Ascension Messages

The Path of LOVE (part 4)

We continue with the understanding that by observing your judgments, you are revealing to yourself what is required to be aligned within the Truth of your Love. This is why the Path of Surrender is so powerful when you exist within your Integrity as you journey. You have all the indications for what you require to transmute into Love as well as discovering the 'purpose' of your incarnation whilst committed to your journey for the perfection of Self. There are always new discoveries, new levels of obtainment, new levels of mastery and this is what makes the journey so exciting.

There are times where you could be deluding yourselves that you are on the Path of right action, when really you are still in denial of much of your limiting beliefs. This is where your INTEGRITY plays such a vital part within your journey. Integrity means that you are required to 'hold' your own counsel, to 'observe' your every Thought, Word or Action and 'reveal' to yourself any distortions that you may have woven into your beliefs about Who You Really Are. This is the process of refinement, whereby YOU ARE THE ONE, who upkeeps and guards the promise you have made to your SOURCE-SELF.

Yes, the Ego can be 'tricky' and even 'slippery'; it knows whatever you know and is equally as smart as you are, however, it does not know of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Joy, Happiness or Harmony and instead, seeks the illusion of contentment outside of itself. When you stand in your Truth, holding your own Counsel, it will be in your Heart that you will know if you are holding any judgment. Your Ego may use your new vocabulary and the metaphors of Love, however, if these sentiments are not centred within your Heart, you will know, if you have the courage to look there. All Thoughts, all Words, all Actions and all Emotions of Self when centred within the Heart, are expressions of Love, it is then that you are an ambassador for the Truth of Love.

This concentration of Thought, Word, Action and Emotions may seem as if it could consume much of your Conscious Awareness as you constantly monitor yourselves, however, as it is with all newly developing skills, there is required practice. Yes, initially there will be required a new dedication to spirit, however, in truth, there is no other purpose for all Souls as they journey towards a renewal of their Consciousness. The only difference here is that some Souls know of this truth and the others have merely forgotten. It is with this Desire and Commitment for the 'perfection of Self' that there comes an incredible transformation, whereby your Integrity is woven into all Thought, Word, and Action. All that there now remains, is 'fine tuning' the process.

The Ego can often be very selfish, sometimes childlike and can be very convincing as it justifies its action or behaviour. And the Ego bases its behaviour upon what you 'could or could not' deal with as a child. As a young child there is little comprehension or understanding for Love or Right Action, it is therefore, within an Adult's life that the Ego is still operating emotionally upon those childlike, basic Human survival-based Emotions. The Ego performs in a manner to which it 'thinks' it can get away with and moves by degree in both directions of changing behaviour, until such a time as the 'core beliefs' are willing to be transmuted. Most parents have discovered this very early on in the developing child and have therefore placed boundaries within the child's Reality. This assists with limiting the Wrong Action of the child until it understands the process of Right Action and the choices it can have.

It is by you not placing boundaries within the child's Reality that the safety or the behaviour of the child is compromised and inadvertently, you have given permission for the child's Ego to continue with its behaviour. Because the Ego is the part of Self that attempts to 'defend you' from your 'perceived Feelings' of being unloved, it constantly attempts to seek Love and approval from the parents. This action challenges those boundaries by degree. If the parent allows certain behaviour the child knows what is acceptable and what it can get away with, however, the Ego will always push for more 'freedom of expression'. If the modified behaviour is acceptable and there is a relaxation of some of the boundaries, the Ego will nevertheless continue to challenge these new boundaries.

When the boundaries are enforced with aggressive behaviour or humiliation by the parent, the child's Ego interprets this action as a further feeling of 'loss of Love', and this only confirms to it how it already Feels and the addiction to the 'loss of Love' grows. Boundaries are very necessary for the developing child, particularly in the formative years and are required to be positioned within the child's Reality with Love. Boundaries allow the child 'freedom of expression' and provide a Reality where it Feels Safe and Loved. Similarly, some adults require boundaries, particularly, when the Ego has control, otherwise Wrong Action often pervades those Realities. When all your Thoughts, Words and Actions are centred within your Heart there are no boundaries or limitations to the Infinite expressions of Love.

Now, there is one more key that unlocks the process of healing, especially when following the Path of Surrender. A very powerful way of transcending a 'limiting belief structure' is when you are operating 'within it'. As a starting place within this process, it is first essential to 'recognise' the behaviour of the Ego and the 'belief structures' that under-pin such behaviour. However, this understanding on its own changes very little, nevertheless, it does allow you the Awareness of why you do what you do, but it does not actually stop you from doing it. Because in an instant, you can still be drawn into acting out those old 'limiting beliefs'.

