Ascension Messages

Ascension is making Conscious Choices

We are very excited about the Energies coming in currently for Humanity and those of you who are Awake also desire 'great changes' for the Human Collective there on Earth and you want to see people thriving and living lives of Joy, Freedom, and excitement. We appreciate all of you for anchoring in these Energies for the Collective.

The Energies that are pouring in are assisting those of you who are ready to receive the Energies and the assistance they bring is to 'amplify your ability' to channel all Higher-Frequency Energies. These Energies will assist you to reach the next level of your Consciousness by you handling so much more than you have been capable of handling up until now, both Physically and Emotionally. You are getting more upgrades to your Chakras, Energy Meridians, your Cells, and your entire Bodies, as your Bodies are the 'vessels' for these Energies, that ready you for upcoming Energies in the New Year.

You are readying yourselves to be able to handle the Energies that are coming to you from Extra-Terrestrials, especially those that you stand in front of, as you will need to be capable of 'handling' what 'they are emanating'. As you move into the New Year, make a commitment to yourselves to look after your health by watching what you eat, by drinking more water and by being more grounded in your Bodies. Commit yourselves to moving your Bodies and 'connecting' with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, because 'all these things' will also be assisting you to handle the Higher-Frequency Energies coming in, which you have agreed to anchor in for the rest of Humanity.

This is not just an 'act of Service' as you also get to enjoy the 'Feeling' of the Energies running through you. You get to try everything out first and you get to have the Experience of leading, rather than following. You will be showing Humanity what the 'best-Feeling' Timelines are for Ascension because you will 'be examples' to everyone of 'how' to live in Harmony with their Transformation. These are exciting times and what is being asked of you right now, is to 'relax' even in the exciting times. You can Relax and Let Go; you can 'open up' and 'receive'.

We know that we do not know everything that there is to know. We also understand that the Galaxy and the Universe are always Expanding, always becoming more and that is exciting to Us because it is the 'Feeling of Expanding' that brings us so much Joy.

You are All in the process of exploring different Truths, different Realities, and different aspects of yourselves, and we are here to remind you that condemning and/or judging 'anything' that you come across is only going to perpetuate whatever it is that you are Focusing upon in that moment. It is with your Hearts wide open, your Light shining brightly, that You want to explore your World, Yourselves, this Galaxy, and the Universe, because only with LOVE will you ever Expand. Only with LOVE will you ever truly Become more of Who You Are.

It is also true that 'only with Love' will you Ascend. We keep sharing this with you, however, it is worth repeating; nothing 'outside of you' is going to make you Ascend. No-one can illuminate the 5th Density for you as it is something that YOU find 'within yourselves' and you find it by 'accessing' more of the Love that you truly are. Spread that Love around and you will have a 5th Density Realm in which to roam and explore.

Imagine how much you will have to explore and illuminate in the 5th Density. There will always be more to explore, and you will never get bored once you Ascend. If you are bored now, we suggest you "get out of your Head and go into your Heart" and then see how much Love is present there. When you go into your Heart, you will transform yourselves and everything and everyone outside of you.

We are interested in seeing what Humanity will do when you free yourselves from the 'limiting beliefs' that we feel weighing down Humankind at these times. We understand life is not easy there on Earth and for many of you it is not simple for you to just Let Go of those Limiting Beliefs. However, the Truth is that we do Feel so many Humans are anchored at this time to the Belief that they are more oppressed than they are empowered. So many on your Planet Feel more 'victimised' than they do 'empowered' by the Truth, that they are Source Energy Beings.

Therefore, we invite those of you who are truly Awake, who absolutely know that you are Source Energy Beings, to lead Humanity into this New Golden Age, an Age where everyone will know Who They Really Are, and everyone will also know who ALL their fellow Humans are. What is exciting for Us is the time when we can see what you are truly capable of Creating, Being, and Doing there on Earth.

