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You are Manifesting 5D - Thoughts Create


We have been explaining to our colleagues here in the 9th Density what we have witnessed of Humanity and your Spiritual Evolution since we began taking a greater interest in you and we have been able to recruit new Collectives, new Councils, new Groups of Non-Physical Beings based on the stories we have shared about you. There are new Groups from the Lyran System, the Orion System, the Antarian System, and the Andromedean System, all of whom are now completely enthralled by you. They are very interested in your journeys and in discovering 'how they can help'.

Together we come as a sort of Super Collective and we exchange ideas about what would be of greatest 'Service to You All'. We are very happy with the injection of new Ideas, new Energies, new Perspectives and we expect to be delivering that to you in your month of May. The May 2021 Energies will be Multi-Cultural. You will be receiving them from 'all across' the Galaxy, from Beings who now consider you to be a part of their Galactic Family. We have noticed that what brings up the most Compassion in our fellow 9th Density Collectives is the Truth; that many of you have never known Unconditional Love from another Human Being.

That Truth makes All of the Collectives want to shower you with their Unconditional Love and it also 'inspires them' to want to come up with some way of un-blocking the Hearts of those Humans who have never offered Unconditional Love themselves. There is something so very satisfying about doing this because you 'open up' more to the Truth of who you really are as 'Source Energy Beings'. And as close to Source as we exist now, we still enjoy that feeling of sending messages of Unconditional Love to wherever they are needed. We look for opportunities within humankind, we look for those who are most in need, then strategise as to how to get to those people and those groups.

We are creating Realities with ALL of you; we are Co-Creating them. We work with your Guides and work with your Higher Selves. We come up with scenarios that will spark that flame, that Eternal Flame that burns inside of 'each and every' one of you. It is the part of You that wants to Love more than your mind wants to hate. It is always there; it just needs someone or something to poke at it with a stick, to stoke the 'flames of the fire'. That is what the May Energies will be all about for ALL of you there. Get ready for a real LOVEFEST.

We are continuously amazed by Human Beings because you have a capacity within you to Do so much good, to Care so much, to Love so much, and to Give so much of yourselves that you 'can' change the World when just a handful of you decide that you want to work towards something Positive, something that will benefit 'everyone'. First however, a need for that, has to arise. So, when people wonder, "Why are there these horrible natural disasters?" or "Why do these people exist who are so dark that they would be willing to do harm to so many?" and the answer is; that if you did not have all of those negative people and negative circumstances, you could 'not know' what it was like to embody a change and be a Hero. You could not know how good it feels to be there for someone who has just been hurt in some way.

You could never know how much Compassion you could feel if the possibility did not exist for some things to go very badly for one or more people. Now, we are not justifying the acts of those who are operating in the dark, not by any stretch of the imagination, what we are saying here, is that You All knew you needed to Co-Create various circumstances in order to show yourselves just how beautiful you could be in a moment. You all want to experience yourselves as Source Energy in a physical body, whether you realise it or not and what is Source if not Unconditional Love? Unconditional Love means that you will be Love under 'any and all' conditions that you are confronted with in your life.

That is why there are so many horrific conditions to confront. Otherwise, there would not exist that opportunity to Be more of 'who you really are' and to Be it in more than just theory, to Be it in Action. Now you can All take Action to 'demonstrate' to yourselves that You are Unconditional Love in the flesh. You can speak words to that effect; you can forgive others. You can send messages of Healing and Love if there is no Action to take on your part and that is what we see more and more of you doing all the time there on Earth.

The unsung Heroes are living amongst you right now. There are many, many individuals who do heroic things every single day and do not ask for any compensation. They do not need to make a big deal about it on social media; they do not need to tell a single soul, because they know. They had the chance to be more of 'who they really are', that was its own reward. That is why bad things happen and bad things exist on your World. They are not there to tempt you or test you and they are certainly not there to punish you. They all exist so that YOU have an opportunity to 'rise up' and Be Love in the face of whatever is thrown at you.

Now, we understand how hard that is and so we just want to remind you that YOU are the ones who came up with this idea. You Chose to be there, whether you realise it or not and the reason you Chose to be there, is because you 'knew' you were up to the task, but you also wanted to experience it in Action, in the flesh. Once again, we think you are doing a wonderful job, even though you do not do it every single time, even though you still slip and fall. Even the Desire, even the Intention to Be that which you truly are, is an enormous step forward for the Human Collective Consciousness and we are seeing those steps taken every single day.

We have begun to appreciate the different challenges that you face there on Earth as Beings who have allowed yourselves to be under a certain spell. Now, we see the bigger picture and we recognise that the spell you have been under was created by You, specifically, to give you certain experiences that you could only have while holding this very Limited view of Self and Reality. What we are now noticing is how many of you feel trapped in a loop, a loop that brings you back around to the same Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs and even Actions.

As Awake as you are, you find it difficult, if not impossible to free yourselves from the Limitation that you once constructed to give yourselves a 3rd Density experience of Reality. Now that you are raising your Frequency, it is of course time to 'let go' of these Limitations and be the 'version of yourself' that understands 'who you really are' as Source Energy Beings. However, these Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs keep coming up and they are creating an atmosphere for you that is very uncomfortable, especially when you 'now know better'. It is as if you are in a battle of Wills between your 5th Density Knowing and your 3rd Density Beliefs.

