Ascension Messages

Activating Portals through June Solstice

Greetings, we are the Arcturians and are pleased to be connecting with you.

We are watching and waiting, Feeling into the 'possibilities' for what we can 'deliver' to You All for the upcoming June Solstice Event. We Know that many of you Feel that you are 'ready' for anything and everything that we could possibly throw at you, however, we have to work within the parameters of what is 'allowed; by your Higher Selves, we cannot 'overwhelm' the rest of Humanity with what 'they' are not ready for. Therefore, we negotiate and contemplate, as always, we look for 'opportunities' to reach 'only' those of You 'who are ready'.

One of the ways in which we have been able to get more 'precise' is by using smaller Portals. These smaller Portals can act like a 'device' that shoots a Laser. We can have pinpoint accuracy and deliver Energies right to where you 'need' them most. Therefore, we are currently working with the Higher Selves of the Awakened Collective to 'see' what is 'permitted' to deliver to All of You at the time of the Solstice, and a little before and a little after as well. We are looking to 'deliver' Energies that would Expand your Consciousness and Open You up to your Multidi-Density Selves.

We want to specifically target your Pineal Glands in order to do this. As most of you Know, the Pineal Gland is the Physical representation of the Third Eye and the Third Eye allows You to 'see inter-dimensionally'. This is something we Feel that those of you who are Awake would certainly benefit from at this time and you need to Know how much Assistance there is around you. You need to know how much Support you have, how many Beings there are 'sending you Love and Light'.

For most people, Seeing is Believing. Therefore, one way or another, you can expect a Third Eye Chakra 'upgrade' for this June Solstice Event. We have many, many more 'upgrades' and 'activations' coming, and we are not alone. We are but One Group from One Star System who is looking to assist Humanity raise the Level of your Consciousness so that You can continue to 'move forward' in your Ascension and help as many others who want to Ascend with you as you can. This is a Golden Age of Enlightenment for those of you who are willing to be in your Bodies, to be Heart-Centered and to be there for your Fellow Humans, many of whom have never had the Level of Support in the Physical, that they need.

That is where you All will continue to 'step in' and be the Teachers, the Healers and the Guides that they need. That is what All of the Gifts we send to you are ultimately for and we Know that you will use them 'appropriately' because we have seen down all the Timelines and because we Love You and Trust you so very much.

We are Aware of the many instances where Humankind was on a more direct path of Ascension and where exactly you got side-tracked on those journeys of your Collective. Once Individuals gain a certain amount of Knowledge and develop their Skills and Abilities, they then have the 'option' of 'sharing' what it is that they have come to Master. They can 'share it' and Teach others 'how to do it', or they can 'see' themselves as having more Power over others as a result of their Mastery over Energy and Vibration and they can keep it for themselves.

When they do this, they also seek to keep that Knowledge, that Wisdom, away from their Fellow Humans. People Love to Feel Special. One of the ways that people have been able to Feel Special is when they 'hone' their Abilities, when they 'attain' Spiritual Gifts. Therefore, if they were to then 'share' what was shared with them with everyone else, they would not Feel as Special, and they would not have as much Power. This is what has happened throughout Human History there on Earth, however, now the Times are Changing.

Information cannot be 'held back' from the Masses anymore. You All have the option of Learning about the various Tools and Spiritual Practices that will bring you into 'greater alignment' with Source and give you that Mastery over Energy that you All want. You have so many Teachers on your World today who seek to 'empower' their Fellow Humans, and this is a very good sign.

Those who want to 'hold on tight' to their Power and to that Knowledge, that Information, they are having a very hard time right now, because they can 'see' how futile their efforts are.

You All are 'accessing' exactly 'what' you need to and 'when' you need to, and it is a very exciting Time to be a Human Being there on Planet Earth. If you truly want to Ascend, to Be your Higher Selves, to Be 5th Density, then you will 'share' when you can and you will Teach 'anyone who is ready' to be taught. You will 'seek' the Advancement, the Evolution, of each and every One of your Fellow Humans. There is Power in numbers and your numbers are multiplying every single day. The more of you that have the Power, that have the Abilities, the 'closer' you get to the 5th Density.

Therefore, do not just 'wait' for your Fellow Humans to catch up to where you are and where you have been for quite some time; Guide them. Give them the Tools that they need and Invite them to 'exist' in the Higher Frequency state that you have been so fortunate to have found.

We are placing a great deal of our emphasis at this Time on 'repairing' the damage that has been done to your Planet, because you and Earth are woven Together, Interconnected in ways that cannot be severed. While we always seek to help you, the Human Collective, we also must look to the Earth, for she is the One 'carrying you' on this journey and 'supplying you' with so much of what 'you need' to be Alive, to be Human. We have been working on 'repairing' her Energy Grids, as well as the Atmosphere, and of course, we are looking to help with the 'clean-up' of the Pollution.

We can do this because we have the 'permission' of All of the Higher Selves of Humanity. You are 'allowed' to 'Ask for help' and to 'Receive it', and if Physical E.T.s did too much of this work, they might be interfered with, they might not get it right, or there might be some other complication from using Physical Tools to fix a problem that was created by 'holding' a Lower Consciousness. If you held a Higher Consciousness, you would never want to do harm to your Planet. You would Respect the Planet, the Plants, the Animals, the Waterways and the Food Supply.

Instead, Humanity has gone so far 'off course' that you need assistance and there are enough Humans who realise this and have asked for help, that we can respond. The Consciousness has 'shifted' within so many there on your World and it is Time for your World to start 'reflecting' that. One Person can Feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of damage that has been done, however, you do not have to Feel that way anymore, because you have assistance.

