Ascension Messages

Have Trust and Faith

The new Energies flooding in at present are determined by us who are offering you energetic support through our observations of what you are most in need of at any particular time. Therefore, we have determined the Energies coming from our system are about assisting you to attract more of your Soul Family to you in this lifetime. A time when more members of your Soul Family can show up in your space to Co-Create with you and to remind you that you are not alone there on this journey of Ascension.

Different Energies to support different goals for all of you are also being sent by others from other parts of the Galaxy. Therefore, there is a wide array of available Energies coming to you and will continue to come to you. We are sharing with you about our contribution, as we have met with so many of you that are feeling isolated and disconnected.

We also understand that many of you who are Awake are surrounded by those who are not, even if you want to connect with Humans. Therefore, the Soul Families coming together in the Physical is a big part of taking you to the next step on your journey of Ascension, as a Collective. Those of you who are there doing the Ground Crew work, need to feel more grounded, to have experiences of connection and you need the support and stability that the Soul Family members will provide you once they show up in your lives.

Your role in making these connections is to simply, be yourself, continue to live your life, follow your bliss and these other Humans that you have had long histories throughout the Galaxy and Universe and all the densities within the Universe, will present themselves to you. Therefore, now is a good time to get excited, to expect good things and good people to come into your space, and a good time for you to also relax, as these Energies are not about you having to clear or work on something.

They are about bringing you together with your Soul Family, those whom you are going to Feel more at home with. And those of you who are Awake have been doing a tremendous number of requests for this Experience.

We have also noticed how much further you grow Spiritually when you simply Focus on yourselves, on the Heart-space. We have noticed your Minds have the ability of complicating things for all of you there on Earth, and we have noticed it is better when you have less thoughts you are thinking and less beliefs you are holding onto.

You only ever need to Focus on what is happening 'in the moment' when you are in it and anything else you need to know will come to you. It will come to you as a thought out of the blue. You will begin receiving more as you actively think less. Your manifestation times will be experienced faster when you are Heart Centred, and this is because you will be more in touch with your Feelings. That means you will be more likely to offer a Vibration on purpose, to be present and grounded.

You want to FEEL Unity Consciousness because it is the truth. You want to Feel Expansive because it is the truth. You want to Feel the Love that you are because it is the truth. When you come from being Heart Centred you will be coming from Love, however, it requires you to trust that what you need to know, will come to you, in the moment you need to know it.

Therefore, the Energies are about cementing that trust within you, so that you can 'let go' of being Mind oriented and addicted to problems for you to solve. We know that you are being sent many Energies and that trend will continue because you are multi-faceted Beings, and because you require much support and have been asking for support, and those of us in the Higher Realms are constantly deciding how we will deliver it to you.

For the present, you are receiving energetic support to be more Heart Centred, Present, Grounded, and more capable of Feeling everything as it surfaces, so that you know what you are putting out to the Universe. When you understand what you are putting out to the Universe, you will know what you are going to receive from the Universe.

Take a moment to settle into your Heart-Space right now, FEEL the relief of not having to think another thought because you are so tuned-in, so Aware of the Love that you truly are and how that Feels. We will always support you in this, but in the coming weeks and months, those of you who are open to them, will Feel those Energies and you will be able to notice the 'nudge' you are getting into your Heart-Space, and that nudge is going to Feel very good.

Some from Star Systems in our Galaxy have given Humanity much assistance and at times, that assistance has become interference, that has taken away from your ability to 'naturally evolve' into the Being you will ultimately become. However, do not concern yourselves as the Lyrans have given us permission to share Energies sent by Lyrans to assist you All to release traumas you experienced on Lemuria and all traumas you experienced with Extra-Terrestrial Beings.

These Energies are important in the coming Contact Experiences that you all have as Individuals and as a Collective. Therefore, we are very happy with this Lyran offering, as they are once again taking initiative in assisting Humanity grow and evolve, while not interfering. They are not interfering because these energies do not do 'everything for you', they simply support you in 'releasing' your trauma. They create a space, a container, where that can happen, and they help to 'activate' your excitement for Extra-Terrestrial Contact. The Lyran's Energies will activate your Lyran DNA.

Therefore, as you continue with your journeys of Ascension, recognise that all that has ever been done to Humanity will be healed. It will be reversed; you will receive tenfold in the positive everything that has been projected to you that has been negative. Please note that there is no victimhood type of mentality here, we just want to remind you that all that has ever happened to Humankind has been to give you a unique Experience, one that you chose before you were born into each and every incarnation. Therefore, nothing has ever gone wrong there on Earth, and you are not a prison planet. You are not being controlled all the time and certain limitations had been put into place so that you could All have the Experiences you wanted to have.

And there had to be those who would play that role for you, and those Beings are now looking to shift all of that and actually help. The Lyrans never had an intention to do harm. Many of the beings that interfered with the normal and natural development of your Consciousness never intended any harm. Like you, they also had to have certain Experiences that would help them grow, and sometimes being the unintentional villain in someone else's story is an Experience that a Soul wants to have. Or in the case of these E.T.s, many different Souls.

Once again, recognise nothing is ever going awry there and there are no mistakes. You will continue your journey of Ascension without any interference and only with the help of your friends from other Star Systems who Love you very much and who Feel responsible for you. And we do hope that brings you some solace and helps you to relax so that you can receive the full benefit of the Energies upon you and will continue to be upon you.

