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Karma, Evolutionary Spiral of Discovery and Self Mastery

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    In one of the updates there was mentioned "because these destructive Karmic Timelines will never be used again in the New Universe, there is great concern for all the Souls lost in time, that would under this current experiment face their total Karmic oblivion and all their experiences would be lost forever". So, my question from multiple sources I thought no memory/experience is ever lost from the great collective Consciousness and that all possibilities exist in the Eternal Now, so how can they be lost? And assuming the seaming contradiction is true why would it be so undesirable for that loss to occur if existence is an illusion and the new experiences and Timelines are being created infinitely? If anything will be 'lost' then wouldn't it be an illusion of 'loss' as no Soul/Spark is ever lost?

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    Your enquiry is important and will require the long answer. Here in 5D as within 3D there exists a level of schizophrenia, a dichotomy, 'we are a spark of the Creator' and simultaneously 'we are the Creator experiencing the ALL'. However, to experience the ALL there would be required the Focus Conscious Attention upon the ALL simultaneously, however, as a Spark of the ALL, the Conscious Focus Attention is localized to a Perceptual Awareness on certain TIMELINES that are a Frequency match to the Observer. We grow through Contrast with all its seeming contradictions, in other words, two opposing ideas can both be correct.

    On Earth at these times most Humans sense a level of schizophrenia that on the one hand, they are experiencing themselves in the reality within their physical biological garment and on the other hand, they sense something much greater that not only do they exist on another greater existential plane, that also there is something much more than this again. We will expand our focus on these events by understanding THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION and THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF MASTERY AND COMPLETION.

    You have probably either intuitively or consciously observed subtle changes in Earth's Energy Matrix and most certainly noticed some physical changes emanating from our Sun. Most notably the Sun is now emanating a bright silver/white spectrum in light. For eons of time the emanations have been gold/yellow. Today many Souls are waking up from their deep slumber by the narrative from alternative media commenting on incredible Cosmic changes that will effect ALL of Humanity. These incredible stories have stimulated an inner knowing and for many Souls they are waiting for updates and further commentary on the Cosmic changes that we could expect.

    Stories such as full disclosure, the UFO phenomenon, ET's, Deep State, abductions, Illuminati and Earth Changes and more recently pandemics including SARS and Ebola and currently the reported 'so called 'pandemic of Coronavirus and its variants to name just a few, all fire the imagination.

    Be prepared by being informed, but most of all DO NOT FEAR THE FUTURE. Look within and transcend all of your old patterning, this process will be aided by the new waves of Solar Coding emanating through our Sun via the Galactic Spirals of Creation centered at the heart of all the Galaxies.

    The Earth's Orbital Cycles around the Sun have been slower in past times, day and night, lunar and yearly time cycles were longer than now. When a planet moves at a slower pace life-spans are altered, thinking processes are slower, seasons more numerous and varied and evolution more gradual. The lengthier orbital time cycles are associated with the recent Ice Age that was a result of changes in the Sun's orbital pattern around the Galactic Centre.

    There are points in the Galactic Orbital Pattern during which Earth always experiences a lengthy Ice Age. Earth's orbit slows down and widens during these times due to the Sun's orbital pattern reaching a wider angle around the Galactic Centre. It always takes just over 100,000 years for the slower cycle to be completed and the warming trends take hold. Even after that point, the speeding up of Earth's orbit around the Sun is a gradual process culminating in a major Pole Shift, occurring when a specific geometric angle is reached in the Sun's orientation to the Galactic Centre. When this occurs, our Sun's orbital pattern around Alcyone (the Central Sun of the Pleiades) stabilizers to the 26,556 year time frame that Earth and our Solar Ring are now currently in. The last stabilization occurred 130,000 years ago.

    This 26,556 year EVOLUTIONARY AND ORBITAL CYCLES repeat over and over again for the entire time it takes the Sun to complete a full orbit around the Galactic Centre or approximately 230,000,000 (million) years. At the end of this time the 100,000 year Ice Age occurs and slower orbits occur as the relationship of the Sun to the Galactic Centre changes relative to the Milky Way's Orbital Pattern around the Great Central Sun of all Galaxies. The orbit of the entire Milky Way around the Great Central Sun, just like the orbit of our Solar Ring around the Milky Way's Galactic Centre, takes the form of continuous circles in a Spiral Projection. At the completion point of the circular orbit (Spiral Projection) around the Great Central Sun, the Milky Way's Galaxy enters a New Spiral Link to the next Ring of the Projection Spiral, which is an initiationary step into a New Evolutionary Cycle as well.

    THIS IS WHAT IS OCCURRING RIGHT NOW. We are not only at the end of a 26,556 year Earth, Sun, Pleiadean Cycle, the entire Pleiadean System, which includes our Solar Ring, is at the end of a 230,000,000 (230 million) year orbit around the Galactic Centre and the entire Milky Way is at the completion of an infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun approximately 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) years, as measured on current Earth TIMELINES.