It is with this understanding that this Key message requires one more step that allows you to transmute and integrate the Emotions that underpin your programming and your Ego's defence mechanisms. Remember, there is only the NOW, therefore, when you are triggered and in reaction to anything or anyone, it is 'in that moment' of reaction for your Adult version of Self to step in and remind your Self that integration is in the ACCEPTANCE of how you Feel in that NOW moment. In other words, you can analyse your childhood programming, discuss it over and over again, even write books or articles, or make videos about it, however, this intellectual understanding changes very little. The actual changes occur on the Path of Surrender when YOU step in, 'while' you are in REACTION and tell yourself, that it is OK, I am ready to FEEL my Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

The Ego Self is very resourceful and will do everything it can to convince you that this is not the way, or that it is unsafe to do so and will put off the process of Integration for another time. Or it may simply, refuse to step out of judgment and in this case, nothing has changed. Transmutation and Integration of these Emotions occurs when you are 'immersed' in those Emotions. Many Individuals on this journey wait until the reactionary episode is over, before they attempt to smooth out the discordant situation that they had created, thinking that after the event all they need to do is to process the experience. However, this changes very little. In short, the Key understanding, is that you transmute limiting beliefs 'while you are triggered or in reaction' by changing your NOW and not after it has happened. This is Integration.

It is here that we can compare the two Paths of action that may be taken when transcending limiting beliefs. 'The way of the Will' takes you along a Path whereby you require incredible Self-discipline by placing the programming of Right Action into the various compartmentalized layers of your Consciousness. It is over prolonged periods of time with much Self-discipline and meditation that 'new beliefs or programming' will become manifest. However, with 'the Path of Surrender' you ALLOW your 'core beliefs' to surface that are based within the feelings and emotions of the 'loss of Love'. It is here 'within an instant' that you can transmute and integrate these limiting beliefs by Feeling your Feelings while observing in your Unconditional, All Accepting Loving Neutrality.

In other words, it is when you are in 'your stuff' that is the best time for you to transmute your old limiting beliefs. All that is required is the understanding of this process, the courage to face your Feelings of the 'loss of Love' and the Desire and Commitment to succeed. Throughout these messages we have shared over and over again the simplicity of the transformation of Consciousness. The outcome is assured, Individually and Collectively, YOU hold the keys of transformation within your HEARTS.

Although this message is straight forward, we will again give you the tools or keys as a summary for this journey of Surrender, so that you may All transcend and integrate your Individual and Group limiting beliefs.

The 4 Tools for Healing

To transcend any limiting belief, first it is required to lift into the Conscious Awareness those limiting beliefs. It can only make sense that unless you are Aware of such beliefs that the transmuting of them seems remote. In other words, you cannot change what you are not Aware of. The Ego's masterful grip upon the Individuals Consciousness is in-part because of the amazing process of the compartmentalization of the Mind. The Ego does not inform the Conscious Self of its action. Therefore, it is up to the Individual aspect of the Soul, to be Consciously Aware and committed to those observations. When observing within your Loving Neutrality, you are creating a Bridge of Consciousness with your Higher Self. The First Tool is therefore to 'Observe and Recognize' the Ego's behaviour.

While observing the Ego's behaviour and staying within your Loving Neutrality, 'Validate' whatever you Feel. Denial is the 'invalidation' of how you Feel, how you have always felt from your addiction for the loss of Love that started in this incarnation with the cutting of the umbilical cord at birth. It is not important to place a label upon how you Feel, rather it is in the ACCEPTANCE of how you Feel. The Validation is far more powerful when stated out aloud to your-self. The Second Tool is therefore, to Validate how you are Feeling by saying 'It is O.K. for me to Feel this way'.

During this Validation process, ALLOW any Feelings to surface. The invalidation or denial of your Feelings has created entrapment of these emotions within the 'body's energetic matrix' that has in-part, created the compartmentalization of your Consciousness. It is the 'denied emotions' of the Inner Child that have been trapped within the 'body's energetic matrix'. The Ego is attempting to protect you from your own emotions. Feeling your Feelings is the 'freeing' of those trapped emotions and the reverse of denying them. The Third Tool is to 'Feel your Feelings'.

At the completion or cessation of those expressed Feelings, take the necessary 'action' to change the pattern of events that recreates the old limiting beliefs. Choose another way that best reflects the 'new version' of your evolving Self. This will become absolute as you work through the various layers of the compartmentalized portions of the entrapped Feelings and denied Experiences. The Fourth Tool is to 'Choose again'.

These four tools will assist with Transmuting and Integrating the old limiting beliefs while the Ego has temporarily taken charge. Your Desire and Commitment at this stage of the process is a very powerful statement of your I AM presence and this Intention, as you move into your Full or Higher Consciousness.