We are in greater alignment with the Archangels of this Universe as we wish to blend with their Energies because we want to Feel their Love, Support, Compassion and their powerful Creative Abilities. We are merging with Archangel Energy, because those who look to the Galactic but not to the realm of the angelic will benefit from opening up to us in the ways that they do.

Some of you, of course, are open to both Realms, as well as the Fairy Realm and the Ascended Masters. Of course, there are many more Realms than those, however, they certainly are getting much attention there on Earth. We All have our part in Co-Creating the experience there on Earth, and we All have our roles to play in helping you to grow, evolve, expand and to Ascend. When we Feel the Archangel Energies moving through our Collective, we Feel as though we have gone home. We feel closer to Source, and feel we are held in their arms. We want you to also Feel this way.

Many of you still see us as having bodies and having ships, even though we have explained that we are a Non-Physical Collective Consciousness, and because people see us and experience us with all their E.T. filters, they do not quite get the entirety of the Arcturian Energy that we provide. With this blending, this merging that is occurring with our Archangel friends, we know you will experience more of that Higher Density Consciousness.

We know that you will see and feel more of that Angelic Energy and that we are reconnecting you to your roots in the 12th Density. Everyone has their roots in the 12th Density, no matter where they are in this Universe. You simply need that foundation to grow from, and you need that place of love, comfort, cohesiveness and expansiveness to come from in-order to grow appropriately and beautifully, just like flowers need their roots to do so.

We are forever changed by this Experience, and we hope that you Feel the Love now from us that we have felt from them, as well as the Compassion, Support, and the protection that you all need to Feel in-order to move forward in your lives with Trust, Faith and with Knowing that everything is going to be all right for Humanity there on Earth. And we want all of you to spread that Energy around as well.

We have so much fun in watching you grow and progress, because we can see how our Energy is impacting on all of you. It is unfortunate that you do not all have that same ability and that you cannot see how you are impacting your World all the time. We know that if everyone could see their impact, they would be much more Conscious about what it was they were putting out into the World. Those of you who want to be of Service but do not know what to do, must 'trust' that you are still having an impact with the thoughts you think, intentions you hold, vibrations you offer and the words you speak, and so on.

You must place your Faith in a 'ripple effect' and know that 'everyone' out there in the World is affected by everything that is going on with You, internally and externally. Therefore, if you do want to make an impact, please make those energetic adjustments even though you might not be able to see how they have impacted the World and everyone in it. Another approach for you all is to Think, Say and Vibrate as you want because in doing so, makes you feel good. Allow that moment where you are resonating with what you are putting out there, be enough.

Allow your Feelings to guide you and make sure that your Feelings matter to you, because they do matter to you and to everyone else, as they do materialise. It is how you Create your Reality, and your Reality includes the Reality of the entire World, of the entire Universe. If you cannot see the impact you are having, then just FEEL for it. Allow your feelings Be enough, because You are enough. Your existence matters, and you can put out so much more positive Energy when you understand that it matters to everyone. And when you know that it is also coming back to you in some way, shape, or form, that is even better.

The fact that you 'feel good in the moment' needs to be enough because that is all you have in life, is a moment. Your life is a series of moments. It is easier to continue to be in a moment that feels good, a moment where you are offering something that is high Vibrational and that is supposed to be of Service to others. Remember that and you get to benefit from the momentum that you Create, and that everyone else also benefits.

We so enjoy being of Service, because being of Service 'aligns us' more with our true Selves. We know ourselves more as Source Energy Beings when we are acknowledging that you are us and we are you. You have many different varieties of ways in which people are in need of help right now there on Earth and when you 'align' with the Energies of Service, you align with All of Us in the Higher Realms who seek only to assist our fellow travellers.

We are all headed home to Source even though at times some of us lose our way. When someone is lost, you do not condemn them for being lost and you do not see them as a lost cause; you know that if you can help them then you can give them that help to get them back on track. You are very helpful Beings by nature and it is part of your journey to help, not because you need to prove yourselves as being Service-to-others oriented, but because in the 'helping of another' you are 'acknowledging' that there is no other. We are all in fact one. That is who we really are and the separation, hierarchies and densities are all illusions we give ourselves for the opportunities we wanted, to know ourselves in a variety of ways.

Your mission on Earth is fulfilled when you seek to know yourself, then you discover that you are 'everything' and everyone. And with that knowing, you truly do want to help all others. Many of you struggle with how to Be of Service to many, or at least more people there on Earth. It is through your talents and your unique abilities that shows you the various ways that you can be of Service.

Use what you are good at to help another and that other will likely be good at something that you have not even begun to master, and they will want to help you with that. In this way, you will become closer with that person as a result of you helping each other. You will become closer to the truth of Who We All Really Are as Source, because you will be coming together and operating more as one, than as two separate units.

Which is why when you reach the Higher Realms, when you reach the Non-Physical, we All operate as Councils and Collectives. We have that knowing of Who We Really Are and we want to experience it more.Being individuated is still experienced at the same time as holding that knowing that we are All One. We are sharing with you once again, that YOU chose to be there, and you knew you would be helping many, many others just by being born. Therefore, Be Who You Are, and lean into your strengths, and you will Be of Service to others.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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