Ascension Messages

Hold Positive Expectations for Everyone

We want you to understand that there is not just 'one Path' to Ascension, which we are illuminating for each and every one of you. As there will not be just 'one experience' of Ascension, for that would not serve Source's desire for a variety of experiences. You crave variety of experience, as does Source. Therefore, there will be as many different 'experiences' of Ascension as there are Beings incarnate at this time, throughout the entire Universe and throughout the entire Multiverse. And this is why we say, we are illuminating 'many Paths to Ascension', because there is not just one Path.

You have the opportunity to decide which Path you take, and we will always encourage you to take the Path that 'Feels the best' for you and has the 'most opportunities' for Joy and Expansion. However, be mindful of being drawn into someone else's story of what Ascension will be like for everyone or for the percentage of the population that will Ascend. We suggest that you forget everything you have been told, and instead, 'tune in' to 'your ideal Path' and Feel into what it Feels like. While you may invite others to join you on your Path, they do not however, have to join you on your Path, they can take their own 'Good Feeling' Path to a higher level of Consciousness, because we are all different. There is 'no one true Path', therefore, you do not need to attempt to get people to join you on your Path, that you found and believe to be 'the way'.

Instead, all that is required is that 'you allow everyone permission' to Be themselves and to Follow the Path of Joy, by doing so yourself. Along the way, you will encounter the themes, issues, and the trauma that you came to experience, so that you can 'release' all your negative Energy, Judgments, Fears and so on, around those experiences. However, you may as well encounter those challenges on the Path of 'greatest Joy for you', the Path that excites you the most, knowing that you always decide what Joy is for you. We remind you that you are not only there to experience the 'good things', but to experience it ALL, so that you can then choose the 'things' that YOU deem to be 'Good and Joyous for you'.

When you make those Choices and continue to Focus on the choice you have made, you manifest that Reality and experience that Path. You also receive more Joy because you have chosen to Be Your Self, your Whole Self, rather than follow what everyone else is doing, or what the majority are believing to be necessary for you to do or participate in, in-order for you to get to the next level of Consciousness. All that is necessary, is for you to be Your Self and follow your Feelings.

There is a difference between Service to Self and Service to others. When YOU are Joyous, your Service to others matters more, creating a bigger impact on the lives of those you seek to Serve, than when you are Serving out of Guilt, Obligation or Feeling that you 'must do it' in-order to Be the better Version of Your Self that others have told you about. When you inspire others with the way you live your lives, they will then inspire others, and those will inspire others, and so on. That is the Path of Joy, and All the Paths of Joy are what we are illuminating with our messages to you and with the Energies that we send.

We are tuning in, observing, waiting, and reading the Energies of those who have agreed to lead the Expansion of Consciousness there on Earth at this time, because we know that when you can handle more, your fellow Humans can also handle more of that which we send you energetically. We know that you can 'ground in' what others will access later, and that you work with all the Energy Fields that you have access to, including the Energy Fields of your fellow Humans. See yourselves as Spirit Guides in physicality to those around you, for that is what you are.

You are emanating such a high Frequency that you influence others to also be in a Higher Frequency. Whether you know it or not, you offer others what they need and what they ask for, whether they ask for it Consciously or Unconsciously. That is why we are so happy having you there as our Ground Crew members, and there are many Councils and Collectives here in the 9th Density who are also working with each and every one of you, who we consider to be a part of the Awakened Collective. And whether you know it or not, you are also helping those who are Awake, who however, are a little behind in your understanding and in your Vibrational offering. You will now become Aware of what you are doing when you are around other people.

You feel it and notice it, and the chances are increasing all the time that they will also. You will find people gravitating to you because of what you can handle Energetically and because of what you 'emanate' to them. You have the ability to put people in a better mood, to help them come to realisations that they have been seeking, and to activate their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. You can see yourselves as walking crystals because you are anchoring in more of the crystalline Energies. We always trust that you will be where you are needed most, in every moment of every day, because you always are.

We have shared with you before that we work with you while you are asleep, as you travel the Astral plane, and during the day when you are awake. This gives you more Power that is required for you to 'influence' and to 'create change' there on Earth, as needed. You are not only awakening others with your words and stories but also with your Presence and your Intentions. You want others to join you and for them to succeed. You want them to 'Feel good' so that they will 'do good' in the World, and we are supporting each and every one of you in all of this, and you can expect more of that support now that we have noticed how much the Awakened Collective can handle energetically, how much you are grounding in, and how much you are spreading out to the entire Human Collective.