HOLD the 3 Absolutes within your Awareness.

  • What you put out is exactly what you get back. YOU totally Create or Co-create your Reality.
  • Every expression within All That Is, is either Love or Fear, one or the other. There is no in-between.
  • Wisdom MAY come after the experience. If you do not learn or remember from your experiences, you will most certainly repeat them. Wisdom has to be experienced.
  • Follow what excites you with the minimum of hesitation, so that you allow yourself the journey.
  • Allow the Desire and Commitment for the perfection of Self so that you may Think Love, Speak Love, Act Love and Be Love in every waking moment of your journey.
  • Trust that the Universe will supply you with every situation and experience necessary so that you may Transcend and Integrate all limiting beliefs.
  • Know from the heart of your heart that every situation is 'of your Creation' or Co-Creation' and is well within your capacity for Transmutation.
  • Observe and Transmute ALL judgments by constantly being in your Loving Neutrality.
  • Open your head Chakra and allow your Higher Self to embody your Full or Higher Consciousness, and in Loving Neutrality, witness your cathartic emotional releases.
  • Ask for guidance and assistance from your Higher Self and the legions of Light Workers from both the Physical and Non-Physical Realms.
  • Develop the highest of Integrity towards yourself and for All other Beings.
  • Remember the alchemical equation - have Unconditional Love and Faith in YOURSELF.
  • Honour your Self and know that your Outer Reality is your mirror for your Inner Reality.
  • Love your Self. Let go of being hard on yourself or beating yourself up, as you would term it. If you do not get it the way you intended to the first time, stay on the Path of Truth until you succeed. Remember, the outcome is assured.

Remember, there is no better or worse way, there is no faster or slower way, there is no awake or asleep but there is the perfection of the almighty Plan of SOURCE for each and every one of you. The Universal Transformation is a promise of SOURCE to you All, it is your glory, it is your birthright, it is your inheritance and the destiny of every Soul in this lifetime or another. We encourage you to implant this Truth within your Consciousness, within your Soul and within all the layers of Energy both in and beyond your Physical Body.

The Key to your healing and the Transmutation of your limiting beliefs lies with your Feelings. It is by Feeling your 'feelings' that you open the compartmentalized portions of the Consciousness and free the trapped emotions that have entrapped the Soul within some of the deepest layers of Creation. It is by using the fourth tool, 'choosing again' for healing at that critical stage, that you implant your 'new beliefs' within the layers of your Consciousness.

This process is as powerful a way of implanting the same 'transforming beliefs' into the layers of your compartmentalized Consciousness, as does following the most disciplined Path of the Will and self-controlled Paths using the deepest of meditations. Know that in some cases the Individual has many layers of 'denied emotions' and as it moves through the Transmuting Experiences it is then that the next layer can be exposed. Trust in the process, but most of all, Trust in your Self and have the courage to walk in the Light of Love.

It is simple, uncomplicated, although the Ego would have you believe otherwise. You have asked for assistance over and over again, we have answered your requests in the most direct of ways and have journeyed with you as you have taken the courage to face your fears and to seek the Truth of Love.

We invite All of you again to become the Lightworkers with a New Promise, a New Commitment, a New Dedication, a New Elevation of One Soul Family, existing in the Truth of Love.

Understand that by allowing yourselves to take the greatest of risks you are positioned in the most powerful of places to receive the greatest of gifts. By standing within your naked vulnerability, you expose your Hearts to the truth of Love. It is here that you stand to gain the greatest reward that the heavens can offer. It will not always be easy, sometimes it will seem far from this Truth, however, confirmation will constantly be placed before you and so shall you inherit all the rewards.

We will always be walking with you All, every step of the way. You will sometimes ask yourself if it is worth the risks that you take, however, you will soon discover that there are no risks at all when you know all that there is for you to gain. What you will gain from this process will be your rightful gifts and inheritances. These gifts of freedom, that you have never experienced before as a Human, will ignite with Joy the very Heart of your Being. It is from the Heart of Creation itself and the One that has Created us All that we will soon together Journey into a New Consciousness. It will be in your final days and your final hours that we shall All meet again for a face-to-face, heart to heart, soul to soul, joyous reunion for the richest and rewarding invitations of all times, the coming together of ALL of the parts from ALL THAT IS.

Take all these gifts that we have shared, preciously wrapped within the Love of our Hearts into your World and know that it is given with our undying Love for you All. Share these truths with those who are willing to listen. We forever give you our support, the power and wisdom from our Eternal Love that will always be with you. Bless you and we thank you from the depths of our Being.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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