Ascension Messages

Live your Lives in Joy

We invite you as Individuals and as a Collective to take a look at yourselves and recognise just how far you have come, because while there may still be wars, violence, greed, and hunger present on your planet, you are more aware of these things as a Collective than ever before and most Humans do not want these things to continue to exist.

In other words, you realise that you do not need to experience yourselves anymore in that way, as you have experienced everything that you could have possibly experienced in a war, or in a violent situation. You have already had all the experiences you are going to have regarding 'having enough' or 'not having enough' and you are ready to graduate from those experiences and you now have the ability to shift the way that you look at those unwanted things.

You can recognise that they have served a purpose, and then you have the ability to recognise that it is time for you all to move past those experiences, and you know that you move past them by Accepting them, by Forgiving those involved in them and eventually, attaining the place of Compassion and Unconditional love. So many of you realise that you are ready to move past those very harsh conditions that you sometimes find there on Earth, especially ready to move past the ones that are avoidable.

You do this by first making Peace with them and then you recognise that You and All other Light-Workers across the planet are working for a better World. You can realise that the amount of energy put forth in creating that better World is reaching a tipping point and that the Awareness that you all have of acts of violence has you Co-Creating a more peaceful World.

Even if you have never personally experienced an act of violence, you know that it is time for you and the rest of Humanity to move beyond that level of Consciousness. The way to move forward past these unwanted things on your World is not by passing more laws, but to move past them by raising your level of Consciousness, by choosing to take an inward journey to Be the Love, the Peace, the Generosity, the Harmony that you want to experience.

In-order for you all to experience that World, a little bit more of 'letting go of resistance' to the World you are currently living in is required, even though so much more is being done on the Non-Physical level to help to create the World that you want to be living in. We can hear your cries for help and know that many of you just want out, however, you are there to help.

You are there to bring Humanity to that next level of Consciousness, and we see you doing it with your good Thoughts and positive Intentions, and we see the ripple effects from each one of you. And with your good intentions for Everyone to have what they want and what they need, we see how you are changing the Vibration of the Human Collective Consciousness with your Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, and you will reap the benefits of all of it in this lifetime.

We are not able to just imagine a better future for Humanity, but we are also able to see a better 'now moment' than most of you are. And it is a choice we are making in seeing the better 'now moment' there on planet Earth. At all times, we are choosing to Focus on the positives, the baby steps forward that you have taken in any given moment. It is always up to You to which aspect of the 'now moment' you choose to Focus upon and in the progress of your life, that choice makes an enormous difference.

Most people are suppressing their Emotions by not taking their Emotions very seriously. Those suppressed Emotions become energy blockages. Those energy blockages put out a Vibration to the Universe as pessimistic Thoughts, that come to you as Thought Forms. Those Thought Forms come into your Conscious Awareness, and it is in 'that moment' that you do have a 'choice'. You can agree with the pessimistic Thought, or you can dismiss it. And in Meditation you learn how to dismiss all thoughts.

Many people attempt to Meditate and assume that they are not very good at it and therefore, it is not for them because those unwanted thoughts keep coming. However, you can change, as long as you continue 'letting go' of the Thoughts that you do not like and tune-in to something that is positive. Because if you do not, it will feel so much worse as you become Conscious to holding onto that persistent energy blockage and you will do everything in your power to release it.

When you start living a more Conscious life, you can all benefit from the assistance that is present at this time and that is coming. That means, being Consciously Aware of the choices you are making every single moment, including what you choose to Focus upon, but also, whether you are paying attention to your Thoughts and Emotions and also choosing to Meditate. By operating at a higher Frequency, you are able to receive so much more assistance and your Vibration will naturally rise by choosing to Focus on something in your life that is positive, life-affirming and by the simple act of Meditation.

All Physical and Non-Physical Beings are increasing the energetic support at this time and we know that many of you are being forced to face what you have been suppressing and your energy blockages. We are sharing this with you as we want you to know how to clear the blockages more efficiently. We want you to become the conduits of High Frequency energy you were born to be, and people will look to you when they need to 'feel hopeful' about the state of the World and the state of the Human Collective Consciousness.

