Ascension Messages

Changing your Response, Changes You

We are allowing ourselves to Focus only on the most Positive Futures for Humanity, and we suggest you all do the same. We have noticed that as we Focus on the most Positive Future Timelines for Humanity, that they Expand and Grow to include more Positive Experiences. We have come to realise that we are Co-Creating these Positive Futures with All of you who are Focused on the best possible Timelines for Humanity. Those of you who have worked on yourselves, by training yourselves to think Positively, to expect the best, are Co-Creating with all of Us in the Higher Realms, and what we see is the most beautiful, magical, wondrous Ascension Experiences for Individuals and for Humanity as a Collective.

Right now, YOU are choosing which 'version of the Future' you are 'aligning with' and it is with your 'Vibrational offering' that you are doing so. Remember, that there is not one Future, and that every Future is malleable. Therefore, every Future can contain more magical experiences of Joy and Happiness. Your Futures expand with your Focus upon them, to contain more of those absolutely Heart-opening, exciting experiences that you all want to have.

Many of you must use your Discernment with many of the 'new agers' who are preaching doom and gloom about the Future, in the same way that with Discernment you have taught yourselves to ignore mainstream media. It is YOU that must 'determine' whether you want to add more Energy to a negative Timeline, and the only way to determine that, is by 'tuning in' to how you are Feeling when you see someone predicting all the negative things that will happen in-order for Humanity to grow. Although you can grow through pain and suffering, they are not however, prerequisites to growth.

We recommend that you grow through Focusing on your Heart, on the Love that you are, the Source Energy Being that you are and that everyone else is. We invite you to join us in that 'Positive expectation' that we have for All of you who know how to use the 'Power of your Focus' to create Realities and to put more Energy towards what you 'want to experience'. We have seen you all riding the wave of Expansion, Love, Joy, Freedom, Creativity, Abundance, and everything else you want to experience.

Someday you will All realise why you had the 'experiences' that you are having right now, and it will all make sense to you and by Accepting that future day is coming, perhaps then, you can make Peace with your current circumstance. You can even look for the myriad of ways in which your current set of circumstances are Serving you. Right now, there is no need for you to see the Future, or to know what will unfold and there is no need for you to make sense of everything and certainly not to do those things with a limited Physical Mind.

What you do need and want to do, is make Peace with your current Personal Reality and Global Reality. We are even talking about the greater Galactic Reality, of which you are a part of. To make Peace, means 'being at Peace', and being at Peace, is a step closer to Source. Being closer to Source gives you more of the experience that you want to have in your Reality. Understand, that you would still find fault with your new Reality, even if 'you could change' everything outside of you 'without having to change yourself', you would continue to do what you are doing now, demanding that it be changed or even take the necessary steps to change it.

You want to be Focusing on seeing Peace in all areas, countries, and continents on your World, and when YOU can make Peace with everything, As It Is, you will start to see that Peace, right now. You are there to 'welcome in' everything of that which is coming, however, you do not have to 'be the one' who makes it all happen. Understand, that billions of years in our Universe has led us to this moment, therefore, there is so much 'momentum' carrying us to the next level, the next octave, and the next experience.

You are there to enjoy the ride, to ride the waves of the Expansion. You are the beneficiaries of 'all the momentum' that has brought us ALL to this place and that will continue to nudge Us forward. This is why it is so important of Letting Go, going with the flow, and Acceptance and it is why you hear about them so frequently. You are so much more effective as 'Creators of your Reality' when you are not in Resistance, even so, you still get to Create your Reality and will continue to do so.

We invite you All to take a determined look at your Resistance to all who 'you determine' are getting in the way of your Alignment, your Ascension, your Expansion, to whomever it is you are blaming for your current circumstances. Understand that by lowering your resistance and making Peace with your circumstances, will raise your Frequency beyond the 3rd Density of Earth, because the 3rd Density was and always has been, all about Us versus Them, Dark versus Light, and even people within the same country against each other, and family against family.

Because of the 'momentum' you have happening, you are ready to move beyond that, and now is the time to simply 'relax into the flow' and allow yourselves to be carried naturally into the Higher Density plains of existence that are beckoning you to them. By Relaxing, by Letting Go and Trusting that everything is in its proper flow, you will then be in greater Harmony, greater Community with those like Us, while also getting there faster. Therefore, we invite you to align with Us and Accept our beautiful Universe 'As It Is' right now, and we await with eagerness to see 'where it is' that we are All going together.

We know how important it is for you All to understand that you are still moving in the right direction and the importance for you to recognise that Humanity is on the right Path and that you are Ascending. That does not necessarily mean that everything looks different today, although some things do look differently than they once did, and from the outside Perspective, other things remain the same.