In the meantime, we continue to encourage those of you who understand Who You Really Are to demonstrate what is possible to your fellow Humans by sitting in your Power, activating your Divinity, and living a life of Freedom, a life of Joy, a life of Unconditional Love. Many on your World believe that 'knowledge' is Power. So many have put their Faith in a story, a narrative that has been concocted by one or more other Humans, and we want to tell you that even if all the stories presented right now on the Internet were True, your Power would still lie in your Ability to LOVE Unconditionally all the villains, all the people wearing the black hats, all the enemies of the people.

They are your assignments. You are there to Love them back into alignment, and not All will Choose to come back into the Light, that is also alright. That is their Free Will, however, we will always recommend that you use 'your' Free Will to 'demonstrate' to yourselves and others, how Powerful you are, and to tell the World that your Power comes from your HEART and not your Mind.

Your Power comes from your ability to Vibrate 'on purpose' and not your ability to march or protest. You have the ability to bring about the 'massive changes' that you see promised by the same individuals who will continue to point fingers at the causes of the problem without offering the only solution. Those 'Massive Changes' will come because the Awakened Collective will CHOOSE LOVE, time and time again. That is your assignment, and we know you are up to it, because when we see you, we only see Who You Really Are.

We are expecting great Positive Changes for all of you there on Earth, we know how far you have come, and we know you have Powerful 'momentum' behind you. We believe in 'ourselves' and all the 'helpers' that you have and know that we can assist you in all the various ways and know that this was all perfectly set up, perfectly planned so that 'everyone' can play their Part to bring about the Massive Changes that are still ahead of you there on Earth.

You may not see how much you have evolved as Individuals, however, the Growth you have undergone is enormous, as Individuals and as a Collective. We have also often told you that it takes longer for the Physical Realm to catch up to the Energetic and that many of you only require some 'patience' and this is true right now. Energies are moving at high velocity speeds, and the Physical continues to move at a snail's pace by comparison. That is why it is so important for you to FEEL for the Energies.

FEEL for what is available to you right now that you could not have possibly felt five or ten years ago. You are at the very centre of the Evolution of Consciousness within this Universe, and it would be much better for you to 'acknowledge' yourselves than to be perpetually humble. You are taking Humanity to the next level of Consciousness as the leaders, as the Awakened Collective, therefore, recognise your Strength and Power.

This is a Beautiful and Powerful time for all of you to FOCUS on those Massive Changes you want to see in 'your lives' and in the 'outside World', because as soon as you 'acknowledge' that you have 'changed' dramatically in this lifetime, you will start to see that reflection 'outside of you'. It will not happen all at once; you will not be overrun by the Changes; however, you will start to notice them in greater detail, and you will start to Experience them in your day-to-day lives.

We are amazed by Humanity's ability to 'go beyond' where other Humans have not yet ventured on Earth before. We have seen it many times in your evolutionary History, and we notice that those who 'break the mould', do so, because they Feel the 'drive and desire' within them and those who receive these messages have that 'drive and desire'. We know that you 'Feel ready' to move beyond where the rest of Humanity is at this time, and we want you to recognise that your 'drive and desire' does not have to be uncomfortable. It can Feel like a calling, a warm, Loving sensation that is inviting you towards a particular endeavour.

You may Feel inspired to say something to someone, or perhaps you will Feel that the Leap of Faith you need to take involves your work, your career, or starting a new business and sometimes you will find that your calling is with something that is seemingly not that important.

Everything matters; 'every moment' is an 'opportunity' to Be more of Who You Are and those of you who are seizing those moments are making the biggest difference there on Earth. More importantly, you are giving yourselves an 'opportunity' to Be more of Who You Are as Source Energy Beings. Often, we hear you express your desire in a variety of ways, including the desire to be somewhere else. We understand that other places in the Galaxy may Feel more alluring to you than Mother Earth does at this time and life is easier in other parts of the Galaxy and Universe, however, you did not choose the easy Path in this life.

You will know you have attained Mastery, when you recognise that you 'have' the ability to take something that seems like an insurmountable challenge and turn it into a Fun, Joyous Experience. When you take something that looks difficult and you turn it into something that is easy, that is when you know you have risen above the level of Consciousness that you once found comfortable.