We also are in the process of clearing energies from our Collective Consciousness Field just as you are there on Earth and you are doing a tremendous job of that, both as Individuals and as a Collective. When you see a big spike on the Schuman graph, it represents those Collective energies and you know you are doing a Collective clearing, and each of you as Individuals may feel the repercussions of such a spike. Now is the time to be doing that clearing Consciously and to be allowing these experiences, as best you can.

You will feel the discomfort if you resist 'letting go' of something. You will feel weighed down by life and wonder why you have that heavy feeling, feeling like you are in a quagmire and why you are having that heavy feeling. It is always because you are 'attaching yourself' to something that it is time for you to 'let go of', and when the opportunity to 'let go' have been given to you, and you do not take it, you Feel it in your body. You will Feel it also in your State of Being, your level of vitality and you will see the repercussions in your life because you will be holding a lower Vibration and creating your life from that lower Vibration.

It is so important to 'let go of attachments' and right now is the time to 'let go'. If you are receiving this message, you are a part of the Awakened Collective, therefore, it is up to you to lead by example the rest of Humanity. It is perfectly normal and acceptable for you to acknowledge that you have some Ascension Symptoms. However, it is also important for you to realise that if you were 'going with the flow', you would not be having those Ascension Symptoms. Do not Feel any negative Emotion or experience Judgment because you are not 'going with the flow' all the time. That is the way of the Master. And while it is Mastery that you seek, you are not always going to be at that level of Consciousness and that is Alright, Okay, you have to make it Okay.

You must Accept it as your Reality because anything else, is just more resistance. It does not matter whether you are resisting something, someone or resisting yourself. You still must 'let go' and let everything Be as it Is, including yourself and where you are in your Spiritual Evolution. We assure you that you will get to where you are going, even if your path is circuitous, you take that path on purpose. By taking that Path you will have Compassion for others who are struggling.

How can you help others if you have never experienced any hardships or heartbreak? You would not be able to relate to them and what they are going through, and it is important for you to do so, in-order to have Compassion for your fellow Humans. You can expect to soar when you come from a 'state of allowing', that 'state of flow' and you will continue to Evolve, Ascend, and access. Even if you do not accomplish everything that you set out to do in this life, you can expect things to get easier for you in your lives.

You can still lead a beautiful magical life full of miracles and synchronicities, even if you do not become rich or famous. Trust in yourselves, in your Path, and in the plan for this lifetime, and you will go far joyously. Continue to ride the waves of the spikes in Mother Earth's energies, for she is there to support you and to remind you that you have a powerful Being who is Ascending right along with you, right underneath the soles of your feet.

To us there is nothing more exciting than the unknown, getting a sense of it for the first time, because it means we will be meeting an aspect of ourselves previously unknown to us. As you step into the unknown in your lives, it will be the place where you discover something new about yourselves and we suggest that you take that same approach.

You give yourselves the opportunity to explore aspects of yourselves that you may not have known about, such as how creative you are, how strong, how intelligent you are, and when everything is not laid out perfectly in front of you, then you give yourselves the opportunity to explore these aspects of yourselves that you may not have known about. You also want to always stretch yourselves, even if you know you have some creativity and by demonstrating your creativity to yourselves, you can better appreciate it.

You want to be surprised by life, you want to present yourself in those moments as a fuller and more complete version of yourself as you face the unknown head on, and you do not need to be told what your future is or will be. If you have a fear of the unknown, then you really need to ask yourselves why. Is it because of what you are imagining the unknown to contain? Understand that you are creating with your imagination and creating it to be something that you 'do not' want it to be. However, if you can recognise that the unknown sometimes contains something better, you can get excited about the unknown instead.

When we talk to you about shifting to the 5th Density, it is something that is mostly unknown to you and most people have only glimpsed what the 5th Density is like. Therefore, start assuming that whatever is coming to you that is 'unknown' will be better to you. As you are evolving and becoming 'more' than you have ever been before there on Earth, it would follow, that you are creating something' better' than what you have 'experienced' before and even better than what you can 'imagine'.

