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We are Letting Go of all that weighs us down energetically that will enable us to Ascend to the 10th Density where we will be more Expansive and know ourselves more as Source Energy than we currently do. We see that the weight that holds you down, right now is the heaviness you Feel when you Focus in a particular way.

You bring not only from your previous lives or your past in this current lifetime, heaviness and blockages but you continue to create more when you choose a particular stance. When you choose to judge, resist, and hold resentment towards someone else or towards an entire group of people, understand that you are weighing yourself down in that moment. You are holding yourself down, Unconsciously, from rising up to Be more of Who You Really Are.

Many reasons of why you do these things come from your very Ego and its need to protect you 'at all costs'. Your Ego thinks that it must protect you by creating boundaries, creating walls, creating prisons to keep you from that which is unwanted or harmful, that which threatens your very existence, or at the very least, your livelihood. Therefore, part of this journey is all about relaxing your Egoic sense of terror and dread about what could happen again, or for the first time if you do not 'control everything' in your life through the process of partitioning things off.

There is no need to avoid anything or anyone in-order to Create the Reality that you want to Create. If someone or something unwanted presents itself in your Experience, EMBRACE it. Know that they are there for a reason. Know that the event or circumstance is there to give you an 'opportunity' to Grow, Expand, Evolve and to become more of your true Self. If a person has hurt you or you Feel could hurt you, there is no reason to incarcerate them or anyone, or cut them out of your life, in-order, for you to live the life of your dreams.

By living your life by these Egoic concepts and ideas, you are giving your power away. It is best to 'let it go' and Let Go of all your judgments and resentments. And the way to Let Go of your negative emotions is by Embracing them. That is a Dichotomy, however, that is how it works. You must 'Embrace it all' in-order to move past it. You must 'Experience it all' so that you can move on to the next level of this game that you are playing with yourself. Do not allow your Ego to convince you that it is necessary that you live your lives in a lesser way in-order to live at all, or to live the way that you want to live.

Remember that you are there to Serve All of Humanity, and you can only do that when you recognise that 'everyone' outside of you is YOU. When you recognise that you are there to Be Love and to bring Love to everyone and every situation, that is when you Grow and Expand. That is when you lighten the load, because you cannot hold the two at the same time. You cannot hold Love and judgment simultaneously. You get to choose one or the other, there is only Love or Fear, and when you choose Love, you are choosing Light. You are choosing to lighten up. Your journey is all about You choosing to lighten your load and choosing to go higher and higher than you have previously been.

So please remember that and 'tune in' to how you Feel when you Focus. Tune into whether you are feeling lighter or lower. When you are feeling lighter, you are focusing in a way that Serves you and if you are feeling lower, then you are focusing in a way that is trapping you. You do not want to repeat the same scenarios, YOU need to 'be' the 'aspect' of it all that Changes and when you do, then everything 'outside' of you can Change and you can start to have more fun.

Everything now is about completing the shift in Consciousness for Humanity, and a big component of that is Letting Go of 3rd Density attachments that you have amassed along the way in this life and in other lives you have lived there on Earth.

Therefore, the energies coming in are for supporting you in making that final release of the heaviness of an attachment and here we are talking about attachment to anything at all. We are talking about your attachments perhaps to having large amounts of money in the bank or your attachments to being at the frontline of the Consciousness Evolution movement.

A very well-meaning attachment such as wanting to Heal as many people as possible, whether that be physically or emotionally, is still an attachment. If instead, you hold space for everyone who needs to be Healed to 'receive that Healing' that they need, then you would not be attached to 'being the Healer' in that scenario. Notice how that weakens the attachment that you have to that particular scenario.

It is all about Letting Go. Letting Go of perspectives, beliefs, identities, things that have no place in the 5th Density as they weight you down and keep you in a 3rd Density Vibration. Some of you will release your attachment to a 3rd Density desire by first manifesting that desire, then realising that having what you wanted is not what this journey is all about and it never was.