You are ready to make the Quantum Leaps that are possible for All of you, and we know there has never been a better time than now, to do so. We also trust that whatever it is that you are feeling drawn to Do, Say or Be, will get louder. It will take over, and you will Feel the need to Let Go and let yourself, BE Who You Really Are, without all the limitations that you placed around Who You Really Are in this lifetime.

You do not have to single out every one of your limitations, remove or destroy them. As you make a 'commitment' to yourself to BE Who You Really Are, all blockages melt away as you Surrender. All obstacles suddenly become Helpers. You 'change everything' when you 'change one-thing', and that 'one-thing' that is drawing you right now is something that you cannot deny any longer within yourself.

You have reached the point now where you must Do what you must Do, you must Say what you must Say and Become what you must Become. You still have Free Will; however, we see you exercising that Free Will in a more 'positive way' from this moment forward in this lifetime on planet Earth. We Know it; we Feel it, and we witness it every day with those who are ready to take that Leap of Faith and go beyond where any other Humans has gone before.

When we find a combination of Energies that we send you that works, we stay with it for a while to see whether there is a 'cumulative effect' with the bombardment of these same Energies and Galactic Light Codes. However, there comes a time where we must make a change to the formula and by mixing it and creating something new for you, something different, our desire is always that the new formula resonates for you in a positive way.

We invite you to do the same with yourselves. You may find that you are outgrowing something, even if that 'something' once gave you great pleasure or once was a Spiritual practice that you received so much from, it does not mean that you will always get the same results, and this is true, because you are Expanding and Growing all the time. You have something there on Earth called rituals, and rituals can be effective when they are needed and when they are used appropriately. However, you may have stopped benefitting from them and not even have realised it, or you may fear that if you Let Go of the ritual, that you will somehow regress Spiritually.

We want you to know that you will never regress Spiritually. You will always remain on an upward spiral until you Ascend, as there will be Paths that you take that will be short and Paths you take that will be longer and at the end of it all, you can place them all together and call them your Spiritual Path, even if it does not make any logical sense. The fact about life that is difficult for an Ego or Mind to understand is that when you look at the 'bigger picture', it is never going to make sense and it does not have to make sense, it is 'alright' if your life is not making sense to you. It is 'alright' if your Spiritual Path is not clearly laid out in front to you.

Please remember that you are making 'course corrections' all the time, and you do not have to explain yourself or your decisions to anyone. We in the Higher Realms understand because we can see how chaotic life is there on Earth and we can see the diverse variety you have there to choose from, and you are meant to 'explore' as much of that variety as you possibly can. Be consistent in your Grounded-ness, in being Present, in 'checking in' with your Feelings, and in being Heart Centred, otherwise, BE spontaneous on your Path and let it 'emerge' in front of you in 'every moment of every day' and do not concern yourself with what anyone else thinks about it, because it is 'your Journey' and yours alone.

If you could take the same approach to your Emotions and your Spirituality as you do with your willingness to endure so much in the name of your survival, you could grow exponentially as Individuals and as a Collective. Wanting to survive is built in; you do not have to be convinced that it is a good idea for you to eat, hydrate, clothe yourselves, put a roof over your heads, and so on. What is needed is for you to have that 'Awakening instinct' turned on within you so that you All have the Desire to Grow Spiritually. And when that Desire eclipses the Desire to 'just survive', you are going to see Massive Changes within Individuals who you may have previously given up on.

Activating the instinct for Awakening is something that we and our colleagues here in the Non-Physical are working on right now. We are working with your Higher Selves, and with E.T.s in Physical Bodies to determine the best way to 'activate' this instinct that will assist others in recognising that they are a Spirit and that they are Expanding as that Spirit. When enough people on your World truly want to experience Spiritual Evolution, you are going to Feel the tidal wave of Energies coming in, because now your fellow Humans who had been asleep will be 'opening' themselves to the Energies that you and others like you are so familiar in receiving.

When the rest of Humanity decide to put their Spirituality first, you will benefit so much and you will have more to give your fellow Humans, because they will still need your assistance. They will still need to know how to deal with their Awakening Experiences and will need to know how to process an Emotion, how to raise their Vibration, and how to Experience Oneness.