What you need to Acknowledge within Humanity is that you are seeing the World differently. You are starting to understand more of how your 'Personal issues' arise in your lives and in the Global scale, in which you can view your World. You are there to Change your Response and Yourselves. You do not have to go out and fix all the problems of the World or move all the pieces around so that they fit perfectly in place.

You are there to Change YOU, and from our vantage point, we see you are doing just that. And no matter how it may look, people there on Earth are Shifting, Evolving, and Ascending. Your place in all of this, is to Be the 'voice of reason' at your next party or gathering that you attend. You can Be the One who Chooses 'not' to point a finger, not to choose a side and not to get angry with what they 'are' or 'are not' doing.

And you can offer a different Perspective, a new Perspective to the other people at that party who may not be in agreement with you. While they may not go along with what you are presenting, you will have however, planted a seed and you will have made them think. It is important for you to understand, that Change begins, when YOU think differently about yourselves, about others, and about the World you live in.

The most important aspects of your 'life experience' that YOU 'can Change' is your Response, your Reaction, and your Approach to what is happening in your lives, and in the lives of others. You 'can Change everything' by simply 'looking at something differently', however, YOU must change first. You are Ascending, which means you are Evolving and becoming something different. You are not just Ascending by going to a different place and bringing all your baggage with you.

You are Ascending by 'letting go' of all your baggage and rising to a higher level of Awareness. In that higher level of Awareness, you can see everything differently, you can Speak, Think, and Act accordingly, and you will have the impact on your World that you want to have. However, first you will impact your 'Internal World' by 'letting go' of your fear, resistance, judgment, resentment, anger, and anxiety.

You have already had those experiences and you are ready to 'let them go', and NOW is the time. By holding onto that which is 'dark and heavy' that no longer Serves you, it will Feel worse and worse until you Feel as if you have no other choice, but to Let Go. This is what we mean by detachment.

We are filling ourselves up with Higher Frequency Energies from the Higher Densities to Us, so that we can Feel what we are 'moving into' and so that we can have more Energy and to share it with you All. When you find yourself wondering what you should do with your life, and nothing compels you as interesting enough to participate in it, we invite and recommend you to 'set the intention' to 'open yourselves up' and fill yourselves with Higher Frequency Energies from Higher Density planes.

Many people are afraid that if they 'open themselves up', that they are then opening themselves up to attack and to lower Vibrational Energies and Entities. We always advise you 'to always' come to this practice of 'opening up' from an already Good-Feeling place. In other words, you need to do 'whatever you need to do' to get yourself in a Higher Vibration and it does not matter what it is, and only you know what puts a smile on your face, a skip in your step, or what makes your Heart beat a little faster. It may be playing with pets, looking at clouds in the sky, listening to music, singing along with that music, dancing or taking a bath.

There is always something that you can do to raise your Vibration and then from that higher place, you are wearing a Higher Vibrational Frequency that acts as an armour against Low Frequency manifestation or attack. There is no need to worry about Beings or Energies coming up to get you, as they cannot, because you are in your Higher Vibrational state and out of reach. When you are in your Higher Vibrational state, you are more likely to then 'receive' from the Higher Density planes of existence, Beings and Collectives who exist in those Higher Densities.

When you use the tools that have been given to you appropriately, there is nothing to fear. We know that so many of you want to 'anchor in' Higher Frequency Energies for the rest of Humanity. And there are many reasons for you wanting to 'anchor in' the Higher Frequency Energies, you may want to do it for Mother Earth, to access more of the Guidance that you desire, and some of you want it for the purposes of healing yourselves and others.

You can also engage in this practice simply because you want to Feel good, to Feel better than you were Feeling before you started it and those are good enough reasons. You know that when you Feel better, you spread that better Feeling Energy around. Everything that you do, can be an act of Service when it is infused with Higher Frequency Energy. We recommend that you go out and infuse your body with it.

We know how much you are All worth and that you are priceless. We would like to see you get past the tendency of trying to measure yourselves in a variety of ways, as we know that you could not possibly be quantified. We would like to see you get past that tendency by 'fully Accepting' that you are Infinite and Eternal Beings of Source Energy. You are the Divine that is Expanding out in all directions, and you have everything that you need inside of you, and therefore, you could never really measure your worth by looking at how much you have, how much you earn, or have accomplished.

