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The Path of LOVE (part 2)

Those Souls who are in resistance to the freeing of their Individual or Group Karma are going to be in for a bit of a bumpy ride. As Humanity moves into the second phase of the Harmonic Convergence, the greatly accelerated Frequencies will force to the surface, any unresolved issues. It is no longer the time for denial. Once you have a 'limiting belief structure' it must be transmuted, as it will not go away. The way of Surrender is literally the 'Surrender of your limiting beliefs' to your Higher Self, by being in your Full Consciousness, thus freeing the Emotions, Thoughts, Words or Actions that holds them in place and replacing them with Love.

All that is required in this process, is the Commitment and Intention to work through your 'limiting beliefs' as and when they arrive. Remember, the Past and the Future are not who you are, Who You Are, is right in this 'NOW moment'. Your Spiritual journey is not what you 'intend to do' or even what you 'have done', however, it is what you are doing right Now. The greatest gift that you can share with all other Souls, is your Love. The grandest expression of Love is the Love of Self. And the way you Love others, is measured by your Love of Self.

To accelerate your understanding of your 'limiting belief structures' is to see that your 'outer World' is the mirror of your 'Inner World' and that everything around you is of your own making. Your Soul yearns for you All to experience Unconditional Love and you have 'Free Will' to express yourself with either the energy frequency of Fear or Love. For the expression of the energy of Love, it is first in the Choosing and then it is in the Actioning. To put Love off for another day or when events are less stressful, is to reject Love in that NOW moment. Love is a choice within All Things. Light Workers know this truth. If you are not working with Love, then you are automatically working with Fear. It is one or the other.

What we have shared over and over again, is that your 'belief structures' shape your Outer Reality. While constrained within the 3rd Density Reality you seemingly cannot go back and change your Past, however, unless you change something, your Future will always be more of the same. Your Outer Reality shows you your Inner Reality, so there does not need to be any confusion here.

In-order for you to truthfully view your Outer Reality even though the Ego could be deluding your clarity, you must hold your own counsel and centre your Thoughts in your Heart. When you experience anger, frustration, resentment, confusion, depression, disharmony, or even minor irritations in your Outer World, then the same energies are working within your Inner Reality. When you see happiness, harmony, contentment, peace, joy, and creativity in your Outer World, then the same energies are also working within your Inner Reality.

If you require a 'change' to your Inner-Reality, that is, to heal the Past, all you have to do initially, is to start to change your Outer Reality NOW. It is by choosing again NOW, that you start to change your old 'belief structures'; by selecting something New, this reflects who you require to BE NOW. This is part of the process of healing. In other words, you change the Now and heal the Past. Your Future is always more of your NOW. And this requires Action. Do not judge yourself or others, do not beat yourself up, Trust in the process, but most of all, Trust in yourself.

It is important to have Faith and the Intention to succeed and the Intention is the Heart's desire, and this is where SOURCE enters your Soul. SOURCE is All abundance and All wealth, in Infinite expressions. The myth of suffering your way into heaven needs to be shattered. There are many Enlightened Beings bestowed with great wealth who have harnessed this energy of abundance. Every Soul can have abundance in All Things. LOVE is the Power that heals and transforms all matter of spirit and substance. FAITH is your Commitment to your-Self, together LOVE and FAITH are the alchemical equation that heals All.

With all the changes occurring within your lives, relationships, employment and even relocation of where you live, you may well ask, which is the right Path? It is the Path that excites you the most. This is the Key that unlocks the mystery to the Path of Surrender, and it is the 'fast track', so to speak, for transcending those 'limiting belief structures'.

No matter what Path you choose, it can be anything which excites you, if it excites you, then it is right for you, and if it does not excite you, then it is not right for you. It really is that simple, your 'limiting belief structures' my cause you some resistance for taking this Path of excitement, however, it is 'your resistance' to taking this Path that will show you these 'limiting belief structures'.

Your Path can be interesting and exciting unlike what many Eastern Philosophies and some religions recommend for you, that is to deny your desires, to live a more rigid way of life based on long periods of daily meditation, ritual, and renunciation of the material World. However, you can delight yourself in this rich and delicious Path that will journey you into the 'Creative manifestation' of the energy of Abundance. Love is the key to all abundance. Your Soul whispers its Truth into your Heart, by following that Truth, you Live that Truth, and in that way, you will Become that Truth.