The energies right now are supportive of you creating with Vibration, rather than Thought and Imagination, meaning that you do not need to be detail oriented in-order to create a better version of Reality. In fact, we would say that you need to be Feelings oriented and allow the Universe work out the details that you cannot figure out, nor imagine. That is truly living as you were meant to live, and we are infusing that Vibration into this message for you to join us in our enthusiasm for knowing yourselves more completely.

We know how much energy you can handle that will propel you in any given moment and because of our previous experience with other people on other Planets, in other Star Systems, we know the disadvantages of overwhelming you with energies and information. We know how ready you are for the energies that we deliver to you by measuring how much you have absorbed and by the number of you feeling overwhelmed with what we are offering.

You do not always hold onto or receive what is meant for you and we have noticed some of it goes over your head, some of it bounces off you while other bits and pieces simply do not make sense to your logical minds. Again, to maximize your receptiveness of energy and information, we suggest that you relax and spend time doing nothing at all, go outside, listen to music you love, do something you love even if it is something indoors.

We have found that the two states that match you 'receiving' best, are the states of Joy and the state of Relaxation. You have many ways of experiencing Joy, you have Bliss and Ecstasy. And when relaxing, you can be a little relaxed or very relaxed and what is relaxing for one person, would be boring for another. It is up to you to work out for yourselves how to get into these states, and it always serves you to stop doing and stop thinking. It is not necessary to be always accomplishing something or working out something in-order to have a better life or earn your way into another Density.

Relax and take it easy on yourselves. Take regular breaks, rely on inspiration and spontaneity to place you in the right place, at the right time, and maximize your effectiveness and the amount of time you may have designated to certain projects. Go easy on yourself and 'put off' the things that you do not have to do today. Help is always on the way, sometimes that help is from the Physical and other times Non-Physical, however, we are always speaking with your guides and Higher Selves and all your helpers to reach you in the best possible ways that we can.

When you make substantial progress, the Extra-Terrestrial Beings in your skies do take notice and look for those windows of opportunity to have more contact with all of you. They are going to connect with those of you offering a Higher Vibration first, because you demonstrate that you can handle Higher Frequency Energies, and then they know that you can handle their energy when standing face-to-face with them.

Those of you who are Awake are the ones leading the way, the ones who plant the seeds and pave the way for a Group event for Humanity involving Extra Terrestrials. We know that many of you want Conscious Contact but have not yet had it, therefore we suggest that you relax and 'let go' of the 'attachment' to having that experience. Because even if you continue to 'let go' of that which is lower vibrational and manage to access that which is higher vibrational, the principles of manifestation are still relevant.

If you want to manifest that experience in your Reality, you cannot be attached to having a face-to-face contact with an E.T. You must 'let go' and live your life at the highest Vibration that you possibly can. Simply, demonstrate to them your readiness for contact, but also 'let go' of that desire and allow the Universe and your Higher Self bring you the experience in the appropriate timing for you.

It is Okay to be eager and excited for a contact experience, however, if you are 'attached' to them because you want to prove to someone that they exist, or you want to prove to yourself that you are special enough to receive that contact, then you are only delaying the process, which is inevitable. You want to enjoy the journey to that event because it is inevitable that you will be standing face-to-face with E.T.'s in this lifetime. Relax into it and allow it to happen in the perfect timing for you as an Individual and for Humanity as a Collective.

Therefore, live your lives and be in a state of Joy, do not make that Joy conditional and you will be on that Timeline where this event can happen for you and for the rest of Humanity. You are doing so well in so many areas of your Consciousness Evolution, and while your eagerness and excitement for E.T. contact is beautiful, you must also demonstrate that you can live amongst your fellow Humans as one who Accepts, Loves and has Compassion for each and every one of them. That is what the Physical form E.T.s look for when considering who is ready for Physical contact there on Earth.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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