There are times you feel stuck in the middle, trying so hard to Be of your Higher Self and to hold that Consciousness, but then the Ego still wants to survive and wants to be better than others. The Ego still wants to feel 'separation' and it is very tempting to go down that road of measuring yourself against others to determine your Self-Worth. The 5th Density part of you then gets Active and realises that there is 'no separation' and there is no need to survive or measure your-Self. That part of you knows about Ascension and your Infinite and Eternal Nature.

You do not have to spend any of your time and effort trying to destroy Thoughts and Beliefs. You just need to be 'aware' of when they come up so that you can Lovingly 'let them go' and return to the Knowing of your 5th Density Higher Self. Keep making that shift internally until it becomes 'second nature' and you will no longer be in a battle. It will be more like a Group Hug. We will never tire sharing with you that your Thoughts Create.

The way forward is a 'moment by moment' choice of 'who you choose to be' and on that adventure whatever surfaces that is 'not of Love' can simply be integrated by transforming those Thoughts, Words or Actions. Remember, the tools for Transformation, Integration occurs in those instantaneous moments when you are amid your Limiting Beliefs and you simply Choose another version of yourself that is a true reflection of 'who you really are', a Being of Infinite Unconditional Love.

We are elevating the Consciousness of Humankind with our Energetic messages. We know this because we can Feel, we can Sense, when someone's Consciousness is elevated and when it is not elevated, by what they are receiving. We tune in to you in order to make sure that these messages are having the desired effect. They are designed to bring you closer to Source, closer to 'who you really are'.

Now, when we observe Humanity, we see people on your World sharing information that is not necessarily designed to elevate the Consciousness of the Observer, or the Receiver, of that information. It is well intentioned; it is meant to inform, but there is very little consideration taken as to whether what is being shared will 'elevate' the Consciousness of the people who are in receipt of that post or video, that Opinion, that Perspective that the person is sharing. This is something that you want to ask yourselves from now on, as you consider 'whether or not' to pass along something that you believe to be True.

Ask yourself whether the person who receives that information will have a Higher Vibration as a result, or whether it might have the opposite effect. What Humanity needs now more than ever, is for people to care about Humanities Vibration. You need to care about 'your Vibration', and you need to care about the Vibration of those whose lives you are affecting. There are people considered to be influencers there on your World because they have a large following on Social Media. You are all influencers; you All have the ability to send out Positive Vibrations, or to send out Negative Vibrations, or to send out Vibrations that might just be Neutral.

You have to CHOOSE; it is up to you 'who you are', who you are being in a moment'. Therefore, when you make that Choice Consciously, it is so much easier to Choose to spread that which is of a High Vibration, that which will influence people to 'feel better' and that which will ultimately raise the Level of Consciousness on your World. Sharing Knowledge, sharing Information, these are actions to appease a thirsty mind, a mind that is looking for answers, looking for solutions, or what you might call theories about what is going on there on your World.

We want you to 'Think' about sharing Energy, sharing Love, sharing any post or Perspective that might do a lot more than get likes, comments, and shares. Project out into the World that which you want to 'see more of' coming back to you, because as many of you know, that is how this Universe works. Exercise your power to 'elevate' the Consciousness of your fellow Humans and you will not only be closer to us, because that is our intention, but you will also be closer to your True Self. Focus on the Reality you All deserve and not upon the Reality that no longer serves you.

We are very interested in following the progress of Humanity, because it helps us to have that kind of feedback when it comes to our teachings and Energetic messages. We know who is receiving us and who is not. We know that some people receive us Consciously and some do not. We know that some 'are able to' absorb the words but not the Energetic messages. Therefore, we 'are able to' chart the progress of each of those Groups of Humans and make the necessary adjustments. We have so much joy in watching you grow and progress, because we can see how what we are putting out Energetically is having an impact on All of You.

You all do not have that same ability and that is unfortunate. It is unfortunate that you cannot see how you are impacting your World all the time, because we know that if everyone could, they would be much more Conscious about what it was they were putting out into the World. Those of you who want to be of Service, but do not know what to do, must Trust that you are still having an impact with the Thoughts you think, the Intentions you hold, the Vibrations you offer, the Words you speak, and so on.

You must put your Faith in a type of 'ripple effect' and Know that everyone out there in the World is affected by 'everything' that is going on with You, internally and externally. Therefore, if you 'do' want to make an impact, please do not hesitate to make those Energetic adjustments even though you may not be 'able to see' how they have impacted the World and everyone in it. In fact, here is an even better approach for All of You. Do what you do, Think what you think, Say what you say, and Vibrate how you vibrate because 'doing so feels good' (Be your Words, Actions and Thoughts). Let that 'moment' where you are Resonating with what you are putting out there 'be enough'.

Let your Feelings guide you and make sure that your Feelings 'matter' to you, because they do 'matter' to you and to everyone else; they Materialise. Your Feelings are how you Create your Reality and your Reality includes the Reality of the entire World, of the entire Universe. If you cannot see the impact you are having, then just FEEL for it. Let your Feelings be enough, because You are enough. Your 'existence matters' and you can put out so much more Positive Energy when you understand that it 'matters' to everyone. It is a bonus when you 'know' that it is also coming back to you in some way, shape, or form.

The fact that you 'feel good' in the moment, needs 'to be enough' because that is all you have in life, 'is a moment'. You have a series of 'moments'. It is easier to continue to be in 'a moment' that feels good, 'a moment' where you are offering something that is High Vibrational that is supposed to be of Service to others. Remember that. You get to benefit from the 'momentum' that you Create and remember, that everyone else benefits as well.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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