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Rapture, Manipulation & Deception (part 2)

  • Q

    I find this information regarding the Rapture both interesting and in a way shocking! What is the way out of this situation?

  • A

    The very purpose of 3D Earth in the end, is to understand that the people in 3D themselves have asked for this experience. They designed it this way. So, when there are many waking-up, the game is revealed and in turn, the Federation must try to correct the problem using Mind Control and all of the tricks that are well known to discredit the Awakened Ones and the Starseeds. This eventually fails, because the Awakened Ones and the Starseeds would never conform to the Matrix Consciousness of those who choose to stay asleep with their accepted Society. Many of these Awakened Ones die as they also lose the Fear of death, at least some do.

    A point comes, when the 5D Federation who control the 3D Matrix from above, have no choice, but to dissolve the entire game and start over, because now too many already realise that it is a game and that from the point of view of 3D, it is all horribly wrong, and this comes into direct conflict with the Federation regarding 3D as a necessary game for the Expansion of Souls and the Expansion of Consciousness. This is why the Federation is perceived as antagonistic and permissive to the needs and interests of Humans. Earth is just a mess of Perspectives with the inability of people to understand each other.

    This mess is cyclical, it has occurred countless of times before, and has been recorded in many ancient cultures whose writings and stories survive to this day, including the Mayan and 25,000 year Cycles. This situation does not occur in fixed cycles over a certain number of years, however, it does occur every time the number of Awakened Ones exceed a certain limit, that is what is happening today. This is also reflected in the Old Testament with the stories of the flood and other events, always separating the memory of Humans Civilisations from previous cultures and erasing what happened before the RESET. Some are already talking about this now, without really knowing what is really occurring today.

  • Q

    Are we talking about the Rapture as described in the bible?

  • A

    The Rapture is another event where Humans leave the planet en-masse. The story is that they leave with everything, including their body, even though this does happen, it is impossible for it to always be like that, at the mass level. This causes the situation to create mass exit's, because the Awakened Ones refuse to co-operate with the Matrix from within the 3D Matrix Perspective, although from the outside they may agree. These mass departures are those negative events like Agenda 21/30, World Wars and Natural Disasters. This is why they will always attack the places that are more peaceful that have a High Cultural Level, for example, the invasion of immigrants into Europe, this has been seen before.

    The Earth is here for something, it is here to create a series of Contextual frameworks in which Consciousness of Souls have a specific set of experiences. However, to achieve this, they must maintain the illusion that the Earth is all that there is. You must maintain the illusion of the 3D Matrix. However, if everything is to be perfectly controlled by them, people will start to rebel. So, to contain these small rebellions of Consciousness, the controllers, implant methods of controlled opposition, such as, New Age, Feminism and Asgard Command that works for a while. Later, this controlled opposition grows to such a degree that it becomes a problem for them, because it destabilises the entire system, the entire Matrix. Finally, it reaches a point where neither, the Matrix, the Society, or the Awakened Humans can continue to function, they must eventually collapse the whole system and create a new one. They have done this many times before. In the past, six times they have destroyed the Earth's Civilisations and the 3D Matrix.

    The awakened ones think that they are awake, however, only to the next level or the next step of control. They simply cannot see beyond the accepted parameters that they are a part of the controlled opposition, because they are still inside the 3D Matrix and their socially accepted rules of their New System or Level. That is why they do not validate us in favour of certain Challening's that are more socially accepted to the Matrix controlled System of Opposition.

    Everything is Matrix controlled Manifestation, to control this Consciousness of the masses, and although this controlled Opposition is implanted, often through channelling, it has no accepted terms of proof, breaking the Federation's own rules of ‘only accepting facts that are imperially supported in 3D'. These Starseeds think that they are awake, however, they do destabilize the System to the degree that the controllers are left with no choice but to destroy the Matrix and build a New One, with New Ideas, because of this, at the end of the day, Earth is not a planet of Free Will, as it is painted. Earth has only Free Will from a Cosmological point of view.

  • Q

    If the Earth is not a planet of Free Will and Civilisations come and go at the will of the Federation, with the challenges from the Starseeds, how can I understand what is really going on from inside the 3D Matrix?

  • A

    The problem here is the Perspective of how to look at things. This also creates a problem of why or what is valid and what is not, and this in turn brings up the important question of ‘what is Reality' or ‘what is Real'? The problem here is our Perspective, although within itself, we do try to understand all possible Perspectives.

    From a Lower Perspective, is to understand the Virus and why it is happening. This is the 3D Matrix level of Consciousness. Then there is the conspiracy level, including Bill Gates and Soris and all those involved at this level and here we refuse to focus at these levels, the point of view that we prefer to convey is at another level again. The Virus level, we have spoken of many times before, also the conspiracy of those behind this conspiracy, the Deep State, Cabal and the Alliance. Beyond these levels, is the Stellar Level and the 5D Federation, the levels go beyond this level, on and on, deeper and deeper.