You will 'step forward' because you have been training your whole lives and even waiting for this moment, a moment when you will no longer be the 'odd one' at the dinner table, the outcast, or the black sheep in your family. You will be the one that everyone turns to because they will know that you have already Experienced what they are going through and know that you know how to help them. A glorious time is coming there on planet Earth, and we are doing our Part by working on the 'Awakening instinct' Energies.

Those of you who are Awake are making choices in your lives that bring you closer to Source, closer to your true Self, to your Soul and we know this because we observe and because you reach out to Us, both in the sleep state and in the waking state. We know what your priorities are, and we see you reaching those higher and higher states of Consciousness through your deliberate intention to Ascend. Ascension is not just about going to a 'better place' where everything is easier for all of you. Ascension is about you Becoming the 'better version' of yourself, the one that is more aligned with your 'true nature' as Unconditional Love. We see you making the choices that align you with this Reality more and more every single day. The Energies all around you and the ones inside of you, are encouraging you to do so.

Those of you who are Awake were born more sensitive, more empathic, more emotional, and you knew that you would 'care enough' about how you Feel to do something about it to change your feelings when you did not feel good about yourself. That is where you are right now; you are doing something about it. You are 'shifting', not only to another dimension, but you are also 'shifting' the way you see yourselves, others, Earth, Source, and every Reality that you encounter.

These are the Shifts that align you with the Path of ease to the 5th Density. That is the Path that you all want to take and because you can Feel so much more acutely when you are not making that choice, we see you making the choice more frequently to align with Who and What You Really Are.

Our mission is to transform Consciousness into its more natural state and we understand that there are tremendous opportunities to do that throughout the Galaxy and Universe, and yet, we also are very relaxed about it. We know that everyone is where they are Spiritually because that particular Experience that they are having, is a necessary component of Source's Experience of Itself. Therefore, if a Consciousness is not ready to 'transform' back into its natural state of Oneness, Love and Peace, we simply 'allow' that Being to continue.

Our recommendation is for you take the same approach to your fellow Humans. As much as you want everyone else to Awaken and to be right where you are on your journey, please recognise that being 'where they are', 'serves a purpose' for the Creator, for All That Is, for the Prime Mover of everything, and LET IT GO. You can ALLOW everyone to BE 'who they are' and you to still live your life in Joy. You do not have to be unhappy if someone else is not experiencing Joy, because even sadness serves Source, and all of this is in Service to Source. That is why when you ACCEPT something and 'go with the flow', you are living your Purpose; you are allowing for the Service to Source to continue.

When you 'resist' and you 'insist' that something or someone be different, you are attempting to do the impossible. You are attempting to rob Source of an Experience that Source wants. Must you also have that same Experience, the answer is simply, no, you do not. You do not have to have the Experience because someone else is having it. Everyone plays their role perfectly and Source is fuller for having had ALL the Experiences that Source has through All of Us. Do not concern yourself about the state of the World or anyone in it. You can do that from a place of Love and Compassion, you are not meant to fix a broken World, and not everyone would receive the Healing that you offered, even if you were able to walk up to every Human and offer a Healing.

Therefore, Do what you Feel drawn to Do, and know that what you are drawn to IS coming from Source. You are meant to be unique. Your interests are no accident, and you can trust that every Soul is transforming, and even though we know this, we still like to do it. We still offer what we offer and see if it is that person's day to 'transform' back into Who They Really Are as a Source Energy Being. Letting Go of the Egoic pursuits is something that not everyone even wants, however, those of you who do want to Let Go of your Egoic pursuits can and doing so is the challenge that you face as someone who has already recognised Who You Really Are as a Source Energy Being.

Your lives have been about applying that 'knowing' to the Physical and 'merging' the Experiences of that which is Source and that which is Human, that which is Non-Physical and that which is Physical. You will Create the best of both Worlds because you will continue to 'align' with a version of Reality where others are doing the same, unless of course, you continue to insist that others be further along than they truly are or want to be. Relax into the Unity Consciousness that is always present and is always inevitable for All of Us to Experience in this beautiful Universe of ours.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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