Ascension Messages

BE Unconditional Love and FEEL the Connectedness

We are giving you as much as we can in any given moment, however, you can give 'Yourselves' Everything. There are no restrictions, no limitations when what you are receiving is from Within. Now, we will always attempt to assist you with unlocking and opening those doors to the Inner Realm that 'can and will' eventually grant you everything. We are talking about everything that 'you are' and of all your Gifts and Abilities, as well as everything you want in the external World. It is all inside of you, and that is not just something we say. It is instead something we Know to be true in a very real way.

If you look at your environment as a projection, then you can start to get an idea of how this is possible. Everything that you Experience comes from your own Energy, the projection of Your Own Consciousness. You are showing yourself what is inside of you when you witness the outside World. If you see people arguing, then even if you are not arguing with people in your life, there is a lot of internal dialogue that holds that same Vibration as the argument you are witnessing. If you want to Manifest something, then you have to offer the Vibration of it, rather than offering the Vibration of the 'lack of' it in your Experience. We know that is easier to do, that it is easier to 'look outside of yourself' and say, "Well, this is just how it is. This is the world I am in".

It is a bit more challenging to admit that this is the World 'You are Creating and Projecting' and it takes some real courage to 'take Responsibility for Everything' that you 'see and experience' out there and then DO something about it. Once you realise that the Infinite and the Eternal are Inside of You, then You have to ACCEPT it all. You have to be 'willing' to embrace ALL aspects of Yourself, instead of judging and criticising who and what you are, then you get to Choose from all that is inside of you, who and what you want to Activate, and the Choices are limitless. They will only 'seem limited' if you 'believe' what everyone else is telling you about yourself, including, your own mind.

Your own Ego can work against you by not wanting to admit that you are so much more than you appear to be. Start believing in yourselves and in your abilities to put out into the World everything you want to Experience and to Become everything you want to become, and it will be so. The other way of living is an 'unconscious way' and it does not work very well for those who are moving through life 'believing' that they are the small Ego, and that the World is so chaotic and confusing. When you realise what you have the Power to DO, then it is up to YOU to use that POWER. And because you all have the ability to Focus, to Feel, to Think and to Activate what you want to, we Know that you can, and you will.

We are quite ecstatic about the possibilities that we see in front of Humanity right now. We see that there is renewed Hope within the Collective Consciousness about where you are headed there on Earth and we can Feel all of those who are connected to the Higher Realms and their willingness to lead, their willingness to set the Positive example to the rest of the Collective that we know they can. We are very interested in watching all of this unfold, however, we also know that we can help to Guide you to the best possible Timeline for Humanity, therefore, that is what we will always endeavour to accomplish with you.

We know how many people are aware that they can shift everything in a moment, and we see those numbers growing every single day, which gives us reason to Feel Hopeful and excited for the future of Humanity. We also know that as we guide continuously to 'go within and feel' for that guidance that you have, more and more people will start to listen to that Sage advice, instead of continuously looking for the latest prediction about what will happen.

Remember, that you are always Choosing and that just because you become aware of a Possible, or Probable Timeline, it does not mean you are destined to be on it. Remember, THAT YOUR VIBRATION IS EVERYTHING. Your Vibration 'determines' how much you are enjoying the current moment and it determines what you are expanding into next.

You can always make a sharp right turn or a sharp turn, no matter where you are and no matter how you have been Vibrating. The only thing that is set in stone at this point is that you are Ascending and that is because the entire Universe, the entire Multiverse, IS Ascending. There is nowhere to go but up, no matter what you are jumping to, but of course you want to jump to that best possible Timeline for Humanity, and you do so, by listening to your Inner Feelings. FEEL for those impulses, those nudges, those intuitive hits that you are continuously getting and follow that Inner Wisdom that you have and Know that you will always be on the best possible Timeline for you, and you will help to bring so many Humans with you to the best possible Timeline for Humanity.

It is okay to look around and see that certain things could be better and to Acknowledge that changes need to be made, however, you also have to remain Positive in order to help yourselves and others. There is plenty to 'feel good' about there on Earth right now and those of you who understand the Power of Positivity must be the Ones who are leading the way on this path that Humanity is on to Ascension. We always want you to Feel that you are surrounded by Love and always want you to Know that help is on the way, that is why we invite all of you to seek out a personal relationship with us. We are always listening, and we have the ability to hear each and every one of you, in a manner of speaking, all at once. We Feel your Energy and we Feel fluctuations in your Energy, that is how we Know you and that is how we can respond to you. We can respond to you Energetically and some of you will be able to interpret that Energy into Words or Sounds, Visions, Intuitive hits, Internal Knowing's and so on.

And the more that you reach out towards us, the better you will get at interpreting the Energies that we send to you directly. We also send you Energies, of course, through these Messages and many of you pick up on those Energies and realise that there is much more to every Message than the words that are transcribed. We want you to Feel more of that support coming from above, not only from us, but from all of the Higher Density Beings.

Therefore, if you Feel a special connection to Yeshua or Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Buddha, or St. Germain, go ahead and reach out to those beautiful Beings and Collectives as well. We all want to help; it is what we do, and it is our purpose to help all of you. We will continue to give all of Humanity everything that we can, however, we do like the Personal Connections that we can make as well. We do like hearing from you, and we do like responding to you. There is so much more that we can deliver to you and that we want to, and so, we invite you to also FEEL yourselves opening up to receive Us and our Energies, because as we have said, there is so much more to receive from us than just the Words that these Messages deliver to you.

You are Multidimensional Beings, you have projected just a small portion of Who You Really Are into a Physical Body, and that means there is really no difference between you and us, no hierarchy, and therefore, you are Connecting to Us on the 9th Density level, all the time. It is time for you to bring some of that back down into your Physical Bodies, along with all the other Energies and all the other Wisdom and Support you are getting from above.