Your Souls yearn for you ALL to experience Love 'in every waking moment'. It is only your 'resistance to Love' that prevents you from being Pure Unconditional Love. Both this Path of Surrender and the Path of the Will, will deliver you exactly to the same place, however, what you experience along the way is your choice. It is within the act of 'following what excites you' that you are listening and acting upon the whispers of your Soul. Joy is the language of the Soul that is sung through the Heart, and it is a 'choice' to be experienced. When you are experiencing your joyous excitement, you are existing in the Nowness of each eternal moment, while basking in the abundance of your full Creation.

You can have your luxury homes, holidays abroad, cars, yachts and exotic lifestyles, it is perfectly alright as a part of your Spiritual journey. These are the things and many more that you may have, if that is what excites you. By not allowing these expressions of abundance, you are denying that part of your Self. The problems arise when you have 'attachment' to those desires, and this is another story.

Abundance and wealth are expressed within All Things and include Happiness, Harmony, Contentment, Peace, Joy, and Creativity to name but a few. Money and material possessions are just a small part of the energy of abundance. Some Souls require the experience of great material wealth in their lives but do 'not allow' this flow of energy into their Reality and so spend their lives yearning for such experiences. Other Souls have harnessed the energy of material wealth and yet can experience great unhappiness in their Hearts as the Soul yearns to experience 'non-attachment' to the material World. The Soul would sooner embrace the Path of Spiritual Enlightenment, but the Ego often will not allow the 'non-attachment' to material security. The key to abundance within your life, is when you already KNOW that you have abundance and place NO attachment towards it. This is when you manifest synchronistically into your Reality the energy of abundance.

Another way to view it is that when you 'do not' want abundance, that is the time that you can actually have it. Remember, that in the act of 'wanting' you are declaring to the Universe the 'not having' and that is exactly what you will give yourself. Wanting IS not having, while KNOWING that you already have it or can receive it, is when you will manifest it.

It may feel that you are faking it when you are not already having it, however, just as, 'there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way', then 'there is no way to having it, having it is the way', it is a choice. The Soul that 'has harnessed' the energy of material wealth has 'no doubt' that they can receive such wealth. The Soul that has 'not harnessed' such energy 'doubts' that it can. Doubt is a very powerful statement to the Universe and will prevent you from having what is rightfully yours. This is what the Master knows, and therefore, has 'no doubt' in the ability of manifestation.

By following what excites you, you will then reveal to yourself your 'limiting belief structures'. By doubting your Creative Powers, you deny or avoid the manifestation of those experiences. In other words, there is a Path of avoidance or a Path of participation. If you follow the Path of what excites you then you are participating in the Creative process of harnessing the energy of manifestation. It is while fully engaged within this process that you will probably not see the re-creation of your 'limiting belief structures' until you have already manifested them, as you have termed it, until it is 'in your face'. It is while you are experiencing your 'limiting belief structures' that you can transcend them 'instantaneously' by totally embracing the experience, thus freeing the Emotions that are trapped within the 'body's energetic matrix' and held on a cellular level. This is the Path of Surrender.

Essentially, this process is the reconstruction of your 'limiting beliefs' so that you may transcend them. There is a protective mechanism that the Ego will often use to side-step discordant situations and the ever-limiting Reality that it recreates over and over again, and this is to simply avoid the 'limiting beliefs' or at least, try to. This results in situations that the Soul does not want to experience. Remember, what you put out is exactly what you get back.

It may seem that if you doubt it, you are actually preventing yourself from having it, and you may wonder how you can draw that experience to yourself if you do not want to experience something. What is occurring here is simply the 'attraction' of like energies. Fear is an energy Vibration that when transmitted out into the Universe will attract to itself its own or similar Vibration. Similarly, Love is an energy Vibration that also attracts to itself its own Vibration.

'Wanting' is a declaration of 'not having' and by 'not wanting' to experience an event, what you are saying by this statement to the Universe, is that you are 'fearful' of experiencing a situation and therefore, 'do not want' to experience it. It is by the 'not wanting' to experience a situation, that you are actually drawing it to yourself, a frequency match. Again, you deny yourself what you really want.

