Ascension Messages

We Are Collectively Opening Portals – Part 2

We are Awakening within you the 'knowing' that you have a 'past' in this Galaxy that extends beyond your Solar System, and at the same time, we are giving you that 'knowing' that you have a 'future' in the Higher Density Realms. You have been 9th Density before, and you will be 9th Density again. You have been Arcturian before, and you will visit our Star System again. If that were not true, then you would not resonate with us in the way that you do. The truth of your existence is that you are expanding out in all directions at once, and that includes all points in Time, or to put it another way, all points in Space/Time.

You are becoming ONE with the entire Universe, step by step, moment by moment. NOW is the Time you are becoming ONE with your Higher Selves. That is very exciting. For a while, it is also exciting and interesting to pretend that we are all separate. Why is that exciting and interesting? Well, you get to know us and other Beings, and as you do, you get to know 'your-selves'. You get to know more of what makes you up, and it is a fun way that Source devised to get to know Source.

We are ALL just playing our roles in this magical tour of the Universe. The Universe is not even our Whole Selves; we are ALL more than this Universe. Certainly, we are more than this Galaxy, each Individual Star System and the Planets and Moons on which Beings dwell. Therefore, we invite you to feel how 'significant' you are when you look up at the Stars. We invite you to feel how' big and powerful' you are when you extend your Consciousness out to include ALL other Beings.

WE are ALL doing this together, and it can be a lot more fun if you allow it to be. It is similar to the concept that you have of meeting a Soul-mate. When you are desperate to meet your Soul-mate and feel that time is running out on you, it is not that fun. So when you are looking to connect with Beings like us, or 5th Density Pleiadeans, Sirians, Lyrans, or whomever, you want to do so because it is fun. You want to do so because you want to know more of Your-Self, of which you have many different facets, many aspects. You are really spread out across this entire Universe and through many Beings like us, you are connecting the dots. You are becoming Whole again, and we are just playing our part. We are One Collective. There are many more that you have not even heard of yet. So let us make this a fun and enjoyable ride to meeting more of who we are, and let us do it together, Consciously.

We are illuminating a Path for our Ascension because we enjoy Creating our Reality, even though from your Perspective, it must seem incredibly easy to do so when you are a 9th Density, non-physical Collective. The truth is, we just enjoy the process. We enjoy bringing 'something' to fruition, because we have 'no doubt' and we have 'no fear'. There is no wondering as to whether we are doing it right, whether we are blocked, whether we are not effective Creators. That makes it much more fun.

Of course, it does make us much more efficient. We want you to feel that way as well; that is why we are telling you all of this. We want you to 'let go' of your doubts, process your Fears, and move forward with your Creations confidently, because you are so certain that they will come to fruition and that they will be even better than you can possibly Imagine. That's the type of World you are living in now, because you are surrounded by Co-Creative Energies that are faster and more powerful than anything you have ever worked with before there on Earth.

You can benefit from all the summoning, all the asking that your fellow Humans have been doing, and you can light the way for them. You can show them how it is done, explain to them how you did it, and how you continue to do it, and reassure them that there is plenty more where those Energies came from. There really is no shortage, not when you are Creating your Reality with Energy and Vibration, not when you know you can shift to a different Reality, to a different Timeline, whenever you want.

NOW is a good time to be Focused, to be cleaning up any of those negative thoughts and lower-frequency Vibrations so that you can be clear about what it is you are projecting out there into the Reality you are moving into next. It is a wonderful time to be alive there on Earth because of all of the not-so-wonderful times that there have been there on Earth. You have all been Co-Creating a much better Reality for everyone to enjoy.

All you have to do is have enough FAITH in yourselves and in your abilities to bring those Realities into your experience, to match them Vibrationally. You do not do it with Thought; you do it with Frequency Vibration. You have to FEEL what you want to experience first, and all Vibrations are available to you because they all exist within you. Humans have been mind controlled in the most subtle ways, in that 'seeing is believing' however, in all other Densities you know that 'believing is seeing'. The truth of what we are sharing 'All Thoughts Create'. You have been the Masters who first decided to forget that Truth, so that you could remember and blow yourselves away once again with what beautiful and amazing Creator Beings 'you truly are'.

We are always aware of what is going on there on Earth, always keeping track, taking the pulse of the Human Collective, and at this time we are noticing that you have begun to recognise yourselves as the beautiful and wonderful Beings that you are. You have reached a 'tipping point' within the Collective, one where enough of you, have come to this realisation. You have come to recognise 'who you really are', that you are powerful Creator Beings, and that you are Infinite and Eternal Beings of Love and Light.

Now that enough of you have come to this realisation, once again, there will be another 'wave of Mass Awakenings amongst those who have never even contemplated the idea that they could be Source Energy Beings masquerading as Human Beings. This is a wonderful time for you all to sit back, relax, and watch as the World begins to transform from these Awakenings. You had your Awakening experience, or experiences, and they were planned by you before you were born, and so it stands to reason that those of your fellow Humans who have been asleep up until now, will also have their planned Awakening events.

Even those who have rejected the idea that they are Infinite and Eternal Beings of Love and Light will be transformed eventually. We have shared with all of you who received these messages that you have to be patient with your fellow Humans, and that patience is going to pay off now that the tipping point has been reached, now that you are Creating an environment where it is easier for others to 'wake up'. You have laid the groundwork, blazed the trail, and you have done a wonderful job of Being Who You Really Are, not hiding your Light, but rather, getting excited about what you have come to know about yourselves and everyone else.

Every time you have shared your Truth, you have helped to Create a World, an Environment, where people will be able to Awaken without any reservation, without feeling that they are weird. You have done so much for Humanity, and most of you do not ever acknowledge yourselves for what you have done, but you are going to start to see the payoff, and all of Humanity is benefitting from every single one of you being there and just knowing 'who you really are'. You are spread out all across the planet so that you can work with the gridlines so that you can send those Energies across the World, grounding your Truth into Mother Earth so that everyone can benefit from what you have come to know about yourselves and everyone else.

You have come so far in your lives, and this next Wave of Awakenings will have people who will be able to grow and evolve in leaps and bounds. This is a Time for you all to celebrate yourselves, for making that possible, for leading Humanity in their Consciousness Evolution. So when you think about what you should be doing, or how you can possibly contribute more, just remember how much you have already done for Humankind, just by being you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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