This is a wonderful time for all of you to be very active and very fruitful, and a wonderful time for you to be very expressive and to make yourselves available to the World and Serve Humanity in the way that you intended. We know that many of you have Awakened to the truth that there is not 'one future' for you or for All of Humanity and we are happy to see many of you exploring the different possible Timelines in front of yourselves.

We see that you are more earnest in Focusing on the Reality that you want to experience, rather than, giving in to the idea that you must experience a certain predetermined Reality. This may have been the case in all your previous Lifetimes there on Earth, in the 3rd Density. You may have set out to live those lives having created a blueprint for each and every one of them, that you would adhere to, because you knew it served your Consciousness to do so. You knew that certain experiences were necessary to gain the knowledge from those experiences, but this is not one of those lifetimes.

This, is a lifetime where everything is shifting and changing, including how much of a say you have now that you are on Earth, and about what happens next for you. Now, you may think to yourself that you can Choose what will happen next for yourself, but you may also Believe that because Humanity is shifting as a Collective, that there must be experiences that you All must have as a Collective. However, that is not the case. You are Choosing which 'version of the Collective' you align with, and therefore, which 'future experiences' you will have as a part of that 'particular Collective' and this you are doing all the time.

Think highly of your fellow Humans, and you will have a better Reality experience with them. Look down upon your fellow Humans, and you will continue to wonder why they keep 'messing up' everything for the rest of you who are Awake. You want to elevate everything, not just your Vibration and your Consciousness, but also, your expectations for your fellow Humans. See them as having all these potential 'awakening experiences' that they have yet to 'tap into' but are destined to experience themselves.

See the Consciousness of the Collective spiralling upward with you, and see yourselves as leading the way, but know, that as the Awakened Collective you are not alone. Everyone is there to Serve the 'experience of Ascension', in their own way. Everyone is there behaving exactly as you need them to behave to give you what you need in-order to grow Spiritually. You are the ones who are the Change-Makers, who will decide that the Path for Humanity can be a smooth, easy, and a joyous one, as you help others 'awaken' with your own level of Consciousness, with the stories you share of 'your own experiences', and with your ability to 'hold space' for all of them, especially those who are lagging furthest behind.

If you could see them ALL as a part of yourselves, it would be easier for you to see that 'they need you'. They need your assistance through your 'positive expectations' for them and for you to 'hold your Vibration' in the highest possible Frequency, which you can only do, when you are seeing them all as Source Energy Beings, instead of as the ones who are 'messing things up' for the rest of you. You came to Earth to do that and even in those times when you do not believe in yourselves, we believe in you. Please call upon us when you require assistance in maintaining that vision, because we know that Humankind can experience the shift in Consciousness in the most beautiful of ways.

We also remind you of all the Non-Physical helpers that are around you, supporting you and giving you everything that you need, and we remind you that 'You are Loved'. With all this Love pouring down upon you all, it then becomes easier for you to remember who and what you really are. You are Beings of pure, unconditional Love. You come from Source, and you are still Source, even though you forget sometimes who and what you really are, and that Source is Love. Our messages to you are about reminding you 'who you really are' so that you can go out into the World and BE 'who you really are'.

Nothing Feels as good as Loving, and when you Love another, whether that other is a person, animal, plant, or some other aspect of Source, you are 'in that moment' being your True Self. You are being true to yourself as Love, and therefore, by receiving the Love that you are constantly getting from Us and from the other Non-Physical Consciousness, you then have more to give. You have the activated Love within you, and from that place of being activated, the Love that you are, pours from you, into the World effortlessly. When you are being Love, you do not have to try to Love others, and nothing can switch off the Love that is active within you.

And only 'you' can switch off that 'flow of Love' that comes from within you. You have the master key. You are using your Fee Will, if you decide 'not to Be Love' in any given moment and by you deciding that, it once again gives you a Feeling of separation from 'who and what you really are', and that allows you to play this 3rd and 4th Density Earth experience game, a little longer. As you remember who you are throughout the course of your day, you are more likely to spread Love all around you and create a Universe of Love for you to experience.