We are certain that you all are getting exactly what you need in your lives right now, because we Know that is the way of the Universe. We know that you are always being given exactly what you need, in order to Grow to Expand and to Evolve. We know that sometimes this Ascension journey of yours is not pleasant and it is not what you want it to be, however, we also know that it is what is most appropriate for you in 'each and every moment'. Now, if you could see 'each moment' as it unfolds as a necessary Experience, to give you exactly that you 'need' to Grow, Expand and Evolve, then you could have more fun in your lives. You would find that there is always 'something' to appreciate about the moment that you are in, and you would look at your Spiritual Growth as your number one Priority and Desire.

You would also Know that eventually you will get everything that you want as well, and that would bring you solace. If you can be at Peace with what IS, you have everything that you need to move beyond what is, to that better place and that better Reality that you seek. As soon as you go into 'resistance' mode, and you start thinking about how you can change the Outer Reality and make the things you do not want 'go away', then you have taken yourself 'out of that place of Peace' and you have inadvertently thwarted your own progress.

We all live in a Universe of Duality, and that means you must accept that the opposite of what you want and what you believe, will always exist. They are not there to taunt you or terrify you, but they are there to give you the opportunity to Choose, and you can Choose what you 'do want' without vilifying what you do not want. You can be Positive in a 'sea of negativity'. You can be the Light in a room filled with darkness. Those are your choices, and you Know that when you are coming from the Light and Focusing on the Positive, you feel better. You do not Feel good when you are trying to 'defeat or block out' what you do not want, but by you ignoring that Feeling because you 'think' what you are doing is for the Greatest and Highest Good of All, you are inadvertently Creating what you are trying to defeat or blocking out.

You go on your own personal crusade to rid the World of a Perspective, a point of view that is different from the one you are currently holding. And that is where Humanity trips up. Look at your life as it is right now, and bless every ounce of it, for showing up to give you what you need to grow Spiritually, and then, ask yourself the question "How do I grow Spiritually from this situation?" You do not even have to label it as a 'negative' situation or an 'unwanted' situation. See it as just 'being what it IS'. NO JUDGEMET. No definition required. And then you can get to the point of ACCEPTANCE. You can Embrace it. You can Forgive those who You have deemed 'responsible' for bringing it to you, even though deep down, you must know by now, that YOU ARE Creating all of it.

Everything is temporary, however, when you fight it and when you resist it, when you blame it and judge it, you will get 'more' of it. You will stretch out that temporary visit, and you can turn it into years or even decades of YOU battling the same thing or the same people. IT IS TIME TO LET GO. It is time to let everything that exists within Source be exactly what it is. And then you can Choose by how you Feel, by what you Resonate with, everything that you would like to see more of in your Reality. If it does not show up right away, then make Peace with that. And if it does not show up the way you want it to, also make Peace with that.

You are not there to dictate everything, to become dictators. You are there to be Unconditional Love, and that means you are CHOOSING LOVE in All conditions, and All conditions must be 'allowed' to be, in order for YOU to BE the Unconditional Love that you always have been and always intended to BE for this time there on planet Earth.

We are very pleased to be a part of this journey with all of you and we are aware of the progress that you are all making as Individuals. We can Feel the ways in which you have expanded and grown into the Selves that you are today, and we can Feel into the amount of expansion that is in front of you, Therefore, we are always very excited for you. You may wonder what your work is there on Earth, what you have left to do before you expand and evolve to the point of being 5th Density. We want you to know that there is always going to be more for you to discover about yourselves and more for you to Love in that process of discovery.

WHAT YOU HAVE YET TO LOVE WITHIN YOURSELF is the work that you have left to do. Now, sometimes what you have yet to Love within yourself IS BEING REPRESENTED TO YOU IN ANOTHER. You see the actions and hear the words of other people, and you might come to judge and condemn those words and actions, not realising that they represent aspects of YOU. Even if aspects of you are dormant, are not active in this lifetime, they are still inside of you, and they still need to be Acknowledged, or Discovered, and then Accepted, and finally LOVED. The people who give you most 'drama and trauma' in your lives are the Ones who need the most Love from You, and what most people do not realise, is that when they are giving that Love to the Other, they are giving it to Themselves.

Therefore, they withhold that Love. They may ignore that person on the street, or ignore their calls and texts, pretending that it is possible to just ignore someone or something out of existence. However, eventually you will 'turn on' the Unconditional Love inside of you, and 'you will' give it to everyone, including Yourself and you will Grow and Evolve and Expand a little bit more, getting you closer and closer to Source. Ultimately of course, you still have Choices. You do get to Choose who you spend your time with, what you Focus upon and which aspects of you there are that you can emphasise and Focus more life into. That is your FREE WILL.

However you can exercise that Free Will and still Love all the other aspects of You and all the people that you are not spending the majority of your time with there on Earth. Now, there are many paths to get to this point where you recognise that this is your work. You have all your interactions with people on a daily basis and you have meditation, you have prayer, you have all of the other Spiritual practices that there are, and you can even make up your own Spiritual practices that put you in that space of Love. Anything that helps you to realise that the Love inside of you is Infinite and Eternal is a good thing, and it is something to partake in as often as you can.

You will continue to be on this journey, even after you shift to the 5th Density because there will always be more of You to discover and to Love and that is a good thing. Just notice what you are not Loving about Yourself and what You are not Loving about others, and know, that the list you compile IS YOUR WORK. However, it is not work you must toil away at day and night. You can complete these tasks in the 'moment that you decide that You are Love' and that being Who You Really Are, is the only thing that really matters.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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