This journey that you are on is about raising your level of Consciousness, and opportunities will continue to be presented to you all day, every day with the assistance and support from your friends here in the Higher Realms who are always seeking to help you in a myriad of ways, and this is just one of them.

We understand how easy an attachment is made there on Earth and we see them being born every day on your planet and recognising the allure of them, even to those of you who are Spiritually Awake. There are many of you who are Spiritually Awake, more than ever before there on Earth, and one of the ways that you lead people in the Consciousness Evolution movement is by Letting Go of those attachments. As said earlier, even being a leader in that movement 'can become an attachment' if you think 'that it has to be you'. Therefore, recognise that everyone right now, are playing their roles perfectly to get you to that higher level of Consciousness, and you can enjoy what you are receiving from those who guide and teach you, and allow that be enough for now.

You will Ascend and this will be the lifetime in which you do it. Remember that, and do not think of the 3rd Density and all the 3rd Density ways as being beneath you either. They are all there to be experienced, to be enjoyed and for you to 'release resistance' to those not so enjoyable experiences. Everything that is there now in your life and on your World is there as a 'catalyst' to take you to that higher level of Consciousness.

Those of us who see Humanity in the most positive light come together and discuss your strengths, the ways in which you have overcome your challenges, your obstacles, and we discuss all the various ways still possible to be of Service to you. We experience your many successful campaigns that you have led there, leading you to specific Experiences and we witness you growing Spiritually every single time, even though you may not. We hold that space for you and know that you can also do this for each other.

Because you are Spiritually Awake, you can see each other's lives as unfolding perfectly and you know that you are witnessing more than just a person. You are placing your attention on a Soul, a Consciousness that decided to have a particular type of Experience, one that does not always match what you wanted for that person. Perhaps witnessing a person growing up, you had hopes, dreams and expectations for them and then they went out and lived their own life, choosing what they wanted, and it did not match all you had hoped and expected for that person's life to be. You must Let Go of that, and not only make Peace with the person with where they are in their lives, but also see all the potentials and possibilities that are now in front of them.

Those potentials include enormous Spiritual Growth and Evolution. You have the capacity to do this because we have the capacity to do it, and because you are linking up with us from time to time, some of you more than others, we know that you can find that same Vibration within yourselves. It is a Vibration that is of a higher Frequency than just hoping for the best, and certainly it is of a higher Frequency than trying to work how the person will get back on the track with what you had envisioned and hoped for them. Of course, this envisioning can also be included in your own life Experience. You have an idea around who and what you want to be as you grow into adulthood, and as you get older you form goals for your future either as a career, parent or someone who wants to help others.

And when your life does not go in the direction you had envisioned it going, that is the time to get more curious about your creation, to see it as perfect just as it is, even if no one around you is seeing it that way. You must understand that you are Powerful Creators and that you create on many different levels of your Being-ness. That when something is not going according to plan, you must recognise that there is a better plan, and you must resist making yourself wrong when it does not go according to your initial plan. Make the most of what you do have and the opportunities that come your way and relax with what is left.

Relax and Let Go, Surrender and 'go with the flow'. These are concepts that you hear about all the time, but when it comes to your own life, you often think that you need to work harder, try harder or visualise harder. However, all that is required is for you to Let Go and Trust and know that something better is always coming because you are creating it as an aspect of Source Energy. Sometimes these creations do not come in the timing you would prefer, which means that you just need to relax more, Open Up, Accept, and Focus on being the Version of yourself you most want to be in those life circumstances. That is the way to life a life of Spiritual Mastery.

We 'tune in' to you as a Collective and as Individuals, and we notice what you are wondering about, and so it is important for you to also 'tune in' with yourselves. Having regular check-ins with your chakras, your thoughts, and your overall Vibration will do wonders in bringing you into 'alignment' with the life you want to be living.