    All three of these cycles are synchronistically and simultaneously completing the 'last phase' of this Spiral Dance and crucial transition time. The objective is for Humanity to prepare for a more sophisticated and gracious dance into a New Projection. What this adds up to in terms of Planetary Evolution is that when the 100,000 year Ice Age ended, the Milky Way will have nearly completed it's move across the Spiral Arm that connects the previous Spiral Ring to the NEW RING on the Greater Cosmic Spiral. This NEW RING which all of us dwell inside the Milky Way, fully entered at the beginning of 2013. This begins a new and different Evolutionary Cycle in relationship to ALL THAT IS.

    Rebirth and initiatic Spiritual Leaps are being and will continue to be experienced. The previous Galactic Cycle that has now ended was called THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION.

    The new Galactic Cycle that we are entering is called THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF MASTERY AND COMPLETION. The Consciousness birthed during these transitional times are the products of 'new paradigms' and 'new potentials' and benefit from all the learning from the previous Spiral, even if the learning is made Unconsciously. The time on Earth for Exploration of all possibilities is coming to an end. Those of us living on Earth at these times have had billions of years to experience all of the potentials of Consciousness both Light and Dark. We have experienced it all!

    Now is the time we must take an Internal Inventory. Who have we become? What has all of this vast experience and exploration brought us? Who are we beyond what we have experienced?


    Those who do not make this choice will be peacefully and non-judgmentally removed from the Galaxy onto another TIMELINE, taken to another Galaxy that is just entering another EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION. There they will begin anew the process of exploring light and dark, learning and forgetting and so on and on and on. And once again when that Galaxy ends it's long cycle and it approaches THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF MASTERY AND COMPLETION these Beings will be offered another opportunity to move forward like the one they are currently facing NOW (230,000,000 years time).

    What does all this add up to? We have shared before that there is a New Universe in its embryonic state that on the completion of THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF MASTERY AND COMPLETION a never before 'Leap into the Unknown' will occur. The rest of this Universe is also moving into its completion and today's Earth is a 'hot spot' and is the Focus of Attention of 'how we are going to complete our part here'. As outlined before, *because these destructive Karmic Timelines will never be used again in the New Universe, there is great concern for all the Souls lost in time, that would under this current experiment face their total Karmic oblivion and all their experiences would be lost forever*.

    The original planners of Earth had completed their own Evolutionary Spirals into Self Mastery and Completion and were ready to return to Source. At this point the idea of a completely New Universe grew from the vast experience of the ALL - a New Universe, a blank canvas so to speak, came into existence of which we are all about to enter into (with forgetfulness of all of these vast experiences accumulated). Indeed, Earth was a grand experiment – "Could we under the illusion of Separation appear to totally forget who we are and then from this position of illusion, remember and find our way back into the light"? And if we could, then perhaps if the Great ALL compressed its CONSCIOUSNES INTO PURE CREATIVITY beyond all of the experiences, and entered into this New blank Universe, what would we create?

    It is from this position, Souls that are 'lost' in the Karmic cycles of rebirth in this existing Universe may not be ready for this New Evolutionary Leap and would therefore continue their journey of the Evolutionary Spiral of Self Discovery followed by the Evolutionary Spiral of Self Mastery and Completion in this Universe and complete/repeat another 230,000,000 million year cycle before they are ready to make this Evolutionary Leap again that we are about to make now. There is concern for the Souls that are asleep at these times, if they do not wake up they may miss this 'now' opportunity and after the completion of the next Galactic Spiral of Evolution there may not be another opportunity to enter into this New Universe.

    As previously shared many Intergalactic Space Craft have been seen entering our Solar Ring through our Central Sun's Portal and you may ask why? Thousands of Interstellar Races have sent their Starseeds especially at these times, as well as other times, to be part of this grand experiment that is coming to its conclusion. We have also discussed the most probable possibilities that all exist as TIMELINES for the future of Earth. One of these TIMELINES and its variations finds Earth on a path to oblivion. One of the reasons why there is so much activity in and around planet Earth from our Galactic cousins is that should this destructive potential TIMELINE occur, they are here to retrieve their Starseeds.

    It is after great consideration that we share this information with you, on one side of the coin this information may energize the creation of TIMELINES where Souls would miss out on this opportunity of a New Universe. By sharing this information it may implant into the Observer the idea of this destructive TIMELINE. On the other side of the coin, and this is our intention, is for as many Souls as possible to have preparation and readiment for a QUANTUM LEAP into the UNKNOWN. A totally new adventure with a whole new set of rules that we write as we go, knowing that no matter what we create or how we create it we can never lose the Truth of 'who we really are'. Now that is EXCITING!

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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