itself to you, use the first 3 tools to Integrate that Fear. Only then can you make a conscious choice of how you next want to respond, with the courage and conviction that your choice is the correct one for you.

  • Q

    Thank You. That does seem quite simple and I have a wave of compassion and calmness wash over me and a sense that everything will be OK.

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    Blessings to you ALL.

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