When you 'look' for problems on Planet Earth, you are certain to find more and more and more. That is why we are Calling upon All of You to Change your Perspective. Do not be Hopeless and in Fear about Earth's current set of circumstances, instead, 'look' for what is Pristine, what is Beautiful and Inspiring within Mother Nature.

FEEL the Love that Earth has for you, as she too looks to 'rebalance' herself. She wants All of You to come with Her on this Journey to a Higher State of Consciousness. You are her children now and 'she' Knows that a lot of the problems that you have caused were set into motion by others, by all the Extra-Terrestrial Beings who have tinkered with your DNA. She Knows that you would have Evolved quite nicely without all of that intervention, and She Forgives You.

And if She 'can' Forgive You, then You 'can' Forgive the E.T.s who meant well, but who did more harm than good. You are in for a much more Peaceful and Harmonious Future there on Earth and we are just doing our Part. We just answer the Call, but you All can take Credit for sending out the signals, telling us and others like us, what you 'need'. We All work Together as a Team in this Galaxy, in this Universe, and within Source Energy.

We are continuing to do our research on Humanity, because we Love helping you and because we Love getting to Know 'ourselves' better through 'you'. We understand that this may be something that you all do at times, Subconsciously, however, we 'advise' you to do it more Consciously. Do not just see everything and everyone as bringing you some sort of 'mirror; to hold up to yourself, and do not just see them as your Teachers who are 'showing' you what you 'still need' to grasp a bit better. See them as 'examples' of what Exists inside of You and what You could Potentially BE. We are talking about this both from the Positive and Negative Perspectives.

Therefore, if you see someone who is very successful and has the type of exciting life that you 'want to have', you must see that you are being 'shown' that example as a 'possibility' for yourself if you do want to live that particular life. If you look at that person and wonder how they got so lucky, or who their parents must have been to give them such a perfect life, then You are missing the point.

They are You, Existing in a different Body, and you do not have to get to where they are, through the same series of steps. Therefore, you do not have to tell yourself a story about 'how you did not get all of the same advantages' that they did. You do not have to tell yourself that there is 'no way' you could possibly be living that type of lifestyle because of 'your background'. Instead, you want to tell yourself that, "it is possible for that Aspect of Source, then it is possible for Me, because I AM also an Aspect of Source."

When you see someone, or hear about someone, who has done something quite terrible and possibly is continuing to do terrible things, that is also a Choice that 'exists' within you, and it is a choice you need to make Peace with. You need to make Peace with the darkness, because it cannot just Exist outside of You, not in this Holographic Universe of Ours. Therefore, we are always emphasising Forgiveness and Compassion. It is not for Their sake; it is for Your sake. It is for Your Benefit.

Everyone you encounter and everything that you see and hear and come to Know, can 'benefit' you because it is another piece of the puzzle that is You. If you can Accept it as such and put it in its proper place, then you can become Whole. But when you are in Denial of 'something' existing inside of you, you remain fragmented, you lessen your Power, and you lessen your Ability to become your True Self.

It is time for you to Let Go of the 'illusion of separation', to stop playing that game of Victim and Perpetrator, Us versus Them, Darkness versus Light and so on. This is about bringing it All Together inside of You, One Harmonious Whole and Loving 'every bit' of Yourself. That is the way to Heal You and Them. That is the way to come Together as One Unified Collective who can than 'shift' your Consciousness on that beautiful Planet of yours.

We have done extensive research on the History of Humankind on Earth and we have noticed that there are periods within Human History where you have experienced Peace and Harmony. This is long before you had weapons of mass destruction and enormous armies and we are not saying that it is the weapons that are the problem. We Know that there have been wars and barbarians throughout History who did not need very big weapons to be very destructive.

However, there have been these periods in your History where people on Earth lived Harmoniously and Peacefully. You have those 'memories' in your Cells and your DNA, just like you have the destruction of Atlantis and the destruction of Lemuria in those same Cells and DNA. Therefore, You have the ability to CHOOSE. You have the 'ability' to Choose 'who You are going to Be', and we are not just talking to You as a Collective. We are talking to You as Individuals. When someone is rude to you or disrespects you, You have a Choice. You can still Choose Peace.

You can be Peaceful in your Mind. You can be Peaceful in your Vibration and you can be Peaceful in your Words and Actions. You do not have to honk your horn, give someone the middle finger or start yelling in response to an 'act' that may or may not even be intentional. We invite you to Choose that Aspect of Yourself that is Peaceful and that Knows Peace and Harmony, not only within Yourselves, but also within the Entirety of your Human Collective.

You are capable of great acts of Kindness and you are capable of being mean and petty. You get to decide which Aspect of you that you Activate, however, really it is a decision that has to be made 'before' the person cuts you off in traffic and 'before' the person at the Customer Service counter is rude and dismissive. You have to 'make' that Choice within yourself 'before' you get into one of those situations that could easily trigger you and take you down a path that you do not want to go down.

Before you make that phone call to someone that you have to get to understand a situation, make sure you are taking care of your Vibration. Make sure you are in that Peaceful state. Before you go and visit your relatives, make sure you have cleared all the grudges and all the resentment out and that you are approaching them from that 'bright and shiny' place of Being the Version of You that you Know 'You can Be' and you Know 'You are Becoming'.

Soon enough, your 'default settings' will all be on Kindness and Love, Compassion, Understanding and Empathy. However, for now you have to go in there and make sure you 'adjust your setting' so that 'You can Be' the Version of yourselves that you have always 'wanted to Be'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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