    The problem here is that people are inhabiting Human Biology that has been conditioned to Separation. They perceive the idea of the Ego, as what they are, the body and the definitions they assign themselves with, for example, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, School Teachers, Process Workers, Caregivers, a child, a woman, a student and a housewife. They are not that, from one level they are that. However, from another level they are far more than that. They are what ever they want to be, and how they want to perceive themselves to be. So, they do not perceive the ability to see each others points of view, the Perspectives of others, rather, each one firmly believes that their own Perspective is correct and they defend it. Initially, it is as if their life depended upon it and in their mind it is precisely that. It becomes impossible for them to see the Perspective of others, especially if it contradicts their own.

    For people to consider other Perspectives, no matter how contradictory they are, or how different they are from their own, it would be through the consideration that the differences would dissolve, in it-self, this is the cause of all evil on Earth today. If everyone were to consider these differences and see why others consider other view points, this would be Integration and an increase in Perception Density. So, there is no tangible Reality, nothing is Real, and therefore, nothing is un-Real. Everything is a soup of Perspectives, points of Attention, struggling to maintain themselves, each one thinking that they have the Truth, when in Reality, No One does. The Truth would be the sets of Perceptions that are ALL TRUE, ALL OF THEM. They are ALL the Original Source.

  • Q

    When I engage with other people, it is very easy to see their preferences or bias in regard to everything they talk about. It seems every idea they have is the only one that can exist and when I present another point view, it is either resisted or ignored. So the conversation only continues if I am in agreement with them and very few conversations I have that consider other ideas will continue, and here I am only trying to express another view with little or no attachment to it.

  • A

    The inability to see others point of view of Perspectives is what creates all conflict. Understanding others Perspectives is the dissolution of all conflict, however, simplistic this statement seems. Nothing is happening on Earth that is true. Some say what is happening on Earth is because of this or that or the other and this is Valid from their Perspectives and all of this is filtered to the Federation Level and Higher. At these levels, they do not see things from other peoples Perspectives because of attachments to their Egos, their Perception attachments, they criticise others based on their own Perception.

    This is the same as the Christians with the Muslims or the Muslims with the Christians. Earth is just a mixture of morphed ideas, in a thick soup of mixed ideas. All is seen from different points of view. The most Dominant ones are the ones that, as a Collective, they accept as being True. Most have accepted this Truth because they are comfortable with their Perspective regarding these views, because they feel it will help them survive. Everything on Earth is set from the point of view of Fear, and it is this, that the ones who control the people World Wide use. But, these are the people themselves, these ideas come out of the people themselves, people as a unit tend to be very simple with very basic needs when looking closely at their Perceptions, living in a controlled and ordered environment, stable and unchanging, predictable and therefore comfortable. Where they can follow a route for their job, for their entertainment, to earn money to buy more things, with which to entertain themselves.

    Being accepted in a Community is very important to them, because the Human Being is a Being that could even die, if they are not in a Community or a Society where they are accepted. This is programmed into the Human psyche, as a method for survival. In general, Humans are happy with very little. The vast majority do not seek any Higher learning or understanding of Self, are not interested in any existential Higher Awareness, or even, look for other explanations of how everything works. They have enough facts given by other experts in that field, and with these ideas, they are satisfied, because, it is enough for them to feel wise and even special, to be able to get an explanation or scientific quote, such as from a scientific magazine so that they can share when they meet with friends who are willing to listen to their wisdom. However, this explanation did not come out of them, it was given to them, and they did not question it. All of this is, is an experience that many Souls desire. This is what the 3D World is all about.

    This is not what Earth is just for, because the Earth is already Multi-Dimensional, with Multi-Density aspects. We are only talking about 3D Earth and the Human Matrix. The 3D Matrix is not everything, nor is it the only Matrix. This is the mistake many E.T's from outside Earth also make. There are the same ideas and the same customs. They are the same vices because the 5D Matrix is filtered through the foundations of Earth's Terrestrial Matrix that are already established outside of Earth, and in 5D, it is just bigger. The concepts the E.T's have of Humans are their own imported ideas brought to Earth by various means, including the Starseeds. As it is there, it is out here.

  • Q

    Do you mean that in 5D there are racist beliefs and judgements around right and wrong?

  • A

    On Earth, you have racial disagreements, it is all absurd, the basis of these disagreements are the same in 5D between the different Races, even the ones who call themselves the progressive ones. They still have problems of Perception of their own Race with concepts of Superiority and Attachment to their Ego's, to their ideas.

    Those who live in the 5D Matrix, will dictate what they think should be, and what should happen in 3D Earth. They see Humans as Humans see children. Even though in many respects they are children themselves. And, this is one of the explanations of why the Federation acts as it does. They are not all wise and enlightened, as the New Age portrays them, they are just people. It is true that in 5D there are more people with a broader Spiritual Level, but they are still people and they do not know and cannot know everything. So, they impose their Perspectives by following what they believe is the right thing to do with a Socially framed fabric with what they think is correct, because of their need of Integration with the Society that they live within. Just like Humans who cannot be bothered to sit and put themselves into other peoples Perspectives, neither can they, while sitting comfortably in their perceived Reality, elevated with their credentials of being in a High Council, full of words and morals.

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