You have inside of you all so much power and abilities, and the truth is, that there is much outside of you to Focus on in your everyday activities that continually captures your attention. Therefore, we recommend you choose a time, or even several times throughout your day, that will not occupy a lot of your attention such as driving, washing dishes, or taking a shower and use that time to 'check-in' to yourself.

First start with taking a 'deep breath'. Secondly, notice what you have thinking about. Thirdly, notice if there is any tension anywhere in your body. Then 'check in' to see if you can Feel and blocks or heaviness within any of your chakras. Finally, 'tune in' to how you are Feeling to your overall Vibration and at this point in the exercise, it will be very clear what you are feeling and what your overall Vibration is.

And if something needs clearing, you will easily be able to do it in the moments that follow. It is important that you remain on top of your 'internal processes' because things are changing so quickly there on Earth. It has never been as important as it is now to 'pay attention' to your Feelings as you can Manifest so much more quickly what you want and what you do not want.

Those of you who are Awake are also sensitive and because you are emotional and empathic, it means you are more likely to be able to utilize an exercise like this and benefit from it. It is 'all right', 'OK' if you are carrying tension. It is 'all right', "OK" if your thoughts have lowered and you have lowered your Vibration. That is what you are there to do. You are there to detect, recognise and release and choose again. You are there to Let Go of what has been holding you in the same Vibration that you have been holding onto for a long time. This is how you Consciously raise your Vibration, and by Consciously raising your Vibration shifts you into a Higher Frequency state.

This is how you live a happy life in the here and now, and this is how you move closer to your ultimate Ascension. This is how you inch closer every day to becoming your higher Self. It is no more complicated than this, however, if you want to, you can make it complicated. Those of you who are able to shift what you are thinking and feeling quickly can consider yourselves as Master's already. When you can quickly and easily Let Go, that is when you will know that you are doing something right and you have been doing many things right. So please do not 'beat yourself up' if at every 'check in' you find 'something' to release, because that is what you are there to do.

You are Source, just like us. You are Ascending, as are we and you are Expanding and becoming more of Who You Really Are, which we are doing also. The complication there on Earth is the 'idea' that you should be doing 'something' and that you should do certain things to survive. However, you can always ask yourselves, "Who do I want to be in this moment, how do I want to Feel and how can I use this to Expand and Ascend with more clarity, more certainty and with more joy?".

That is what this period in your lives is all about right now. It is all about Expansion, Ascension and making your journey joyous. It does not have to be a straight or fastest path to Ascension. By enjoying all the steps along the way, you will get the most out of them, and will not have to repeat any of the steps that you would rather not be taking.

It can be a little tricky 'to be where you are' and to also know that 'you are so much more' at the same time. However, once you work out how to do it, it will be a wonderful Experience of merging the two Realms. You are also there to merge the Physical and the Non-Physical. Again, we are not so different. It is just easier from where we are to know Who We Are, and to see 'you all' as Source Energy Beings as well. However, you will get there.

We appreciate all that you have been willing to do there on Earth and send you waves of Love. You have been able to endure so much in the name of the Expansion of Consciousness, which is what this is all about. We all left Source by our Power of Free Will to this Galaxy to create these unique Experiences. We All decided to be a part of this Galactic Experience knowing that in doing so, we would be breaking new ground, accessing aspects of Source that had never been accessed before, and we knew that we could not fail.

You all cannot fail because you are Infinite and Eternal Beings and there is nothing to worry about. Even when you fail you are succeeding, as later you realise the importance of that failure in your life and the significance of that moment and what you created as a result of it. Failure is just a judgment that you place on something that ultimately is only a catalyst to spring from.

Humanity cannot and will not fail. You will continue to Grow and Expand, and you will continue to exceed expectations, because that is what you do. There are times when you must be everything to yourselves there on Earth, and when you do, when you are, your Energy Fields immediately expand.

That is instant manifestation. It is not getting a physical object in the moment you decide you want it. It is the Experience of your own Expansion. You will always be 'in the flow' when you take the instant Manifestation that the Expansion of your Consciousness is.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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