You may think that if you make a statement of 'I do not want to experience Love', therefore, with the same reasoning, 'you should receive Love'. In the first statement, you are saying 'I do not want to experience Fear' this statement is one of Fear. Fear attracts Fear. In the second statement, 'I do not want to experience Love', this statement is also of Fear, and similarly attracts Fear. Remember, there is no opposite to Love, only opposition. Love is not the opposite of Fear. Fear can only exist where Love does not. It is quite impossible for Love not to exist; however, it is possible for Fear to exist 'in the moment' you deny the truth of Love. This is the grand illusion within Separation.

By 'not wanting the experience' you are creating the very experience that you wanted to avoid. It is with the increased energy of Fear for having that experience that there comes from the Universe the same increase of 'reflected fearful energy'. Yes, the more that you Fear 'not wanting an experience', the greater that you draw that experience to yourself, the Universal Law of Attraction.

It is by following what excites you that you are then following the Path your Soul would prefer you to take. By this action, you will draw to you all the necessary occurrences which your Soul requires you to experience. And along the way, any experiences that you have not fully integrated will be repeated without you trying to avoid them, thus giving you the opportunity to transmute them 'experientially' as you journey.

The Path of Surrender, whereby you place extraordinary Trust in your Self and the Universe to supply you all the necessary experiences can be rapid especially if you do not deliberate or hesitate within the action of following your excitement.

This Path and action could be considered risky, however, with the greater the risks there comes also the greater the rewards. You will soon learn that really there are no risks compared with what you will gain. Your journey will become more exciting and rewarding as you 'let go' of 'all attachment' and fully participate within the Nowness of 'every waking moment' of your incredible Journey into A New Consciousness.

There is no need to look at your options or important to deliberate over the Path that really excites you, as every Soul knows exactly what it has incarnated into this realm to experience and the Soul will not interfere with 'free will', the Ego's desires, or the illusionary reality of separation. However, the Soul does communicate with you during your Unconscious sleep and during your waking moments by the Joy expressed through your Heart. So here again, there is the choice of two Paths, the Path of the Soul, or the Path of the Ego.

The Ego is the 'personality' of SELF that has embodied the illusion of Fear. The Ego knows not of Love, Happiness, Harmony, Contentment, Peace, Joy, or Creativity. The Ego may seek this Truth; however, it takes the Path of separation and the illusion of seeking this Truth outside of the Heart. The Ego communicates with you through your Mind and will justify why you cannot follow the Path of the Heart and the excitement of joy. The more powerful the Ego becomes, then the more it will construct an elaborate entanglement of limitation. If you listen to the cacophony of sound that often occurs in your head, you will most certainly not hear the whispers of Truth within your Heart and you will deny yourself the Path of joy and instead follow the Path of Fear and limitation. So, which would your preference, to take the Path of excitement and follow the joy of your Heart or the Path of the Ego and follow the limitation of your Fear?

This is a simple choice. The way to know if the Ego is tricking you and saying what it thinks it needs to say, in-order to keep you excited, when really you are still on the Path of the Ego's illusion, is by choosing to follow a particular Path that 'truly excites you', this is the Soul's choice. However, if you are not sure what excites you, then follow a Path that excites you the most, in that moment. The taking of a Path requires action not indecision or procrastination.

If, however, your chosen Path affects others in a more negative way, then it is important to lovingly observe and ask yourself, 'is it of your action or their resistance to change that is causing their negativity?' Therefore, if by following your Path of what excites you affects your friends, family or associates negatively because of 'their attachments and expectations' of what you should or not be doing, then their conditions on your chosen Path indicates their 'limiting beliefs'.

Remember, all those around you are a 'frequency match' to your 'programming frequency' and when you decide to change your programming, by raising your frequency, they are no longer a frequency match and therefore, they will attempt to pull you back into that former dominant lower frequency.

When you have established this, you will know whether your Path is in alignment or not. The Path of the Soul is one of Joy that Loves, Honours and Respects the Sovereignty of All. The Path of the Soul is one of 'discernment' and there are always new levels of mastery, new levels of obtainment, new levels of refinement. Discernment requires action Now, not tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, but NOW.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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