You are the ones 'activating Love' in others by going about your day 'being the Love' that you truly are. Understand that there is a domino effect with whatever it is you are spreading there on Earth. Therefore, we suggest you spread what you want to see activated in others, and they will show you that reflection, and you will enjoy each other's company, because what is most important about each of you will be at the forefront. You will have to 'let go' along the way, that which is 'not who you really are', and one way or another that will happen. Do it Consciously and Deliberately, and you will enjoy the rest of the ride there on this 4th Density version of Earth.

Whether awake or asleep, it has not been an easy Path for most people. You would assume that it would be much easier to be there at this time, being Awake, however, as Awakened Souls, you are less likely to smother your emotions by sweeping it away it away or numbing yourself to it with drugs. This is the time where everything is rising to the surface, which is why things do not look as if they are going well there on Earth and that Humanity is not making the progress, that we are always reporting that you are making.

All the things that come to the surface must be Seen, Felt, Acknowledged and Forgiven, in-order for you to move on. Therefore, whatever upsets you in your world right now, remember that it is not your job to copy, past and post so that others can agree with how horrible that person, group, country, or situation is. Your job in that moment, is to offer Forgiveness, release Judgment and have Compassion for those who are doing or saying the horrible things, because they are doing so from that place of being 'out of alignment' with Source. And there is no worse place to be in, and you all know that, because you have all been there as well.

Therefore, your fellow Humans do not require more condemnation, or finger-pointing, rather, they need to be seen as Source Energy Beings who have lost their way and who are acting out a tantrum like a toddler. That is the way and is the only way that you bring the level of Consciousness to a higher level there on Earth. There are no bypasses. If you cannot Forgive another and have Compassion for them, then you will not be able to do it for yourselves either, so there are no other ways of getting around what your work is at this time.

And there are many aspects of yourselves. The one that you are right now, is not the only one, and you carry the rest of them around with you, sometimes in your Energy Field, and they need Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. And many people who are Awake will go to a healer, or someone similar to a healer, and ask to have that entity or attachment removed, when in actuality, it needs to be Integrated, Accepted as an aspect of Self.

You are in this Time, a Time that is all about Integration, not about separation and not about the light defeating the dark. There is no spiritual war, and warfare is not the way, whether it is Physical or Metaphysical. Those of you who are Awake know all this, but at times, when something gets under your skin enough, you forget. We love it when we see you 'right on track' and no matter what challenges you are facing in your lives right now, the challenge of Uniting Humanity is the biggest one that you have. Remember that and remember that you are there to assist and to heal, and everything will be all right, even though there is always room for improvement.

These are exciting times for Humankind, as you continue to move closer and closer to the 5th Density Frequency range with your evolving and expanding Consciousness, beyond where it has ever been before there on Earth. Collectives like our Selves Feel that we receive so much from all of you, because of your willingness to absorb the Energies that we send. As much as you are receiving assistance from above, you are also assisting those around you.

You are assisting them with your level of Consciousness, your acts of kindness and with your Vibration. You are 'balancing the Energies' there with the High Vibration that you 'continuously offer' to your fellow Humans. You are offering it when you are sitting and doing nothing, but also, when you see that others are in need, you amplify the projection of your High Vibrational Energy. You answer the call with your Intention for others to be fed, clothed, treated fairly, given the same opportunities as everyone else, and respected as the Beings that they truly are.

Remember that we are all Source Energy Beings, and we seek to help each other. When you are in 'a space' of remembering 'who you really are', you cannot but help add that to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. And the more people there are who are seeking something better and different, the more you answer the call. You have no idea how much you assist your fellow Humans just by being there, just by being a part of the Human Collective. However, you truly are there to make a huge difference and it is why you respond so well to the assistance coming from above.

We are to you, as you are to your fellow Humans and you recognise Us and what we are doing, because it is so familiar to You. You will continue to Awaken and hold that Consciousness consistently of 'who you really are'. We want you to know that you are making it possible for so many other Humans to Ascend with you because of 'who you are' and because of 'what you do'. We also want you to receive more of the assistance from above, because there will be more people all around you who are 'waking up' and needing someone in Human form, to be the Helper that they have been seeking.

Eventually, they will find Us and the others here in the Higher Density planes, however, for a while, they will be seeking someone in a 'physical body' who can relate to them and what they are going through. And that is one of the reasons why you All needed to come into this lifetime with less, forgetting 'who you really are' and with a determination to know yourselves as Spiritual Beings, as Source Energy in the flesh. You are anchoring in more of that truth all the time, and we see the effects that it has on all of Humanity, and we Thank You for your Service.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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