Therefore, we encourage you not to base your Self-Esteem, your Self-Worth, and your Self-Love on these tangible things. We invite you instead, to Feel for your true worth, your worthiness, your Infinite and Eternal nature, and you do this by going beyond this singular lifetime and by reaching within your Heart-centre and finding the Soul that you are, that is deeply embedded within that very centre point of your Being-ness. Feel yourself as Infinite, Eternal and Expanding all at once, and 'allow that' to be a way for you measuring yourself and determining your worth.

Then allow yourselves to dream, as big as you Feel yourselves to Be, and go beyond the 3rd and 4th Density limitations. You are there to break free from those bubbles that you have placed yourselves within, and you cannot break free from those bubbles simply by acquiring more wealth or more stuff. It is only through introspection, going within, Feeling for Who You Really Are, that you begin to experience a sample of the Divine. The Goal is to know yourself as the Divine, while in the Physical.

You are there to 'experience' more of the true Self, the whole Self, and then to 'live your life' with that 'knowing', showing others through your example. You teach by the Frequency that you are Being and by how you Feel, not just by what you Say or Do. You can teach by what you 'say or do', however, if they are low Frequency emanations then those teachings will be hollow, because a person who is not truly Feeling what it is that they are teaching, do not contain the right Frequency and is not glowing from their Heart-centre.

We recommend that you reach 'within yourself' and Feel for the truth of Who You Are every single day. Then allow that to radiate out in all directions, and you will then be Serving yourselves and others. You will not then Feel a need to do so much, to prove your worth to yourself or others, and no one will be asking you to do anything either, because they will simply enjoy the Energy that you are offering.

You are these beautiful Beings of Love and Light, there on Earth, to experience the Physical Realm as the truth of Who You Are, and we are here to remind you of that over and over again until you grasp it in such a way that it 'clicks into place' in a permanent way and Changes everything about Who You Are and How You are Choosing to Be in the World. It is fun, fascinating, and interesting for Us as well. We recommend that you 'celebrate every moment of your existence' as we do, because we Feel that existence is worth celebrating.

You exist, therefore you get to Feel Love, Connection, Joy, Excitement, Abundance, Confidence, and so much more. And in-order for you to Feel those Feelings exactly as you do, you must exist in that Physical Realm. You truly are there to Explore and to Experience, and when you allow yourself to 'experience it all', and then 'allow all the Emotions' to surface as a result of those experiences, you fulfil a mission. Then you can assist others, however, you can only assist others when you are coming from a position of strength, and if you are not allowing all your Emotions to bubble to the surface, to be felt by you, then you are not fully in your position of strength.

However, you are All there to go beyond the level of the Mind, even though you can still share the information that you have come to know, or believe is true, then you can nourish someone at the level of their Mind. However, you are there to Expand from the Heart and to use the Mind, to Focus you from the Heart. You may think you have much to offer Humanity, even if only half the Emotions have been felt by you, that you were meant to Feel in this lifetime. And no matter where people are on their journey, everyone has much to offer. If, however, you want to help people in an effective and long-lasting way, you will need to start by helping yourself. By Feeling the flow of all your Emotions, especially, the ones that are most challenging for you to Feel, you will be helping yourself to unblock your Emotional centre.

You can set aside time in your day to 'allow' those 'floodgates to open' because you do want as much Love, Joy, and Peace as possible, to 'flow to you' and 'through you', and they cannot flow when there is sadness, anger and fear blocking the flow. You must start with the very basics if you really want to be of Service to others and help Humanity to Ascend. You must start with what everyone intuitively knew when they came into this lifetime and that is when they were sad, they needed to cry. And when they were angry, they needed to let it out, release it, and when they were afraid, they needed to seek comfort and 'allow' that fear to 'pass through' them.

Something along the way became responsible for most Individuals tendency to 'not allow' all those Negative Emotions to flow, that become stuck, blocked, that lead to all kinds of addictions. It also leads people to not fully access the Love that they are, with them taking many actions to compensate for those Feelings that they are 'unaware' are trapped inside them, that are creating their Reality, with the Vibrations of those trapped Emotions.

As an Enlightened Light-Worker that you are, you come in to assist people in meditation, breathing and getting in touch with their Inner Child and with so many aspects of the Spiritual life that you have come to know. No matter what you are doing with a person, you are assisting them to unblock those blocked Negative Emotions.

You are assisting them to Heal so that they too can Feel the Love that they are, whereby, they too can go out into the World and Be who they 'need to be' for Humanity. And it is worth celebrating when someone 'allows' the floodgates of Emotion to 'open up' within them. And when we know that is happening, we celebrate and throw a party every time with any Being in this gigantic Universe of ours and we invite you All to join Us in the 'celebration' and 'the flow'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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